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Dipto having sex with young Aunt

Hi,all the readers of humandigest.This is Dipto from kolkata.I'm 21yrs old software engineer & got a job in a top multinational company this yr through clg campussing.I have never posted before in this there can be little mistakes,i hope u'll forgive me 4 these mistakes.I think its so far the most secret incident of my life which I hav shared wid only 2 brothers of mine.

But,now I have decided to share this real incident with u.There is nothin fake,no imagination at all..if any1 does think so,i have nothing to do,its totally his personal opinion.Now,lets move to the story. I live in a town very near to kolkata.I was only in class 9 then whn it happened.One of my mothers cousin, named shweta(name changed),moved in to our town wid her family from a more remote place.

She was 22 yrs of old then.she is actully short,(4ft11 in),but has a very fair complexion..she was not beautiful but was sexy because of her figure.Altogether u can say,she was attractive. After their moving in,their(my mothers uncle's) family started to visit us frequently.But shweta aunt visited the most bcoz she had managed to get some students near our home & started to come regularly to our locality.

She was very fond of my mother & often helped my mom in her kitchen & in othr things. She was also very very close to me & we used to chat abt many things.Soon,we started to chat on our love life. I came 2 knw tht she had no bfriend then..i also had no grlfrnd..we were getting closer in each & every passing day.One day in puja vacation,she dressed perfectly & was looking hot.

I complimanted her like"u r looking sexy,aunt".She gave a wink & smile in reply.Slowly & gradually we started to use the term 'sexy'...& soon we strted to talk abt sex. It was totally new expernce to me as I was only 15 then & talking to an elder girl abt sex was simply amazing.By tht time,she strted to spend long time in our home,sometimes for the whole aftrnoon,

i used to sleep in my room but she often joined me later aftr cleaning the dishes & chatting wid my one had any complain as every1 knew the age dffrnce & the relation betwn my room was not visible frm mothers room,i gained courage sumtimes & hugged her,we used to chit chat abt all things on the aftrnoon times in bed while still I was hugging her all the times..

i could feel the warmth of her body..ths continued for sum 2-3weeks. I really liked her a lot & loved her company.I used to share every snack,chocolates of mine wid her bcoz I knew she liked those..let me inform 1 thing,her family conditions were not good,she had to earn her money herself through,often she didn't have any chace to fullfill her needs..

as I liked her,i tried to share as much as possible wid her..even bought her some cosmetics secretly from my savings from tiffin.She noticed my care 4 her & was very amazed & pleased to think tht sum1 cares 4 her.She told me these many times. We used to fight on small things,so physical touch was obvious & many times my hands, my palms brushed her soft breasts,

it was a gr8 feeling.When we got more closer,in afternoon,she often caressed me wid my hairs..moving her hands slowly on my face chest wid a lot of affection..this contineud sumdays & then I started to caress her,on her face at first.aftr sumday I gained courage & caressed her neck,shoulders,arms also..thn the day came atlast...

it was 19th nov,2004..we got so close in 6 tht night,she stayed wid us bcoz the next day there was a father & mother slept in 1 room.Me,my 9yr old sistr & aunt slept in my room..the door was shut,my sistr slept in betwn late night,we moved & aunt managed to move my sleepy sis in 1 side.thn we hugged 2gether & were chattin,

almost like whispering..slowly she strted 2 caress me & strtd to caress her..she stopped suddenly & closed her eyes..but I continued..i strted frm her face & finished around her neck..she was wearing a low cut nightie,as she was laying down..her cleavege was clearly visible..slowly I moved down & caressin her lower neck & then felt her cleavege..

she reacted nothing but I knew she wasn't sleeping,i got more courage & strted from face to cleavege..each time I was moving down my palm little lower..aftr a minute my hand reached under her nightie felt her bra..we both knew,there was no turning back & my slid my hand under her bra..i got my first touch of life of awomens breast,those were so sft & fumble..

not huge in was so far the greatest pleasure of my life,i gently strted to press her both boobs though I was very excited..she strted to make some whispering sound,i was carrying on as I knew she must be enjoing this..i squizzed thm for abt 20 mnt.I tried to pull the neck of the nightie down so I can see those boobs & suck them,but I couldn't succedd..

thn I slowly kissed her forehead,cheeks & thn the lips..but aftr sum time,i found tears on her cheeks..i dnt knw wht happend but may be she wasfeeling guilty..i din't proceed further watchin this.Bt I kept my hands on her boobs,hugged her tight & slept..nxt morning was beutiful to me but I couldnt even directly look at her eyes,in aftrnoon,i asked her why she was crying,

but she told on diffrnt issue..she said tht she had a gr8 sleep last night wid a naughty smile.I also told the same & said tht I had a dream also..she askd abt the dream but I denied to tell then..we enjoyed the function tht night. After that day,i understood that our relationship have reached a new level.Her stays in her house getting longer, we were hugging each other more ften,

caressing and even exchanged kisses on cheeks frequently.When there was no1 at home,i kissed her on lips in each occation.It made me horny & day,i found a book on 'kamasutra'in my maternal uncle's house & brought it in my house & my aunt had read the book together one day when there was no1 in our house as my mom,sister & father went for shopping..

After completion of that thin book,we both became horny..we discussed abt sex more freely.Suddenly she asked me if I maturbate..i was surprised and told that rarely I do..thn I asked her but she refused to tell the trurth.I asked her abt the color of the bra she was wearing.It caught her wid surprise & told in low voice-'black'.

More often,she stayed in our house at morning,shewas abt 2 go in market wid my mom,i noticed tht aunt's bra strap was much exposed outside of her salwar.I told it to her,but she requested me to fix it..i obliged to do so.One thing I strted to notice that after that night, whenever she is wearing nightie in our house,she is avoiding bra & panty underneath, specially at night.

So,whnvr she bends for somethihng to pick or any thing like that,i got a nice view of her small but firm & well shaped boobs,i liked tht view very much & she noticed it.From thereon,she bent more often for any reson & gave me a closer & nice look at her boobs each time.

Actually, the story doesnt end was just the beginning of our 'choti si love' contineud & went very far.. i'll share all those wid u within this week..i hav no hesitation because i'm not telling any lie,so plz wait..thnx a lot

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Sex with horny Indu Aunty - II

Previously: Sex with Horny Indu Aunty

Hi readers, I am again here with the second part of my joyous moments with Indu aunty. I have already talked in the first part of the story about the hot session of sex with my Indu aunty from Allahabad, and then the incident of going to washroom together completely naked. After finishing and washing our hands we strode together towards our bedroom.

I was on the top of this world with the long craved satisfaction of finally having sex with Indu aunty after so many long years of fascination for her. She was also visibly satisfied and by now all her inhibitions and guilt feelings had disappeared. When walking towards the bed, I asked aunty whether I should turn on the main light of the bedroom.

She forbade me to do so citing the reasons of it being the sleeping time and the pleasure of dim lighting. While coming towards the bed, I was keeping my right palm on the fleshy buttocks of aunty stroking it gently while walking. Aunty had her hairs completely untied now hanging till her waist. I asked aunty for water and both of us drank water and went onto the bed.

We lay down on our back to sleep. But, amazingly, I did not have any psychological urge to sleep, and I felt that the overpowering excitement of aunty lying naked beside me can keep me awake forever. After a few minutes I turned towards aunty on my left as my aunty was lying on my left side.

I stretched my right arm kept my palm on aunt's soft & smooth belly first, and started playing with her navel with my fingers. Slowly and gradually, I moved my palm to her huge spongy breasts and began stroking it gently. I also brought my lips on aunt's cheek and stretched my tongue to gently lick her cheek.

I was sometimes tweaking aunt's nipples and sometimes kneading and squeezing her soft massive breasts with my palms and fingers. Aunty was also not sleeping and probably was thinking about incidents of the last few hours. She came out of her thoughts, and turning towards me and stroking my face with her left hand gently whispered-

"Neend nahin aa rahee.....kuchh soch rahe ho......kyaa soch rahe.........phir karne ka iraada to nahin hai....?" I said looking towards her eyes in the light of night bulb- "Aunty, aaj kaise neend aayegee, jo sapnon mein aatee thee woh bagal mein letee hai... meree barson ki tamanna puree hui hai....meree aunty aap ka jawab nahin."

Aunty just smiled and kissed first on my cheeks and then on lips, and further we were kissing each other passionately in French style. A woman by nature is intuitive, she understands a man's need before it is spoken. Indeed, men are from Mars and women from Venus. Now, aunty has also turned towards me and she was on her right.

I encircled my aunt's body with my arms hugging her tightly and making our lips meeting for a long passionate kiss. Then, I indulged in talk about her life and specially her sex experiences. A woman craves for the partner who is sharing, who can listen to her for long times, with whom she can share her thoughts.

I was asking few questions and listening a lot to make her mine psychologically and emotively. A woman offers all what she can to a man if she feels that the man cares for her, understands her. I knew that females crave for listening ears and empathizing hearts more than solution providing minds.

She described vividly about the regular and daily doses of sex with the uncle after the marriage, and also how they tried sex games in every possible way known to them and at every place feasible. They had sex even in kitchen once. Expositions of her experiments with sex were scintillating and arousing simultaneously.

She described how once uncle came to the kitchen unexpectedly, when she was standing near the gas stove preparing tea. He came unnoticed to her silently from behind and took her into his arms from behind. He put his palms on her breasts and started squeezing and kneading them feverishly, while his hard rod was trying to get into the middle of her arse cheeks over her nightie.

Uncle was half naked without an inch of cloth below his waist, his throbbing hard rod groping for aunt's hole to get inside. She got perplexed about affix about how to react. Before she could make up her mind to react, he bent down and moved the lowest part of her nightie upward to her lower back from behind and began positioning his penis below her arse cheeks to shove his manly weapon into her cunt.

Uncle was in full cognizance of the fact that there was no panty under her nightie at that point of time, as initial months after the marriage meant sex any time any way and time and again. When she felt that it was difficult for him to push his weapon inside her cunt while she stood straight,

she bent down on her waist after switching off gas burner and moved towards her right side placing her palms on kitchen wall for support. It facilitated the slamming of my uncle's hard penis in her vagina conveniently. My uncle didn't lose any moment and fucked her vigorously in that position to the hilt.

She still rejoiced the feelings of those moments when sexual ecstasy arising from vigorous thrusts of husband's hard shafts undermined the pain of inconvenience caused by standing in bent position for minutes together. Ultimately this kitchen fucking reached its climax and many drops of his penile juice fell on the kitchen ground and on her sandals.

She also shared with me how she learnt to apply hair removing creams like Annie French after the marriage to keep her vaginal area free of pubic hairs ready for attacks of uncle's hard and erect penis multiple times everyday. I also learnt from her that uncle's penis was quite thick and long when hard. She had a lot of bleeding on the first night of marriage.

But, with the passage of time the frequency of sex between them has come down heavily and now it's once or twice in a month due to busy schedule of uncle and psychological involvement with the child. Even during these rare sexual encounters, the hardness of uncle's penis was less than what she had experienced in past and longed for even today.

She also accepted that it was first extramarital encounter for her and I was the second person on the earth to penetrate her. The best part of the talk was that in the past years, she had sometimes guessed my intentions when I looked at her in tempting manner. But she was neither sure about it nor ready as she considered this possibility as unethical.

But my movements with her in the daytime and my gestures made her sure about it. She could she the bulge inside my pant when I deliberately made my body parts rub with her body parts with futile attempt to make it sound these collisions as accidental ones. She thought over and over before concluding in her mind that pragmatism of life lied in living for one's own pleasure.

And, by the evening she was mentally ready to have carnal pleasures with me. She wanted to experience the hardness of a young penis and also wanted to experience the successive fucking sessions one after another in a night as young people like me could get the erection of penis just after an hour or half.

I expressed my gratitude heartily for agreeing to have sex with me by kissing her on lips and cheeks lovingly. I understood that my overtures to fuck her once again now was not unexpected for, rather she wished it. I asked her about experience of our sex. She said that that it was very satisfying to get her vagina rammed by a penis with iron rod hardness

and getting her vagina filled to the brim with such a large volume of thick seminal juice. Now uncle was neither getting such hardness in his penis nor does he offload such a huge amount of juice inside her. She expressed her innermost feelings in no uncertain terms that a woman gets satisfied when her cunt gets up filled up by rod like hard penis and one fucks

for a long time in fast and ferocious manner finally filling the vaginal hole with streams of thick white fluid ejected flowing from the penis. Now, aunty was also gradually becoming actively participative and passionate and her body emanated the vibes of sexual invitation. I moved my right leg to put it over her legs so as to circle it horizontally.

For minutes together, we indulged ourselves in deep passionate kissing, biting and each other's lips as if there was no tomorrow. The passion this time had elements of depth and bonding more than the element of hot sexual fever. I felt that the next sex session will not submerge only one's body organ into another's, rather it will be unification of emotions, unification of existences.

Actually, the real love and bonding deepens only when the sexual urge gets subsided. Before the first time sex between two, a lot of feelings and anxieties about other's probable moves and reactions combined with sexual heat not let the feelings of pure bonding and love flourish and deepen.

After the first sex, anxieties die off and the feelings of uncertainty about other's consent get replaced by feelings of gratitude and affection. Although sex between a mature married lady and a student or between an aunty and niece might be perceived as a game of physical lust only and of feverish sex only,

but in fact my very good relation with aunty and my fantasies around her germinated feelings inside me of love and affection at a deeper level, letting me experience the feelings of deepest love, caring and affection. Now, we separated our lips and breathed deeply to compensate for shallow breathing during passionate kissing moments.

My hands were still around aunt's back loosely circling her back. Aunty whispered in my ear bringing her lips closer to it-"Chodoge phir.....garmaa doon lund....thakaa toh nahin...bolo na...?." I didn't answer instantly and brought my face down to aunt's huge breast and began sucking the nipple of her breast. Gradually I brought my hand back and started fondling aunt's another breast.

I was now taking large portion of one breast in my mouth and squeezing other breast with my hand. Aunty was just enjoying the moments. Then, she again repeated her question-"Bolo naa...phir lenaa hai........chodoge aunty ko...hoon?" She gazed at me all agog to hear my yes. I replied whispering in her ear-

"Haan...meree raanee haan...ek bar aur ho jaye toh mazaa aa jayegaa....hai naaaa...."with sucking and squeezing aunt's breasts. I was again getting aroused and felt my flaccid penis started getting its hardness gradually. My penis was near the point where aunt's pubic hairs started from top. Her clitoris and vagina were a few inches below it.

I wanted aunty to know the stiffening of my penis so that she also starts getting cravingly hungry for sex.The joy of sex multiplies when the partner is also burning with desire to be penetrated. I had no intention of making any move if she was not ready and willing, as the real pleasure of love making is willingness and urge of both the people in love.

I brought my right hand down, hold my penis and turned it slightly downward and pushed my waist very lightly towards aunt's body. Aunty was now fully aware of rising hardness in my penis and sure as well about the next session of intense sex.She brought her hand down, held my penis in hand and said-

"Tera lund toh phir sakht ho gayaa...musal jaisa...ab toh is baar ye meree chooth phad ke chhodegaa...aaj toh meree khair nahin." I could understand the woman's ways of reacting in the moments before getting fucked. And, really these are the experiences which make men craving for the company of women they love.

She started playing with my penis, and the touch of woman's hand made my penis bursting into its full possible length. Aunty was an expert hand with decades of conjugal life experience. She certainly knew techniques to make a penis perfectly ready for royal battle. She started rubbing the tip of my penis with her thumb and index finger.

She moved the foreskin of the penis towards the origin of the penis, and kept thumb on the tip of penis on 90degree and stroking it gently and then began rubbing it with her palm's frontal surface. I was experiencing this pleasure first time, actually it was mind-blowing. I left aunt's breasts, again encircled her back with arms and started kissing her.

Next moment, I withdrew my lips and asked with excitement-"Aunty mazaa aa aap kyaa kar rahee ho...ooohhhh meree achchhi aunty..." Aunty was prompt in reply-"Main wahee kar rahee hoon, jo tu chhhahta hai.......ab khud to khada karke lund chooth ke upar sata raha hai...chhor doon.... so jaoon....sambhal lega apni lund.....bahanewaj kahin ka....

tere lund ko khada kadake kadak banaa rahee hoon.........hone de aur sakht ise........tu mujhe bin chode sone toh degaa nahin....pichkari mein abhi aur ras hai...chal chod ke khalsh kar le meree chooth mein....ek tu shaitaan...aur upar se tera ye motaa hi nahin bhartaa.......?"

I embraced her firmly encircling my arms around her and said in requesting style-"Nahin mat rutho aap, ye lund aapke hi liye taiyaar ho raha hai....ek bar aur jam ke chudai karte hain...aapkee chooth bhi abhi aur pyaasee hai....ise aur chudai chahiya....jab motaa musal andar jayega.....isko man bhar raundegaa....toh iski pyaas bhujhegee....

ek baar aur jamkar chudwa lo.......phir so jaana meree bahon mein...meree achchhi aunty". She held my cheek with other hand and said-"Chal chalak ladke....mujhe bachche ki tarah mana raha hai....chal chod le....lund toh khada ho jaane de...banaati hoon isko hathora hila hila ke....phir pel dena chooth mein...aaj chod chod ke sula de...

ab tu mera saiyaan hai na...chodana hai to sharmata kyon hai....main bhi taiyaar hoon.....chod....jitnaa chodegaa...sula de mujhe chod chod ke...chod meree chooth....chod man bhar.." Now aunty was also getting aroused to the hilt once again. She held my hand and putting it on her vagina said-"Chal tuh bhi haath lagaa...ragad isko...garma de...bhatthi jaise..."

I started rubbing aunt's cunt and sometimes inserting finger inside her cunt. Now, aunty was getting excited and her breathing was becoming audible. I thought it as the right time to ask-"Aunty, peechhe se Karen?" She shouted-"......abhi gaadn maroge.....nahin, abhi chooth mein pelo.....garma gayee chooth....phir aag lag gayee...abhi chooth chod le......baad mein...

kal gaadn mar lena jitni marzee....gaadn kahan bhag rahee hai...main abhi Dilli mein hi hoon...marwa ke jaoongee....chooth chodwaaa liyaa toh gaadn bhi marwaoongee....abhi chooth mein kar le..." I was not in hurry to sodomise aunty, as I knew I will fuck her arse next day with her consent and inner craving for the same.

I was leaving no stone unturned to keep aunty happy and let this relationship go on for a long time in future. In non-matrimonial relationship, one wrong move can bring the curtain down in the game of lovemaking being played hidden from the society. I got up halfway on the bed and began moving my mouth towards aunt's cunt.

In order to know more about her likes in sexual act, I questioned her-"Aunty aapko chudai mein kyaa kyaa achchha lagta hai.......aaapki chooth ko chaatoon?" She said-"Karo na teree marzee hai to....mujhe to bas achchha lagta hai mere upar chadhkar koi banka mard mote lund se jor jor se chode....khoob chode...ghanto chode....din raat chode....

chooth ko lund se ragad ragad ke phad de....lund sakht ho to uska thokar dil khush kar deta hai.....aur khoob bol bol ke chodo....galiyaa galiyaa ke chodo.......jitni gandi baaten...chodwaaane mein utnaa mazaa aata hai...tuh to mard hokar auraton jaise sharma raha hai...chal shuroo kar...neeche chooth mein moonh lagaa aur apana lund mere moonh

mein dal de...apni marzee puree kar le... phir chadhkar chod mujhe.....pel de garam hathoda meree chooth mein....chod sari raat meree chooth ko....bana de bua ko randee...palat na jaldi...laa daal apni lund mere moonh mein.......chooswa le lund aunty se......tu chaat meree chooth ko...le le swaad meree chooth ka.. kar jaldi "

I had got the secret of aunt's pleasure and decided to say as much vulgar country words as possible. I also understood that aunty was not very much interested in oral sex, her pleasure lied in forceful thrusts of rod inside her cunt vigorously combined simultaneously with sex talk in country language.

Really, sex is the ultimate passion and it requires total surrender, complete madness to enjoy it to the hilt. Then only, one can taste the blissful state of timelessness and egolessness. I made my way towards aunt's cunt and started licking and sucking it. I had no way to satisfy her desire for vulgar talks as mouths of both of us were performing their supreme duties.

Aunty simultaneously took my penis in her mouth and stated sucking it. She began to lick my shaft from its base till the beginning of the head. Then, she indulged into mouth- fucking, running her lips and tongue up and down the length of my shaft. I also reacted by pushing my penis as much deeper as possible with the movements of my waist.

Once my penis touched eve the tonsil of aunty, when she withdrew her mouth instantly from my penis and yelled at me-"Kyaa kar rahaa hai......Dhakke chooth mein lagaana.....moonh mein aur kyon dhakelta hai...choosne de araam se." On the other end, I had inserted my tongue inside aunt's cunt and was tongue fucking her gently and squeezing her fleshy butts

sometimes inserting my finger inside her anal hole as well. Aunty was now again ready burning with the heat of sexual passion and craving for thrusts of hard rod inside her cunt, the soft tongue was not enough to satiate a lady aroused to the hilt and dying for thrusts of hard rod inside her vagina. And above all, she was not the lady of long mouth-fucking type and semen-gulpers.

She is a typical Indian lady with deep-rooted craving of long and thick shaft to be slammed and pumped in and out of the cunt by a strong male continuously till she loses her consciousness. She said in impatient and passionate tone-"Aaja ab upar aa jaa mere saiyaan raja....ho gayee chusai...ab chadh jaa mere upar....chod mujhe dhoon ke....chooth mein lund pel.....

ban gayaa hathoda....chod jaldi.....chod naa...... ghusa de chhatee tak...chod sara dam lagaa ke.." I followed aunt's command like a disciplined soldier and removed my face from aunt's vagina. I moved my body on the bed to change directions of my legs and head in the opposite directions and took my position sitting in kneeling position with my erected penis in the direction of aunt's vagina.

Aunty lifted her legs and moved them in opposite directions farther to cause maximum opening of her cunt. The whitish fleshy thighs of aunty spread apart and vaginal area in the middle with small pubic hairs were driving me crazy to the hilt. I knew through experience that second time sex just after an hour will last longer than the first session and there will be a lot more pearls of sexual bliss to be explored and experienced.

I moved forward positioning my hot rod on cunt's opening. Aunt's cunt was now visible, wide and tilted upward. Aunt's helping hand came forward in the exactly right moment, she held my shaft with her right palm and fingers and dragged it speedily to her cunt's opening and grunted-"Pel de lund jor se...chod jor se...ghusa de lund chhhatee tak....

kar chudai ab jitni marzee...bua ki chooth phad de mere laal...ab toh tu hi mera saiyaan hai... chod apni ranee ko jor se" I shoved my penis inside her longing cunt fast and forcefully as my aunty was a lady in late thirties fucked uncountable times, not a virgin of 16.These are the facts which makes me crazy of mature ladies far more than girls in their 18s or 20s.

I started making vigorous thrusts pumping my penis in and out of aunt's vagina with my full strength. This time I was psychologically more comfortable and relaxed, and I wanted to make this session as long as I could. I knew that the only way to ensure the continuation of my sexual relationship with Indu aunty was to provide her better satisfaction and excitement than my uncle i.e. her husband.

I wanted to perform like a real macho who can tear apart female' vagina and can make them begging for cessation of sexual session of vigorous rapid thrusts. I tried my best to satisfy her sexual thirst in every possible way. I wanted to give her more than what she wanted and all what she wanted.

I held my aunt's shoulders by positioning my hands below her shoulders and holding her shoulders by my palms. She threw her legs across my loins and gripped me with extremity of firmness as if trying to force my hard shaft still deeper into her hot vaginal hole, simultaneously hugging me closer against her spongy breasts.

My mouth was over the aunt's mouth with a gap of barely a few centimeters. I enjoyed the expressions on her face while she was moaning with sexual pleasure- "Aaaaahhha..........aaaaahhhhhaa........ aaaaahhhhhaa............ aaaaahhhhhaa.......... Aaaaahhhhhaa..........chod bua ko........ aaaaahhhhhaa...... aaaaahhhhhaa

aaaaahhhhhaa.......phad de chooth......."Aunty was arousing me into heights of sexual sensations with her words and moaning. I kept aunt's liking in my mind about sexual talks and asked-"Aunty maza lo chudai ka.....aaj aisa chodunga ki chooth kadaah uthegee.....mitao jalan apne chooth kii........"

She was promptly replying-"Haan chod na pel ke.....bujhaa de meree aag.....main teree dulhan mazaa lund ka....chod meree chooth raja........tang failaye letee hoon......pel andar jor se.......maar thokar chooth mein....aaj sab dharma tod diyaa......teree suhagan ban gayee......kar de mast kar chodkar..........aahhhh.....aaahhhh......uuuuuuuiiiiiii maa.....

ghode jaisa lund kahan chhupaya tha.......chod saari raat....... Aaaaahhhhhaa.............. aaaaahhhhhaa........... aaaaahhhhhaa................. aaaaahhhhhaa........uuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiii maaaaaa.....chod mere saiyaan......ah..ah...ah...ah...." Aunty was also throwing her hips in excitement, probably an inbuilt mechanism of nature ingrained in females to facilitate complete insertion of penis in vagina.

She was making upward thrusts fiercely with her vagina and her big buttocks were simultaneously bouncing and jumping on the bed making "thak...thak" noise against the bed. I was also pushing my rod fiercely inside her cunt to the hilt. The room was full of sexual sounds, the moaning of aunty and sound of jerks were echoing in the room.

I wanted to indulge her more in sexual talks to fire her libido and screamed-"Lo meree ranee chudwao man bhar...aaj chooth phad doonga...le mere lund ka mazaa meree dulhan.....manaa suhagraat.......chudwa saiyaan se rasdar chooth.....itne saalon se mujhe tadpatee thee......chhupa ke saree petticoat mein......aaj hui nangee toh le mazaa lund kaa.....

loota apni chooth......hai meree raanee..... kitni mast chooth karta hai raat bhar chodoon...."She was unhesitating now in talks-"Chod na raat bhar.....dikha na apni jawani.....mita de iski jalan......chod apnee dulhan ko..............chod man bhar......jitnaa chod sak....main chooth failaye letee hoon.....pel raat bhar apna lund."

Then I asked-"Kitni bar chodwaaati ho raat mein?"She replied-"Ab kahan.......ab toh kabhi kabhar.....shaadi ke samay to to ek raat mein char char bar choda tha........tera toh naya lund hai khada ho jata hai..... lund toh unka bhi lamba hai......ab itnaa sakht nahin hota.......chod.....chod apni ranee ko.....ab...chalee jaoongi toh phir bar bar wahan kaun chodegaa.......".

I replied-"Aap mauka nikaalana...main wahan bhi chodungaa...." I put my lips on aunt's lips and began kissing in French style while continuing fucking her. Aunty was settling for nothing less than perfect sex.She was shouting-"Lund ko pura nikaalo aur jor se asal mazaa aayega...chooth ka parwh mat karo...aurat kuan hotee hai......

doosri bar mein jaldi nahin jharega....chudai ka asali mazaa ab aayega mere raja...chooth ka asli mazaa ab milega....pura nikaalkar pelo.....aahhhhha.....aahhh...aaahhhaa....."I just complied and started removing my penis almost fully out and slamming it again fast and ferociously as hammering the thick nail in hard concrete surface of wall.

Aunty was ecstatic-"Wah...wah.....aise hi chodo......pelo.....aur pelooo......aaaaahhhha.............. aaaaaahhhhhaaa....... aaaahhhhha......ban gayee teree bhar gaya kasam se......aaaahhhha.....aaaahhhhha." As I kept on slamming my hard shaft in and out of aunt's cunt,she was maddening with sexual ecstasy--

"Aaaaahhhhhhaaa........aaaahhhhhaa.........aaaahhhhhaaa.........aaaahhhhhaa....uuuuuuiiiiiii maaaaa...mazaa aa gaya...tuh pakka chodakkar......chod mere raja.....phad de meree choooth.....oooohhhhhh.........ooooohhhh......pel lund jor se......phad de chooth.....aaaahhhha........oh mere asli saiayan......."

I was also striking the deal, striking the iron while it is hot, and whispered in her ear-"Aunty main aapko hamesha chodunna chahta hoon."She was moaning and saying-"Ab toh ho gayee tumharee........manaa kaise karoongee......jab kahega.....taang failaa doongee......tum chadh jaana....pel denaa lund......chod lenaa man bhar.....kar diyaa chooth tere hawale........

khulee chooth hai tere liye....jab chaahe chod le....tere lund ki diwanee ho gayee.....ho gayee teree...loot mazaa....chodtaa rah din raat aaaaahhhhaaa....main to ho gayee tumharee.....aaahhhha.... aaahhhhha...... aaaahhha...aaaaahhhhha.....pel jor se..........ooohhhh...oohhhh..."

As I wanted to make the best out of it for the both of us my beloved my dream Indu aunty and myself, I thought of trying other postures known to me and I intended to go for western or doggy style. I beseeched the consent of my beloved aunty with my hard rod pumping rapidly inside her deep vagina-"Aunty....meree ranee...ab doggy style mein chodte hai...bahut mazaa aayega..."

Indu aunty engulfed my head with her palms from behind and said in voice mixed with moaning, screaming, excitement and love-"Uuuuuunnnn...,mujhe kuttee banaa ke chodegaa......tumko man lagta hai......yeh mardon ka bhi man bawala hota hai....chal nikaal lund, main palataee hoon....chod le kuttee banaa ke...."

I slammed my rod inside her cunt ferociously to the hilt 3-4 times and then withdrew it from her hot vagina." My aunty turned on her belly first then raised her body on her arms and legs. I came behind aunt's buttocks with my shaft in my right hand hard and prepared to slam her cunt from behind. I positioned my rod on her cunt's hole by finding the vaginal opening

with my left hand and asked in aunt's favourite language-"Pel doon lund...taiyaar ho.." She reciprocated screamingly-"Pel naa...puchh kyaa rahaa hai.......kuttee jaise chooth failaye baithee hoon....ghuser na apnaa lund....chod apni dulhan ko kutta jaise.....lund to tera ghode jaisa hai....chod raha hai kuttee bana ke....uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa...kyaa kyaa

karwayega....chod dam lagaa ke jaldi jaldi....ghusa chooth mein apni lund..." I shoved my hard hot rod inside her burning hole and began humping faster and faster. I talked to my aunty in her language-"Kuttee ban ke ghoda ke lund ka mazaa lo....aapki chooth ko bhi yaad rahegaa....badee pyasee hai...lund khane se man hi nahin bhartaa...lo lund chooth mein...gaya chhatee tak...

phad doon chooth...hai meree ranee...meree janeman...kitni mast ho...mazaa aa gaya...ooohhhh...lo pelta hoon sara lund andar...aapke chooth ki sara jalan mitata hoon....chooth ki khair manaao.." Aunty was on the height of her sexual passion shrilling-"Oooohhhhhhhh.......ooooohhhhhh.......ooooohhhhhh.....Chod mere saiyaan..

mere raja...phad meree chooth.....aaj kar de behosh chod chod kar...uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa.....aaaaahhhhhaa......aaaaahhhhhaaaa..........aaaaaahhhhhaaa..........aaaaahhhaa....cuuchiyon mein haath lagaao naa...........oooooohhhh mere saiyan mast lund hai.....sakht lund ko taras gayee thee.....mazaa aa gayaa...chod danadan......ragad de chooth meree.....

bana de meree chooth ka bhosra........oooooohhhhh...... aaaaaaahhhhaaa chod mere saiyaan.......chod raat bhar.." And I lost the count of moments and minutes I was just fucking her harder...harder harder trying to dig deeper and deeper in her heavenly hole. I moved my hands from aunt's shoulders to her breasts and my chest and belly were aunt's upper and lower back.

But, I was able to fuck her harder with hands on her shoulders touching it from beneath and palms clasping shoulders tightly. Hence, after some minutes, I again held her shoulders in the previous style realizing that innermost craving of my aunty my new wife was to get fast and forceful thrusts inside her vagina to the hilt which can tear her vagina in her fantasies.

Aunty was screaming-"Aise hi chod jor se..... chodtaa rah...chod meree chooth....aahhhhhha.......aaahhhha.......mera saiyaan......phad mereee choooth.... ooooohhhhh.......oooohhhh......uuuuuuuiiiii maaaa.....nehaal ho gayeee.....oh bhatijaa......mera saiyaan ban jaa......oooohhhhhhh......... After some time, I can't say how many minutes exactly, aunty was tired on her legs and said-

"Thakk gayee.....pair hath dookh gayaa... ab letne de....tu upar se chod.....tu toh jawan hai...main thak jaatee hoon....letne de....mard upar chadhkar chode toh aurat ka man bhartaa hai......chod apni lugai ko chadhkar......uuuuuiiii maaaa....."I was also not in the position of fucking from the top, I needed some rest for my legs and waist as well.

I said-"Aunty...karwat lekar let jao...main bhi doosre karwat se karta hoon." I withdrew my penis from her cunt, and moved my body towards the left of the bed and aunty also lay down on right side opposite me. I held the right leg of aunty by hand and moved it upward to expand vaginal hole. I positioned both my legs between her legs and directed my shaft again towards her cunt.

Aunty put her left hand on my buttocks and pulled me towards herself so that my penis slams into her vagina conveniently. Now, I was making comparatively slower thrusts and took aunt's left breasts in my mouth and started sucking her heavenly breasts in turn one by one.

Aunty was also enjoying relaxed sex and was stroking the back of my head with one hand and my buttocks with another. Indu aunty was moaning loudly now-"Oooooohhhhh.........oooohhhhhhh.............aaaaahhh.........chodta rah mere saiyaan ...mauj karwa di tune.....aaaj chooth mein bade din bad mazaa aayaa....karta rah...aaaahhhhh......aaaaahhhhhha."

Now, I was again feeling pressure inside my penis and seminal juice was ready to come out of it. I warned my aunty in advance like meteorological department making thunder forecasts for fishers on the seashore-"Aunty, ab meraa honewala hai...mujhe jor se pakad lo." She said with satisfaction-

"Achchha meraa bhi ho gaya....ab tu upar aaja....sara ras chooth mein girne de....bhar de meree chooth ko....bahr de chooth ka kona kona.....aajaa mere upar....upar se chodkar giraa....kar sawan ki barsaat meree chooth mein......puraa ghusakar giraa.....aaaahhhh.....uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa....mar gayee..ooohhhh".

And, she turned slowly to lie on her back with my body on her top ensuring my penis is still inside her cunt.I again held my aunt's shoulders positioning my arms below her armpits, and made final vigorous thrusts inside her vagina. With final thrust inserting my penis to the deepest part of her hole, I let the juice flow inside her deep hole.

She was now stroking my head with her hands keeping my face on her neck and saying lovingly-"Gira de sara ras meree chooth mein......tune aaj chod chodkar nihal kar diyaa....uuuuuuiiiiii maaaaaaaa gaya garam garam rasdhar kar di.....tera lund toh pichkari chhod raha hai....bhar gayee chooth."

I made symbolical effort to come down from her body, but she whispered-"Rahne de andar abhi....nikalne de saraa maal....abhi nikaalega to upar gir jayega....ab bathroom kaun jayega...thak gayee gaadn hila hila ke...jharne de sab chooth mein...lund ko araam karne de meree chooth mein..."

After a few minutes and my penis still inside her vagina and myself on top of her, I asked jokingly-"Isi mein dalkar so jaaon?" She patted on my cheeks saying-"Shaitaan kahin ka...aise koi sota hai.....lund phool jayega...ab nikaal le dheere se aur so ja meree bahon mein....tere hi paas to hoon...kahan bhag rhee hoon...."

I embraced her in my arms both lying opposite to each other on our sides and said-"Achchha aunty good jao...ab soobah jagkar chodenge.."She patted on my back saying- "Achchha...uthaa denaa jaldi mujhe subah... ke abhi so jao..." Next morning, we got up around eight am and had no time for love-making.

We left home early and went to govt. office to drop aunty, and then I rushed for my college. In the cab we kept on gazing at each other with affection and satisfaction. I just once asked aunty whispering in her ear-"Condom lanaa hai?" She almost slapped on my shoulder with grin on her face saying-"Chupp...Koi jaroorat nahin..."

I could not ask more as the cab driver was present on the front seat. I reached my college 15 minutes late. I attended some lectures and case study sessions in the college and left the college at 4pm without wasting any time in cafeteria with friends. I told my friends that I need to go early as my relatives are waiting for me. Aunty was also free by 4.30 pm that day from the govt. office.

I just had to wait for barely 20 minutes when aunty arrived at flat. Aunty was looking really gorgeous in her green saree worn below the deep navel and matching blouse with bulging round heavy breasts inside. When she entered the drawing room, our eyes met and there was mischievous smile on our faces.

I closed the gate hastily and came back towards aunty and held her in my embrace from behind. She was also very happy and said-"Are baba haath munh to dho loon.....main yahin hoon...tumhare paas sari raat."I let aunty keep her purse and bag of files and let her go to wash room. I went to the kitchen to prepare tea.

After ten minutes we both had tea together and I enquired about progress in govt. office. She said that it seems it will not take less than four-five days to get the work done. I said-"Good, 4-5 din to aap rahogee." She started laughing and said-"Tumhen toh mazaa aa gayaa.....4-5 din sunkar,man mein laddoo phut rahen hain aur pant ke andar bhi woh tan gaya hoga.."

Just after finishing the tea, I came close to aunty hugged her and started kissing. At first, I made her sitting on my lap, I had my arms wrapped around her back and chest, and palms over her breasts. I began fondling and squeezing her breasts keeping my palms over her blouse. My penis was slowly and gradually getting hardened exactly below the anal opening of my beloved aunty.

I am sure, she could feel the hardness of my penis below her buttocks in the middle where her anal hole was. I placed my nose into her hair and neck and could smell her body aroma. I slowly whispered in her right ear-"Aap bahut achchhi ho.....raat ka vada toh yaad hai?" She was also prompt in reply-"Haan mere raja yaad hai aur tera lund meree gaadn mein dhakke bhi de raha hai...who bhi pataa hai."

Reading the readiness of my aunty, I started unbuttoning her blouse, and removed her white bra unbuttoning its elastic on aunt's back as well. Now, aunty was half naked from top and she was only in saree and petticoat and panty of course. I was now madly squeezing and kneading aunt's large fleshy breasts.

The experiences of squeezing Indu aunt's spongy breasts are indescribable in words. She was also enjoying and turned her face a couple of times to kiss me. I began to remove the saree from the lower half of her voluptuous body. Aunty stood up and said-"Chalo bed par...yahaan kyaa khade khade gaadn marega...budhuu..."

I put my hand on aunt's waist and led her to the bed. She put her palms on my cheek and tweaking it lovingly and said-"Ab meree saree petticoat kholo.....aur apni ranee ko nangee kar do mere raja......"I began to unwrap her body from the bindings of saree, and then opened the knot of cotton string of her petticoat. Then, I started pulling her panty down her buttocks and legs.

Aunty was gazing at me passionately and then lowered her eyes towards my trousers and finally remarked-"Badi jaldi ho rahi ho gaadn marane ki....pant phaad ke tera lund baahar aanewala hai.....kab se khada hai tera...din bhar yehi soch raha tha.."I said-"Haan meree ranee....lund ne din bhar intezar kiyaa...ab ise jaane do apni gaadn mein..."

I removed her panty as she moved her legs upward in turn to let the panty fall on ground. I just once kissed aunt's vagina and made her turn in opposite direction in standing position to see her arsehole.I put my right palm on her buttocks and made my fingers feel her arsehole, it was hot. Looking at her fleshy buttocks impatiently, I asked-"Aapki ijajat ho to ab iska udghatan karein."

She understood my intentions well. She teased me with the naughtiness of pampered girlfriend-"Iska udghatan tob kab ka ho chukaa....tera lund pehli bar ghusega undar jayega."I said-"Haan meree pyaree ranee mere liye toh pehli baar hai....chalo...ab sabr nahin hota." She replied again instantly-

"Ab kyon der kar raha hai...meree gaadn toh khol dee..ab apne kapde to utaar...apna lund toh nikaal bahar...meree gaadn taiyaar hai...ghusa le apna lund...mar le gaadn" She looked at me with motherly gaze and said-"Tu kitna bada ho gayaa....kal bachcha tha aaj meree gaadn marega...lund bhi badaa ho gaya....chal khol na apni..."

I removed my t-shirt, banyan, trousers and underwear within seconds. Aunty now sitting on the bed with her legs hanging down caught my penis in her right hand and started coiling her fingers around my shaft and flipped back its foreskin. She began gently doing the massage of my penis moving her palm and fingers on it to and fro on its entire length and sometimes fisting around it doing the handjob.

Probably she wanted to ensure hardness of penis before invasion on her arse. An experienced woman always knows that an inadequately hard penis might get into vaginal hole, but it can't penetrate the tight arsehole. My hard penis was getting harder and harder. After a few minutes, she looked at me upward as I was standing-

"Tera lund to bilkul hathora ho gaya...meree gaadn toh ye phad ke chhorega................Tel toh le aao.........kaii saal bad karwa rahee hoon gaadn mein......tumhara motaa bhi kam nahin hai." I said --"Achchha meree ranee, abhi laataa hoon."I brought Vaseline tube instantly. She looked at and said in mocking style-"Vaseline lagaoge....vaseline laga ke pehli bar marbaoongee."

I said-"Aunty, time badal rahaa hai." Aunty was really mood and holding my penis in her hand said-"Lund bhi badal raha hai aur laundaa bhi badal raha hai" I laughed and then kissed my aunty on her cheeks, and moved my palms towards her breasts. She said --"Chalo aa jaao... peechhe se haath badha ke dabate rahanaa." Aunty lay on her belly.

I moved myself on top of her from behind and put some Vaseline on the gate of her anal passage and started rubbing it with my fingers. As it was around 5.30 in he evening and day light still in the room, the scenery of aunt's buttocks with a few hairs near exquisite anal hole was mesmerizing. I had a terrific turn on in my penis, it was stiff and hard like thick steel rod.

Aunty was getting ready for arse fucking and instructed-"Lund par bhi laga lo........gaadn mein dheere dheere ghusana....chooth jaise mat marnaa." I assured aunty saying-"Aap jaise kahoge waise hi karoonga.... ek ek dhakka puchh puchh ke maroonga." She was smiling at my naïve answer. I lubricated my penis and made it quite slippery to ensure smooth anal penetration in my aunt's arsehole.

Similarly, I rubbed Vaseline on her anal opening and adjoining area. I inserted my middle finger around an inch inside her arsehole to check the possibility of smooth penetration. After lubricating both my penis and aunt's arse, I held my hard penis in my hand and looking at aunt's buttocks & arsehole asked -"Ghusaoon aunty, Vaseline toh lagaa diyaa?"

Aunty positioned her palms on respective buttocks with her fingers near her anal hole, and stretched her fleshy buttocks in opposite directions trying to spread it as wider as possible. Now her anal opening was bigger. Aunt's arsehole was clearly visible in its round shape with darkness inside and ready to gulp my hard penis.

She then instructed me-"Ab lund gaadn mein dheere dheere ghusaao......jab bolungee tab jor se pelnaa." I positioned my hard shaft on her inviting hole and started pushing it inside slowly and gradually slowly watching aunt's reaction and expecting bigger resistance with the doubts in my mind about achieving full penetration.

My aunty screamed-"Unnnnhhhhh......unnnnhhhh......dheere ghusaa........uuuuuuuuiiiiiii maaaaaaa.....phad di gaadn.....haan......haan....aise hi ghusne de.......ab lund ka mund to ghus gayaa....ab aaraam se ghus jayega.....dheere ghusao....aaraaam se.....unnnnhhh....unnnhhh......ab to ghus gaya pura.....ab dheere dheere karo..."

And my entire penis was inside her arsehole. Aunt had removed her hands from her buttocks and kept it on bed on her both side. Her arsehole was very tight, and I could feel the warmth inside her arsehole. Now, I positioned my hands on aunt's shoulders with arms below her armpits and palms grapping her shoulders.

I started removing my penis out of her arsehole partly and then shoving it again inside slowly, repeating these motions with slowly increasing speed. Aunty was moaning and screaming continuously now-"Oooohhhh.....ooooohhhh....aahhha.........aaahhhaa.....aise hi ahiste...araam se...ghusate raho....aaahhhhha..."

I again beseeched aunt's permission to accelerate my thrusts as I wanted to enjoy fucking arse of aunty to the hilt-"Meree ranee, ab toh dard nahin hai...peloon jor se?" Aunty was enjoying now-"Ab mar le gaand...ab ghusaa to diyaa apna motaaa lund meree gaadn mein...ab mar gaadn man bhar..... aagey... peecheeyy....kartaa jaa....chhed khultaa jaayegaa...."

I withdrew my penis out of aunt's arsehole only letting upper thicker part of penis inside and then wedged it inside again. Aunty screamed-"Haan....haaaannn.....aise hi kar.....ab maarr maaarrrr aaauuurrr jor se jor see... aaaaahhhhhhhh......aaaaahhhhh.....pel jor se.....hhhaaaannnn......hhhhaaaannnn...aise hiii.........aaaahhhhh..........

man lataka thaa meree gaand mein....ab maar.... maar aaauuurrr jor se jor se... pel jor se...kar lund ko andar bahar...pel bua ki gaadn mein." I started fucking her arse with gradually increasing speed. Aunty was making sexual sounds- "Aahhhaa...........aaaaahhhhh...............oooohhhhhh...........hath neeche la.... chuchiyan masal.......ooohhhhh..........aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.......uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa.......

phir se gaadn marwane lagee...." I asked-"Aunty ab to mazaa aa rahaa hai." She replied-"Haan bahut aa raha hai....saali office mein bhi rat ki chudai aur teraa lund dimaag mein ghoom rahaa thaa....abhi mar le gaadn....phir raat mein chodana man bhar........ aaaaaahhhhaaaa........ aaaaaahhhaaa....ab jor se pelo......raat ke jaise pura nikaalke ghusero.........

ab dard khatm ho gayaa.....mar meree gaadn jor se.....thok de puraa andar...... aaaaahhhhha....aaaaahhhhha.......aaaaahhhhha.." I complimented Indu aunty saying-"Meree raanee aunty aapka gaadn mast hai...mazaa aa gayaa....chootad dekh ke moonh mein paani aa jaataa hai....hai meree ranee....meree jaan...le mazaa lund ka....pel pel ke phad doonga....ooohhh meree jaan."

Aunty was also on seventh sky with pleasure enjoying my hard rod inside her arsehole and kneading of her breasts. She was shouting with pleasure now-"Oooohhhhh...... ooohhhhhh...oooohhhh.......phad de gaadn ko......tera lund bhi mast hai....ab pel jor se....jaldi jaldi....mar meree gaadn man bhar.....oooohhhh mere saiyaan...ooooohhhh....ooooooohhhh.."

Now after several minutes of intense arsefucking, I was feeling the urge of ejaculation, I said to aunty-"Aunty mera girnewala hai" And I made my grip over aunt's body firmer. She was screaming and saying-"Ho gayaa.....bhar gayaa man....kal se gaadn ke peechhe padaa thaa....ab nikaalega apna maal meree gaadn mein.....

Achchha kar de khalas meree gaadn mein......bhar de gaadn ko...phachphachaa de apna maal meree gaadn mein....oooohhhhh........oooooohhhhhh." And, I started offloading large volume of semen in aunt's arsehole ejecting in continual streams. Aunty was breathing heavily and gradually getting relaxed.

She was whisperingly saying-"ummmmmmmmmmm...........uuummmm...Bhar gayee meree gaadn....garam garam dal diyaa maal....maar lee meree gaadn man bhar.....shaitaan.....aisaa saiyaan nahin dekhaa....doosre hi din biwi ki gaadn bhi maar lee....log to mahinon chooth mein lage rahte hain....uuhhhhhh.....uuuuuhhhhh........... lund abhi mat nikaal....

rahne de abhi gaadn mein......dheela ho jaye lund toh dheere se nikaalna.... uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa....phad dee meree gaadn....dard ho gayaa....yeh motaa lund meree gaadn mein aaj hi pelna tha...chal koi baat nahin....teree biwi hoon ab....jaisee mere saiyaan ki kar laga marwane mein...teree bhi ichcha puree huii..."

She further instructed-"Jakar dho le lund saboon se...main yahin letee hoon. Khana yahin mangwa le...main bahar nahin jaoongi....tu toh phir raat ko meree dhunai karega" When I withdrew my flaccid penis slowly from her arsehole, drops of semen also came outside expanding on aunt's buttocks.

Aunt screamed-"Ohhhhh......dheere nikaal...chootad par aa gayaa tera paani...lund hai ki pichkari...pochh de tauliye se..." when the thick tip of the penis was coming out of her arsehole. I washed my penis with Pears soap and wiped Indu aunt's buttocks and arse with towel.

She was half asleep, I kissed her cheeks gently saying-"Meree pyaree aunty...mazaa aa gaya...tum bahut achchhi ho." And she stayed with me for three weeks. We enjoyed sex every night and even on days of weekends in every feasible position. Aunty was looking relatively younger when she left for Allahabad.

I left her at New Delhi Railway station with moist eyes and extreme level of gratitude. Her eyes were also moist and she said in sobbing voice looking at me-"Apnaa khyaal rakhna, tumhare aane ka intezaar karoongee..." I am waiting all agog for my next Allahabad visit and pray to God for her Delhi visits sooner and for longer duration.

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We both get freshed and I said her that I am leaving. Then she took my purse and take 100rs from that. I asked her why are u took money. She said she had a long term fantasy to fuck for money. Then I take other 100rs and put in the middle of her boobs. And I said her that if she really need someone for money,

I will arrange it, she said no it will become a problem..days passed one day she complained me that one guy calling her every night and said he loves her. I said I will call him on the number from which he called. I called him and said not to call her anymore and we quarrel each other. He again called her and said to her that she was really a beauty goddess and he want to fuck her.

she again said me and I said her that if she is ready we can call him and do a threesome and demand good price. she first refuse and I made her agree. She call him back and said the demand. He agreed for a threesome and agree to pay rs 5000 for a fuck. Very next day he came our house and then I understood that is our relative Santhosh a business man

at that day we both fucked her wildly and fill cum I all her three holes (anal, mouth & pussy) and hand. Finally we both ejaculated at her face and bare breast. And he gave 5000rs and left a after that he bring his some friends and we do foursome five somes and later six men’s fuck her at a cost of 40000.

Now she is a Randi or a prostitute or in Malayalam veshya of me and my co fuckers. So I call her chitta in front of all my family members, call her as my wife when we both are alone there, call her a randi when me and other her boyfriends are there.

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Rahul having hot sex encounter in Mumbai

Dear friends, I am Rahul from Shahjahanpur but for the last 2 years I have been putting up in Mumbai.I am about 20 and staying with my elder sister in a posh area in a 4 bedroom apartment. My sis Maya is a middle level executive with a MNC. She frequently goes abroad for her work.

My parents do not stay with us as back home they look after our fields and moreover I was sent to Mumbai to take care of Maya. Maya got me a seat in reputed college and things were moving well untill one day I caught her with her so called boy friend (aged about 55 -56 yrs). I used to think that Maya earns so much that she is able to afford this luxurious apartment

but that day while we were at war of words the truth spilled out.I felt very bad on knowing few facts but kept mum because I too was now used to these luxuries. But I think this caused a subtle shift on the way I treated Maya. I had a total view on her assets and realised that my sis is a hot cake.

At 5 ' 7" height and 36 - 28 - 38 combined with flawless fair skin I presume any body of 70 years will fall flat.I saw her smooth long legs, her well rounded ass, her firm u shaped breasts and I too was fascinated. This boyfriend of maya was a billionare and had our house under watch.

I realised that he was so possessive about Maya that he would ring Maya and ask why this or that man or woman has come. It was at this juncture I decided to record him in act and then Maya would be set free. I bugged Maya's room and waited patiently. One fateful day I had my oppurtunity abd both of them were locked inside the room.

I was not able to position camera properly as a result could not see anything but voices were loud and clear.I could hear that man moan with pleasure Mayaaa suuuccck oooooohhhh gooood.A little bit of sucking sound was coming in background and I too had my lund fully erected. Maya lick it nooow slooowlllly deeear yeeeessss like thiiis ohhhhh haaaaannn hmmmmm.

Strangely there was no sound of Maya.It was that man only who was moaning and enjoying. Then " now come here baby I am ready " for the first time maya spoke ' you sure '.Let us play a little more I am still dry.That man laughed and said you don't have a choice Maya It is me who will decide not you.

Then all of a sudden everything was silent and after a few moments there was a faint sound of maya as if she was in pain. Then again sound of that man hmmm hmmm yeh lee saali nakhre dikhhhhaaaate hai yeh leee aur zoooor seeee leeee hmmmmm oissssh kya karaaaari maaaaaaaaaaalll haiiii yeh leeeeyeh leeeeeee arrreeeee saaaali nicheee seeeee apniii

gaaaaannnnd hilaaaaa yeh leeee saaaali kutiyaaaaaa raaaaand yeh leeeeeee kitna paisa dooo saaali yeh leeeee.all the while there was no sound from Maya.After a while perhaps that man finished and as if ordered " parson phir aaunga... tera flight kab wapas aa raha hai.Maya said " parson nahi ek week ke liye bahar rahungi".

That man hissed "kyon itna mehnat karti hai paisa mai de doonga aur sun videsh me idhar udhar mu mat marna meri nazar tujh par rahegi ".Then there was total silence and I heard door opening and closing.After that I heard maya talking to someone and expressing her frustrations and lastly adding that she is not enjoying sex also.

From next day I fine tuned the camera setting and cross checked it n times to make sure that next time I do'nt miss anything.After a week maya was back and so was that man.I went to my room and shut off the light and switched on my laptop. I keyed in required passwords and activated the camera in maya's room.I could see that man kissing maya on lips.

He thaen started undressing Maya. I too in my room became nude and maya's beauty of 'u' - shaped choochi, flat stomach long legs made me hard.After stripping her that man undressed himself and with roughness pulled maya down to her knees and thrust his limp rod in her mouth.

I witnessed all the mechanical things that I had heard last time all over again and realised why maya was totally disssatisfied.I was able to capture few good shots where that man's face was visible sucking maya's lovely choochi.I kept on watching maya's nude body and masterbated for the first time thinking of fucking her. I think the incest stories of human digest helped me to get rid of my inhibitions.

The very next day Maya left and I masterbated thinking of her only. By the end of the week I had made up my mind that I will try once to enjoy Maya and when she returned back I was full of compliments for her and felt sorry for her B.F. She was surprised at this change of attitude but visibly was very happy and gave me a tight hug.

That man was again back at about 10 p.m and both of them locked themselves in their room. I too went to my room and repeated the tasks I had done earlier. I again recorded him. It was totally one sided show but that bastard was happy fucking Maya. After he was finished he rested for about an hour or so and then left.

I saw Maya then going to bathroom and when she returned she was as fresh as dew. Maya went to bed wearing only a bra and panty and within no time she was fast asleep. I masterbated seeing her beautiful body. After some time I too took my bath and massaged myself with a aromatic oil.I then went to maya's room and slowly opened the door.

I took precautions to not make any sound. I approached her bed and watched her. Maya was deep asleep and I kept on staring her body.The boobs were popping out of her bra because it was being pressed against the bluster. My heart was beating at a very fast rate and I felt a tinge of fear. But my lust overcame all the fear and I became totally nude.

I then took cream Maya used and applied a huge quantity on my lund. I massaged my lund and now it was very slippery. After lubricating my lund I sat on the floor and very slowly opened the hooks of Maya's bra. Maya was still asleep and didnot respond. With excitement and nervousness I proceeded further and removed the loop of the bra from left side.

Now I could see the left portion of her boobs which were free. I enjoyed the view for few seconds and then faced the dilema as to how to remove the panty without waking her up. No idea struck my mind and with trembling hands I touched the exposed portion of her ass. Still there was no reaction, encouraged by this I put a finger on the strap of her panty and very slowly pulled it down.

The panty crossed the hips but would move no further as Maya was sleeping side ways with left portion on top. All I could manage is to slowly and gradually touch her ass cheeks and gently squeeze them. My lund was feeling like it would burst. A thought came to pull out the panty with full force and kiss Maya and then fuck her real hard. But somehow I resisted.

After a few minutes An idea struck me and I searched for a Scissors. I was able to locate them in bathroom. I came back and cut across her panty.I sighed at the view of her clean shaven chute. I touched her chute gently felt the lips of her chute with one hand and stroked my lund with the other. I was glad that there was no response from Maya and she was still sleeping.

I kept on rubbing her chute and masterbated. My breathing was heavy and it took lot of efforts to not make any sound. At this point Maya turned and was directly facing me. Her lips were partly open and she circled her tongue around her lips. I went around Maya and very slowly freed her from her bra and removed her panty. Now Maya was totally nude in front of me.

God knows how much tense I was. Virtually I had reached point of no return by stripping her as if now I left the room she would know in the morning what I did as there was nobody in the house. Finally it was my lust that won the battle and I also joined her on the bed.( Till now I was on the floor ). I straight away went to her ass cheeks and kissed her there.

Maya then pulled her bluster close to her and put her one leg over it in such a way that her chute was again visible to me. Without wasting any time I kissed her chute and started playing gently with my tongue. First I licked her chute lips. Even in sleep she responded by pullung her legs further up and thus providing more acess to her chute.

Encouraged I inserted my tongue into her chute and moved it in circular manner. Maya responded immediately in sleep and she was getting wet and moaned and grabbed her bluster more tightly. Later she told me she used to have wet dreams like this. Now my tongue was busy and my hands were on her naval region.

I was able to feel contractions of her chute and slight shuddering of her stomach. Till now I had maintained a distance of my lund from her body. I could not resist to rub my lund against her back. OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh I erupted and tightly grabbed her. With a swift move I turned and grabbed her from behind. My lund poked her ass and my hands were engaged with her lovely breasts.

They were soft and yet firm and the feeling of holding them is beyond words. Maya woke up and for a few seconds could not react but as the fact dawned on her that it was me who was all over her she resisted. I had started kissing her neck and fondled her breasts . She ordered me to leave at once but I was mad and had no intention of doing so.

At that point I was so much enchanted with the lust of her body and its aroma that I had made up that if required I would definately enjoy her body. I kept on kissing her neck and kept on begging Maya pleaseee just onceee you are sooo beautifulll.She tried hard to free herself but could not. Then I kissed her ears and and my tongue was inside her ears.

It seemed that I would enjoy each and every hole.As now she was awake I was using my both hands and held her from behind. When Maya did'nt stop struggling I turned her and and with a swift action my upper half was on her body. We were face to face. There was anguish on her face but all I could see was juicy lips. I tried to kiss her but she turned her face away.

To keep her pinned down I held her both hands with my hands and started kissing her neck. Gradually those kisses turned to licking her neck , shoulder and face. Then I slid down a little and circled my tongue around her lovely nipples. I tasted the sweet nipples one by one and gradually started sucking them. Maya was continuously saying Rahul pls stop.

This is not correct but when I started sucking those beautiful nipples her resistance started to wear out. When I stopped to suck to take a breath she raised her breast and said Plllsssss Rahul doooooo it pppplssss. This made me work on her nipples with renewed energy and I fondled her nipples with my tongue. I felt that there was no need to pin her down and freed her hands.

Maya was moaning softly and it seemed that she too was swept away by lust. After I had freed her hands she tightly held mt head and pulled me up. There I found her mouth eagerly waiting for a kiss. We kissed each other and the wetness of her lips and the eagerness of her tongue made me crazy with lust and now I wanted her more.

Maya, too, was hungry for it and she kissed me like anything. Our lust for each other was driving us crazy and Maya searched for my lund. She gripped it with her soft hands and made a greedy moan iiiii wwwaaaannnnt itttttttt. She soon was down there and took my lund in her mouth.

She immediately removed her mouth from my lund and asked me why have u applied oil -- oooh god I want to suck it but now I can't. By this time I again pulled her down and was again sucking her chute. This time she spread her legs wide to allow full access. This was driving her crazy and her moans were becoming louder.

Doooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt yeeeessssss aaa lllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttleeeeeeeeee dddddepeeer yyyeeeeeeeeessss Raahuuuuullllllllllllaaahaaaaaah ooooooooh oooh yesss ohh my gggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooood. Encouraged by Maya's response I then inserted one finger in her gaaand and the result was great.

Maya lifted her lower half and pressed her chute in my face and exclaimed RRRaaaahhhhhhhuuuuul yyyyyouuuuuuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ggggggggggrrrrreeeeeaaaaat. I continued for some time and juices began to flow out of maya's chute. Maya then said eeenttter, enter now pleeassse Rrrahul I want to cum along with u dooo it nowww.

That was a command I loved and was soon over her body with my lund fully inside her. Maya was continuously kissing me. I was in such a pleasure that I cannot find suitable words. The wetness of maya's mouth and chute was such that there was cchap cchap sound from her chute and wuph wuph sound of our kissing.

Maya was gasping for breath and all my thrust were met midway with her thrust.Suddenly Maya turned and she came on top. She increased the speed.I got more excited by her bouncing chuchi with swollen nipples. She held her hairs with both her hands and the view of her smooth armpit and her licking her own lips and sometimes biting her own lips

compounded by her moaning drove me faster towards my orgasm. I then grabbed her and pulled her head so that I can kiss her. I could now feel the huge contractions of her vagina walls which were squeezing my lund in a very rythmic manner. She kept the pace of squeezing my pennis with her vagina walls and we kissed and our tongues were entangled when I had my orgasm.

I again came on top in dying minutes of my orgasm and gave all my energy in those last 7-8 thrusts. I was almost pulling out upto the tip of my lund and shoving in with full force. I could feel she too was quivering and her vagina walls had fully contracted thus having full grip on my penis.

My pennis was now semierect when I was done but Maya pleaded RRahul just few more strokes.....I want to feeel it pleeease Rrr pleeessse and I continued pumping her. Soon she gripped my head and kissed me again and I found her holding me tightly and could feel her body quivering. The sigh of fulfillment was evident and after that her body was devoid of any strength.

She lay there with heavy breathing and I on top of her feeling her. I was in that position for quite some time and could feel my lund shrinking and in the process gradually coming out of the pleasure hole.

Once fully out I rolled over and was beside Maya. Both of us did'nt speak for some time and gathered our breath. I knew Maya and myself were sheerly driven by lust and now how to react was puzzling me. Maya closed her eyes and was perhaps thinking the same. TBC...

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Lucky guy pounding sexy Aunt

This is a nice and beautiful incident happened about couple of years back. I had lost contact with a sexy aunt of mine, somehow over the past year I had reconnected with an Aunt I had a falling out with. She had come to visit, and we hit it off again. We would text all the time, and talk on the phone like once a week. We would often talk over the phone, and usually flirt back and forth.

She was a decent looking woman for being 32 (I was 23 by the way). She had black hair, olive skin, and a petite figure. Standing about 5"4, I always told her she was the perfect height. We would hit up several hours a night chatting on-line and she would usually end up tired and sleepy. I would try to get the topic to sex and further and she would skip that very cleverly.

After about a month of marriage, he took a job in Hyderabad and she moved away. Within a month she started asking when I could visit. About a week before I was scheduled to go, she shot me a text saying her husband would be out of town but still wanted me to come. We decided we could make it like old times, and hit up the local disc or a pub.

The first night I got down there, we painted the town. At the last bar, while both of us were shit faced, she leaned close while talking and we ended up kissing. She realized what was happening, and ran out of the bar. I paid our tab, and went outside to find out she had left me there. I took a cab, and when I walked in she was sobbing on the couch.

"I can’t believe I did that," she said. "What will your Mom think of me?" I sat down and tried to comfort her by putting her head on my shoulder. "Look," I started, “We don’t have to tell her anything. We are adults and got caught up in the moment." She seemed to accept that, and went to bed. Over the next two days she was distant.

We didn’t speak much, and she always seemed deep in thought. I would often catch her staring at me, as if she was trying to look right through me. The third night I woke up to her standing over my bed, in what was barely a night gown. When she realized I was awake, she bolted from the room. Needless to say, I was confused.

The fourth day, I went and explored the city a little bit. I got home around eight, and she was already drunk. "I really need to talk to you," she slurred from the living room. "I want you to know, I really enjoyed our kiss the other night." I was a little stunned, but let her continue. "I just haven’t had much of a sex life since we moved here.

He is always working late, and is always tired when he comes home." I spoke, "I really enjoyed our kiss aunt. I am not ashamed at all." "I am so glad you said that, I just wanted you to know I wasn’t mad at you." I thanked her, and decided it was best if I left the room. The fifth morning, I knew it was only a matter of time because she walked in knowing I was in the shower.

Her gaze stayed locked on my cock, and I knew she would want a treat soon. I covered myself up quickly, but her smile said she liked what she saw. When I was dressed, I went to the kitchen where she was making breakfast. "I was thinking we could go out tonight," she said. "Since you only have one more day, we need to go all out tonight. Hit every place in town."

"Sounds like a damn good idea," I quickly responded. She had to go into work for a couple hours, so I was showered and ready when she got home. She told me she would be right out, so I just waited on the couch till she was done. She showered for what seemed like forever, and then slowly walked through the living room in what had to be the smallest towel in her house.

At this moment, I knew what she wanted. I don’t know what came over me, but I followed her to her bedroom. She was standing at her mirror, bent slightly over putting on her make up. I walked up behind her, wrapped my arms around hers, and kissed her on her neck. She sighed, and gripped my hands with hers.

She leaned her head back to allow me more access to her neck, and I slowly teased her with kisses and slight tickles from my tongue. She turned around, and started to passionately kiss me. She probed deep with her tongue, and started undoing my pants. I was out of them in what seemed like a second, and had my shirt off in another. I picked her up, and put her on her dresser.

I started to work my way down her body, paying attention to her small, but perky breasts. I kept going lower, until I was at her freshly shaven pussy. It was still very fragrant from her shower and tasted better than any I had ever been with. She moaned in pleasure, and pulled my hair. "Oh my god," she screamed, "Please don’t ever stop!"

I didn’t even look up to acknowledge her; I just kept teasing her amazing pussy. She pushed my head away, and hopped off the dresser. She gave me a quick kiss, and then dropped to her knees. Now, my cock isn’t huge by any means, but at 6.5 inches in length and 5 in girth it usually gets the job done.

She seemed satisfied with it, as she gave my head adoring kisses, and passionately licked up and down my shaft. She finally took the entire length of my cock into her mouth, nearly bringing me to my knees. She was definitely a pro at cock sucking, sparing no amount of experience on giving me a blow job.

Right when I thought I was about to blow my load, she told me to lie on the bed. At this point, my Aunt had complete control over me. She climbed on top of me, placing her pussy right over my waiting lips. She slowly slid her tight cunt down my body until the tip of my now throbbing cock was resting at her whole. "You really think you’re ready for this," she questioned.

"Oh fuck yes," was all I could manage to scream. With that, she thrust downward and I was finally inside her. This was the moment I had been wanting for a long time, and it was finally happening. She moaned in pleasure as she bounced up and down on my hard cock. I had never experienced such pleasure, and was hoping it would never end.

She climbed off, breaking me from my trance, and faced away from me. She once again, lowered herself onto my waiting cock. I cannot describe the view of watching my incredibly horny Aunt getting so much pleasure from my cock. "Please don’t stop fucking me," she demanded, "I have wanted this for so long!" I nearly came just hearing this.

I finally decided I wanted to take control, so I pushed her off me and onto her back. I put her legs over my shoulder, and slammed my cock into her quivering pussy. I pushed her legs up until her knees touched her ears and began to pound her tight cunt. She made a noise that told me she was in obvious ecstasy, and whispered incoherent phrases into my ear.

I became relentless in my assault on my Aunt’s vagina, releasing a years worth of sexual frustration. I had gotten deep into a zone, getting so caught up in what we were sharing. I pulled out of her, and flipped her onto all fours. I wasted no time reentering her perfect pussy. I pulled her hair as I continued pounding her sopping wet cunt, enjoying the sounds of pleasure I knew I was bringing on.

I felt her pussy tighten up, and she let out the loudest orgasm of any woman I have ever been with. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, so I quickened my pace. I pulled out, and spun her around so she was facing my cock while on all fours, and shoved my cock back into her mouth. I begin to pump her mouth while, and she gave no resistance.

Seeing her willingness it caused and instant unloading of cum. I shot my entire load into her waiting mouth, and she swallowed every last drop. I collapsed onto the bed beside her, and she snuggled up close. "I cannot believe we just did that" came a familiar statement. "I am so glad it finally happened." "So is I Auth that was by far the best experience of my life."

She gave me a little kiss, then started kissing down my body. One last adoring kiss to my cock, and she stood up to get dressed. At this point it was far too late to go out, and I decided to change for bed. I spent the night with her, laying in bed exhausted from our session. She saw me to the airport the next day, and brushed her hand across my cock as she gave me a hug.

"Thank you again for last night," she said," I really needed that." I hugged her, "It was my pleasure!" I got on the plane that day not really knowing if it will ever happen again, but I always know that we have that one night to remember together.

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Raj having sex with Shobha aunty

Hi am Raj back, from chandigarh I am a great reader of debonairblog...before also I wrote my many experiences. The stories here are very exciting and for a while I have been wanting to write about a true incident that happened in my life, but I was postponing it as I hate typing for a long time. Anyways I will explain how I lost my virginity.

I was just 7 years old when my uncle(mothers brother)got married. The girl he married was a very nice person by the name Shobha (all names changed).My uncle was around 27 and Shobha aunty was around 24..She was not mind blowing material, but very tall and slender and fair.

Since my uncle was working in London at that time, my aunt Shobha also joined him and was living there. In a year’s time my aunt gave birth to a baby girl. As my uncle was in a good position there, he could afford to send my aunt and her daughter every year to India for a holiday. Whenever she used to come to India, it would be during my summer holidays.

As she used to bring down lots of things for me, I used to look forward to her coming down. I would spend my entire vacation in my mom’s place as my other cousins would also come there. Shobha aunty was a very loving person and everyone used to say how lucky my uncle was to get her as his wife.

As the years went by I came to know that my uncle had become a very busy person and was constantly travelling all over Europe and the other parts of the world for work. By the time my aunt already delivered her second baby by then, decided to come to India and settle down as she was feeling it difficult to manage with two children and also because of the constant travels of my uncle.

As usual for every holiday I would look forward to going to my grandparents place. It was around that time that I started getting sexual fantasies and started masturbation. And surprisingly I used to masturbate thinking about older women. Once when I was spending my vacation in my grandparents place I had to go outside the house at night to collect a shirt which I had left outside.

As I was collecting my shirt I heard the sound of water and I observed that it was coming from the bathroom and the light was on. The bathroom windows slightly and out of curiosity I decided to have a peek. Since it was dark I knew no one would see me. I crept near the window and peeped quietly. The sight that greeted me made me just stand still and watch.

Shobha aunty was stark naked and having her bath. This was the first time I was seeing a women in the nude in real life. I observed every part of her. She had small long breasts with long nipples and dark brown in color. I could feel my penis getting hard. I was admiring her body; it was beautiful with not an inch of unwanted fat.

I watched her soap herself every part of her body, soaping her breasts, her body, her pussy, and her legs. Her thighs were the perfect shape and I thought to myself how lucky my uncle was. I watched for around 10 minutes and I slowly crept back inside the house. This peeping into her bathroom continued whenever I could get the chance.

One day a few more of my cousins, aunts and uncles and aunts had come down to spend a few days there. That night Shobhaaunty told me that I had to sleep in the living room with her and her 2 kids and another 2 of my cousins as she had to arrange the other bedrooms for the guests. I had no bad intentions nor did I even have anything bad in my mind when she told me this.

By the time we were ready to sleep we laid out the mattresses on the floor and the sleeping was in such a way that I would be next to my aunt. As her youngest child was breasts feeding her nighty’s were all stitched with buttons in the front which could be unbuttoned easily. I went to sleep immediately. At around 1.30 am I woke up all of a sudden.

My aunt was sleeping very near to me. I could see her in the dim light. Her upper part of the nighty was unbuttoned and I could see her breasts, especially her nipples as she was not wearing a bra. She was fast asleep. Seeing her in that way my throat became dry and a kind of sensation overtook me.

I gently touched her left nipple, there was no response from me. This made me bolder and I gently pressed it. I felt I was in heaven. First time I was touching a woman so intimately. I slowly kept pressing and rubbing it. I was looking at her face while I was doing this, but there was not a bit of change in her. I wanted to kiss her lips. I moved upward and kissed her lips.

I didn’t know how to take my tongue inside her mouth so I kept kissing her lips. At the same time I was feeling her nipples and I slowly put my leg over her and pressed my penis on her thighs. I wanted her to touch me. I rolled off from her and took out my penis. I took her hand and made her touch my penis, it was getting very hard.

It was quite small, around 5 inches I guess, but it was thick with a nice circumference..I was using her hand and making her press my penis. At the same time I became bold and started kissing her on the lips and all over her face. As I was kissing I felt her hand press my penis without any help from me. She kept pulling my foreskin up and down on my penis.

I looked at her and found she was staring into my eyes with a gentle smile. She pulled me towards her and made me open my mouth and she gently pushed her tongue inside my mouth exploring every nook and corner of my mouth. And then she did the most amazing thing. She lifted up her nighty till her neck, exposing her full breasts, her nipples, her body and legs.

She whispered to me to suck her breasts. I startedsucking and soon milk was coming into my mouth. I started sucking her breast like a hungry baby, sucking away. I could hear soft moans coming out from my aunty. She took my hand and was trying to make me remove her panties. I pulled it down and started feeling her bush and her pussy.

Since it was my first time she guided my fingers into her wet hole. She wanted me to insert my fingers in and feel a small little thing inside her pussy and rub it.Later on she told me it was called the clit. I kept rubbing it, and she kept moaning softly. I was feeling a woman who was older than me. I kept getting more excited.

Finally she took of my hand and pulled me towards her very gently so as not to wake up anyone. She deftly pulled down my shorts and took them off. I never used to wear any under wear at night, so she was immediately able to feel my small erect penis. She kept pressing it and stoking it.

I was pressing her breasts, squeezing her long brown nipples. Milk was coming out and I quickly started picking it up with my tongue. I was going mad with desire and lust to enjoy myaunty. At that moment my aunty just spread her legs gently and started guiding my penis inside her vagina. She was already wet and waiting. My penis went inside smoothly.

I was in 7th seven. Filling up my aunts pussy with my young virgin dick. Instinct got the better of me and I started pumping and going in and out. In between my aunt would observe if anyone were being disturbed. My penis started going in and out of her. She started pushing her hips upwards to meet mine. I fucked her for around ten minutes and I knew I was going to cum.

I whispered to her that I was about to cum. She kept pushing her hips up and down faster to meet my thrusts. Suddenly as I was fucking her she just embraced me and just became still. I could feel water trickling out of her pussy. She had cum. I lay still for a moment and again started fucking her in and out. She started moving again, lifting her hips up fast to meet my thrusts.

I started fucking her harder and faster and this time I just released my entire load into her. She also came at the same time. Kissing each other, we lay still for some time. I gently rolled of her and put on my shorts. She adjusted her nighty and whispered into my ears ‘You are a nice boy, thats why I didn’t object. So please don’t go and tell anyone.

This will be our secret, let’s talk tomorrow. We just slept off after that. Next day morning I was unable to look into her eyes. All I could think of was how I fucked my uncle’s wife. Afternoon she called and told me that she was leaving to her paternal house the next day if I would like to accompany her. I jumped and said yes. I just wanted to be with her.

Next day morning we started the journey to her house. Around evening we reached her house. Her parents had gone to her brother’s house and would be late coming back. We took the key from the servant and opened the house. Her elder daughter was complaining she wanted to sleep and the small baby was already fast asleep.

She told me’ Anil why don’t u have a shower, by that time i’ll put my daughter to sleep’. I went in for my shower and by the time I came out I found that my aunt also had slept off after changing into her nighty. I sat down beside her and started running my fingers over her face. I touched her lips and I bend down and kissed her.

She opened her eyes and whispered to me to go to the other bedroom with her. We entered the other bedroom and my aunt bolted the door from inside and looked at me and smiled. She took me by the hand and made me sit on the bed and sat with me. She told me she was very fond of me and she felt she could trust me.

She told how her husband was neglecting her for the last two years but she kept hoping that he would love her. She told me many men were eying her coz she was living away from her husband. She was trying to be a good faithful housewife but how her feeling overtook her emotions that night when I touched her. She told me she felt very happy with me.

We spoke for some time and then started kissing me and putting her tongue inside my mouth. I also started kissing her mouth the way she was kissing me. While kissing me, she was unbuttoning my shirt and was successful. She took off my pant also and made me lie on the bed. She pulled down my underwear and took it off.

She was touching my penis and gently pulling the foreskin down. She kept stroking me. My little penis was getting harder by every touch of hers. She was amused at the thick circumference of my penis. She gently started stroking my penis up and down. I just wanted to do something and get my semen out.

I was getting the excitement of my life, again gently she bend down and started licking my balls and started sucking them. From my balls sge started working her tongue up my penis. Without even informing me, she started licking my mushroom and started sucking my cock. She was going up and down. It was so beautiful seeing my penis going in and out of her mouth.

When she knew that I was about to lose control, she pulled her mouth away from my penis and getting up swiftly pulled off her nighty. Heavens, she was nude totally. No panty or bra. She lay on the bed beside me and told me’ Anil please suck me down, where you were rubbing me the other night”, She had parted her legs and was rubbing her pussy and opening it out and showing me her clit.

I went down and positioned myself in such a way that I had good access to it. As per her instructions I first started licking it and tried putting my tongue deep as I could. I got hold of her clit with my lips and started sucking it. I could sense that Shobha was going crazy. She started letting out gentle moans which started becoming louder and louder.

I was not releasing her and she didn’t want me to stop either..She encouraged me to go deeper and faster. Continued like that for around 10 minutes..She started making all sorts of sounds and suddenly she pulled me over her and guided my cock inside her. She had spread her legs wide and raised it to the maximum, giving me full access to her vagina.

Once I entered her she started thrusting her hips up to meet my thrusts. She was begging me to fuck her as fast as I could. I kept fucking her vagina in and out and in between sucking her long nipples. It came to a stage where I could control it no longer. I told her and Shobha aunty was in no mood to listen, she was a like a hungry tigress thrusting into me with all her force.

We kept going like that for some more time and she told me to just shoot inside her womb as she was also coming. We came together with a big explosion. I could feel my sperm working its way up her womb. I lay down on her kissing her mouth, she was kissing me back. We lay like that for a long time, with me on top of her. After about 15 minutes I rolled of her.

We embraced each other and lay down for another 15 minutes. Later on she took me to the bathroom and we had bath together. My affair with my aunt lasted for a two of years till my uncle took her back to England. By then he had become a more reformed person with a good loving nature..Though she was sad to leave me, we had to part ways.

We still after all these years used to keep in touch. She would tell me that she would never ever find a guy like me, whom she could trust forever. Hope you all enjoyed my experience with my Shobha aunty.

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Mumbai sex goddess

Again life started like machine. I visited their place but couldn't make a night. After six months after my probation period I was transfered to the head office in Mumbai. Mumbaiiiii dream city......New place new friends all was magical. latenight parties easy girls 3 years passed like anything. And now I was not a virgin anymore thanks to that friend of mine.

who was my sex goddess.By the time I was planning to quite that job and star my own business.So I came back home, and started my own business.My mom told me that she wants to visit her native place so I aggenged every thing and she went for a month. When she came back she tld me she has visithe most of our relatives out there, and mami was asking about me.

Hearing that, again the spark lit in my mind. I made a work plane and make a schedule to visit kol for some purchase and went after 2 month. After staying in a hotel finishing my work.I left hotel and went to their house.Now I was no more a boy, a fully grown up man.BY that time she was 35 and I was stunned to see her, same full of life and wel maintained.

but for the 1st time she complemented me on my looks.i handed over the bunch of orchid which I like the most. We went in side chitchatted for some time about everything. came to know bhai is studding in hostel. Same at 8:30 mama returned and surprise to see me. We had a good time I was carring a bottle of wine for him. this time I was free to smoke and drink with him.

He himself offered me fags.I was surprised but mami winked at me so I agreed. after he freshened we started chatting on many topic, he offered me whiskey I was happy he was very balanced just two extra large pegs, I took my limit of 4 and mami 3.we had our dinner and headed to our bedrooms. the weather was awesome this time coz it was the month of august and raining like anything.

At around 3am suddenly I wake up coz new palce wont give u the proper sleep and the lightning sound was also a reason I went to bathroom coz 4 glass of water was there in my belly. while comming back I saw a dim light comming from there room and the door was slightly open so I just lookied in but cant make out any thing I stood there for min to adjust my eyes in dark.

but hardly see coz the light was too dim to figure out but at that very moment a hugh lightning was there and I saw that both of them wer fast asleep and that nighty of my mami was up to her thighs. but I move off coz the sound was preety high and thay might get up.i don;t wanna make any mess and went off.

At arround 7:30 mama called me up and said he is leaving and I must saty that day and he will try to come early.I said ok and slept it was still raining like anything. maybe after an hour I felt a cold feeling on my shoulder I was just sleeping with my boxer. I slightly open my eyes and found mami is sitting next to me and trying to wake me up,

I did the same thing and put my head on her lap and wrap around her waist. and felt that she has already freshen up. When I started rubbing my face on her thigh she stood up and went off, I was sad thinking that may be I had grown up so she went off. I jump out of bed to make her understand but to my surprise I saw that she is pulling the collapsible gate and locked it.

and turn around and saw me standing I was scratching my head.i could read her face that she was not happy that I was out off bed but can't go back. I was brushing and she was in the kitchen makin tea for me. I came out of the bathroom and sat on the sofa. by the time the maid was there. and she was preparing my breakfast.

I was looking at her and talking, the light from the window was giving me the curves of her body, she was not wearing bra and I can make out her full body and instantly I had a hardon in my pant. she came with the bf and I had it. coz the maid was there in the kitchen with her washing and not much place for three to stand and I dnt want to.

I went to my room and sat there she still there in the kitchen,after some time the maid has gone she told me to lock the door. I didnt get the reason but thought may be she stay alone to its habit to lock the main door. So I locked it came back and stand on the kitchen door talking to her, she was busy wit her work and facing back to me and I was admiring her body with the help of the window light.

Suddenly I felt some courage went back to her and kept my jaw on her left shoulder. coz I am 6 ft and she is 5 so I had to bend a bit and our body was not touching each other, so I hughed her from behind. She told me the window is open, so I left her, and asked her to apply some oil in my hair.

I sat on the floor and She on the sofa widen her legs, I sat on the opposite direction for the nighty it was not comfortable, so she pulled her nighty upto her knees and started applying me oil, my hand can feel her smooth legs and I can see it in the glass of the showcase in front of me. Instantly I had a hardon and it could be seen so I tried my best to hide it but I know she saw it.

Suddenly the phone rang she told me to pick it up and went to wash her hands, it was her sis but when I stood up I was unable to hide my hard on I was aware and she took a glimpse of it, while she was talkin I went in my rom and closed the door to wear my undies came out and sat on the sofa, she was talkin about some pain,

I closed my eyes and relaxed she was talkin I just open my eyes to say her some thing and found she was looking at me, when I looked at her she just turn her eyes off and kept the phone. I asked her about the pain on that she told me she is havin some spin prob, when her sis came to visit her she was suffering so her sis was asking how the pain is.

I casually ask her want a massage and she instantly agreed. NOw we wer in opposite position she was on the floor I was on the edge of sofa and massaging her shoulder and back, i was havin prob to massage her shoulder due to her small neck nighty so she just open her two hooks and pulled her nighty back now I can massage her bare shoulder na see her cleavage too.

she just lean back and felt my hard on but didnt react and stay same asked me why iwent in the room and closed the door? I said I went to put my undis on she laugh and said u dnt use to close the door earlier, I said that time I was kid and now may be some one some one could get afraid of it.

she said really and gave a naughty smile.i was massaging her from shoulder to her waist and some time I am touching her boobs sightly above her clothes from side.the bell rang and the vegi walla was there she hurriedly stand up I and ai can see the full view of her boobs hanging I told her to hook it up and she said opps closed it.

she tok some vegis and I was in my room she took some vegi and cam in the room pilling them off. isaid I wanna take shower and pulled my towel but she didnt move this time I didnt hesited and pulled off my boxer and stand in my undies and warp my towel and pulled my undies off she laugh and said wat was the us of itowel I saw ur bare arce and again started laughing.

I said u had a good show and went in the bath room again I found her inners smelt it but didnt jerk off. I came out having bath and find that mami is in the kitchen,looked for my boxer but it was not there I went to the kitchen and asked her, she told she put it for wash. so I took uot the fresh one and wear it she came in the room that time I was just in my undies

looking for the boxer she asked me why I wear undies at home? I said I dont but some time its needed in home also. she laugh at me a went off. BY this time I got all the signal but still scared to take a step ahead. I put of my undies and wear only boxer and went in the kitchen for a cup of tea sitting on the kitchen slave talkin to her and lookin at her cleavage, she saw me but didnt react.

so I pulled some courage nad went back to her and hugh her from behind and said mamiieeeeeeeee in a very adoring voice. she just left her body on me and lean back leaving her whole body and left a sigh-----and said watttttttttttt. the window is open in a very low voice. I felt her breating has became heavy. I instantly switch off the gas nobe and pulled her out of the kitchen.

she didnt resist and came along with me, again I hold her from back and put my lips on her neck and started biting her ear lobes and kissing her neck, my hand went up to her boobs she hold my hand but didnt stop me. she turned her head and our lips locked we kissed each other fra a min or so now she wanna sit,

I let her she sat on the sofa lean her head back her eyes were closed I found an drop of tears in the corner of her eyes glistering. I said sorry and ask watz the matter? she said nothin and hugged me. I sat on the floor and put my head on her lap she was fliping my hair with her finger.

I was rubbing my nose in her inner thighs, after a moment she left a moan now I started intering my hand in her nighty and reached her bucket thay wer soft like butter, my finger found the illastic of her panty and tried to pull it she helped me by lifting her arce. And in no time it was in y hand she once looked at me and closed her eyes.

I made her lye on the sofa and pulled her nighty up she floded her legs and widen up now for the 1st time my eyes wer viewing my dream love hole which I had sucked many time in my dream. I immediately put my lipson her milky thighs the aroma was making me mad I started licking her inner thighs and her moan is becoming louder, she was wet by now,

the moment I flick my tongue over her pussy lips she jump out with pleasure, I parted her pussy lips and started licking her clit, her pussy lips was a little flipy so I started chewing them and sucking her hard. she was in seventh heaven and cant take it more clutching my hairs and pushing me deep in her arching her body and pressing my head between her thighs,

at one point I felt I will die due to pressure but next moment she collapsed. I get up and started sucking her boobs, she regain her self looked at me. her eyes was a mixture of pleasure,joy, emotion,love, care,lust dont know I cnt explain.She get of the sofa neel down between my legs pulled out my boxer and took my tool straight in her mouth and the way she started sucking it deep and striking it,

I felt one thing ( experience matters) she suck my ball till my arce hole. I felt like I was in the flight of fire wer I feel, I melt, I die. I t was like my whole blood will come out through my cock. my legs r becomeing weak and I was about to cum, I told her and tried to pull out my cock, she resist and just put a finger on my liips and pushed me back on the sofa, and burst out in her mouth,

she was unable to take it all my semens was flowing from her mouth and she was still sucking it. And for the first time I felt how it feel when u come and some one suck u dry. we got up hug each other went to the bath room and took shower while I suck her bobs armpits and pussy under the shower drink her juice with water that was flowing till her mound.

But there was a untold fact between two of us tht none of us want to fuck each other, may be the moral o being human.That afternoon we played 69 and again cum in each others mouth by this time my lower abdomen was paining coz I had never cum so much in a day. we never done any thing in their bedroom. when mama reached home my heart was pounding like any thing.

mami read that on my face and called me on the roof to pick up the dried clothes, and told me ru feeling guilty. she told me to be normal. but mama didnt noticed coz wat ur mind dont know ur eyes cant see. The next morning was different. she came give me a morning kiss and wake me up.

after the bai left we gave each other a whole body massage I suck her anus finger fuck her and make her cum twice while sucking her pussy. she told me they had sex last night and it was awesome when we wer taking bath I told her about a fantasy of mine watching a lady pissing. 1stly she denied bur latter on my pleading she gave me a mind blowing show of a mature lady pissing,

she put her one leg on the tap widen her pussy lips and strated pissing while I sit in front of her and massage her clit. to my surprise she cum at that moment.she gave me that show once more in the afternoonbut this time sitting, that afternoon v masturbate in front of each other. she was lying on the bed playing with her pussy and finger fucking her I jerk off watching her now

I was on the bed and she came right on me and sit on my face grinding and rubbing her on my face and playing with my limp cock. I n the evening I was about to move, we hugged each other,grab her acre, and while leaving I asked something for memory, she asked me what? I hike her nighty pull down her panty kissed on her mound she pressed my head against her,

I got up smell her panty plent a kiss on the crotch and licked it. she was astonished and looking at my act, and said u dirty boy. I smiled and told her about the bathroom fact that happen last time. she was surprised to know that I love her from the age of 12.

I smile put the panty in my pocket she kissed me on my chicks and told this is for the boy who loved me and squeeze my cock and this is for last time wat u didnt get.. and I went off. thanks for reading me if u liked my story pls say I will right my another experience in mumbai.

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Horny South Indian Sibling Couple Fucking

It was a cold winter evening in tirupati a piligrimage in south India where we used to visit in our town, I was in eighteen years old and my sister is sixteen years old, we were sleeping on either side of our parents in the guest room at around night, we slept closer to each other on the double bed since its becoming spine chillingly cold,

in the middle of the night there was slight movement on the side where my dad is sleeping, I slowly opened my eyes in disbelief only to find my father is laying his leg crossed over my mother as they are covered by thick blanket, after few moments adjusting themselves my father mounted over my mother and started moving rhythmically,

I observed them all the night but couldn’t get a glimpse of their naked act as it was dark inside the room. Even after getting back to our home in Bangalore that incident used to give me jitters down my spine as I used to get horny and used to ease it up by jerking my cock, this had been my fantasy all through those months as I used to wait for my sister

who is to sleep in the same room to doze off so that I can lower my shots to masturbate thinking about that incident in tirupati, this continued for almost six months until one day when my parents had to leave for their hometown for a marriage leaving me and my sister for a week as we had exams at that time,

the night my parents left I was reading till late night since I have exam the next morning, after revising the whole syllabus I was retiring to sleep then I saw towards my sister whose night dress gone up, I can clearly see her panty, my mind had so many Ideas to sleep along with her on the same bed I poured the whole bottle of water on my bed and settled next to my sister after switching off all the lights.

My sister was fast asleep I started feeling her body over her clothes with lot of fear in my mind if she gets up, she will definitely complain about my indecent behavior to my parents, but the lust kept creeping up in my mind and I started feeling her breasts which were growing at that moment as she had attained puberty a month before we went to tirupati,

when we had a huge ceremony to celebrate that event. While moving my hand over her whole body, I suddenly felt her hand gripping my wrist when they were holding her breast, I was taken aback and now I need to beg her to ask her not to complain to my parents, she turned back towards me and hugged me without opening her eyes this act of her gave lots of courage to me and I hugged her tightly.

I slowly raised her night dress with my feet, started feeling her silky thighs, my hands started moving all over her body again, I lifted her night dress closer to her breast and started feeling her silky body which made her more horny as she kept hugging me harder, I shook her hard enough when she opened her eyes I lowered myself to her height planted a kiss on her forehead,

later my lips moved towards her lips and we kissed passionately for more minutes. I removed the night dress, she had only panty on her, made myself naked and we didn’t know what else to do I started sucking her nipples which were becoming tighter with every moment as I kept sucking them,

my heart was not content so I went down lowered her panty and started licking all over her pubic region and she started thrusting that on to my face as I finally got hold of two soft edges of lips sort of thing and sucked them for more than five minutes when a liquid came out her hole, I drank all that had came out of her love hole.

I took her hand, placed it over my cock which she gripped around and started stroking it on my guidance and after jerking me off for few moments I too released a huge amount of my semen on to her hands which rubbed it on her tummy which became bit swollen and we slept in that position for rest of the night.

We continued doing this every night even after my parents came back from our hometown, so my eagerness to go ahead with this act has become more stronger I kept watching for porn video on net, understood everything about sex read so many articles which were posted on all these websites about first time sex,

the trickiest thing of all this story is we never talked with each other while in bed sleeping naked next to each other every night. Few months later my parents had to leave for our hometown as one of my relative expired, now we don’t have exams but they left us home since we may miss our classes,

the night when my parents left we switched off all the lights kept a zero candle light on in our bedroom, I slept next to her without any clothes as she turned away from me facing the wall, my cock started piercing through her ass cracks, I kept stroking in that position, she finally turned back with all her clothes intact.

I went closer to face planted a kiss on her lips, started sucking each other’s tongue for more than a minute, my hand moved all over her body caressing her curves as she is putting on that essential weight at every vital juncture which is making her look sexy, I removed all her clothes one after the other, made her naked.

We were sleeping naked next to each other, I lowered myself to suck her boobs one after the other, I sucked them so hard and bitten them once or twice that the nipples were sore for next few days as we continued with sexual experience, I tried to mount over her which she tried to protest but I kept sucking her tongue and finally got over her.

I parted her legs apart, placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy, slowly started to enter her pussy which is all wet by now, that day we didn’t had much of foreplay but she was wet enough for me to enter her, my dick head started entering the pussy which made me so excited, my six inches dick which is very thick is finding it to tough the virgin pussy of my sister,

she felt lot of pain as she pushed me away from the top of her. The next morning as we were getting ready for our school, I was in my twelfth, my sister was in her eight standard, I was so frustrated for not completing the act with her, kept waiting for a chance to have a fuck with her before leaving for school,

she took all the clothes inside the bathroom and went out into kitchen to get the paste consisting of sandal wood powder, pulses powder mixed with oil and water which would make one’s skin glow. I slowly entered the bathroom hide myself behind the door before she returned, started waiting for my sister to return into the bathroom,

she came into bathroom unaware of me hiding over there behind the door, took her clothes off and stood in front of me naked, I got a glimpse of her naked body in daylight for the first time, I hugged her from behind which startled her but I was in no mood to leave her. I hugged her so hard from behind, I opened the shower, the water started gushing through hitting our skin,

I turned her towards me and planted a kiss on her lips and started sucking her lips continuously, she finally gave up as we bathed together under the shower, after which we entered our bedroom, I came out of bathroom without any clothes but she wrapped the towel around her breasts and cover her body till her knees.

I pushed her onto my bed, removed the towel, started fucking every part of her body as she kept responding to my moves positively, I finally got a hard dick, I kept my hand over her pussy felt the juices overflowing, placed my dick over her wet pussy and pushed it as hard as I could inside the pussy of my sister,

she cried out in loud pain but I was in no mood to listen the sounds ended in that room itself since all my neighbors were far off since we were living in an independent house. I kept pumping her as she forgot pain, started enjoying my rhythmic moments when she had two orgasms in a matter of few minutes, I too had an orgasm finally as I let my cum inside her,

as she hold me tight with her legs wrapped around my buttocks and hands around my neck. That day we bunked our school, continued our sexual encounter till night in between we had talked about various things lying naked in our bedroom, she told me about my parents sexual encounter in tirupati which she too noticed in the middle of the night.

I am 22 now and my sister is 20 we still continue to have sex every day like a young couple taking enough precautions to avoid pregnancy, few days back she wanted to become pregnant but I thwarted the idea since it would make our relationship more complicated, I don’t know why it’s so wrong in our society to have sex with our own siblings until the two people are enjoying it.

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Musafir fucking Maami

Previously: Musafir getting handjob from Mami

Hi readers, this is Musafir again. In my last story I told you about how my maami came to visit and she ended up giving me a lovely handjob and I got to see her tits and panty covered crotch. She promised that we would fuck sometime before she left again, however I knew at the back of my head that she was just teasing.

Anyway after a few days of her avoiding all sorts of opportunities to be alone with me or even any slight sexual play something drastic happened that changed my fate of luck. I got a call from my mama and he told me that the whole reason of my maamie's unexpected visit alone was that they were having problems in their marriage and she was actually cheating on him

with someone who lived in my district and that was the whole idea she came to visit. He told me not to tell her that he knew but he was busy filing for divorce and was gathering evidence. This was music to my ears, I decided to play private investigator for a few days and followed her around and snapped a few pictures of her meeting and lunching with her boyfriend,

I even took her out one night to a local disco knowing that she will arrange to meet her boyfriend there and yes they did meet. It was nothing too intimate but a few kisses here and there and some hugging etc., so I knew she never had the chance to fuck him yet, but by the look in her eyes she was really longing for that fuck.

I decided to put a spanner in the works. I confronted her the next day and told her that I know all about her escapades and not to worry but I wont tell her husband. I confronted the guy she was seeing and told him that if he does not back away I will expose him and send his photographs to the news.

He was quite a well known guy in the community and he did not want to risk his name so he did just as I asked. Now came the lovely part, I got back home to my maamie and hugged her telling her that her secret is safe with me and while hugging her I felt her up, I rubbed her sexy petite ass thru her jeans and nuzzled on her neck.

She moaned with pleasure and complained that her fucker lover had now left her without satisfying her and I told her that in order to keep her secret I can also satisfy her urges. I mean to travel close to 700kms and go back unfucked was just not worth it, I told her. I slowly led her to my bedroom where we kissed passionately on the bed while I romeved her top,

her marvelous breasts were encased in a sexy sexy bra which I told her not to take off as it complimented her sexy tits too. I then took off her jeans and she looked stunning in just her bra and thong panties and high heels, I kissed her pantied cunt and she moaned and thrashed from side to side. clearly she had not had her cunt eaten before and soon she was gushing like a burst waterpipe.

I took off her thongs and undressed myself and she complimented me on my clean shaven dick, she told me that she has never and does not like giving blowjobs but since I ate her out so expertly she would like to try. She engulfed my cock in her mouth and just sucked on it like a lollipop and I noticed she was not doing it out of fun so I stopped her.

I lay her down like she was my new bride and slowly climbed onto her in a missionary position, she held my cock and guided into her love hole and closed her eyes and moaned as I entered her. we fucked like rabbits and changed a few positions until it came to doggystyle and here she jumped forward scared that this meant I was going to do her anally.

Seems like mama was just a plain missionary type of sex guy and I now didn't blame my maami for looking for excitement elsewhere. I assured her that doggystle did not mean anal only but I put my cock up to her pussy nad told her to just feel how great it felt when I rubbed her g spot. she greatly enjoyed it,

She must have cum atleast about 4 times and I felt I was about to cum too and she told me to cum in her as she is sterilised. I came in her and we both collapsed in a heap. In my next story I will tell you how I got to fuck her virgin ass.

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Guy fucking hot cousin sister

Hello dear readers, I am Yash, 23years, well built. I work as Manager in Private Firm. I am going to relate a story that I have experienced with my sister cousin, Sudha. (Dad’s Brother’s Daughter). She is same age as me; in fact she is some days elder than me. She is slim, dusky complexion, black hair, around 1m68, great figure with sexy round boobs and ass.

Before starting, please note that this is my first story here. Sudha and I were very close from childhood as were staying in same yard but different houses, then later when we had around 20 years I and my family shifted to a new house. I admit it that since when I know masturbate I have been fantasize her. But I think she was totally unaware of my way of looking at her.

I used to get hold of her bra and undergarments and masturbate sniffing them. However, after shifting, I had forgotten the idea of getting them as I had to give exams and search for job. Now, the emotions restarted spicing up last year. I was at her place and was standing and reading newspaper on the table and she was sitting just besides me.

She had just got up from bed and she wore a loose sleeveless night dress, with no bra in. The dress being sleeveless had a quite loose hole for hands. Oh yes! The view as her under-arm and the side of the boobs, I didn’t notice that till she started talking to me and I started to look at her. While talking to her I was admiring the fabulous view.

My cock which is around 8 inches started swelling. After the discussion I just got into the bathroom and relieved my swelled cock, I then saw again her used bra. I had a flash back of those time and took one and masturbate kissing it and finally unloaded the cum in her bra. When I got out of the bathroom, she was looking at me and I smiled to her and went home.

While leaving I just saw that she got into the bathroom. After around 3 days she texted me and asked me if I could just pass by her home today. I just said ok. I went home after office, freshened up and wore a T-Shirt and Jogging trousers and drove to her place after and to my surprise she was alone. She was in a tight top and tight jeans.

She just asked me to come to her room she needs to talk to me. I ran the stairs to her room. Just as I entered the room, she shut the door behind me. I looked at the bed, it was covered with her bras and underwear, I look at her, she told me:- Come on pick up one you like! - What?

- Don’t be innocent! - About what? - You cum in my bra the other day! - What? ME? No! - You did. - Ok, I did, sorry! Such was our conversation. I looked down but she was looking to my face and just broke the silence and said: Or you prefer the one I am wearing now? I looked at her and wanting to say yes. But could not.

My cock started swelling and my mistake of wearing a Jogging was showing results. Seeing this, she came near me and took my hand placed it on her boobs, I started pressing it. And started removing her top. After some seconds she started kissing me and we did this for around 10 mins and she asked me to remove her bra.

Which I did and I saw the most fabulous view I ever saw in my life. Round fair breasts with small black nipples, I started kissing and licking them and she started moaning. She threw me on the bed and she sat on me, her pussy was just on my hard cock. She was slowly moving her hips on my cock which was driving me crazy. I continued sucking her lips and her boobs.

Then she jumped from me and put her hand in my trousers and touched my cock. I shivered with that beautiful girl touch on my tool. She took my hard 8’’ cock out and she just yelled: What the fuck? So Big? I just told her it’s not that big. And within no time she started sucking my cock. I stopped her and removed her Jeans and underwear and made her complete nude.

We lied in a 69 position and sucked each other. She cum on my face and I licked the juice with pleasure. While sucking trying to finger her I noted that she was a virgin. We then sat on the bed and started kissing each other again. She told me please Yash, Fuck me, fuck me hard, do whatever you want to me, I’m yours.

I placed my cock tip to the entrance of her pussy and pushed a bit, her eyes widened and yelled: Stop! I paused there. Then I asked her if she was ok she responded affirmative, I pushed a little harder. I entered her completely and she started bleeding. I started fucking her and she forgot the pain and enjoyed the pleasure I was giving her.

Suddenly she told me: I want your cock in my ass. Please me, yash.. I took some Vaseline and passed it on her ass hole and my cock. I placed it there and I pushed my cock in her ass. She screamed loud first and also cried, but asked me to continue, to which I obeyed. Soon she came another time and I felt that my sperm was coming I told her.

She asked me to stop and she turned around. Took my cock and pumped in empty in her mouth. She drank it all. I kissed her and told her that I have always waited for that moment and she admitted that she has still not washed my sperm on her bra. We fucked for another time then I left.

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