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Fucking daughter in law Neelima

I m not tall. I am a short & stoutly fellow. Happily retired living in this huge city, quietly with my son and his wife, recently married. Or atleast he was living with us till six months back, He bust his chops and my chops. He played a derivatives gamble stole massive money from the company and used half of my retirement saving. He reasoned that he will return it back.

He didnot straddle his longs call so when the prices hit downward he went to jail and I was furious at my loss. Initially I let him rot in the jail. His wife, my DIL Neeli very nice girl, local girl from Goa itself. I must tell you she is a very good DIL. She even sold her jewelery for that useless son of mine, to pay for the lawyers fees but they won't give him bail.

He will be in for a long time the lawyer had said unhelpfully. Everybody including my son advised Neelima to go her parrents and think about sending in the divorce papers so that she could start life again. It seemed that her parents home was now controlled by her stern sister in law. Her SIL immediately wanted Neelima to come back home.

For some strange reason Neeli flatly refused it, preferring to live with me, serving my needs and waiting for her husband eventual return. I told you she was a very nice girl. That good impression took a shocking beating one Sunday. Its my habit to drink my morning tea in the covered balcony overlooking the picturesque river and then get ready or work in the city.

I had recently opened my own small security firm so to get clients was hard with so much competition. Due to work on a soon to open gala resort coming up alongside the river, leading to Goa side sea a lot temporary slums, with it attendant bazaars had come up. Neeli would go to morning bazaar to buy fresh fish for us.

Today being a Sunday I was home too and I was watching her going. Even though I adored Neeli I could not resist noting that she is indeed a very good looking young women with a ample bosom and large pear shape ass to boast of. Her habitual knee lenght skirts hardly hid them. Then I noticed them. they were sitting on large water pipe teasing her, throwing kiss's at her.

SHE IN TURN JUST GIGGLED AND BLUSHED. How dare they and how dare she give them a lift. 100% I was going to fuck her army style before that I had fuck these four army style. They were four of them louts. I started the bike and stopped in front of them. Neeli saw me coming she rushed trying to restrain me. I abused them for eve teasing and verbally trashed them.

I asked Neeli to sit on the bike and took her home. I was disgusted. I called the local Police OC who was a old crony of mine from Army days. He expressed his helplessness as nobody would come forth as witness. Anyhow I was appeased by the tasty meat vindaloos and went for an afternoon nap. After some time Neeli came rushing into my room to wake me up.

There was alarm and fear on her face. I heard loud noises as if someone is trying to break the front glass door to the sitting room : "Come out you old dog, where are you hiding behind your daughter in law large ass, you have been fucking her everyday, today is our cocks turn to enter her ass, come out you daughter fucker"

I raised my hand to calm her. She said they have cut off the phone line so we cannot reach police. I smiled at her I told her that was actually good news and told her to lock the bedroom door and remain inside at all cost. I also gave her my.38 revolver in worst come worst situation. I slipped into my army boots.

I went to open the door. I was thinking to myself that these poor illetrate bastards did not see my name board it said "Major R, D Souza Retd." (retired as UAC Instructor, Special Services Group to 4th. Mountain Division, Tezpur, Indian Army, UAC is unarmed combat or as it is called today Proactive Close Enemy Contact)

I immediately sized the situation and realized the enemy had made a fatal positioning error. The one shouting and banging with large metal pipe was standing near the door, the second one with a hockey stick was standing on rightmost corner of the balcony.

Third lout was standing on the left most corner with a large stick and the last lout stood by the courtyard entrance door where already people had began to accumulate. They were well dispersed with lot of space between them. In unarmed combat, dispersion of strength is the worst mistake.

You can deal with one at a time, by the time the other guy reach's in aid of the first guy, superior UAC technique can void that aid. I opened the door, a short fellow facing four big youths. Standing in front me was this large lout. I said meekly as if I was afraid, to create a surprise element for them later on." Please I do not want trouble, can we sit and talk this over"

In reply the large lout winged his metal pipe at me. I quickly booted him in his balls and as he bend I broke his nose with a right upper. I rush to guy in left and swiftly twisted his ankle and broke his thumb. I rushed to the third guy I could see the the fourth guy coming towards me, the crowd of onlooker was bigger but no one came forth yet.

I slammed the third louts shoulder and dislocated it, he sank down in pain. The fourth guy was almost on me I turned and caught him by his neck. I pushed him against the wall and aimed two fingers towards his eyes. He begged me to stop. He said that she instigated us, she would smile at us, we are poor man looking for a free fuck all the time,

so we thought she was a easy fuck sorry easy prey. From now on if any body even dare look towards her with bad intention we will pop out his eyes, please let us go papaji. It now seemed she clearly started the whole thing. He pointed towards her with folded hands asking for fogiveness. I turned back to look at Neeli.

She was standing behind the window grill, her bosoms seemed larger that before as it heaved up and down in anxiety. But it dawned on me that all this was clearly her fault and she will have to pay for it. I now knew how. Someone called the police, they came took statements and took those four away to hospital. I locked the front door and sat down.

I called Nelli and asked her to sit opposite me. She knew she was in for some rough ride her. I noticed she had undoen three of her blouse button so that her ample bosoms were in clear and absolute glory. I poured myself a large drink and said "You know what you have to do now...?" I took a nice sip.

She looked at me "Do now.... like" she pointed towards the bedroom "what do you mean?" I said " You slut can U think of anything else besides..." I had a O with thumb and index fingers and I ran my others index finger in and out of that O. I had never spoken to her like this, it broke a lot of ice between us "Did you encourage them or not?"

She said " No, No NO...They donot even bath, do u think I would want them to put their thingy s inside me, not with men like that" For more then hour we argued emotionally surcharged. I told her that she will grow old waiting what a big waste of beauty and talent, she said thats is her role.

I told her about what would people say that I keeping you in the house and having pleasure with you. She told she didnot care about people thinking the secretly she was my wife. I told her pack and go her home where she will be more comfortable. She accused me of not loving her, but I was adamant that she must pack up and leave, it was good for both of us.

She started crying I had to hug her. I pulled her and she sat my lap I hugged her. This the first time I had even touched her. She hugged me tightly in return. Her breast pressed into my chest. I tried not to get a hardon but she was sitting on it. Imagine sitting on a pole end. She asked me did not she take care of me adequately, who will take care of me?

I told her I could keep a maid who could take care of me as well as she did plus she would also not mind a rear condom entry now and then. I regret saying the last part but could not take back my words. Taken aback Neeli looked at me and pointed her finger so thats the real reason, I suppose I would not mind that too as long as you treated me as your wife within these four walls.

would U love me being your wife? I asked her not to be silly. She said I could also do belly dancing for you while you drink, you want to see? Saying that she got off me and took a large swig of my rum glass. She stood there and she did some movements. She asked me how did I like it? I told her that I could hardly see any dance movement, but it looked good to me.

She said it must her dress covering it all up. In a flash she pulled up her gown and for the first time I saw her almost naked form. She had long hairy legs, flat stomach and perfect v front. She struggled to get the gown of her head. She was wearing a red panty, the mound of pussy clearly outlined the valley like a large \|/. She was wearing a matching red bra.

She was looking extra ordinary sexy with unkempt hair. She looked at me and said do U like me, she suddenly squealed she pointed to my monstrous hard on, you cannot lie U like it. There was no time to play games. I stood up she was tall and I was short. I put my hands around her naked waist and pushed her against the wall. She breathing hot. We kissed.

I lifted her leg and messaged her pussy. She pulled my pajama down and squeezed my cock turning and twisting, Clearly she didnot know how to do it. We remained like this for few minutes. I lifted her right leg up and put on my shoulder. I parted her red panty and her pubic hair for clear feel on her love hole. She pulled my cock to the love hole.

I pushed a little penis blubous head was inside her, she was dry but warm. I continued to withdraw and thrust only the penis head inside her, every time I withdraw it made a plop like sound. I was doing really slowly but her tongue was furiously exploring inside of my mouth. Her hands were holding my butt urging me to go deeper inside her.

After few minutes I noticed she was gushing wet. She lifted her other leg and encrcled me. I thrust a bit harder each time and slowly I went deeper and deeper inside her. I needed to stop deep inside her just rubbing her G spot and wait to overcome the feeling of cumming and start again.

She was pulling my hair, scrtaching my back. I took her to the bed room, laid her down gently without breaking my temp of to and fro. I could hold it anymore I had to go faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I looked at the morror her fair slim legs were encircled around my butt, my dark butt was gleaming with sweat and I could clearly see the muscle tension on my butt as

I withdrew and thrust hard into her. She was muttering, fuck me please blow my lights out. I went harder and faster. I knew I coud not hold that pace much longer. As was my standard safety practice from the army days when we used to fuck mountain and country girls, they were so plentiful, cheap and tight,

I fucked so many of them that this became my auto reflex whenever I was fucking. So quickly I turned her around, parted her soft like jelly ass cheeks and thundered into her ass hole, till I had cum half buried inside her arse and collapsed on her back. That was the army style fuck, quick hard and fully safe.

It very important to be physically fit to have really good sex, otherwise the girl remains the unsatisfied party. Fortunately for Neeli I was more then fit. Fortunately for me she like sex and my cock became her pet, it would be either in her hand or mouth or one of her holes below. Now we both live in Canada. She works and I just fuck her.

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Confession of having sex with maternal aunt

Hello friends, this is swastik, 25 m. I wanted to share my story of breaking virginity with all of you. It really gives you a fill of relaxation when you share a secret with people. It was a time of rainy season in July 2008. I was working in Mumbai in a pvt company. In mumbai I didn't have many friends n whoever weere there, they were busy in there lives.

The only close friend which I had was my maternal cousin aunt who is a doc. I often used to visit her. She is a sufferer in life. She lost her husand in accident and now is a single woman aged 35. We were very much free as our relationship was very pure. She used to take care of me.

Slowly I was realising that she was not happy with her sexual n love life because she used to touch me a lot may be not willingly but it was a obvious reaction after her bad past. I never had a feeling of having sex with her in my mind. One day she massaged my head n so did i. I didn't know anything about her reaction as nothing was there in my mind.

I was going through a break up during that time and she had really helped me in coming out of tht trauma. Whenever I used to cry she was always there to console me. One day her roommate had gone to her place for some days. So she told me to stay there for a night. I agreed to that. We went for a dinner like as usual. We had all the activities.

In night we just sat n were having discussion abt our lives. we both were sufferer. We had a discussion for an hour we both got very emotional. She almost started crying and it was my time to console her. So I hugged her and said few words to console. We sat for sometime in a hugged position. She was still very disturbed.

So I told her to sleep in same position and we had some more chat. After sometime when I was almost sleeping, I suddenly found wormth on my lips. I opened my eyes to realise that she was kissing me. Suddenly a lightening passed through my body and I was aroused immediately.

But I controlled myself & said no tried to prevent her. She said don't worry, its just a kiss. It was a completely unexpected thing to me. After that reply I couldn't resist myself & started kissing her passionately. The kissing went on for 10 minutes n both of us were completely aroused. After that I came on top of her and kissed her again. Now I was just uncontrollable.

I made her sat and started removing her top. Suddenly she resisted. Now it was unexpected for her. She thought tht it was limited upto a kiss but I couldn't resist my self. She kept saying "No its wrong...its wrong" but I was not in a postion to listen. She also didn't resist against my force as it was in her mind also. So atlast she gave up & started assisting me.

Now she was in black cup bra & in salwar. I started removing her bra and she helped me. As I started removing her salwar, she completely refused because she is doc and new the consequence as we didn't have any protection. I assured her that I will not penetrate her but I want to enjoy the legs. After much persuation I removed her salwar.

Now she was only in panties and I was watching a naked woman for the first time in my life as I was virgin. I started sucking her boobs passionately & she immediately started moaning. She had not experienced sex for a long time as she was a conservative woman. I was so passionate with the thought that I was riding a woman who was 10 years elder to me.

After some time I was desperate to penetrate her but as she had told, I didn't force her. She undressed me & now I went down. she kissed my body from legs to the head....boy....was that an experience!!! I told her to make contact of her whole body with my body...again it was an awe some experience. I helped her finger her pussy....

as it was a first experience I could not stand for too long than 20 mins. I told her to suck. she sucked me but didn't take the cum inside so I made her lay down, sat on her & then cum on her body....that was a masturbation which I will never forget in my life......Second day also she was alone and went there with condoms. Now she had no reasons to say no to penetration.

So I made her naked & penetrated her hard. I wanted to last longer so I didn't stroke faster & it really helped me. we lasted almost for 3 hrs......that was the time when I lost my I fill for it that I fucked my aunt but these are the things which happen according to time.... She was needing it and I was also...

Sex with hot aunty Sunita

This story is related with my aunt named Sunita. She is my mother’s childhood friend. She lives in Nagpur. She married to an army man who died in some war at Kashmir just after 6 months of the marriage. Neither had she had any child nor anyone to look after her.

I had completed my 10+2 and was admitted to an engineering college in Nagpur. I am 5”9’ tall with good physique and fair complexion. As I had no other relative in Nagpur, I decided to stay at Sunita’s house so that it will be helpful for her too. When I arrived at her home, she greeted me and guided me to a bedroom where I was supposed to stay.

I unpacked and settled in the room while Sunita brought some snacks for me. While eating them, she told me that she was very happy to have me in her home. During the talking, I observed her carefully from tip to toe. She was still a sexy college girl of 23. Her figure was 34C-26-36...gorgeous bust and mesmerizing ass with very soft skin texture,

which simply enhanced the feeling of its touch. She was wearing a yellow saree with matching blouse which showed her sexy boobs encased in a tiny little bra. That night I couldn’t sleep well because Sunita’s sexy figure was in front of my eyes all the night. I kept thinking about her and I decided to fuck her at any cost.

I masturbated thinking about how she would look completely nude. I was waiting to get a chance. The next day, as there were few days to start the college, I decided to take a look on the city. I got ready at 10 a.m. and told Sunita where I was going. She said that she also wanted to come with me and getting her ready, we headed out.

After wandering 2-3 hours, we became friendlier. We talked, laughed and set back for home. While walking on the road, suddenly she pointed towards a ladies market and told me that she wanted to buy some things from there. We entered the market and she leaded me to a big lingerie shop.

I was surprised on that instant but was happy that I would get a chance to see her lingerie. She selected sexy bra panty sets and asked my choice. I pointed towards a black bra panty set and one nighty. She bought it and we came back home. I went in my room and started thinking about her. She was behaving strangely as if I was her husband.

I didn’t know where this was going but I wanted it more and more. That night when I reached on dinner table, I saw her wearing that nighty that we bought today. She asked,”isn’t this looking beautiful?” I admired it and said,”it looks really good on your body.” We ate our dinner and at the time of going to bed, I asked her, “What about the other lingerie?”

She shyly said”you will not get to see that.” But she didn’t know that my plan was not only to see it but to fuck her. I knew that she wants to seduce me because she is not been fucked for almost a year. She must be damn horny willing to be fucked hard and deep. The next day, I took the first step and after getting ready in the morning, I went in the kitchen.

Sunita was busy preparing lunch while I observed her from the back. She was wearing the nighty. It was much transparent and her bra was clearly visible through it. Her ass was making a hard on in my pants. I could not control myself. I got up from the chair, went near her and grabbed her boobs from backside and started to kiss her neck.

At first, she resisted and said “What are you doing?” But I didn’t move. I kept licking her neck and pressing her boobs hard. Then she melted in my arms and her resistance changed into love. She started responding. By this my tool was completely hard and poking her ass from back. Then she said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

I followed her to her bedroom and we sat on the bed making out. I kissed her neck while playing with her breasts with still our clothes on. Then first time,, I kissed her juicy red lips to which she quickly responded by opening her mouth. I probed my tongue in her mouth exploring her mouth and sucked her tonue.

The same time while my hands were pinching her nipples, sunita started to fondle my erect cock. I broke the kiss and told her to remove her nighty while I got rid of my clothes and threw them down the bed. I was now in my boxers and her bra and panty were only clothes on her gorgeous figure. I found her wearing the bra and panty which I chose for her.

She asked me, “Did you like it?” I responded by fondeling her one breast and my other hand explored her sexy panty. She was really looke sex goddess in it. We again started kissing and I touched her smooth thighs. I laid her on the bed and pulled her one bra strap down. Her breast was now completely free and I could see her nipple was hard pointing outwards.

I took the nipple in my mouth. I gently bit it and sunita moaned in pleasure. “AAAA...Hhh….AAhhhhh……uuuuhhhhh……hh...Mmmm……” I kept sucking her breast hard while my hand touched her panty covered pussy. It was really wet now. Then I started sucking another breast gently stroking her pussy mound.

She was in real pleasure and was moaning heavily. She fully parted her legs wide and allowed me to please her. I rubbed her pussy with my palm and she moaned,
“UUUUhhhhhh…….Umm…mmmm……aaaahhhhhhhh……” Then I slowly inserted a hand in her panty simultaneously sucking her breast. I rubbed her pussy and fingered her throbbing clit.

I fingered her pussy in circular manner a bit fast now. She instantly let out a moan,
“AAAAAAAhhhhhhh…….mmmm…….oooohhhhh……ahhhhhhhh….” I kept massaging her clit about five minutes kissing her lips and sucking her boobs hard. Then I got down the bed and laid her on the edge of the bed. She looked at me very sexily.

I parted her legs and fingerd her moist pussy which was cleanly shaven. I pulled her panty aside and touched her naked pussy with my tongue. Instantly she let out a moan in escasty. I kept exploring her pussy with tongue. I licked her pussy slowly at first and then increasing the speed, I sucked hard. I licked furiously while she was moaning in deep pleasure.

She was almost crying and buckling to reach to my tongue. "Oh god, don't stop!" She protested, pushing his face back down. "Like before... oh god... I'm so close, don't stop, don't ever stop...." I felt an orgasm building in her as her pussy contracted. "O my God!" She screamed, her body beginning to tremble uncontrollably as a powerful orgasm took over her body.

with one loud moan she came hard. I waited for her to recover while we became completely naked. Then I laid on bed on my back and sunita come up and sat on my dick inserting my dick in her pussy hole. She was really tight as she was not fucked much. Once eased with the cock in her pussy, sunita started to up and down slowly while I played with her boobs.

Now she paced up and moaning heavily. I was too pushing upwards as her ass came down to thrust her hard. With each push, she would moan hard and I was in deep pleasure. While fucking she lowered her head to kiss my lips and I responded by kissing hard. I said in her ears, “I love you Sunita!” She said she loved me too.

She rested her upper body on her elbows, trying to use them as leverage to push her hips in towards me, adding more force to each thrust as she moaned, still sensitive from the orgasms. "Fuck me... fuck me hard!" she urged. "Make me cum again." I cupped her butts by both hands and started to press them hard on my cock.

Her moans grew even louder and more emphatic. She was so very, very close. I moved faster as her pussy walls contracted on my penis and once again she cummed hard on my penis and let out a moan. By the time, we were sweating and were very hot. As the fucking continued, we both were gasping and moaning in pleasure.

I pulled out and we settled ourselves in missionary style. As I penetrated hard, she moaned my name said to fuck hard. With that I paced up and started to pound her pussy even harder. I watched her boobs jiggling with each thrust. This time I was thrusting really hard. Whole bed was moving and she was struggling for support and gasping for breath.

I felt an immense pleasure and an orgasm started to build in me. I got faster holding her really tight and pounded her pussy even harder. With one last thrust, I unloaded a big amount of cum in her pussy and moaning hard I called her name and collapsed on the bed beside her.

We both were panting wet with much sweat. Cum drooled out of her pussy. I kissed her and cleaned cum on my cock and her pussy with her panty. We stayed in each other’s arms for some time and slept there.

Bangla boy fucking his cousin Nila

It was a cool night in the month of December. Although, it was not as cold as the month should bring. On that time I was a student of Higher Secondary Level that is the twelve standards in our country. I was lonely as the only son of my parents and had very little friends. Nila, my cousin, daughter of my maternal aunt, was two years senior to me.

She was studying in Dhaka University on that time. She stays in Rokeya Hall, a ladies hostel of Dhaka University as her parents live outside Dhaka. We were her local guardian and whenever she got any short vacation or other short break she used to come to our home to stay with us. My father loved her very much as I did not have any sister.

In my room there was one bed and one reading table. Whenever Nila Apu came, she usurped my bed and I had to sleep on floor on a floor mat. No one minds as she was my elder sister. I felt very happy when Nila apu came. In long hours of night we used to gossip. She was on the bed and I on the floor. She tells me about her life in hostel and about her friends and I listen spellbound.

Often she tells me about her room mates and so on. One night as we had been gossiping she told me to come close to her in the bed. So I got up and went on the bed. She moved a little towards the other side of the bed to accommodate me. Suddenly, I asked her if she had any boyfriend. She started laughing and told me if it was so she would definitely let me know first.

Suddenly she asked me if I had any. I said no. She insisted me on lying beside her and as I did she gave me a tight hug. I was embarrassed. She asked me, “are you ashamed.” I was laughing too and then she asked me if I was a virgin. I startled! But she laughed and hugged me again. I was feeling uneasy. She understood that and teased me.

Then she whispered in my ear, “look, as we do not have any one in our life let us enjoy ourselves.” I was nervous but as the same time feeling great. Nila apu was a full fledged girl with a beautiful white complexion and long silky hair. She always wore a big bun with her long hair. “if anyone knows!”, I whispered in her ear.

“let us promise not to tell about this to anyone”, She whispered this in such a seductive way that I almost melted. And I immediately promised. She bent and kissed me on my lips. This was the firs time in my life. On that night we could not go further as my parents were at home and we were afraid of anyone coming in the room. The next day Nila apu left while I was in college.

Time was passing by and it was the end of December. The nights were cold now and we understood that winter was at our door. My parents went to our home district for some family affair and I was alone in our home. My mother cooked some food and kept them in Refrigerator and I had no problem. I was almost enjoying this aloneness in an empty home.

One day, all on a sudden, there was a student movement in the Dhaka University campus which was very common on those days. But this time something happened as police interfered into a students’ rally and there was a big trouble in the campus.

At about 7 p.m Nila apu called me and told me to come to a place and pick her from there as all hostels had been vacated because of the political problem. She told me not to enter into the campus but to meet her on a place we both knew. I called my parents and informed it. They had already got the news and requested me to bring Nila apu as soon as possible.

I went there immediately and found Nila apu standing in front of a Departmental Store. We came back home silently. Nila apu dialed to her parents and informed them about her safety. I also informed my parents that everything was ok. My mother talked to Nila apu and told her to cook whatever we liked to eat.

At dinner table we were so happy. There was no one in the home just me and Nila apu. After dinner Nila apu told me that we would sleep together and she winked. After dinner I went downstairs to lock the main door. As I returned I found Nila apu was on the bed and under the blanket. I told Nila apu that we would sleep that night like husband and wife and she agreed with a smile.

I went to bathroom and took a shower. I also applied some deodorant on my body and I was ready to meet my bride! She was waiting and asked why I was so late. I told her that the whole night was in front of us. Nila apu requested me to put off the light but I wanted to keep the light as I wanted to see her. We were lying side by side and were gossiping about various things.

She was caressing my chest and put her index finger on my nipple and slowly circling it. It feels so nice that I almost lost all controls over myself. I embraced her tightly and she laughed. Nila apu was wearing a beautiful white and thin nightdress as it was my favourite. She resisted a little and told me to wait and she wanted to see me first. I was wearing a lungi.

She looked at me and reached out her hand and grope for my manhood. I was lying there with trembling body. She gently held my penis which became as hard as a pole. She was feeling the rod over my lungi and caressing it. It felt so amazing that I had never had before. I was just trembling. I myself hoisted the lower part of my lungi and guide her hand to touch it direct.

She hastily yanked my lungi and removed it and opened my manhood to her full sight. She surprisingly murmured, “I never expected it so large. Yours is a huge one! How come it goes inside a girl’s body?” She was examining it curiously. I asked, “Are you seeing it for the first time?” She looked at me and said, “yes, believe me.

I do not have courage to have sexual relationship with anyone.” I was glad to hear that and I kissed her passionately. She also kissed me and bent on looking at my penis. She was holding it and examining it with blatant curiosity. She was silently measuring it and looked at me surprisingly. “you never seemed to have such a giant rod.

Your wife will die to take this giant inside her.” I laughed and cautiously asked, “what about you? Can you take it inside?” She got up without answering my question and tried to have a good look at my penis. She peeped beneath it and held my testicles. She was feeling two seeds inside and was trying to hold one by one.

I became impatient and told her, “Nila apu ekhon amake dekte dao” (Nila apu now let me see you). She seemed to be reluctant. But I insisted importunately. She took my hand and put it on her left breast. I immediately held it like someone who had lost everything to hold. I was kneading the hilly dough passionately and slowly reached out for the lower part of her nighty.

She did not resist and I hoisted it up to her naval. She was wearing a brown panty and her thighs were as smooth and white as piano keys. I inserted my right hand inside her nighty and cuped her breast directly. She seemed to be feeling little uneasy as she was moaning a little. With another yank I hoisted her nighty and brought her breast to my full sight.

It was an amazing sight. It was the first time I was observing a full grown girl’s breasts. The black aureole and in the middle of it the nipples- were as big and hard as grapes. I lowered my mouth and took her right breasts in my mouth instinctively. She had goose bumps on her skin. I was sucking like her suckling and she was moaning heavily. “Ki korish?” (what are you doing?).

I was sucking her breasts alternatively to my heart’s content. And gradually I was moving to her lower side. Then I was on her thighs. I was licking her thighs as if it was some nice ice-creams. She could not tolerate anymore and begged me to stop. I lied down by her side and took her head with silky hair on my left arm. I put my right hand on her left check and bent on kissing.

I took her lips inside my mouth and sucked them. At the same time I slowly glided my right hand over her tummy and downwards. I inserted it inside her brown panty and groping for, I didn’t know, for what. I felt some curly hair as if I was rubbing a grassy turf. And then went more downwards. It was all wet and slimy.

Suddenly she got up with a startle and asked me what I was doing. I whispered to her ear, “please apu, please! Let me see it, I am dying to see.” She laughed at me and lied back again. I got up and hold the elastic rim of her panty and pulled it down. That was the first time I looked at a grown up woman’s vagina.

It was covered with luxuriant curly hair and I spread her legs with some cajoling and found the fleshy lips. It was mesmerizing. I put my index finger along with the deep furrow which was virtually closed and rubbing it alongside. I tried to open it, there was a loose skinny flap like our testicles skin. As I touched it she startled and shivered with unbearable passion.

My finger got all wet with slimy fluid. “why is it so wet?” I asked innocently. She laughed and said, “you yourself made it so wet. It is natural that girls become wet there when they got excited.” “Are you excited?” “What do you think?” “yes I think so, I like to do it.” “NO”.

“please apu, please!” “hey, it is dangerous. I may become pregnant” I was downcrest. And lied back hopelessly. She came close to me and kissed me passionately. She took my penis again and started caressing it. At last she told, “ ok, let’s do it. I have had my period just two days ago and I think it will not be a problem.” I was so glad and jumped on her.

“Slowly, please. And promise me that you will not tell it to anyone in your life.” I promised readily. She told me to caress her vagina. I got up and prostrated on her and slowly went down to her womanhood. I kissed on her triangle and spread her legs and straight went down to her slit. I put my tongue on her slit and try to insert it into her vagina.

I took the skinny flap in my mouth and started sucking. She started squirming violently and hissing….. “ish..ish…ovabe chatish na (don’t lick like that). She was wet completely and I put some saliva on my hard rod and made it wet too. I brought my penis to the position and put the mushroom on her clit. She closed her eyes and held me tightly.

I gave pressure and the corona just dipped inside. She started crying…..ish….ish…batha lage batha lage, ber kor, ber kor. (it hurts, bring it out). I held her tightly and bit my lower lip and went with my full strength. She shrieked and clinched the bed sheet with her fists. I felt my penis was going inside and it was worm and wet. I shoved it completely and she was gasping for some air.

I asked, “khub lagse?” (is it hurting much?). She shook her head negative and I told her that it went inside her totally. “yes I can feel it. It is so large. It almost came to my lower abdomen. I laughed and started pumping slowly. She was enjoying by then and told me to give slow stroke and I obliged. Gradually I increased my speed and at last I became frantic.

Nila apu was moving up and down against my thrusts and she was trying to raise her bottoms with violent strength. She was sobbing, “aaahh…ish…ishh…..rrrrrrrr..and then she tighten her grip on me. I felt her vaginal canal also squeezing my penis. So this is girl’s orgasm I thought. I was not done and pumping for my salvation.

After another two or three minutes I felt something was happening inside me and I was about to burst. The last moment I was murmuring “oh nila apu…..oh…oh ish….ish ….i love you I love you…..ah..a..ha ah………..!!! We were there side by side and Nila apu called me first, “tomorrow I need to wash your bed cover.” She indicated to some blood strain on the bed.

How did you feel? I asked. What about you? Are you now satisfied? I nodded affirmative with a shy smile. But I was eager to know about her. She winked at me and told me that girls never revealed their satisfaction. A real man should understand whether his love satisfied or not. I was in enigma. On that night Nila apu called me again at dawn and told me to kiss her.

She drew me near her breast and kept my head on her soft bosom. I was there until I plunged into deep sleep. Deep slumber of a satisfied man. I remember this Nila apu not for the above incident but for another very interesting reason. I hope to narrate that interesting matter in my next story.

Horny girl having sex with cousin Rahul

I strongly believe that if something is coming to you spontaneously then you should accept it and enjoy it. For this reason i never plan and friends god has always given me opportunities. This incident happened few weeks ago in Banglore where i went for a vacation. Well i am a 24 years B.M girl and has just finished law course.

Since my teenage boys have been attracted towards me and i used to have tough time in politely telling them that i am not interested.I possess a enviable figure of 36 – 30 – 38 and look very shapely b’coz of my good height. It is not that i was virgin when i went to B’lore and i had steady Boyfriend during my law course.

Rahul, my cousin, is working with a Pharmaceutical company and has a good physique and we get along very well. i reached there unannounced and Rahul was very happy to see me. Rahul fetched me breakfast and promised to come early and then would take me out for dinner. After Rahul left i inspected his flat and found it was in a mess.

I decided to clean up and this way i would be able to kill some time. After i did the living room and entered his bedroom i found lot of girlie magazines and pornographic stuff. Beneath his bed i located lot of condom packets. i just smiled and felt good for Rahul. All this meant he was doing good for himself and was having a girlfriend to meet his biological needs.

i arranged his room and found myself hungry. i rang up the security guard and asked him to buy some meal for me. When the guard came back he inquired about me and started telling a lot about Rahul. Through him i came to know that Rahul had lots of girlfriends and was not with only one girl.

He told me “ Didi, saab ko samjhao aur unke shaadi kara do nahi to koi rishtedar aa kar rahe varna saab barbad ho jayenge.”I assured him that i would do the needful and he left. i decided to take up the matter with Rahul.

When Rahul came we went to a pub and enjoyed our evening. i did’nt want to spoil his evening so said nothing. Next day he asked me for how many days i would stay to which i said frankly Rahul i am looking in for a job. He assured me to help me in this regard and after having b’fast left. That day i cooked in home only and relaxed. This affair continued uptill weekend.

That day i felt pain in my back and was low in mood. Rahul in order to liven up my spirits planned to celebrate at home only. He asked me if i would prefer a drink or beer. i used to have beer only but wanted to experiment so i asked for a drink. He happily made 2 pegs of Bacardi with lime cordial and we started.

By the time i finished my first he was already 2 down and had become quite open. This was a opportunity and i raked up the issue of girls. He said casually it was just for fun. I decided to stop after having 2 pegs but Rahul was already perhaps 5-6 down and had started boasting about himself.

i told him that i was not feeling good and he suggested that i should take hot water shower and then i would feel better. i took his advise and took a shower. i came back to living room wearing bathing gown which got wet due to my wet hairs. He again served me one peg and promised that after this we would take dinner.

My gown was perhaps 2 inches above my knee and i caught him staring my legs. He appreciated my shapely legs and we went to kitchen. We cooked dinner and then i complained about the pain in back. He hesitantly said “ Neha,I can give you a massage and you will better “. i can’t say why i agreed and soon we were back in living room.

He asked me to come in bedroom so that i can lie and enjoy the massage. i agreed to this also. He asked me to lie down and asked me the exact place of pain. Slowly he started massaging from top of the gown and i was feeling good. He took feedback from me and then suggested that i should agree for oil massage.

His firm grip on lower portion of my back was already arousing my feeling and i thought let me go one step further. i okayed the idea and said but Rahul your dress will get spoiled with oil. So he removed his tight T – shirt and i saw his muscular body. Below waist he was having a Bermudas only. A very slight bulge was visible to me and it made me smile.

i again lied down with my buts upwards and opened the robe. i asked him to pull the gown upto my butts. As i was not wearing bra my boobs got pressed on bed and i put both arms by its side to hide it from Rahul. Rahul started massaging me and with that started praising my body. He said “ Oh Neha u have got a beautiful body ! i am lucky that you allowed me to massage you “.

i was thoroughly enjoying his massage. his grip was good and slowly i started getting hot. i think now it became a game between me and Rahul as to who makes the first move. i decided that i would tease him till i can and so slowly moved my hands.This way Rahul was able to get a glimpse of a portion of my boobs.

His hands were now not confined to lower portion and immediately moved upto my shoulders and while going down moved a little sideways and touched my boobs. i shuddered at his touch and sighed. my response encouraged him and he touched that portion again and again softly. i was already getting wet and my pussy was yearning for his cock.

Some how i managed to control and asked Rahul to massahe upto my hands. This made him come all over me from behind and perhaps there was few inches gap between our bodies. i slowly pushed my butts up and could feel the full erection. i again pulled myself down. There was a brief pause in massage and this time when Rahuls hands moved

down he slowly pulled my gown further down.He continued with his massage and slowly he was massaging my thighs also. i was almost naked but the pleasure of massage and erotic feeling was so immense that i did’nt resist. Then he started his movement from my toes and as gradually moved up and up.

As he reached my hands i instinctly raised my butts and found a rod poking me. The very thought that Rahul is also naked made me shudder. This time when i lowered my butts he lowered himself on me and his full hot body was all over me. He smelled my necks lying over me and gently kissed me.

Lying over me he slowly put his hands over my boobs and squeezed thel slightly. i moaned loudly.He was lying over me from behind and i was feeling his hot breast over my neck. He fondled my breast and inserted his warm tongue in my ear. My nipples which were totally erect pressed against his palms, his cock pressing my butts and looking for my pussy,

his tongue over my ear lobes and all this was driving me crazy. Rahul then asked me “ Neha you want a full body massage – i mean every part, every hole will be massaged with an appropriate tools and i whispered, “Rahul please go ahead don’t ask me. i want it and for god’s sake please don’t stop.”

Rahul slowly and gently turned me and kissed my lips i opened my mouth and welcomed his tongue. All this while his hands roamed all over my sensitive parts of the body which kept on adding fuel to fire. His legs were continuously moving over my legs and i was breathing heavy. He then moved over to my tits and started circling the tits gradually coming to near and near the tits.

i moaned and asked him to suck them but he just licked it and moved to my other tits. The pleasure was unbearable and as i recall this incident i find myself wet all over again.I moaned and moaned and requested him to suck my tits and he finally obliged by nibbling with his teeths very softly. This very act made me cum and i held his head tightly.

He then moved to my naval and did the same. i grabbed his cock and put it inside my mouth and started sucking it. He emmited a moan and positioned himself such a way that i could take full length. He lowered himself and i could feel his breath over my vagina. As my Sucking grew harder he started licking my vagina and finally entered his tongue.

i could feel him tightening and instinctively knew he was coming. i too was very near my orgasm and almost simultaneously we both erupted in each others mouth. Rahul’s cock did’nt go limp but was still semierect much to my pleasure. Rahul came all over me and we kissed again tasting our cums. i don’t know how i did it because with my boyfriend i have never done this.

We continued kissing and i demanded Rahul now fuck me.. He again lowered himself and i again sucked his cock. Within no time it was again erect.He then turned me and kissed my annus. He played with my annus with his tongue till i started begging “ Rahul pleeease fuuuckk meee harrd “ He obligrd again and within no time he was deep inside me.

As he pushed in and out he was all over me. The weight of his body was crushing me but i repled his every thrust with a matching thrust of equal intensity. Both of us were breathing heavy and out of pleasure he bit me on my nipples and i on his shoulders. i don’t know how many times we both bit each other. He then asked me to come over him.

i sat on his cock and started to squeeze his tool with my pussy. i would gyrate and squeeze and i felt that i was all powerfull. Then all of a sudden he turned me in doggy position and started ramming my pussy. i could feel that he was about to come but i wanted more. So i quickly moved and his cock came out of my pussy.

We kissed each other again and i sat on his lap in such a way that his cock was inside me again. We kept on kissing. He held me tightly and i held his head. All of a sudden i desired h should kiss, suck my tits all at the same time. He pumped me and i matched his thrust in a co – ordinated manner and he kissed and sucked and kissed and sucked.

He then put me down on the bed and kept both my legs on his shoulder and gave powerfull thrust. i was nearing my orgasm and matched it.After 9-10 moves we both had our orgasm. I stayed there for 3 more days and every morning he would fuck me and in the lunch hour we would have a quickie and during night he would screw my annus.

These four days Rahul made me feel like a complete woman and now i am trying desperately for a job in B’lore.

Naughty guy sexperience with sister 2

Previously: Naughty guy sexperience with sister 1

I told her to show me her choot. She lay down on the bed and folded up her legs & put her saree & petticoat up to reveal her choot. It was a sight. I put my hand to it and rubbed it. She was like, 'Oh'. Again I clicked photos, one with her face and one a close-up of her choot. I then told her that I would like to remove her saree & petticoat for which she would have to stand up.

She got up from the bed & stood up on the floor and I removed her saree & clicked a photo, with her in her petticoat & naked boobs. I then removed her petticoat & clicked another photo. What a beautiful body it was. I clicked several photos of her gaand, her choot and every other part of her entire naked body. She seemed to cherish the attention I was giving her.

After this she said that since I had seen her naked body, she wanted to see my naked body too and she removed my T-shirt & shorts and I too was completely naked in front of her. She stared at my prick and I asked her as to how it was. She smiled & said 'good, but why is it circumsized?'

I told her that many years back the foreskin of my prick was closing and it was becoming difficult to piss and as such I had to get the foreskin cut by the surgeon. I then went near her, touched my naked body against her naked body and hugged her tightly and kissed her on the lips. She was shaking a bit and I asked her as to what was the matter.

She said that she was wondering whether what we were doing was right. I told her yes it was OK as this would remain locked between me & her at all times. I then sat down on the bed, made her bend a little to have her boobs near my face and proceeded to suck her big nipples. She was enjoying it.

I held her right boob in both my hands and sucked as hard as I could and for a very long time. She realised that I was sucking her right boob only and she asked me why I was not sucking her left boob. I told her that I feared that it might hurt her & some liquid might ooze out of it. She told me not to worry and she shifted my mouth from her right boob to her left boob.

I started to slowly lick her left boob's nipple & slowly started to suck her entire left boob. She asked me to do it harder & faster, like I did to her right boob. I then sucked her left boob as hard & long as I had done to her right boob. It did not pain her nor did any liquid ooze out of it. I then sucked both her boobs together.

I could feel her arousal as she grasped my prick and started shaking it hard. My prick became big & erect & the pre-cum started oozing out. I put my finger in her choot and it was hot & wet. I bent down and started licking her gaand. She retorted, 'that's dirty'. Nevertheless she seemed to enjoy it.

I licked & sucked every part of her naked body, due to which there were red marks all over. She did not mind. I clicked photos of every part of her naked body. I then went behind her, put my prick against her gaand & held her boobs in by hands. She was liking it, as she was wriggling from her hips.

I then applied some coconut oil in her gaand & my prick, asked her to bend forward & shoved my prick inside, while holding her boobs. She was enjoying this too, as she was moving her gaand forward & backwards. I then put my tongue on her pubic hair & started to lick her choot. She told me that it would be better if she lay down on the bed.

She then spread & folded her legs and buried my face onto her choot. I sucked & licked and sucked & licked and pressed both her boobs with my hands while doing so, And soon she was groaning & moaning and pressing my head with both her hands and finally she had her orgasm and my face was full with her cum. I looked up and showed my face to her full of her cum.

She was smiling & enjoying. I took all her cum from my face and swallowed it. She was aghast. She then said that now she wanted to suck my prick. I took my prick upto her mouth and she immediately took my prick in one of her hands & my balls in the other hand and sucked them so vigorously & hard that within no time I was about to release my cum.

I told her of the situation. She said it was OK & that I could release my cum in her mouth. With that I had my orgasm & with gasps of 'Oh yeh' I released my cum in her mouth. She too swallowed it all. After this we lay there together in each others arms, looking into each others eyes, smiling & cherishing our love making. We soon dozed off, maybe for about half an hour.

After waking up, I asked her as to how she was feeling and she replied, 'Fantastic, I had never imagined all this. It feels great, carry on.' I told her that I was ready to fuck her. She replied that so was she and she lay down spreading her legs. She saw my prick & said that it had become small. I told that it was not a problem. I asked her to take my prick in her hands & to shake it.

It soon became big. I then asked her to press & release my prick and soon it became fat. She was satisfied. I held her legs, raised them and rubbed my prick on the lower part of her choot's lips. She closed her eyes & was murmuring. I then rubbed my prick on the upper part of her choot's lips,

which is called the G-Spot and she was wriggling, shaking her hips and asked me to put my prick inside her choot and fuck her hard. I started pumping her slowly, missionary style. After fucking her for some time in that position I moved her body on her right side and fucked her in the sideways position, while pressing & sucking her boobs.

I again straightened her & fucked her again in the missionary style. I gradually increased the speed & the thrusts. She said, ' do it as fast & hard as you can and release your cum in my choot'. While fucking her I also sucked her boobs hard. After some hard fucking we both had our orgasms practically simultaneously and I released my cum in her choot.

Both of us felt so satisfied & relaxed that we lay like that for quite some time, all the while chatting & caressing each other. After taking out my prick from her choot, I licked all the cum & swallowed it. She then asked me to bring my prick near her mouth and she licked all the cum from it and swallowed it.

She said that she had probably enjoyed this love making the best in her life. She also said that never could she have imagined that I would be nursing the memories of our youth and would after so many long years cherish seeing her naked body and have sex with her.

I told her that I too felt the same and thanked her for letting me realise my dream of one day seeing her naked body and fucking her, as I always carried those days, when she got her boobs pressed & her choot fingered my me, all these years and would often fantasize seeing her naked body and fucking her one day.

After having had our fill we both went to the bathroom and washed & cleaned each other. We came out of the bathroom and sat down on the bed again, still both completely naked. She told me that before dressing up as a closing act she wanted to suck my prick again. I obliged her. I told her that I wanted to suck her boobs. And she obliged.

She then suggested that before we wind up let us have a parting fuck. We fucked again, very passionately & lovingly. We then dressed up. We sat there reminiscing the event, smiling & laughing. Every now & then we would hug & kiss each other. On my part, I told her that I wish that this would never end.

She said that she also felt the same, as it was very rare that a brother & sister felt so much in love with each and that too after so many years, with sweet memories of the childhood. We vowed that we both would never ever disclose today's affair to anybody, not even to our spouses.

She hugged & kissed me and thanked me for the wonderful time. I hugged & kissed her and thanked her for the great time we had together. It was indeed an affair to remember and never ever to be forgotten.

Naughty guy sexperience with sister 1

This story goes back to many years, when we were a big joint family comprising of my grand-mother, my parents, 3 sisters & 3 brothers (including myself), i.e. 9 family members. We stayed in a 3 BHK Flat. As such, many a times some of the members had to sleep on mattresses on the floor. Sometimes we slept in some order and sometimes in another order.

Quite a few times, the youngest of my 3 sisters, who is also just elder to me, slept on the floor with me on one side and my younger brother on the other side. She was very hot, as many a times she would take my hand and put it on her breasts inside her night dress and put the hand of the younger brother on her cunt. We 2 would enjoy the same.

She would then alternate the hands. So, we both had the taste of her breasts & cunt with our hands. She would get this done quite often. Years passed, grand-mother, parents & eldest sister expired. All brothers & sisters have their own families. Once, not very long ago, it so happened that this sister &

I had some unpleasant incidents between us and as such did not visit each other, but we never stopped talking to each other. I, on my part try to clear any mis-understanding at the 1st instance. Though this sister was inviting me to her homes in Mumbai & Lonavala, I kept giving her one excuse or the other.

One day I told her 'yes there were many matters I had to get cleared from her side and would like to talk to her alone, without involving our spouses or children and it would be an overnight trip & in a hotel' She said she too had many matters, which were a big load on her head and wanted to talk them over with me, because she needed someone to talk to and take the load off her head.

So, one day, an opportunity came, we two alone set out in my car towards Pune and checked into a hotel on the outskirts of Pune. We two discussed all the matters that mattered and thrashed out all our mis-understandings and she too told me of all the matters she was holding in her breast till she could pour them out to somebody and who better than me,

as she very well knew my nature. In between the talks I pressed her legs, massaged her feet & calves putting her saree & petticoat up to her knees, I hugged her, I kissed her on her cheeks & lay in her lap, while she was sitting on the bed. At night, while lying down, I again went near her & hugged her. After an overnight stay we returned to our respective homes the next day.

After a few days I visited her Mumbai home and she welcomed me with open arms and was very happy. And it was the first time we two hugged each other besides the customary salutations, in the presence of all others. Now there remained that I visit her Lonavala home. So,one day, I told her that we two alone, like before, should visit her Lonavala home for an overnight stay.

She said that she would not go to her Lonavala home, as she was afraid to go alone. I told her no problem, we could go to a better hotel than the last time & she agreed to this. At the 1st opportunity, I picked her up from her Mumbai home in my car and drove down towards Panvel, located a good Hotel near Karnala and checked in.

We settled down, had our lunch and sat together on a bed to rest a while. After this she asked me as to what big burden I was carrying in my head. The first thing I did was to tell her that if I tell her or do something which she found offensive, she should let me know. She agreed. I told her that since the past many years, more so after our night out together recently,

I was carrying a big burden in my head and that I wanted to clear it in front of her. So I asked her whether she wanted to hear it directly or step by step. She said directly. I told her that ever since she had got her boobs & her choot fingered by me, I was all these years yearning to see her naked body, make love to her & fuck her. She was like dumb-founded.

I told her she can take her time to decide. So, I went down to the lobby for about 5 minutes & returned to our room. I asked her as to what was her reaction & reply. She said that what I told her was something that took her completely by surprise in that I was carrying the memories of my childhood for all these years.

And now, at this age of both of us, I was asking her for something that she was not prepared for as it entailed a lot of care & understanding. She asked me as to how was I going to explain to her that her husband & my wife would take it. I told her that we need not ever tell this to our spouses.

She argued that even if we kept this between ourselves would it not leak out sometime. I assured her that on my part I could swear on anything and/or anybody that I shall not and was positive that she too would not. After getting completely satisfied she finally relented and I hugged her for that.

I told her that now I shall proceed further step by step to enjoy better. I asked her as to which breast of hers was operated for breast cancer. She told me, the left one. I asked her whether there was any pain now after 5 years of treatment and she said no. I asked her whether I could see that breast. She took her left breast out of her bra & blouse.

I told her that I wanted to touch & feel it. She obliged. I felt the breast & slowly pressed it all over and asked her whether it pained and she replied in the negative. I took out my camera to take a photo of the same. She asked me whether it was necessary & safe. I told her that I was doing this for posterity and for my record only and that no one ever will get to see it.

She relented. I clicked one with her face showing her left boob & one close-up of the left boob without her face and a third one with her holding it in her hands. I then asked her to show me the other breast, so that I could compare the two. She said, ' you are a naughty boy' I told her not to worry as both of us were mature enough. She took out the other breast too.

I compared the two by feeling & pressing them both. I then exclaimed to her, ' sis, I thought that my wife had the biggest boobs, but after seeing your boobs I must say that yours seem bigger & that they were are indeed beautiful'. She smiled & blushed a little. I told her that I would now remove her blouse & bra.

I then removed her blouse & bra and there were those beautiful & big boobs before me. I clicked photos of both the boobs, one with her face, another one a close-up and another with her holding both her boobs in her hands. I took her bra & was looking at its label, when she asked me whether I was looking for the size.

I said yes. And she said it was 42. I told her that she had bigger boobs than my wife's, whose size was 40. Dear readers, please post your comments ad then I shall post the 2nd & concluding part of this story. Enjoy & thanks.

Akash having incest sex with Manya

Hello readers, this is AKASH name changed, for the first tine ever am publishing my real incest story happened with my cousin sister MANYA name change.. every day I read stories in this blog, thanks for humandigest and debonair blog to star up this superb sites.. well I begin.

Me and manya used to meet very rarely only on family occasions, being my cousin I proposed her, she accepted saying she love me too. we stated going very smoothly, one fine day she left me.. after 3 years we met again in bangalore, as she was studying here. I again stared to love her, one day she texted me saying she loves me too.

we stated meeting outside, kissing, touching used to happen in my car. friend she is the most beautiful girl I have met. she is 34=28-36.once my parents went to hyderabad, she came to my home, she said she will stay at home for 2 days. in the night I picked her from pg by 8.30 came home had dinner and went to bed. soon I was smooching her,

she got wild and started to bite my lips badly as my lips were hurting I started to remove her top, and she removed my t shirt. the moment I saw her bra I was crazy as I first time saw her like this.i removed her bra and started to press her boobs by my right hand and with left hand I was removing her jeans, it felt awesome guys. she by then removed my gym pant.

as soon as she was on panty, I put my hand inside to touch her pussy she said no. that time I started sucking her breast and nipples, and she released her hand and I slid my hand to her pussy. wow her pussy was damn wet.i rubbed her pussy with her leak and inserted my finger which pained her a lot.

by then we both stopped and removed our inner wear too. she was a goddes. I smooched her while pressing her boobs and then I came down to her pussy and put my tongue on it, she was like hmmm janu, I stared licking her nicely and she was guiding me to lick her bit up, which I did. and she took me up and started to lick my dick which felt mind blowing.

then it was a lot time we controlled, it was a play time by now, as it was her first time I dint wear a condom, but applied saliva all on my dick and my dick was dripping with my saliva which I positioned to her pussy and started to enter her. it was damn tough to enter, I started pushing it and she was like hmmm please leave its paining badly.

I was like dont worry baby once it enters it wont pain, try to control. I tarted pushing very slowly and very little of blood might me 2 to 3 drops came. and then I slammed once harder which made her pussy swallow my dick completely but with great pain from her. as I stared moving slowly then she started loving it like crazy saying that, thanks jaan this is the awesome pleasure,

I would have never known if u have not done thanks thanks. then she told to stroke her harder I started giving strokes, she came with a great force by shouting hmmm aah aaah, after she came I still took 10 minutes to come. while coming I pulled my dick and flowed my sperms on her thighs.

and we slept hugging till morning 4. as at 4 again I fucked her nicely. the 2 days story what happened, what we tried, will tell u in my next post,,, my dear friends this happened just 10days back on november 26th 2009.. love u all.

Fucking sexy Alia

During the year school would remain close 8 months out of the 9 months it was suppose to be open. Sometime its strike for pay rise, sometime it is riots other times its flood or something. As a result I ended spending more time at Fathers cycle repair shop. Instead of learning maths and physics I was learning how to mend tubes and change paddles.

Father was worried and wrote a letter to younger brother, Hamesh in city to take me in. One early autumn morning I was standing in that Great City railway central junction far from my village, with a bundle of clothes and a letter of introduction. Hamesh took me to take me home. His home was the main floor and a barsati on the roof with stairs going up from the goat shed.

He said since I was only other male in the house I should live in the barsati roof so I could have privacy from the females who lived below. He had 6 daughers and the a sister. His sisters name was Quimka. I suprised in the village no one knew he had a sister, she his rakhi sister. It seemed at that time his only third daughter Alia was at home who made me comfortable and gave me lunch.

She seemed 15 with an impish smile. Anyway I was introduced as a brother who will stay here from now on. After a month I got into routine of things. He was a proud owner of 15 rickshaws. Besides attending high school I would be his chief mechanic in my spare time. It was my duty to keep his rickshaws in road worthy condition.

My job started at 5:30 in the morning, getting those wheels ready to hit the road. That is it, only once a day job. Hamesh had lot of scars on his body and face. His face was roguishly handsome. Tall, muscular and had this just-taken-a-bath fresh look. He told me that when he came he had get into a lot of fights and spend time in jail as his landlord and landlady were killed in front of him.

He took revenge and after that he had to clear the basti of bhai's and other small time crooks. Later I learned that Hamesh didnot take hefta, weekly take, from the shop keeper and businessmen for maintaining rule of law in the basti. It is said the women in basti called Hamesh their collective husband. He was a part bad guy, a part good guy and a full time women s man.

Women came to him, to please him to ask him for small favours or just for fun. One day about a month after I joined him, early in the morning in railway yard where all the rickshaws puller would regularly assemble in wee hours of morning to chat, have tea and take any instructions from Hamesh.

I heard Rann bhai one of Hamesh rickshaw puller, telling the gathered assembly how yesterday morning when he was taking pleasure with his elder one, ass fucking his daughter, the niegbour journalist caught him on his camera. Daughter was very frightened that if anybody should see those pictures, nobody will marry her. She pleaded with Rann to get those pictures back.

So Rann took a big stick (Rann said almost as big as his cock, others said almost as big as his mouth, they chuckled) and went to his neighbour journalist home and demolished their kitchen. He warned the terrified journalist wife to tell her husband to hand over all the pictures and negative including the camera by noon today and by evening he must leave that place forever.

Otherwise he will tell his friends and they would come rape all the women folk, break the bones of each menfolk and burn that house. Much before noon the journalist neighbor was pleading with Rann to spare his families life. He gave Rann the camera, pictures and negative and promised to leave town before dusk.

Proudly Rann took the camera,pictures and negatives home to his elder daughter. So happy she was to burn those pictures that instead of her gand that afternoon she offered her pussy for his pleasure. It seems it was after a long time that she allowed him to fuck her pussy since that rental tenant lady incident. At this point the entire assembly of rickshaw pullers laughed.

Rann said he happily pounded her pussy several times last night silently thanking the neighbor for his luck. Hamesh was not happy, he said if his cock was inside his daughters pussy all night long who will go earn money for him. The rest of rickshaw wallas booed him. There so much laughter and mirth. I could feel the strong brotherly feeling amongst them.

But I was shocked at how easily Rann had talked about such a taboo thing like as if he was talking about the weather. Confused I went back home, thinking whom could I talk to about this, maybe the city had different morals than village I need to flow with moment. In the way I met with Ghambir chacha. he was there in the morning smoking his hukka.

I told him about my confusion. He said simply said " Beta poor people do not have time for fancy middle class values and taboos, here it is survival of the fittest. These girls are bred to give pleasure. Today they give pleasure to one man tomorrow to some one other man, yesterday they gave pleasure to men in thier own family.

There are no lover labels for those that are and were bred for pleasure, they know their roles in life. in return they expect protection and a chance to survive in this severe age of high prices and expenses, nobody has time for spirituality or morality" He paused to puff on his pipe "Besides who is a bad man.

Would you call him a bad man, who helped a child left to die, abounded, or lost child in railway station or roadside who were destined for brothels, men took them home give them a hot meal and shelter from the elements, so what if she lets him fuck him in return, she anyway was made for pleasure and her whole she will be fucked by lots of people,

why not let the person who rescued them from cruel faith have the first enjoyment of their delicate bodies. In most of the homes in the basti you will see father or brother's fucking daughter or sister, it is just give and take at work here. Women were born for pleasure so why not start with men who will always be besides you in in trouble even if later they will have thier own wives,

who have also in turn have a brother or somebody fucking her from before marriage and is willing to take care of her unconditionally if the marriage breaks up or take care of her husbands if he beats her. Sex creates unbreakable bonds. An these poor girl learn that well. Girls are happy even if they are sucking thier fathers cock at night or thier brother is fucking her ass in the day,

she is still better off, they r not crying out rape to society that doesnot care about them anyway. Look at Hamesh's sister Quimka, he picked her up from a railtrack seconds away before a oncoming train was about to crush her to death. She didnot want to live but look at her now she is happy" Take what I get, this was what I learned this morning.

I was getting ready for school. Down below the family in going ahead with its daily chores. I saw Alia,15 Hamesh's third daughter taking clothes for washing on the semi enclosed washing area. I watched her do this for the last two weeks. She knew at this time I am at my room getting ready for school. As usual, she kept the bucket under the tap and waited it for it to fill up with water.

She was wearing a faded blue colour salwar with little silver stars on them and old T shirt. She look around, she couldnot see me becasue of the relection on the glass window. She sat back quickly drew her legs apart, there was a hole in the center of her salwar. She put her hand inside the slawar and began to rub her pussy.

She would quickly put her gown to cover her hand and hide behind the wall. But I could see her from my vintage point, her eyes were close, her fair hands were moving up and down quickly inside that hole in her salwar, taking pleasure with herself. Seeing this I couldnot help but start taking pleasure myself. I began stroking my cock too.

She was in her most private moment and I didnot want to miss out of that. As usual at this point I would fall on my bed dreaming of opening the window and called out her name and telling her to close the water tap. Then I would like to dream that she would open her eyes, looked at me,

surprised and embarrassed and would quickly withdrew her hands from that hole in her salwar and closed the water tap. Then she would give me a big guilty smile. Hers eyes twinkled, long hair falling on her chiseled sharp beautiful face. I stood up on the window,opened my fly and quickly showed her my 100% made of steel hard cock.

I made a hand gesture pointing out that this cock is for your pleasure too. She looked jaw dropped with wide eyes. I smiled at her and send her a flying kiss. She send one in return too. At this point my hand would full of my cum, I would wash up and go to school. After school I was riding my bike home when I saw Aila coming down the road from her school.

I was happy to know her school finished at the same time as mine. I stopped and offered her a ride home. She refused look right through me as if I didnot exist. I reminded her the I am her brother and live in the same house, there is nothing for people to say. She considered this information and told me that it was Ramu kaka duty to pick her up.

At that very moment Ramu kaka appeared as if by magic in his rickshaw. Ramu kaka commended me for looking out for my sister. That made me feel good. After that day, I would stand with her everyday after school. After a week came the rainy season. We were silently standing, she frosty and I trying to make small conversation.

I was smelling the beatiful strong scent of her hair oil. It began to drizzle. So whipped out my umberalla and offered to her. She was glad to take it and mentioned o me that I could stand besides her after she doesnot have any dreadful diase but I could catch one getting wet in the rain. I thumped my chest as said" I a farmer at heart.

Rain is God's gift to us farmers, we became stronger not weaker by bounties of this rain" Brave dialogue indeed but she was not moved. Later that week, one evening at home, before dinner, it was my duty to teach Maila, the youngest 10 yr daughter, maths. We were sitting in the covered courtyard. In a distance we could see planes land and take off thunderously.

It began to rain heavily. Maila jumped up happily pointing at the rain "Look..Gods gift to farmers" She thumped her chest and continued "Farmers became stronger due to the bounties of this rain" She did a quick twirl. Those were my words, how did she know? Suddenly there was a girl's loud giggle from the window behind me. I turned and quickly looked inside the window,

there was no one there, but I could smell that same hair oil as Aila's. I asked Maila who has been telling her all this stuff. She told me that Aila didi would tell them everything I had said and done with all details and they sisters would all have a good laugh. That made me smile inwardly, I knew the day is not far when my cock will be pounding her soft and juicy pussy,

tearing her pussy apart till she begged to be my slave. That was going to be much sooner then I could have guessed that rainy evening. " Arre yaar it has only gone in one inch, please" It has a windy night I was disturbed by planes taking off or landing. They seemed lower then usual. As I walked the terrace, I heard rustle of clothese below and whisper of low voices.

In the light of on coming plane, I saw it was Ramu kaka fucking Umika in her arse. His cock was just inside her. He parted her fair arse cheek and began filling her up slowly, inch by inch. In the corner my eyes I caught a movement. It was Alia, she was also watching them from her balcony. She opened her legs and put her hands inside her slawar and watched intently.

From where I was I couldnot watch them so instead I looked at her. She couldnot see me above her in the roof. Below Ramu Kak was going grunting and Umika was going "uuffff.." He put his hand beloe her blouse. He was now really pounding her arse. The sound of air coming out of her arse like a punctured tube come up to me.

I could Alia moving her hands insie slawar faster as Ramu kaka increased to and fro speed. He was a gaint ansd she was petite. Quickly he turned around and she rushed her mouth forward to drink his cum. She kept on sucking his cock till he was hard again. She laid back, opened her leg wide open and guided him.

Due to the high wind the flap on top of the yard filled up the hole through which I was looking. I looked towards Alia but she ws gone. Next day, Alia was afraid to go to the maths tuition alone. She wanted me to come and side bysides with the maths teacher. Not he was strict or anything, but that he had a history of having his way with his girl students or he would fail them.

I told her that I break his bones if he even touched her. She said that will amount no good, he would still fail her. Then I said if tries to fails you I will rape his wife and daughter. She said that still didnot matter for all you know he might be already in bed with his daughters too, she added drily she didnot know I was that kind of person.

I told her that my maths knowledge is superior I could teach her that stuff for free. She thought about and agreed and said that would our secret for she would still pretend to go maths tuition. I said so do you get to keep the tuition fees or do we return the money, what do I get for all troubles?

She said in sweetest voice I ever heard "my dear prince in ruturn I will do belly danceing for you. You have never seen and I do very well". Just to get her slip in my room was enough for me, so I agreed. The came a shocker she said during the maths class she will go to see her boy friend and she will come to my room in the morning to do maths homework. I agreed.

I was visibly very upset to know that she had a boyfreind. I recalled those words that daughter will go outside if they donot find love inside the home. In return for pleasure girls feel security of strong man shoulder. Even though that strong shoulder is attached to a strong pensis that is probeing the interiors of her vagina.

As people age some people became more sexually active then they were in thier youths. That was how Ramu kaka was. He was called the fucking machine. People feared to make him thier enemies. He only needed an excuse to fuck thier women before he spared them. I was sitting depressed in the shop. At that time of the night he sitting in the corner and drinking alone.

He asked me what was eating me. So I told him the whole stroy with Aila. He proposed that I have sex with her at once. Otherwise that boy freind will steal the pleasure and leave her with his baby. Boys in this area do not marry girls who fuck around. That will be the end of her. The only way for me to save her is to have sex with her immediatly.

Once I do it to her, she will come back for more and the she will forget her boyfreind and homes presitige will remain intact. His logic seemed to make sense to me. He advised me to do in the shit hole and very gently with a lot of cream so that it does not pain her at all.

She must like it. I never thought the Ramu kaka might have been joking and that he was drunk. I was really sold on that logic of his. Next morning he could not recall a single word he had told me. By then it was too late for me. Thats in the next part.

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