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Akash having incest sex with Manya

Hello readers, this is AKASH name changed, for the first tine ever am publishing my real incest story happened with my cousin sister MANYA name change.. every day I read stories in this blog, thanks for humandigest and debonair blog to star up this superb sites.. well I begin.

Me and manya used to meet very rarely only on family occasions, being my cousin I proposed her, she accepted saying she love me too. we stated going very smoothly, one fine day she left me.. after 3 years we met again in bangalore, as she was studying here. I again stared to love her, one day she texted me saying she loves me too.

we stated meeting outside, kissing, touching used to happen in my car. friend she is the most beautiful girl I have met. she is 34=28-36.once my parents went to hyderabad, she came to my home, she said she will stay at home for 2 days. in the night I picked her from pg by 8.30 came home had dinner and went to bed. soon I was smooching her,

she got wild and started to bite my lips badly as my lips were hurting I started to remove her top, and she removed my t shirt. the moment I saw her bra I was crazy as I first time saw her like this.i removed her bra and started to press her boobs by my right hand and with left hand I was removing her jeans, it felt awesome guys. she by then removed my gym pant.

as soon as she was on panty, I put my hand inside to touch her pussy she said no. that time I started sucking her breast and nipples, and she released her hand and I slid my hand to her pussy. wow her pussy was damn wet.i rubbed her pussy with her leak and inserted my finger which pained her a lot.

by then we both stopped and removed our inner wear too. she was a goddes. I smooched her while pressing her boobs and then I came down to her pussy and put my tongue on it, she was like hmmm janu, I stared licking her nicely and she was guiding me to lick her bit up, which I did. and she took me up and started to lick my dick which felt mind blowing.

then it was a lot time we controlled, it was a play time by now, as it was her first time I dint wear a condom, but applied saliva all on my dick and my dick was dripping with my saliva which I positioned to her pussy and started to enter her. it was damn tough to enter, I started pushing it and she was like hmmm please leave its paining badly.

I was like dont worry baby once it enters it wont pain, try to control. I tarted pushing very slowly and very little of blood might me 2 to 3 drops came. and then I slammed once harder which made her pussy swallow my dick completely but with great pain from her. as I stared moving slowly then she started loving it like crazy saying that, thanks jaan this is the awesome pleasure,

I would have never known if u have not done thanks thanks. then she told to stroke her harder I started giving strokes, she came with a great force by shouting hmmm aah aaah, after she came I still took 10 minutes to come. while coming I pulled my dick and flowed my sperms on her thighs.

and we slept hugging till morning 4. as at 4 again I fucked her nicely. the 2 days story what happened, what we tried, will tell u in my next post,,, my dear friends this happened just 10days back on november 26th 2009.. love u all.

Fucking sexy Alia

During the year school would remain close 8 months out of the 9 months it was suppose to be open. Sometime its strike for pay rise, sometime it is riots other times its flood or something. As a result I ended spending more time at Fathers cycle repair shop. Instead of learning maths and physics I was learning how to mend tubes and change paddles.

Father was worried and wrote a letter to younger brother, Hamesh in city to take me in. One early autumn morning I was standing in that Great City railway central junction far from my village, with a bundle of clothes and a letter of introduction. Hamesh took me to take me home. His home was the main floor and a barsati on the roof with stairs going up from the goat shed.

He said since I was only other male in the house I should live in the barsati roof so I could have privacy from the females who lived below. He had 6 daughers and the a sister. His sisters name was Quimka. I suprised in the village no one knew he had a sister, she his rakhi sister. It seemed at that time his only third daughter Alia was at home who made me comfortable and gave me lunch.

She seemed 15 with an impish smile. Anyway I was introduced as a brother who will stay here from now on. After a month I got into routine of things. He was a proud owner of 15 rickshaws. Besides attending high school I would be his chief mechanic in my spare time. It was my duty to keep his rickshaws in road worthy condition.

My job started at 5:30 in the morning, getting those wheels ready to hit the road. That is it, only once a day job. Hamesh had lot of scars on his body and face. His face was roguishly handsome. Tall, muscular and had this just-taken-a-bath fresh look. He told me that when he came he had get into a lot of fights and spend time in jail as his landlord and landlady were killed in front of him.

He took revenge and after that he had to clear the basti of bhai's and other small time crooks. Later I learned that Hamesh didnot take hefta, weekly take, from the shop keeper and businessmen for maintaining rule of law in the basti. It is said the women in basti called Hamesh their collective husband. He was a part bad guy, a part good guy and a full time women s man.

Women came to him, to please him to ask him for small favours or just for fun. One day about a month after I joined him, early in the morning in railway yard where all the rickshaws puller would regularly assemble in wee hours of morning to chat, have tea and take any instructions from Hamesh.

I heard Rann bhai one of Hamesh rickshaw puller, telling the gathered assembly how yesterday morning when he was taking pleasure with his elder one, ass fucking his daughter, the niegbour journalist caught him on his camera. Daughter was very frightened that if anybody should see those pictures, nobody will marry her. She pleaded with Rann to get those pictures back.

So Rann took a big stick (Rann said almost as big as his cock, others said almost as big as his mouth, they chuckled) and went to his neighbour journalist home and demolished their kitchen. He warned the terrified journalist wife to tell her husband to hand over all the pictures and negative including the camera by noon today and by evening he must leave that place forever.

Otherwise he will tell his friends and they would come rape all the women folk, break the bones of each menfolk and burn that house. Much before noon the journalist neighbor was pleading with Rann to spare his families life. He gave Rann the camera, pictures and negative and promised to leave town before dusk.

Proudly Rann took the camera,pictures and negatives home to his elder daughter. So happy she was to burn those pictures that instead of her gand that afternoon she offered her pussy for his pleasure. It seems it was after a long time that she allowed him to fuck her pussy since that rental tenant lady incident. At this point the entire assembly of rickshaw pullers laughed.

Rann said he happily pounded her pussy several times last night silently thanking the neighbor for his luck. Hamesh was not happy, he said if his cock was inside his daughters pussy all night long who will go earn money for him. The rest of rickshaw wallas booed him. There so much laughter and mirth. I could feel the strong brotherly feeling amongst them.

But I was shocked at how easily Rann had talked about such a taboo thing like as if he was talking about the weather. Confused I went back home, thinking whom could I talk to about this, maybe the city had different morals than village I need to flow with moment. In the way I met with Ghambir chacha. he was there in the morning smoking his hukka.

I told him about my confusion. He said simply said " Beta poor people do not have time for fancy middle class values and taboos, here it is survival of the fittest. These girls are bred to give pleasure. Today they give pleasure to one man tomorrow to some one other man, yesterday they gave pleasure to men in thier own family.

There are no lover labels for those that are and were bred for pleasure, they know their roles in life. in return they expect protection and a chance to survive in this severe age of high prices and expenses, nobody has time for spirituality or morality" He paused to puff on his pipe "Besides who is a bad man.

Would you call him a bad man, who helped a child left to die, abounded, or lost child in railway station or roadside who were destined for brothels, men took them home give them a hot meal and shelter from the elements, so what if she lets him fuck him in return, she anyway was made for pleasure and her whole she will be fucked by lots of people,

why not let the person who rescued them from cruel faith have the first enjoyment of their delicate bodies. In most of the homes in the basti you will see father or brother's fucking daughter or sister, it is just give and take at work here. Women were born for pleasure so why not start with men who will always be besides you in in trouble even if later they will have thier own wives,

who have also in turn have a brother or somebody fucking her from before marriage and is willing to take care of her unconditionally if the marriage breaks up or take care of her husbands if he beats her. Sex creates unbreakable bonds. An these poor girl learn that well. Girls are happy even if they are sucking thier fathers cock at night or thier brother is fucking her ass in the day,

she is still better off, they r not crying out rape to society that doesnot care about them anyway. Look at Hamesh's sister Quimka, he picked her up from a railtrack seconds away before a oncoming train was about to crush her to death. She didnot want to live but look at her now she is happy" Take what I get, this was what I learned this morning.

I was getting ready for school. Down below the family in going ahead with its daily chores. I saw Alia,15 Hamesh's third daughter taking clothes for washing on the semi enclosed washing area. I watched her do this for the last two weeks. She knew at this time I am at my room getting ready for school. As usual, she kept the bucket under the tap and waited it for it to fill up with water.

She was wearing a faded blue colour salwar with little silver stars on them and old T shirt. She look around, she couldnot see me becasue of the relection on the glass window. She sat back quickly drew her legs apart, there was a hole in the center of her salwar. She put her hand inside the slawar and began to rub her pussy.

She would quickly put her gown to cover her hand and hide behind the wall. But I could see her from my vintage point, her eyes were close, her fair hands were moving up and down quickly inside that hole in her salwar, taking pleasure with herself. Seeing this I couldnot help but start taking pleasure myself. I began stroking my cock too.

She was in her most private moment and I didnot want to miss out of that. As usual at this point I would fall on my bed dreaming of opening the window and called out her name and telling her to close the water tap. Then I would like to dream that she would open her eyes, looked at me,

surprised and embarrassed and would quickly withdrew her hands from that hole in her salwar and closed the water tap. Then she would give me a big guilty smile. Hers eyes twinkled, long hair falling on her chiseled sharp beautiful face. I stood up on the window,opened my fly and quickly showed her my 100% made of steel hard cock.

I made a hand gesture pointing out that this cock is for your pleasure too. She looked jaw dropped with wide eyes. I smiled at her and send her a flying kiss. She send one in return too. At this point my hand would full of my cum, I would wash up and go to school. After school I was riding my bike home when I saw Aila coming down the road from her school.

I was happy to know her school finished at the same time as mine. I stopped and offered her a ride home. She refused look right through me as if I didnot exist. I reminded her the I am her brother and live in the same house, there is nothing for people to say. She considered this information and told me that it was Ramu kaka duty to pick her up.

At that very moment Ramu kaka appeared as if by magic in his rickshaw. Ramu kaka commended me for looking out for my sister. That made me feel good. After that day, I would stand with her everyday after school. After a week came the rainy season. We were silently standing, she frosty and I trying to make small conversation.

I was smelling the beatiful strong scent of her hair oil. It began to drizzle. So whipped out my umberalla and offered to her. She was glad to take it and mentioned o me that I could stand besides her after she doesnot have any dreadful diase but I could catch one getting wet in the rain. I thumped my chest as said" I a farmer at heart.

Rain is God's gift to us farmers, we became stronger not weaker by bounties of this rain" Brave dialogue indeed but she was not moved. Later that week, one evening at home, before dinner, it was my duty to teach Maila, the youngest 10 yr daughter, maths. We were sitting in the covered courtyard. In a distance we could see planes land and take off thunderously.

It began to rain heavily. Maila jumped up happily pointing at the rain "Look..Gods gift to farmers" She thumped her chest and continued "Farmers became stronger due to the bounties of this rain" She did a quick twirl. Those were my words, how did she know? Suddenly there was a girl's loud giggle from the window behind me. I turned and quickly looked inside the window,

there was no one there, but I could smell that same hair oil as Aila's. I asked Maila who has been telling her all this stuff. She told me that Aila didi would tell them everything I had said and done with all details and they sisters would all have a good laugh. That made me smile inwardly, I knew the day is not far when my cock will be pounding her soft and juicy pussy,

tearing her pussy apart till she begged to be my slave. That was going to be much sooner then I could have guessed that rainy evening. " Arre yaar it has only gone in one inch, please" It has a windy night I was disturbed by planes taking off or landing. They seemed lower then usual. As I walked the terrace, I heard rustle of clothese below and whisper of low voices.

In the light of on coming plane, I saw it was Ramu kaka fucking Umika in her arse. His cock was just inside her. He parted her fair arse cheek and began filling her up slowly, inch by inch. In the corner my eyes I caught a movement. It was Alia, she was also watching them from her balcony. She opened her legs and put her hands inside her slawar and watched intently.

From where I was I couldnot watch them so instead I looked at her. She couldnot see me above her in the roof. Below Ramu Kak was going grunting and Umika was going "uuffff.." He put his hand beloe her blouse. He was now really pounding her arse. The sound of air coming out of her arse like a punctured tube come up to me.

I could Alia moving her hands insie slawar faster as Ramu kaka increased to and fro speed. He was a gaint ansd she was petite. Quickly he turned around and she rushed her mouth forward to drink his cum. She kept on sucking his cock till he was hard again. She laid back, opened her leg wide open and guided him.

Due to the high wind the flap on top of the yard filled up the hole through which I was looking. I looked towards Alia but she ws gone. Next day, Alia was afraid to go to the maths tuition alone. She wanted me to come and side bysides with the maths teacher. Not he was strict or anything, but that he had a history of having his way with his girl students or he would fail them.

I told her that I break his bones if he even touched her. She said that will amount no good, he would still fail her. Then I said if tries to fails you I will rape his wife and daughter. She said that still didnot matter for all you know he might be already in bed with his daughters too, she added drily she didnot know I was that kind of person.

I told her that my maths knowledge is superior I could teach her that stuff for free. She thought about and agreed and said that would our secret for she would still pretend to go maths tuition. I said so do you get to keep the tuition fees or do we return the money, what do I get for all troubles?

She said in sweetest voice I ever heard "my dear prince in ruturn I will do belly danceing for you. You have never seen and I do very well". Just to get her slip in my room was enough for me, so I agreed. The came a shocker she said during the maths class she will go to see her boy friend and she will come to my room in the morning to do maths homework. I agreed.

I was visibly very upset to know that she had a boyfreind. I recalled those words that daughter will go outside if they donot find love inside the home. In return for pleasure girls feel security of strong man shoulder. Even though that strong shoulder is attached to a strong pensis that is probeing the interiors of her vagina.

As people age some people became more sexually active then they were in thier youths. That was how Ramu kaka was. He was called the fucking machine. People feared to make him thier enemies. He only needed an excuse to fuck thier women before he spared them. I was sitting depressed in the shop. At that time of the night he sitting in the corner and drinking alone.

He asked me what was eating me. So I told him the whole stroy with Aila. He proposed that I have sex with her at once. Otherwise that boy freind will steal the pleasure and leave her with his baby. Boys in this area do not marry girls who fuck around. That will be the end of her. The only way for me to save her is to have sex with her immediatly.

Once I do it to her, she will come back for more and the she will forget her boyfreind and homes presitige will remain intact. His logic seemed to make sense to me. He advised me to do in the shit hole and very gently with a lot of cream so that it does not pain her at all.

She must like it. I never thought the Ramu kaka might have been joking and that he was drunk. I was really sold on that logic of his. Next morning he could not recall a single word he had told me. By then it was too late for me. Thats in the next part.

Karthik having hot sex with cousin Divya

Hi, This is Karthik. I live at Anna Nagar, Chennai. I am 23 yrs old, 5ft 8 inches. I had a splendid Experience a few months back with my my Cousin Divya - 32 yrs old Married with a 5 yr Old Kid. She is a housewife & Her husband is more interested in making money than enjoying his wife’s beauty.

She has a perfect figure, lovely lips, sexy structure and long hairs and over all round boobs which still makes me more passionate about making Love with her. So once her Husband had to go to Calcutta regarding his Office Work. And I was asked to accompany my Cousin for the Next 5 days. Oh My Gosh. I was so excited. I reached her house on Saturday after her Hubby left.

It was just a Formal Welcome with a tight Hug that she gave me. I could feel her Boobs touching my body. Oh I felt so nice. I settled down onto one of the rooms & went to sleep with My Cousin in my mind. The Next day she woke me up with a Cup of Coffee. She was wearing a Nighty.

Damn she wasn't wearing any inner wears because I was able to see her tits popping up through the nighty. Then I freshened my self & got ready for Breakfast. Being Sunday her kid was still asleep. She started acting weird & started showing herself & was asking how she was looking that day. I said as always u look good. But damn she was too sexy that day.

Then we had a good chat & planned for a evening time out. My cousin is so close to me that she always used to share everything with me. So during the Evening we went to a nearby park. There she was speaking about her personal life how her husband is such a workaholic & how often he comes late home & sleeps off without caring about her and etc etc.

At one point she just asked me whether I have any Girlfriend. I said No. She asked whether I have done Sex with anyone. I said I have seen a lot of Blue Films & I know how it is done. But was never Lucky enough to get any Chance with someone. She quickly asked whether I would like to try out everything with her.

Damn I was surprised & excited too But wasn't able to reply to her as I was speechless. Never have I expected such things might happen. She dragged me to our house. After reaching home she made her kid to sleep & came to my room by 7:30pm wearing a Black nighty. I hope She was waiting for this moment for long time. She came near & hugged me so tight.

I was sitting on the Bed & she sat on my Lap & then started kissing me so passionately catching my head with one hand & the other caressing my Back. I was in heaven. My hands were all over her Boobs. She wasn't wearing any inner wear. We kissed & caressed each other for about 10 minutes. Then she asked me to remove her nighty.

Then I removed her nighty and there she lay, completely naked. I spread her legs wide enough & had a look onto her pussy. It was so nice. The lips of her pussy were pink and there were a little hair on it. I parted her vaginal lips and kissed her clit. I inserted my tongue in her pussy & explored its depth for a while which made her mad.

I started rubbing her pussy externally then rubbed her clitoris and slowly inserted one finger into her love hole. It was very tight, she was right her husband was not fucking her. I was Fingering her Cunt & caressing her G-spot. She went crazy and started making noises and said she cant hold anymore. She was damn wet.

Then I spread her Legs Wide Open. First I slowly started rubbing my penis on the external lips, then inserted only the tip and rubbed. Then slowly inserted my Cock into her love hole. It was very tight. So I slowly applied pressure and made my way. She was shouting & moaning. But once I got it totally inside I started moving it to & fro.

After sometime she also started enjoying and started giving me company. The room was full of noises aaaah... oooooh... and the sound of two bodies touching each other. I was fucking her now very fast and hard as she was moaning and asking for more of it. I was also licking her nipples. I was kissing all parts of her body where my mouth cud reach in that position.

Now She was uncontrollable and she held my arms tight and started to jump under me. I was moving to & fro and at the same time she was holding her hip up and pressing her buttock against the bed to accompany my moves. As my stroke became harder, after few moments she started moaning "Please slow down Karthi... aahh...Ooohhh... Please....

Though she was begging for me to slow down she never stopped enjoying each & every stroke of mine. Now She spread her legs much more wide open and she was hugging me real tight. She was moaning hard & then her body arched & then she breathed out heavenly. She had her orgasm. She was so excited & tired. Then we both laid naked for some time in each others arms.

Then after some time I again started kissing her big boobs and rubbing her pussy. We had another round of sex this time in doggy style. It was really great experience. We had regular sex daily for 5 days till her Husband returned back from Calcutta. Now she has Shifted her Home to Bangalore as her Hubby got Transferred onto there. Please give your feedback on how you liked my experience in the comments.

Best holiday with sexy cousin

hi friends this is aryan back back with one of my other encounter which I had with my cousin when I went to new york for a holiday. I reached new york airport took a cab and reached my cousins place to give them all a surprise as I ran the bell I saw my cousin at the door she was surprised to see me at the door she could not believe her eyes she jumped on me

and gave me tight hug my face burried between her breast man she was looking hot.let me describe her a sexy indian female born and brought up in the states fair slim sexy hot anf spicy I can actually tell she was a model wearing a sexy short mini skirt and a tube top just covering her nipples and exposing her upper breast she was looking good.

she said what a surprise she was very delighted she asked me to come in as I moved in I noticed no one was there in the house I inquired with her and she said uncle and aunt were out for a business trip and she had stayed back for a friends wedding I said ok and moved in with my luggage.

she asked me if I wanted some water or beer I said yes a beer would do she said right away and moved into the kitchen to some for both of us I also moved in behind her into the kitchen she open the fridge bent down to take out some beer as she bent u will not believe it was a sight any body will not miss ever in their life as she bent down

I could see her ass cheeks coming out of her mini what she was wearing the really looked lovely I was wishing if I could touch then and play with them care them pinch them I was lost in the thoughts and moved towards her I was just a few centimeters away from her she got up and suddenly turned and bumped into me man that time I was feeling like I was in heaven

I said sorry and moved back immediately she said no probes and gave me nice smile and handed over the beer to me we both had some beer and had a nice conversation in which I found out that masi and her husband were not going to be in the city for next 15 days. I said OK but didnt realize that it was a wonderful new it was for me as it was going to be one

holiday in which I was going to visit heaven in coming few days.i said I am tired and said wanna have catch up on my sleep she said ok and took me to her room she said she parents room was locked and the gues room was not in a state where any body can stay for a wile so the next avaliable option was her own room she said u can sleep in my room I said ok and

moved into my room got a bit freshened up change and moved into the bed it a plesent weather out side and went to sleep in between my sleep I got up as I could see some movment in the room it was my hot cousin who just came out of her shower she cam into the room in her towel she did not notic that I was awake she dropped her towel in front of the mirror looked at

her body and was playing with her brest I could see her body from the side man it was a great viev she put on her bra and her panties wore a nice tshist and small mini skirt she looked as sweet as a dool a pure modern princess her hair was open she went out of the room and after 2 housr she came into the room woke me up as I open her eyes I saw her face rite into my

face lips so close if I wanted I could just kiss them with no efforts she moved back and as me to get up I got up and walked to the tv room with her she sat on the sofa and asked me to sit with her I sat next to her as I just got up I was vvery lazy and wile talking I moved down and out my head on her lap soft silky sweet and hot legs I was in heaven as I was close to her

pussy the smeel and fragens made me energetic was giving me a slow kick as we were talking we slowly started to have a fight and she opened her raised one leg and put it round my neck saying I will kill u making it a fasi for me I was very luck to be in such a place as it was not less than heaven for me even she enjoyed that situation I turned my face toward her

pussy moved my nose up and down she was loving that kissed it she did not regret or stop me from doing that I felt bad and moved my head out of her legs and said sorry to her she said no its nothing and said that she was enjoying that and said she could have more of that as we both were wanting that the mood was good and and the situation was rite for it as we both

were alone she told me not to stop as now she was in full sences I said very vell then raised her leg and returned to my position kissed it she put her hand on my chest slowly moving it up and down slowly moving it down towards my lower body she put her slowly on my tool started rubbing it she slowly moved her han in my boxers held my tool tight gave it a good massage

in the mean wile my head was in the skirt I moved her panty to the side opening her pussy rite in my face I started to like her pussy moved my toung in and out slowly licked it for some time I then got up made her sit on the sofa and raised her legs caught her panty and pulled them out man she whad cleaed shaven pussy as if she had just shaved it to have sex with me then

I slowly liftedd her in my my arms her legs round my waist tppk her towards the wall resting her body towards the wall raised her t shirt removed it trew it away and then un hooked her bra from the back and there it there were her lovely soft sweet breast with pink nipples rite in front of me I started to kiss then bite them and did every thing possible took her to the room in

that state put on her the bed and removed my t shirt I was like a wild bore waiting to attack she was looking very lovely removed my boxers I raised her legs and put my dick on her pussy massed it with my tool lubricated it and slowly enterd her pussy it was heaven ma a real heaven she had some pain when this happened but she survived and did not complain

after some full stroked blood came out of her pussy I asked her was she a virgin and was I the first person to fuck her she said yes man I was luck to have sex with a female out of india who was a virgin I slowly increased my speed and was feeling very good and passded that feeling and happiness from my dick in to her body which she was enjoying I slowly bend down on

her body slowly stroking her put my hands on her breast playing with her kissing her lips locked it with a french kiss enjoyed it for some time I them moved out as I was abt to cum and didnt wanna cum rite into her in the very first go be both got up I told her I was gonna cum and asked her if wanted to take it in her mouth she said yes and really enjoyed taking it she

then slowly gave me few min of blow jobs to relax me and then moved up into my arms kissing me all the way and then rested in my arms we had a small nap as we were tired after such a nice exp in life I was a really good moment for me and her and we both enjoyed it cont story next time.

Horny guy fucking Foster Mother

Things had progressed to such an extend that the message was quite clear to me. She wanted me out of the home. Forty days since father died and all I got from foster mother was get out of the home. The irony was not lost to me. Father married my late mother's younger sister Q as her own husband went mad.

(I shall call her Q for privacy reasons for this a true story< she is still one the most astounding beautiful Kashmiri Pandit girl, easily mistaken for a European, I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of girls). I could see why. Her tenacious acid sharp tongue would crack even a stone wall to hundred bits. Men were nothing for her. Father wanted someone to take care of me.

She wanted a child badly. They married and had a child boy soon, Monty. She gave her child everything and made me work mercilessly around the home for food. Sometimes she was kind to me, she would insist father take her on his scooter to see all of my football matches. She would cheer me from the stands. When I was hurt she would attend personally attend to my injury.

One time I was injured in the groin, she looked around to see if anyone was looking. She quickly administered iodex on my groin to my utter surprise. We used to speak double language after all she was 31, I was 23 and my dad was 58. From the outside Q was anything but temperamental, well behaved, full of good advise and milk of humanity.

But we insider knew her to be cold, demanding and control freak. Hardworking dad was working in the plant. He must be thinking about the verbal fight or tongue lashing he got earlier in the day with Q. He did not notice the screws coming off the huge weight bearing pillar as it came down on him, crushing him beneath its 10 tonne weight.

Just after the funeral, she started pissing me off by "what will people say? a young college going boy staying alone with his young widow mother" I would remind her that there was also her 5 yr old son who lived in that house. Somehow she had this imprssion that she was very desirable and any man would fall for her.

I privately thought that she was ugly though physically she was quite attractively fit and energetic. For a thin women she had the biggest ass I have ever seen on any women. At other times she would tell me "Do not you feel ashamed living here with a recently widowed beautiful young women, think about people r talking about us?"

I asked her what her problem was, did I not pay enough attention to her? I made a mistake of taking it to lightly.. She told me that people would accuse me of trying to make her my personal whore. In return I would tell her that I would tell people that she would always be my queen and live always in my heart. She said that wouldn't matter because people would secretly still think we are having sex. So I would retort then lets have sex.

And at other times she would be quite blunt "Look we cannot live with this small income, I need to give out your room on rent? why do not you find yourself another place? Unless you still planning to pimp my body and making a living out of making me a whore" With her I did not when it was a joke and when it was not.

I was getting depressed I had never heard her use this kind of coarse language before. We had totally three rooms besides the one master bedroom, we could still give portion on rent and still have enough for three of us to live on. But she insisted I leave the house to her and go elsewhere.

Finally driven by her one day, I went to see my father's employer to see if they could get me job. This was going to one very lucky day for me. A day I simply can not forget for three reasons. The old boss was expecting me. He heard my sob story about lack of income and how we three were starving.

His boss had already made all arrangements for me as per company norms. Not only did I get a full time job as Assistant accountant in the head office in Delhi but also a educational grant to study M.Com or equivalent. I had to join the job in about 40 days in Delhi. I had never seen Delhi. I had seen many people from Delhi in our nearest city Jammu.

They all looked rich and so cosmopolitan I remember. I decided not to tell Q about my new found happiness, lest she ask me to send her money every month from Delhi. I reached home and found a man in black coat waiting for me. I put on a sad smile, hiding all my happiness. I also notice that few village elders were present.

They were all sitting in courtyard, somber and Q had served them tea and snacks. As per our conservative tradition she did not come out to greet them or talk them. They stood up for me and exchanged courtesies. They asked me call my foster mother and Monty to the gathering. I went inside and asked Q and Monty to join us.

Q had her face and head fully covered as a grieving widow would. But as I came in she pulled me to a corner and wanted to know what these men wanted. She was afraid, shaking like a jelly. I had never seen her frightened. She asked me to stay close to her and Monty. We came to the courtyard.

I sat down on the ground just outside the inner house door opposite the gathered men. Q sat inside the door behind me on left side, she was not visible to the men gathered. She was sitting so close behind me that her left breast gently kept ebbing against my left elbow. I sat there handsome, proud and strong, suddenly the man of the house,

Monty my little rascal on right side of me. To keep him sitting is a task by itself. The man in black coat took our attendance. after signing the register, I turned to gave the register to Q, she put her hand on my hand, she signed on it. She had beautiful handwriting. Being an ex school teacher that was not surprising actually.

On noticing this I smiled at her, she look venerable, she stuck out her tongue at me. The man in black coat was fathers' lawyer and he had come to read fathers will and the village elders were witness. It took him 15 minutes to read the will, after all my father didnot have much. He asked each one of us to sign the register that we understoood what was stated in the will.

I again turned towards her for her signature, she looked shocked, like her world had suddenly turned upside down. She looked at me directly at my eyes,like as if I was her new master. I smiled at her, pushed my elbow a little deeper into her breast. She sighed, pushed my elbow away and signed the register.

Father had left everything to me, the house, the agriculture land and his savings. She got his meager survivor pension. The lawyer was not done. It seems father had a life insurance with accidental death rider. That alone was worth RS 5 lacs. That was princely sum in those days. It blew the wind out of me and suddenly I felt Q had renewed pressing her left breast deeper into my left elbow.

It was her silent way of saying she was happy too. There was a mini celebration, others came, relatives came. Q was very happy for me. I caught her in a private corner of the house and quickly whispered to her that though everything on paper was mine but since I was hers so everything was technically hers too. I quickly squeezed her breast.

She lifted her dupatta and gave me a mock angry look. I took her hand and rubbed hard it against my cock for the first time. She hissed "Let go...Someone will see, motherfucker...Not now...later" I suddenly realized that for all the bravado, she was in a weak spot in this part of the country. This is a totally male driven world and she needed me more then ever before.

She dare not disobey me publicly. Now that the house and everything was mine, this left her more dependent on me then before. Clearly I was going to fuck her tonight and she knew she had no choice but to open her legs up and warmly greet my invading penis. This was payback time for me. I had to get my revenge for all the harsh words and all that aggravation she made me suffer.

By night everyone was gone. I cleaned up the courtyard. I took my time I wanted every one to sleep. Monty was fast asleep. I closed his door. I marched to the master bedroom. Q was sitting on the bed. It looked like she was expecting me to come. I locked the door behind me and dimmed the lantern lamp to low. I took off my shirt and pant.

She observed all this very quietly. I lay down on the master bed next to her. I was nervous, she was a wild cat, calmly I said to her " Massage my cock now" saying that I pulled down underwear. She jumped up in air and fell at opposite side of the bed, further away from me, also from where she could see my hard cock in a better light.

Shocked she hissed in a low whisper "Are the customers waiting outside, how much money are you charging them for my body?" I laughed and said "You are my and only my queen, no body dare even look at you or I will take out his eyes, I will always be nice to you if you will be too, from now on my full pleasure is your duty, come hold my cock"

She did not move, I tried to take her hand, she pushed my hand away. I said very bluntly "Look you have three options here. One, if you refuse and disobey me tell me why or you better pack up and leave this house. Your second option is that you can give me pleasure and live like my queen not my whore and keep enjoying this home."

I was enjoying her discomfort, I started playing with my penis "Thirdly, you can create hue and cry that I am trying to rape you, there will be loss of reputation for you and me. I will deny it, finally I will be forced to sell this house and move to Jammu where I will marry a young cute girl and have all the sex I want."

On mentioning living with a younger women Q burst into anger, and threw her sandals at me, she began looking for other things to throw at me, not finding anything, she began to sob loudly and she raced towards the door. I caught her halfway through and dragged her back to the bed. I was fully naked and she was fully clothed. She was no match for my strength.

I easily lifted her and put her the bed with myself on top her. I began to peel her clothes away. Her body was so soft and cold. I jammed my hard cock against her panty covered pussy. I tried to remove her red panty and push my penis inside her hole. She continued to wrestle with me. I was trying to be as gentle as I could be without breaking her bones due to my strength.

I was easily 6 time stronger. She hissed "My fourth option is to cut off your mother fucking cock before it enters that young whores cunt" Getting myself another women had clearly touched raw spot on her. I gently applied pressure to pin her down to the bed "I am going cut off your mother fucking cock" At the same time she raised her ass and began rubbing against my cock.

I slipped one of hands inside her blouse and began to twiddle with her nipples. I turned her around I pushed her blouse up and for the first time I saw a women breast. She had small one, Her pinks nipples were standing erect as hard and erect as my hard cock. Hungrily I put my mouth on her breast and put the whole thing in my mouth and began to suck on them.

She started crying hot tears "I sacrificed so much for you, always gave you the best food before my son even and this my reward holding your cock, pleasing you." I gently took her hand and put on cock, she began to squeeze and release. I grabbed her ass and began squeezing them.

They were so soft and tender "It is I who insisted" she continued "that you should get better education and spend time in school instead of the farm and this reward I get, you want now put your cock inside my ass." By her own power her hand reached down and began to squeeze my cock. hard "It is I who told everybody" she continued "what a handsome and intelligent boy you are.

I prayed for you, I made food for you and this is my reward you want me to put your cock in my most private part, you mother fucker." I pulled off her saree and panty. I moved my mouth from breast to her hairy hole, I put my tongue inside it and began to suck at the surrounding area and stuck my index inside her hole

"It is I who who got sweets and lollipops for you secretly hiding...groan... it from everybody and now this is the reward I get...groan.. you want me suck your lollipop. this is my fifth option became your mistress, your mistress I am son, come fuck me to your hearts contend" I kept hearing her, the opposite of what she had said was true mostly. To shut her up.

I moved from her pussy to her mouth and began to kiss her. She was a deep kisser. She started stroking my cock faster. I start moving my index finger inside her pussy faster. She wrapped her tongue around my tongue and pulled my tongue inside her mouth. Then suddenly she removed my index finger and pulled my cock to the entry point to now wet hole.

There was no pretense now, we both couldnot wait any longer to fuck! I gradually entered her hot warm heaven. There was so much pleasure I had hardly gone half inside that I came in large gush's. She said " what are you done already?" Quite ashamed I took out out my limp cock. I got off her and lay next to her.

After some silence she said "I got you you poor bastard, HAHAHA this your sixth option, you just raped me and that juice inside me is proof for police. They are going to lock you away for a long time you mother fucker or you can give me this house we settle out of court and I will take back my charge" She suddenly got up and bolted out of the door.

Like a loser who lost everything just after he was introduced to wealth, job and women. Dejected I put on my cloths and waited for police to come. The press and village elder, what shame I was going to face. Maybe I should forget the wealth and fled from there. But I could not run I couldn't leave now. I never thought of the sixth option.

After some she came back inside and sat down besides me. I waited for others to follow behind her. We kept sitting for quite some. Then she said "I think it is getting late we should sleep now" Saying that she lay down. I said "Wait, what about the sixth option police and all that". She turned her back towards me,I asked her "So where did you go now?"

She said "To the washroom to erase all signs of your do not even know how to do it, you are a virgin.." She turned towards me. We kissed for a long time. She took my hand, placed on her breast and said " You might be mother fucker, but you are my mother fucker.. I love you more then you love me.

I have no one else I can go to in this wide big world except you and hopefully you will stay mine. Please study well and get a good job, I want to move out of this village, this village has began to suffocate me, it is like a rut of depression I am sinking deeper into. I have only you in this world, even if I have to suck your cock every night and let you fuck me in my ass,

as long as you love me, you can do that!". She began to stroke me. Within a second I was rock hard. She climbed on top of me and inserted my cock inside her. She gently began to rock to and fro. That is when I told her about the seventh option. About my job and posting to Delhi. And that we could give this home and agricultural land on rent.

Monty will go to much better school in Delhi. I will rent a place and we will live like husband and wife far from this village. She was very happy to hear that. She got of me and said "Come fuck me". She opened her leg wide open. I mounted her. She put her legs on shoulder. Just then I recalled how once I had seen neighbor fuck his daughter in law.

I tried to recall his action, he was very good. When he was done with her she was truly done. I closed my eyes and began remember everything. I had seen him fuck his daughter in law every day for six month till her stomach began too large. He had caught me many times. But I did not tell anyone so he did not mind a small watching him.

I now recalled each every movement of his. He had this thing about hitting this rough spot deep inside her and rubbing it. This he promised would drive most women mad in passion. Always start from behind, this will open her up he used to say. I asked q to turn around. At first she objected that she did not want to ass fucked. I told her she will enjoy it.

I turned her around and pushed my myself inside. She didnot like at all. She put her hand and pushed me out and pushed me in another warm hole. But this time she was enjoying my deep slow and medium pace to and fro push. After 10 minutes I mounted her from the front. I put her feet on my shoulder, fully opening her up for deep penetration.

Next recalling Uncles posture, I put my held her shoulder like a railing. Then I began to slowly push a little in and out at a time inside her. As a result after quite some time. I started going deep inside her. I really began to pump deeper and faster inside her. At one point I just stopped deep inside her to get a feel for that famous rough patch.

I explorer inner caves with the head of my penis. I knew when I hit that spot she went like...she was exposed to raw electric shock but in pleasure not in paid. I hit the spot over and over again without actually going to and from. I just stayed deep inside her and kept rubbing her, in no time she was like a fountain of fluid.

I put my mouth on her mouth and rubbed my tongue against her tongue. We stayed like that for quite some time. Kissing and my cock deep inside rubbing my penis head against her female spot. If I was not kissing her she would have been squealing. I really enjoyed it. Somehow looking at her made harder as if I could keep fucking throughout the night.

She was definetly in heaven when I increase the pace and strike intensity. I began to pump, going faster and faster. Not only was I bathed in seat, somehow she too was sweating profusely. I was done. I came all over her. She was done. We looked into each another eyes. We certainly liked the seventh option.

Anil fucking cousin Megha

As I have read so manny storry on Human disest all of them r now want to post my incedence which is real tru one.please forgive me as my english is not so good. it was the time when I went Chennai for my college or my Mama's family live their..My self name change..Anil...

I uncle have two daughter one is of my age and other was 4 year younger then me..Her name is megha(name change)...i was new to city as I went their from my education is from english medium...CBSE board so I have no problem to convocate pepole in crowd..But still local language is necessarry.

come to the story...i was having no intention about sex or anything with my two cousions...we enjoy our lifes we used to share or college rutine..masti and all kind of stuff of enjoyment with both of my cousions...i started liking Megha as decently a cousion sister..but at time we dont have any intention of wroung..

we all use to sleep in one room I megha and her elder sister and my grand mother...i use to talk to megha about day rutine wht I had done in college..and what she had done in school....At that time her boobs have started to grow and her matriculation period also started...In month once when this started her stomach get painning very much..

i used to ask her y her stomach is painning she tell about diffrent excuses..but not tell the right execuse...this happens for four month...same routine..we used to come more closer in talks...and one day when her period started again..on the same night I ask her again..then on that day she told me about her period..

you can understand that one girl when told bout her period to other boy then she can say him any after that we became more closer...and without any intention we started touching each other hear and their in night without occationally. one day she tell me about her friends affair..and ask me that ki I have any affair with any body till now..i told her no..

after that we start talking about wht happens in affars...all stuff...and sex talk also..then we started our close ness about talking how boys get arose for sex and she tells about girls...still this we have no intention of sex at all..then whi;e talking we started feeling good if we touch each other at night..and even in day time if get chance..

one day she told me to hug her as she wants to feel my I hug her tight as my whole body touch her pennis also become tight which touch her as she must have feel that..after that when ever we get chance we start huging each other tightter..and this started kissing and carrying each other over the clothes.

After all this we both liking each other as for sex and carrying of our needs too..i care for her and she care for day I said her to kiss me on lips for which se oppose...but on my insisting she just kiss on my lips and went...not smootch...this made be feel I behave like I dint like.

so after some time she came and kiss me again and this time we literrary smooch with our toungh and sliva exchaging..this make her feel good and me too..and our body started heatting and my penis was also hard and was in between her legs..she tightly round her legs on my pennish as with clother my pennis was in her vergina..

after that we started this when ever we get day I insis her to show her pussy..she said no..but after some time she come to me and told me to come to our house have a seperate way to go to terrace...first she went over their..and after some time aeapping from eyes of family member I also started way o terrace...when I was climbing the steps..

she came in between and hug me tightly...and sit infront of me two steps up and pull down her panty as she had wear maxi type of frok only and up her maxi frok and sprea her legs...i started seeing her had some wht small hair..and smell was really good..i sit their and bring my face nea to her pussy and smell their..she became hot...

as I put my mouth on her pussy and started kissing it...she put her one hand on my head and press it to her pussy..i keep on kissing and gone inside her pussy wall and drunk all her wetness...i think she must have her organ which I drank full...and she took my face off from it and kiss me on my lips..and said she felt very nice...

then we leave for that its our routine that when ever we get time we use do do this thing..i make her fully satisfy every time and we started the same in night also and fingering her too...but I was not getting time to have full sex..

once we had a function at our we had book dharam we have to moov to dharmasala..and our house get empty...i used to do all the work of function...and my uncle dosent have I doo all the work of purchasinga nd helping her in his office too..on this occation..our house was empty and our guest wea also shifted to Dharmsala...

a function place..As we forget some things to bring from my unt tell me to take megha to house she knowa the thing where it has kept and I will drive her to house so we can come fast..we both felt good and very fastly we come to house and unlock the main door and came inside the house..she went for the thing which we have to take back..

and I close the main door from inside...then I came to her where she was searching the thing...she got the we kept the thing in plastic and ready to go..i look at her..and also look at me..we hug each other and started kissing..each other...i pullede her to the bed...i dind turn on the fan...i took her salwar out and kurta of salwa alo out as became half nede from top and down..

i started kissing all over her...and pull down her panty..and started kisssing her over their..with all my toungh in it and presing her boobs which were not so big but good enough to suck...i took her bra out and make her full nude and take the boobs in my mouth and started kissing it and suckking it...she said me to get my clothes off..i said that u make me off clothes..

so she in nudity position maked me nude..we now first time she other as in nude position...we hug each other and started kissing all over...i againn kiss her in her pussy which make her sperm came out...then I said her please kiss my which she became she took hold of my dick and I was standing and she was on bed..

she took slowelly sloweelly my dick in her mouth and started kissing as she was succking loolypot..and went to seven heave..wht was the experiance for me that was...she tok some skin off of my dick and put her toungh on it..and started sucking...iwith in five minute I was tottally loaded I said her that my sperm is comming she said let it come iwill swallow it..

as u have swallon so manny of I load all my come in her mouth...after that she took all of my cum from my dick and make it wet..then I said her kya ye samaye hame phir milega..she said..pata I said we should do that also(means sex)..she said yes..then I took my tool and rub her pussy walls...she became hot and hug me tight...

as I was new to it so I started to puss my dick..but it was not going..and comming she also make try to get it in..but we did not..then I came near to her pussy and spread her walls of pusy and with one my hand push the dick in..only one inch get in..this make her uuuuuffffffffffff..i said her kya huaa..she said dard ho raha hai..

then I said ki I should take it out..but she said no..then with one more puse I make it half in as my dik is 6.5 inch it gone half in..she again shouted and press her leg on my back with full force and again I puss her whole dick was in her pussy and she shouted with pain...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...after that I make started slowlly up and down..

and with same she also make movement and from her eyes watter was flowing..that was of sex experiance..we started in and out more fasterer...and she said..i love u.....fuck me..harder..and pyar karo mughe aur..aur aaur...with this five minute she explore all her cum in it...i was also hard..and itoo was literrary to cum..

and took out my dick and epolid it on her pussy outter walls and stomach..and hug her and smootch her.....what was the experriance that after five minute when we got sence we stand on bed sheet their was blood with sperm...we took the bed sheet to wash and put another bed sheet and clean our selfes in bathroom..and their too kiss our selves with more passionatelly....

after that we dress our selves and went to function...after this we had many occastion and we tried all type of things...but after two year she started egnooring me...but I was in full love with her..i thought to marry her...but she refuse and starting eggnorring me...but still five year I had sended her 4000/- p.m. as her pocket money insted of eggnoring her...

buts one day she said me some thing so erase words which broke my heart...after that I stop talking to I am now well build with economy and financial position...but still never forgive her for her ignoring nature...please comment your comments...thanks.

Sex filled holiday of Kishan - II

After a late night when I got up I noticed that Masi was not in bed. Only Ma and I were there. Both naked. I kissed Ma on her lips to wake her up and then sucked both her tits one after the other and finally sucked her choot for a while. She kissed and sucked my hard cock for a short while and then we both got up.

She wanted to have a pee so I asked her if she show me how she did it. In stead of sitting on the pot she went to the bathing area and spreading her legs and bending her knees and protuding her hips forward she started to pee. A yellow liquid flowed out from her bushy choot like a waterfall. By the end it became a trickle down her thigh.

I took time to piss as my hard on made it slightly difficult. As we were dressing Masi came in carrying three pieces of cloth - one red, one saffron and one yellow about 18 inches square and some other things in a large plastic carry bag. She did not tell us what this is all about. Anyway we dressed and went down for breakfast, having packed everything.

After breakfast we got a cab and went to the hotel where we were to stay - the next marriage function was early next morning. At the hotel we got as planned adjoining rooms with a connecting door between the rooms. I was told by Masi to occupy one room while she and Ma occupied the other room. We had a cup of coffee and then Masi shooed me out of the room.

She soon came to my room carrying a packet with her. She told me that on that afternoon I was to lose my virginity in a cerimonial manner. I was to remove all my hair from my cock and balls. She would come to inspect me in the afternoon. I was not to come to their room till I was told. They were to lock the door and I should ask for my lunch in my room.

Wishing me good luck and pressing my cock she went and locked the connecting door. I read the instructions in the Hair remover bottle and decided to order my lunch and get down to the other business after food. After a healthy amount of good Non- vegitable food I started to get ready for my "Deflowering". I first removed all my hair from my cock area, chest and under the arms.

Had a double shave. I was absolutly a 'chickna' now. Had a nice warm bath. I was relaxing in my dressing gown, when the doorbell rung. I went and opened it. My Masi came in and first checked my body. She would not touch my lund though. She was pleased with what she saw. She then handed me the yellow cloth and a string to tie around my waist.

She gave me further instructions; took the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign from my room and left after hanging it on the door. I followed the instructions and got fully naked and tied the string around my waist and hung the yellow cloth on it so as to cover my lund. The Marigold( Genda) flower on the longish stalk I carried.

Soon the door opened and standing in front of me was Masi abs nude. She called me and did some sort of prayer and then called for Ma. Ma came also nude but with the red cloth covering her choot. Ma was carrying a small garland of marigold. Masi removed my cloth and asked Ma to carry on.

My cock was absolutlty standing - almost touching my navel - it was atleast 170 degrees and the red knob glistening. With the pubic hair shaven it looked longer than what I had ever seen it. A little precum had already started to ooze out. Ma came and put the garland on my cock and bent and kissed the tip. Masi removed Ma's cloth. Ma also was clean shaven - not a hair in sight.

I put the flower I was carring into the hole in a manner that only the flower could be seen. Masi took us both to the bed and made me lie down. Ma climbed up and came astride me but did not take my lund inside. It was just a few milimeters away from mom's choot hole. Masi put some vermilion tika on my cock tip and then put the same in Ma's choot hole.

The time was 1:15 in the afternoon. Masi gave the OK to Ma. She caught my cock and got it upright -90 degrees to my body and after slowly decending on to my lund she pushed her body in such a manner that my lund got embedded into her. Ma & I both simultaneously cried in ectacy while Masi clapped.

Ma sat on me without movement for a while and then she started to ride me at a gallop. My hips started to move unision with Ma's movement. Her Big tits were heaving up and down. Masi was watching all this while fingering herself. It did not take too much time for both of us to climax and Ma falling on me. Soon Ma got up and our mixed cum started to flow out of her.

She moved her cunt to my mouth were I had the cocktail and then Masi took the rest in her mouth. Ma turned around and licked my lund. I had lost my virginity. Masi & Ma gave me ladoos to eat and asked me to rest as I had lost "only part of my virginity and was due to lose the rest" I was again sent out of the room and told to wear same cloth and wait for next action call.

After about one hour Ma came and called me. She bent down and put some vermillion on my lund and then called Masi. She also was nude only she was wearing the cloth covering her arse. She went through the same ritual as I had gone through earlier with Ma. I lay on the bed with my lund up while Ma blessed us both and then Masi climbs on the bed

facing me but haunched over near my stomach. At the signal from Ma. Masi lowered herself on me. This time with the help of Ma I pierced masi's arsehole. It was little moer difficult, but once the knob had entered it felt nice. Masi kept rubbing her cilt as she matched my stroke with her movement up and down. I reached a climax and sqirted all my juice into her arse.

This was the beginning of our five years of sexual experience with many variations for both Ma and myself. This is a true episode, though it sounds like a fairy tale. As far as incest is concerned it is all humbug. No animals after growing up recognises his parents/child and they fuck without problem. Men and women make rules to make life difficult for themselves.

Sex filled holiday of Kishan - I

I am Kishan Singh Chaudhry. This is my story. I am now 20 years old. The incident I am going to relate happened when I was 15 years old. My Father was working in a MNC and was posted initially in Singapore and then in KL before being sent to Frankfurt. As he had been constantly on the move, my mum and I stayed in Gurgaon so that my education did not suffer.

I was tall for my age 5ft 10 inches tall and well built - a lot of Gym work - besides the fact that both my parents were very tall and well built. Our family was very fair. My mother was a housewife. Her only sibling -a sister, unmarried- stayed in Noida - the opposite side from us. She was a sports teacher and Aerobic instructor in one of the international schools.

Due to the distance involved we only met on festive occasions. We had to go to Mysore for the wedding of a close family friend's daughter. As winter holidays were on my Masi (Aunt) Mom and I planned to attend the wedding as well as see a little of South India specially Goa. Due to some miscommunication,

our hotel booking by our host was done for a day after our arrival in Mysore so we were put up in one room for the night. It had one double bed so my mother and Masi slept on the bed and I slept on the ground. On the bed Masi slept closest to me as mother wanted to sleep closer to the toilet as she had a habit of going there to pee sometimes in the night.

We were talking till quite late into the night. After being in Delhi, I was feeling quite warm so I was sleeping only in my shorts - no top on. I was quite ignorant of sex. I had not even masturbated but had nightfalls a few times. Suddenly there was a power failure: after some cursing I went of for a sleep while Masi and Ma kept chatting.

Sometimes in the middle of the night I felt a soft hand around my waist and moving up and down towards my chest. A body was clinging against my back. I realized it was Masi as she was much thinner than Ma. I lay very still. Soon this hand went lower to my crotch. As I was without underwears on I could clearly make out that Masi was tracing the outline of my Lund.

It started to enlarge. Masi was not trying to keep her movement very secretive from me from the way she was handling my lund. She then started to put her hand under the elsatic band which she found difficult. She then whishpered to me "turn around". I was now getting excited. I turned on my back. Masi immediatly started to kiss me on my lips and put her tongue into my mouth.

while she put her hand into my now fully aroused lund. She then turned me towards her and opened her blouse. " Chhoso,mere chuchi ko" she whispered and as she brought her big tit into my mouth she took my hand and put it under her petticoat. I felt for the first time a choot. It was so soft and absolutly devoid of any hair. " Ungli ander dal mer cheed me."

She had in the meanwhile pulled down my shorts and was playing with my lund. "Kithna Bara hai tera lund, beta". Her words were all whispered in the fear of waking up Ma. It was pitch dark but soon one's eyes adjusted to the darkness and one could make out at least the outline of individuals. We heard some movement on the bed so we froze.

Assuming Ma was turning and had gone of to sleep we continued our playing. " Mujhe tera lund choosna hai" Masi said. "masi mera control nikal ja raha hai. Lund ka Dood nikalne wala hai" I whispered to her. She pressed my balls hard to stop my organism and taking of her petticoat she turned around and came astride me with her choot in my mouth and my lund in her mouth.

I could see in the darkness her beautiful gaand in the air as she went with great josh sucking my lund. I got hold of her massive tits and started to press them while sucking her choot. After a while, I started to reach a climax and almost the same time my Masi started to move her hips faster and faster till she finally pressed her hips into my mouth and I gave a large dose

of my cum into her mouth. I also got a large dose of sweet slimmy liquid in my mouth. I continued to suck her thinking I could suck her dry, but the more I sucked her the more liquid came out -then suddenly she started to cumm again and there was another large discharge in my mouth.

I opened my eyes and suddenly found the lights come on - the power came on and the previous night the switches had not been put off. Masi quickly jumped off me. We both suddenly realized that Ma was awake and had been watching us. We tried to cover up fast and so did Ma as she had her petticoat up and her blouse open and had her finger of one hand inside her choot and was playing with her tits when we saw her.

After a short pause, Masi said, "Didi, We did not know you were seeing us. We are sorry for being naughty. It is not your son's fault. I enticed him." "Thats OK. I am impressed by both of you. You have made me Ek dum garam seeing you both in action" Ma said. After a pause Ma reached out for me and pulled me towards her. "Beta, mujhe bhi choos" she said.

Masi, immediatly started to play with ma's Choochis and took of her blouse. Sitting behind Ma, she held her breast -pointing her lovely large tits towards me said, "Beta, Le, thri Ma ki choochiaya choos. Masi & I were absolutly naked. I started to suck Ma's tits. They were bigger than Masi's but not as firm. While I was sucking Ma's tits Masi pulled off Ma's petticoat.

Ma then spread her legs, though I got between them I did not put my lund inside as I was not aware how it was to be done. Masi put her hand between Ma's legs and started to rub her choot while at the same time she started to play with my lund. I noticed that Ma had started to finger Masi's choot.

Masi sat on her haunches and started to rock her bottom back and forth timing it with ma's finger movement. She then sat on Ma's mouth and Ma's tongue started to lap up her free flowing juice. She then got of Ma and asked me, " Beta, tu Didi ki choot ko nahin chaatga? Didi tera lund ko choosne ke lie taras arhe hai. Koi Didi mein such bol rahi hu?

Ma replied in the affermative. I got let go of her tits turned around. she caught of my cock and after kissing the tip put it into her mouth while I bent down for her cunt. Her choot was very bushy. To help a novice around my Masi pulled up Ma's folded legs up and spread her legs at the same time parted her hair. It was for the first time I saw a woman's choot so close.

It was beautifully pastel pink in colour and very fleshy. I also kissed it first and then started to suck it. Masi directed my tongue to wards a minature penis sticking out from the top of Ma's choot. The moment my tongue touched it Ma thrust her hips up ward. I then saw Ma's arsehole. it was a perfect brown circle and it kept twitching as I continued to suck.

Soon the inevitable happened and Ma and I both climaxed in each other's mouth. We kept the lights on and through the rest of the night kept playing with each others sexual organ. Masi who had taken over the major domos part did not allow us to fuck. She said that was for the next day in the hotel.

While talking about sexual activities frankly I came to know tha Masi was had the most variety and most experience. As she said " I have to have at least thrice a week and it does not matter whether it the person is fourteen or eighty and whether it is a male or female. I have had them all."

Ma was a poor second having only been fucked by Dad and her dildos which was very often when they were together. She had only seen and touched another cock before her marriage with a college class-mate and that too just once. I was of course very poor having only had "hand experience" What was in store for me and Ma and Masi is in Part 2 of this episode.

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Hellow to all I read so much stories of human digest I like many stories I don’t think all the real stories. but I narrate here a true insect stories with my cousins sister in the age of 14 yrs & she is only 10yrs. we are so small for sex those time. But one day one of my friend age 18year saw me a blue film. After seeing that I felt some thing inside my shorts. I don’t what is this.

am thinking so lot about that b/f. What is that sex. My cousins lived nearby us. we play together never thinking of sex. But one that day onward after seeing b/f I thinking about sex & mainly opposite sex. when we play together I touché her on her panty. she didn’t response . I got courage when she sleeping with me on one bed I put my hand on her stomach.

Then slowly I goes for her panty. then I put my handbut under her panty. & rub there. I found the smooth skin there & thin line between them. But not seen yet. But she didn’t response I put one finger between line & feel wetness there. but she still sleeping after that I got also sleep with hand under her panty.

When I wake up she gone from there. but when she came after two day she is as same as she didn’t have any reaction about that day. We play same then she again go for sleep. I again started the game. but I feel that she is not sleep that time. she also enjoy my touch.then onward I see that she close eyes so hard I understand that she awake or pretending like sleep.

I got so courage I put my little finger in her tiny hole on upper side.i feel so good then she doest have any boobz. I put my one hnd on her nipple side there is so small nipple like anyone I rub there. After that day I am just thinking about her & deadly want to see her nude pussy. One dy when shw came no one in home. I am alone in house.

She came when she know that no one home she come on bed for sleep & close her eyes.i understand that she enjoy my act on her pussy. & wanted that again.. as no one in house so I go for her in bed & took my hand on her pussy. but I want to see that. she is wearing frock on that day I slid her panty on her knee & see there.

i saw a sweet pussy with no hair its look like so good then b/f babe. I just rub my finger there then I slowly bend & kiss there. But she pretend to be sleeping . but I kiss there. I feel some smell whose I don’t like but in movies I asw that licking. I then again put my tounge on her pussy. But slowly I feel very hot under my nicker. I don’t have underwear there.

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When she is cross her 13 she got little bobs on her upperside. when I got her in alone I just rub her bobs by hand & also squeezing them but on that tme we don’t get time alone in house. & her her mother also give some attention to her. I am in my 16 my mother struct one rooms for my studies for board exam.

No one came there while I was studying. but on those I thinking so lot about sex. one day when our& her parents gone for a the hospital for her father accident & hospitalize. We two alone in the house 7 I got chance that day. on that day I am in my study room that is not so much in space its small little room with one single bed or table & chair I take her to my study room.

Where I asked her about sex. she didn’t speak about sex but when I insist she saysthen she seen her parents to do like that. Then I say what you see she keep quite. I took her to closer to mine & put my tongue on her lips. but she close her lips not responding well. I assure her not to worry. then she open her lips I enter my tongue in her lips & smooch her.

I asked her seeing some porn book that I got from one on of my friend. She don’t reply but I seen in her eyes that she want to see I took book out from my bag & showing her that when she saw she look to be stunned. she is wearing skirt& shirt. I just open her shirt first she protest but when I sa some more book page her protest gone less I take out

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but I don’t like that hair I asked her whether u like that hair on your pussy or not. she says not. I go to my father room take a razor from there I stat shave there that I seen in book. I shaved her ten her puss look so good after cleaning that I put my tongue on her pusy lips. she quite laying on bed close her eyes enjoying my licking. I clean her pussy by my tongue.

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Dear friends, I am 41 years young. I have an exceptionally good conditioned body because I have been exercising regularly for about the last 40 years. I am 5.11 long with black/grey hair and brown eyes. My best feature however is 8 inch long and almost 3 inch thick and he is in need of sex and a lots of it because my wife is recently very cold and if I am lucky I get one fuck a month.

If you see Anita, you will immediately see why I want to have sex with her. I cannot imagine that I didn't notice this much earlier. She is about 5.2 tall with a body without an ounce of unnecessary weight. She has long legs for her length that appears to just going on and on and on up to her nice rounded ass.

She is fair with blue eyes, the most kissable lips and the most magnificent smile you can imagine. It virtually lights up her face when she smiles and you can also see the merriment in her eyes as she is smiling. And last but definitely not the least she has the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen on a girl of 18. They just beg to be touched and sucked.

Anita and I had always had a good relationship. We love to touch each other and often hug each other. She however never allows me to kiss her. She tells everybody that I am her favorite uncle and it is a pity that we are family and I am so much older than her. If she wasn't so young and if she knows anything about sex ( I bet at this age everyone knows )

I would bet that she was sometimes trying to seduce me. This story happens when my brother in law had a stroke and the doctor advised my wife's sister that she has to take him out of his present environment for as long as necessary so that he can relax properly. As she didn't want to go all by herself to look after an ill man, she asked my wife to accompany them for at least a week.

She wants me to stay at their house to look after their 18 year old daughter. When my wife told me I immediately agree because this will give me the opportunity to try and seduce Anita. I will never again have a chance like this. We arrive at their place the Friday afternoon about four in the evening and as my sister in law had already loaded their stuff in their car

I load my wife's stuff in as well and they immediately leave as they still have to go a long way before dark. Anita just arrived from her Taekwondu lessons and was still dressed in her martial arts outfit. As Anita's parents and my wife pulls out of the gate I put my arms around Anita, press her against me and say Hello my favorite, beautiful and grown up niece.

Are you ready and prepared to look after me this coming week? What do you mean, me looking after you. You have to look after me to see that I am well, happy and satisfied. Oh, if it depends on me you will be very happy and satisfied with lots of experience. Experience of what? she asks.

Of all the normal duties the woman of the house has to do when looking after her family and home or what did you think? I didn't think anything but well see about the experience thing. Lets go inside and have something to drink. She moves out of my arms and started towards the house.

I wonder if she felt my hard on because I had a tremendous erection when I pressed her against me. As I am not wearing any underpants I was sure she must have felt something. I quickly turn around towards the car to hide my hard on and to collect my clothes and cool box with my drinks.

When I enter the living room Anita was not there. When I walk to the bedroom where we usually sleep I hear the shower running. So she is cleaning herself. For what? I wonder. I unpack my cloths and return to the living room where I unpack my cool box, a six pack of beer, two bottles of wine and a bottle of Brandy and put it in the fridge.

I open a beer, switch on the TV, take off my shirt and sit down to relax and enjoy my beer. Drinking by yourself hey. What about me? Didnt you make me something to drink? When I look up Anita stands in the door dressed in her summer cottons, sleeveless top that reaches halfway between her knees and crotch and no bra.

She really looks the picture of a little girl with a woman's body but has no idea of the effect she has on a man. I have an instantaneous hard on and have to cross my legs to hide it from her for fear of scaring her away. What do you want little one? I have wine, red and white, beer and brandy.

If you want brandy I hope you have some mix otherwise you'll have to drink it neat or with water. Just don't tell me you want a cold drink that you will have to get yourself.I will have a white wine with ice like your wife always has. Okay, sit on the couch and watch how I do it. Next time it is going to be your turn.

I wait till she sits down before getting up hoping that my hard on will calm down while I make her drink. There is no way I can hide it when walking back to the couch. I use my time in pouring her a big glass of wine with ice and when I return to the couch my cock has luckily calmed down some and was not so clearly visible anymore.

I sit down on the couch handing her, her glass of wine. Here drink and I hope you have watched me making it because next time it is going to be you. She takes her glass of wine and lies back sideways on the couch with her head on the armrest of the couch and swing her legs over my lap and take a long sip of the wine. Ah, that is now nice and relaxing.

Do you mind my legs on your lap? I'm glad you don't have a hang up that your niece uses liquor.Well just as long as you enjoy it,I said,I like woman to drink because it makes them relaxes and also lowers their inhibitions.Actually I was looking ahead for this drinking session, as drinks can get me more closer to my pleasure.

I put my one hand on her leg and started rubbing them slowly up and down from her feet and back to her knee and back again. She gives a sigh of contentment and takes a long sip on her wine again.Now this is the life I would like to have, a handsome man, a drink and nobody to bother me with. Oh I like the wine it makes me feeling so relaxed and in a daring mood.

I am glad you are enjoying it because I enjoy it tremendously. Just the two of us and nobody else to bother us, We can eat when we like, sleep when we like and drink what we want when we want as a matter of fact do anything we want to.I move my hand down to her feet again and start to massage her foot lightly and eventually moving down to her toes and starting to massage them softly one by one.

Anita gives a sigh and says, Oh yes that is so relaxing. If you keep on doing it I'll fall asleep.I finished my beer and lift her foot to my mouth and starts sucking lightly on the toes.Oh yes Uncle yess!! That feels so nice. It makes me feel really hot. I look down at her and see the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. In lifting her leg the hem of her top has moved

upwards and allows me an almost clear view of her panty. It is white and almost transparent. I can clearly see the outline of her pussy, the outer lips with the slit in the center. I can promise you I had suddenly the most powerful hard on you can imagine. It almost hurts. She must feel something because she moves her remaining leg that still lies on my lap across my cock

to the side and this allows my cock to stand virtually upright forming a big tent in my pants. She must surely see it. There is no way she can miss it. Oh my, I feel so strange. You make me tingle all over. I don't know if it is the wine but, oh hell I like it. I even want you to kiss me. Please do not stop, she said. Okay my little darling. I will do what you ask. I say.

I looked at her face and see that her cheeks were flushed pink and her nipples are standing upright. I now then that Anita was really turned on and my chances are improving rapidly to eventually fuck her. I must just play my cards right and she will be putty in my hands. I keep on sucking her toes and my other hand slowly moves up and down her leg,

every time lower and closer to he pussy. Each time my hand moves down her leg I can hear her taking a deep breath and hold it until my hand starts moving up her leg again.When I reach her upper thigh I noticed her eyes are closed and she was beginning to breathe faster and faster. She also brings her hands up to her tummy and starts to rub her tummy slowly up and down.

Slowly moving upwards to her breasts and as her hands move upwards she also pulls the top upwards. I really have to control myself not to grab her pussy and force my fingers in. I again move my hand slowly down to the top of her leg until I feel the hem. I move my hand still further down and under her panty till I feel the junction of her leg with her body.

I twist my hand slowly sideways and then suddenly I feel her pubic hairs and move my hand slowly sideways over her pubic hairs. As I touch her pubic hairs she slightly lifts her pussy towards my hand, sharply pulls in her breath and softly moans, Oh my, this feel so good. Please don't stop. It is the first time anybody but myself touches me there but please don't stop.

I consider this also as consent to remove her panty which I do without much further ado. In fact she assists me by lifting her ass of the couch. She then moves her one leg sideways off from my legs and lowers it to the floor. This causes her top to spread completely and allow me full vision of her pussy. Oh my, what a sight.

Her pussy fully developed and both outer lips quite pronounced and visible because her pubic hairs are still sparse and don't cover her pussy. I also noticed the wetness forming on the inside of her pussy lips. I move my hand slowly down until my fingers lightly touch her pussy and slowly moving them up and down over her pussy lips, carefully not to apply too much pressure.

As I touched her pussy lips she almost jumps off the couch, Oh what are you doing to me? But please don't stop it feels so good. She has in the meantime move her hands to her breasts and are slowly moving them over her breasts and kneading them. Let me tell you this really looks arousing, seeing a young girl with her pussy exposed and watching her playing with her own breasts.

I almost shoot my load there and then.She is continuously moaning, Oh my, it is so nice, please don't stop. Touch me, oh yes touch me. This was the last motivation I need to press my middle finger between her pussy lips and searching for her clit. It was not difficult to find as she has a pronounced clit and it was very prominent because of her arousal.

When my finger touches her clit she lifts her ass completely of the couch shouting, oh yes that feels soooo good. Please touch my vagina. I have never felt anything as good as this. Please don't stop. Rub it faster and harder, oh shit, please help me it is sooooooo blooddie nice. I stop sucking on her toes and lower her leg to the backrest of the couch which causes her pussy

to be completely open and accessible to my hands. I move my other hand also towards her pussy and starts rubbing her clit softly while pressing the middle finger of my other hand inside her cunt. Oh shit but she is tight and hot but also very wet. It is going to be a battle to get my cock into her cunt once we get to it.

I am going to fuck you now with my fingers Anita. I am going to play with your cunt till you come so hard that you think you are dying. I don't know if you know anything about sex but after tonight you will know a lot and also how to please a man. It is the experience I was talking about. But enjoy this one little darling.

I don't know if it will be your first orgasm but it certainly won't be your last. Pull up you top Anita, I want to see your breasts and how you play with them. Anita is moaning and pushing her cunt against my hand. I don't know if she hears me but she immediately moves her hands down and pull her top up and over her head so that she is completely naked on the couch.

She immediately moves her hands to her breasts again and starts playing with them again. Oh what a sight! I move my finger faster and deeper into her cunt until I eventually feel her hymen. Yes she is still a virgin and very soon it is going to be my pleasure to take her cherry and make her a woman, my woman.

I also move my other finger slower over her clit because I don't want her to come too fast. Oh shit uncle what are you doing to me? You make me go mad. I have never felt anything like this but I don't want it to stop. Is this sex? Yes my little darling this is a way of having sex. Not real sex but you will have an orgasm just as if I am fucking your cunt with my cock.

Are you going to put your cock in my cunt like you are doing now with your finger? Oh please fuck me with your cock. I can not take this anymore. Fuck me faster and harder. Please rub your finger faster and harder over my cunt. Oh please I want to have an orgasm. I start rubbing her clit faster and harder and also move my finger faster in and out of her cunt.

I suddenly feel her whole body begins to shake and she lifts her ass about a foot off the couch. She also mauls her breasts and rolls her little nipples between her fingers. I know she is experiencing her first orgasm and that it is very big one. Oh yesssssssss. Oh myyyyyyyyy. It is so nice, ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!Nnnnnggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!! She fell back on the couch, gives a long sigh and say. This was incredible. I didn't know anything could be so enjoyable. I carry on fucking her cunt with my hands and after just a little while I feel her body begins to react to my fucking her pussy.

She presses up against my hand, playing with her breasts again and saying, Oh my again. fuck my cunt again. Make me experience this nice feeling again. Oh yessssss!!!!!!!!!! Fuck meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Oh Aaaaaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! She comes again and after a short while she has her third orgasm.

Oh my God, Uncle what are you doing to me? Please stop I cannot take it any more. Please come in me ( pun intended )I then moved over her and started sucking her ripe breasts. They were so fun to be sucked, so soft and so demure, and yet hard with the right contours and slides. The shape was perfect and the fresh breasts were not sagging.

It was a sight to see, touch and feel them. While sucking the breasts, Anita spread her legs and I had to remove my boxers as it was the time for action.When my 8 inch friend touched her thighs she jumped in joy and wanted to see it before feeling it. Anita said that she has just seen cocks in some magazines and on internet sites and this si the first time she is seeing one raw cock.

I guided her fingers there and thought her to fiddle with it.She was a quick learner and said that Uncles usually get toys for nieces to play with. But this uncle is different as this uncle has got a live toy to play with. I then asked her to kneel in front of me so that I can guide my tool in of the most famous holes of a woman, the mouth.

Anita at first was hesitant but after a lot of cajoling she took it in her mouth but slowly. As I said that Anita is a fast learner, she started to suck like a pro and the in and outs were taking quiet a toll on my sex starved dick. I told Anita that since she is giving the ultimate pleasure to my tool it needs to give a gift to her.

She was surprised and wanted to know what the gift was and I said that Dicks are trained to give Cream. She would not believe me, but I found my orgasm building and in no time I shot cum after cum in her mouth. She was scared and spit all of it, but I then licked her mouth and gave her a deep French kiss.

I was drinking my own semen from her mouth and she was drinking my saliva mixed with semen from my mouth.This was just great. I then had to explain that men usually shoot sperm when they have an orgasm. We made our selves comfortable with one more drink and then I asked her to go on her fours.

I Could now see the other hole of my niece as well and started fingering it. She did not like my fingering there and asked me to stop. I was also getting restless without the real action and took Anita to her parents bedroom. Imagine a man enjoying a lady right in her parents bedroom.

She lay there flat on her back and I took her then in the missionary style and inserted my full stem in. she was moaning with pain and pleasure and let out a sudden shriek when my stem reached the deep inner caves and breaking her hymen. She was crying with pain, but I lied on her and started caressing her hair and kissing her lips to calm her down.

When the pain subsided, I slowly started stroking in and out. She seemed to enjoy the stuff and started moaning.The deep treasures were also building pleasure in me and thrusted again fully and this time in my nieces womb. I emptied my tank not once but thrice that night. For a week this was a regular affair and now whenever we feel the need, either she comes home,

or I go to her home when no one is around. As for the pregnancy, she was lucky not to have one. But my other outings with her had me completely covered with the latest condoms though it was not very pleasureable. I would have my dick with cover only during her safe periods.