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Raj having sex with Shobha aunty

Hi am Raj back, from chandigarh I am a great reader of debonairblog...before also I wrote my many experiences. The stories here are very exciting and for a while I have been wanting to write about a true incident that happened in my life, but I was postponing it as I hate typing for a long time. Anyways I will explain how I lost my virginity.

I was just 7 years old when my uncle(mothers brother)got married. The girl he married was a very nice person by the name Shobha (all names changed).My uncle was around 27 and Shobha aunty was around 24..She was not mind blowing material, but very tall and slender and fair.

Since my uncle was working in London at that time, my aunt Shobha also joined him and was living there. In a year’s time my aunt gave birth to a baby girl. As my uncle was in a good position there, he could afford to send my aunt and her daughter every year to India for a holiday. Whenever she used to come to India, it would be during my summer holidays.

As she used to bring down lots of things for me, I used to look forward to her coming down. I would spend my entire vacation in my mom’s place as my other cousins would also come there. Shobha aunty was a very loving person and everyone used to say how lucky my uncle was to get her as his wife.

As the years went by I came to know that my uncle had become a very busy person and was constantly travelling all over Europe and the other parts of the world for work. By the time my aunt already delivered her second baby by then, decided to come to India and settle down as she was feeling it difficult to manage with two children and also because of the constant travels of my uncle.

As usual for every holiday I would look forward to going to my grandparents place. It was around that time that I started getting sexual fantasies and started masturbation. And surprisingly I used to masturbate thinking about older women. Once when I was spending my vacation in my grandparents place I had to go outside the house at night to collect a shirt which I had left outside.

As I was collecting my shirt I heard the sound of water and I observed that it was coming from the bathroom and the light was on. The bathroom windows slightly and out of curiosity I decided to have a peek. Since it was dark I knew no one would see me. I crept near the window and peeped quietly. The sight that greeted me made me just stand still and watch.

Shobha aunty was stark naked and having her bath. This was the first time I was seeing a women in the nude in real life. I observed every part of her. She had small long breasts with long nipples and dark brown in color. I could feel my penis getting hard. I was admiring her body; it was beautiful with not an inch of unwanted fat.

I watched her soap herself every part of her body, soaping her breasts, her body, her pussy, and her legs. Her thighs were the perfect shape and I thought to myself how lucky my uncle was. I watched for around 10 minutes and I slowly crept back inside the house. This peeping into her bathroom continued whenever I could get the chance.

One day a few more of my cousins, aunts and uncles and aunts had come down to spend a few days there. That night Shobhaaunty told me that I had to sleep in the living room with her and her 2 kids and another 2 of my cousins as she had to arrange the other bedrooms for the guests. I had no bad intentions nor did I even have anything bad in my mind when she told me this.

By the time we were ready to sleep we laid out the mattresses on the floor and the sleeping was in such a way that I would be next to my aunt. As her youngest child was breasts feeding her nighty’s were all stitched with buttons in the front which could be unbuttoned easily. I went to sleep immediately. At around 1.30 am I woke up all of a sudden.

My aunt was sleeping very near to me. I could see her in the dim light. Her upper part of the nighty was unbuttoned and I could see her breasts, especially her nipples as she was not wearing a bra. She was fast asleep. Seeing her in that way my throat became dry and a kind of sensation overtook me.

I gently touched her left nipple, there was no response from me. This made me bolder and I gently pressed it. I felt I was in heaven. First time I was touching a woman so intimately. I slowly kept pressing and rubbing it. I was looking at her face while I was doing this, but there was not a bit of change in her. I wanted to kiss her lips. I moved upward and kissed her lips.

I didn’t know how to take my tongue inside her mouth so I kept kissing her lips. At the same time I was feeling her nipples and I slowly put my leg over her and pressed my penis on her thighs. I wanted her to touch me. I rolled off from her and took out my penis. I took her hand and made her touch my penis, it was getting very hard.

It was quite small, around 5 inches I guess, but it was thick with a nice circumference..I was using her hand and making her press my penis. At the same time I became bold and started kissing her on the lips and all over her face. As I was kissing I felt her hand press my penis without any help from me. She kept pulling my foreskin up and down on my penis.

I looked at her and found she was staring into my eyes with a gentle smile. She pulled me towards her and made me open my mouth and she gently pushed her tongue inside my mouth exploring every nook and corner of my mouth. And then she did the most amazing thing. She lifted up her nighty till her neck, exposing her full breasts, her nipples, her body and legs.

She whispered to me to suck her breasts. I startedsucking and soon milk was coming into my mouth. I started sucking her breast like a hungry baby, sucking away. I could hear soft moans coming out from my aunty. She took my hand and was trying to make me remove her panties. I pulled it down and started feeling her bush and her pussy.

Since it was my first time she guided my fingers into her wet hole. She wanted me to insert my fingers in and feel a small little thing inside her pussy and rub it.Later on she told me it was called the clit. I kept rubbing it, and she kept moaning softly. I was feeling a woman who was older than me. I kept getting more excited.

Finally she took of my hand and pulled me towards her very gently so as not to wake up anyone. She deftly pulled down my shorts and took them off. I never used to wear any under wear at night, so she was immediately able to feel my small erect penis. She kept pressing it and stoking it.

I was pressing her breasts, squeezing her long brown nipples. Milk was coming out and I quickly started picking it up with my tongue. I was going mad with desire and lust to enjoy myaunty. At that moment my aunty just spread her legs gently and started guiding my penis inside her vagina. She was already wet and waiting. My penis went inside smoothly.

I was in 7th seven. Filling up my aunts pussy with my young virgin dick. Instinct got the better of me and I started pumping and going in and out. In between my aunt would observe if anyone were being disturbed. My penis started going in and out of her. She started pushing her hips upwards to meet mine. I fucked her for around ten minutes and I knew I was going to cum.

I whispered to her that I was about to cum. She kept pushing her hips up and down faster to meet my thrusts. Suddenly as I was fucking her she just embraced me and just became still. I could feel water trickling out of her pussy. She had cum. I lay still for a moment and again started fucking her in and out. She started moving again, lifting her hips up fast to meet my thrusts.

I started fucking her harder and faster and this time I just released my entire load into her. She also came at the same time. Kissing each other, we lay still for some time. I gently rolled of her and put on my shorts. She adjusted her nighty and whispered into my ears ‘You are a nice boy, thats why I didn’t object. So please don’t go and tell anyone.

This will be our secret, let’s talk tomorrow. We just slept off after that. Next day morning I was unable to look into her eyes. All I could think of was how I fucked my uncle’s wife. Afternoon she called and told me that she was leaving to her paternal house the next day if I would like to accompany her. I jumped and said yes. I just wanted to be with her.

Next day morning we started the journey to her house. Around evening we reached her house. Her parents had gone to her brother’s house and would be late coming back. We took the key from the servant and opened the house. Her elder daughter was complaining she wanted to sleep and the small baby was already fast asleep.

She told me’ Anil why don’t u have a shower, by that time i’ll put my daughter to sleep’. I went in for my shower and by the time I came out I found that my aunt also had slept off after changing into her nighty. I sat down beside her and started running my fingers over her face. I touched her lips and I bend down and kissed her.

She opened her eyes and whispered to me to go to the other bedroom with her. We entered the other bedroom and my aunt bolted the door from inside and looked at me and smiled. She took me by the hand and made me sit on the bed and sat with me. She told me she was very fond of me and she felt she could trust me.

She told how her husband was neglecting her for the last two years but she kept hoping that he would love her. She told me many men were eying her coz she was living away from her husband. She was trying to be a good faithful housewife but how her feeling overtook her emotions that night when I touched her. She told me she felt very happy with me.

We spoke for some time and then started kissing me and putting her tongue inside my mouth. I also started kissing her mouth the way she was kissing me. While kissing me, she was unbuttoning my shirt and was successful. She took off my pant also and made me lie on the bed. She pulled down my underwear and took it off.

She was touching my penis and gently pulling the foreskin down. She kept stroking me. My little penis was getting harder by every touch of hers. She was amused at the thick circumference of my penis. She gently started stroking my penis up and down. I just wanted to do something and get my semen out.

I was getting the excitement of my life, again gently she bend down and started licking my balls and started sucking them. From my balls sge started working her tongue up my penis. Without even informing me, she started licking my mushroom and started sucking my cock. She was going up and down. It was so beautiful seeing my penis going in and out of her mouth.

When she knew that I was about to lose control, she pulled her mouth away from my penis and getting up swiftly pulled off her nighty. Heavens, she was nude totally. No panty or bra. She lay on the bed beside me and told me’ Anil please suck me down, where you were rubbing me the other night”, She had parted her legs and was rubbing her pussy and opening it out and showing me her clit.

I went down and positioned myself in such a way that I had good access to it. As per her instructions I first started licking it and tried putting my tongue deep as I could. I got hold of her clit with my lips and started sucking it. I could sense that Shobha was going crazy. She started letting out gentle moans which started becoming louder and louder.

I was not releasing her and she didn’t want me to stop either..She encouraged me to go deeper and faster. Continued like that for around 10 minutes..She started making all sorts of sounds and suddenly she pulled me over her and guided my cock inside her. She had spread her legs wide and raised it to the maximum, giving me full access to her vagina.

Once I entered her she started thrusting her hips up to meet my thrusts. She was begging me to fuck her as fast as I could. I kept fucking her vagina in and out and in between sucking her long nipples. It came to a stage where I could control it no longer. I told her and Shobha aunty was in no mood to listen, she was a like a hungry tigress thrusting into me with all her force.

We kept going like that for some more time and she told me to just shoot inside her womb as she was also coming. We came together with a big explosion. I could feel my sperm working its way up her womb. I lay down on her kissing her mouth, she was kissing me back. We lay like that for a long time, with me on top of her. After about 15 minutes I rolled of her.

We embraced each other and lay down for another 15 minutes. Later on she took me to the bathroom and we had bath together. My affair with my aunt lasted for a two of years till my uncle took her back to England. By then he had become a more reformed person with a good loving nature..Though she was sad to leave me, we had to part ways.

We still after all these years used to keep in touch. She would tell me that she would never ever find a guy like me, whom she could trust forever. Hope you all enjoyed my experience with my Shobha aunty.

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Mumbai sex goddess

Again life started like machine. I visited their place but couldn't make a night. After six months after my probation period I was transfered to the head office in Mumbai. Mumbaiiiii dream city......New place new friends all was magical. latenight parties easy girls 3 years passed like anything. And now I was not a virgin anymore thanks to that friend of mine.

who was my sex goddess.By the time I was planning to quite that job and star my own business.So I came back home, and started my own business.My mom told me that she wants to visit her native place so I aggenged every thing and she went for a month. When she came back she tld me she has visithe most of our relatives out there, and mami was asking about me.

Hearing that, again the spark lit in my mind. I made a work plane and make a schedule to visit kol for some purchase and went after 2 month. After staying in a hotel finishing my work.I left hotel and went to their house.Now I was no more a boy, a fully grown up man.BY that time she was 35 and I was stunned to see her, same full of life and wel maintained.

but for the 1st time she complemented me on my looks.i handed over the bunch of orchid which I like the most. We went in side chitchatted for some time about everything. came to know bhai is studding in hostel. Same at 8:30 mama returned and surprise to see me. We had a good time I was carring a bottle of wine for him. this time I was free to smoke and drink with him.

He himself offered me fags.I was surprised but mami winked at me so I agreed. after he freshened we started chatting on many topic, he offered me whiskey I was happy he was very balanced just two extra large pegs, I took my limit of 4 and mami 3.we had our dinner and headed to our bedrooms. the weather was awesome this time coz it was the month of august and raining like anything.

At around 3am suddenly I wake up coz new palce wont give u the proper sleep and the lightning sound was also a reason I went to bathroom coz 4 glass of water was there in my belly. while comming back I saw a dim light comming from there room and the door was slightly open so I just lookied in but cant make out any thing I stood there for min to adjust my eyes in dark.

but hardly see coz the light was too dim to figure out but at that very moment a hugh lightning was there and I saw that both of them wer fast asleep and that nighty of my mami was up to her thighs. but I move off coz the sound was preety high and thay might get up.i don;t wanna make any mess and went off.

At arround 7:30 mama called me up and said he is leaving and I must saty that day and he will try to come early.I said ok and slept it was still raining like anything. maybe after an hour I felt a cold feeling on my shoulder I was just sleeping with my boxer. I slightly open my eyes and found mami is sitting next to me and trying to wake me up,

I did the same thing and put my head on her lap and wrap around her waist. and felt that she has already freshen up. When I started rubbing my face on her thigh she stood up and went off, I was sad thinking that may be I had grown up so she went off. I jump out of bed to make her understand but to my surprise I saw that she is pulling the collapsible gate and locked it.

and turn around and saw me standing I was scratching my head.i could read her face that she was not happy that I was out off bed but can't go back. I was brushing and she was in the kitchen makin tea for me. I came out of the bathroom and sat on the sofa. by the time the maid was there. and she was preparing my breakfast.

I was looking at her and talking, the light from the window was giving me the curves of her body, she was not wearing bra and I can make out her full body and instantly I had a hardon in my pant. she came with the bf and I had it. coz the maid was there in the kitchen with her washing and not much place for three to stand and I dnt want to.

I went to my room and sat there she still there in the kitchen,after some time the maid has gone she told me to lock the door. I didnt get the reason but thought may be she stay alone to its habit to lock the main door. So I locked it came back and stand on the kitchen door talking to her, she was busy wit her work and facing back to me and I was admiring her body with the help of the window light.

Suddenly I felt some courage went back to her and kept my jaw on her left shoulder. coz I am 6 ft and she is 5 so I had to bend a bit and our body was not touching each other, so I hughed her from behind. She told me the window is open, so I left her, and asked her to apply some oil in my hair.

I sat on the floor and She on the sofa widen her legs, I sat on the opposite direction for the nighty it was not comfortable, so she pulled her nighty upto her knees and started applying me oil, my hand can feel her smooth legs and I can see it in the glass of the showcase in front of me. Instantly I had a hardon and it could be seen so I tried my best to hide it but I know she saw it.

Suddenly the phone rang she told me to pick it up and went to wash her hands, it was her sis but when I stood up I was unable to hide my hard on I was aware and she took a glimpse of it, while she was talkin I went in my rom and closed the door to wear my undies came out and sat on the sofa, she was talkin about some pain,

I closed my eyes and relaxed she was talkin I just open my eyes to say her some thing and found she was looking at me, when I looked at her she just turn her eyes off and kept the phone. I asked her about the pain on that she told me she is havin some spin prob, when her sis came to visit her she was suffering so her sis was asking how the pain is.

I casually ask her want a massage and she instantly agreed. NOw we wer in opposite position she was on the floor I was on the edge of sofa and massaging her shoulder and back, i was havin prob to massage her shoulder due to her small neck nighty so she just open her two hooks and pulled her nighty back now I can massage her bare shoulder na see her cleavage too.

she just lean back and felt my hard on but didnt react and stay same asked me why iwent in the room and closed the door? I said I went to put my undis on she laugh and said u dnt use to close the door earlier, I said that time I was kid and now may be some one some one could get afraid of it.

she said really and gave a naughty smile.i was massaging her from shoulder to her waist and some time I am touching her boobs sightly above her clothes from side.the bell rang and the vegi walla was there she hurriedly stand up I and ai can see the full view of her boobs hanging I told her to hook it up and she said opps closed it.

she tok some vegis and I was in my room she took some vegi and cam in the room pilling them off. isaid I wanna take shower and pulled my towel but she didnt move this time I didnt hesited and pulled off my boxer and stand in my undies and warp my towel and pulled my undies off she laugh and said wat was the us of itowel I saw ur bare arce and again started laughing.

I said u had a good show and went in the bath room again I found her inners smelt it but didnt jerk off. I came out having bath and find that mami is in the kitchen,looked for my boxer but it was not there I went to the kitchen and asked her, she told she put it for wash. so I took uot the fresh one and wear it she came in the room that time I was just in my undies

looking for the boxer she asked me why I wear undies at home? I said I dont but some time its needed in home also. she laugh at me a went off. BY this time I got all the signal but still scared to take a step ahead. I put of my undies and wear only boxer and went in the kitchen for a cup of tea sitting on the kitchen slave talkin to her and lookin at her cleavage, she saw me but didnt react.

so I pulled some courage nad went back to her and hugh her from behind and said mamiieeeeeeeee in a very adoring voice. she just left her body on me and lean back leaving her whole body and left a sigh-----and said watttttttttttt. the window is open in a very low voice. I felt her breating has became heavy. I instantly switch off the gas nobe and pulled her out of the kitchen.

she didnt resist and came along with me, again I hold her from back and put my lips on her neck and started biting her ear lobes and kissing her neck, my hand went up to her boobs she hold my hand but didnt stop me. she turned her head and our lips locked we kissed each other fra a min or so now she wanna sit,

I let her she sat on the sofa lean her head back her eyes were closed I found an drop of tears in the corner of her eyes glistering. I said sorry and ask watz the matter? she said nothin and hugged me. I sat on the floor and put my head on her lap she was fliping my hair with her finger.

I was rubbing my nose in her inner thighs, after a moment she left a moan now I started intering my hand in her nighty and reached her bucket thay wer soft like butter, my finger found the illastic of her panty and tried to pull it she helped me by lifting her arce. And in no time it was in y hand she once looked at me and closed her eyes.

I made her lye on the sofa and pulled her nighty up she floded her legs and widen up now for the 1st time my eyes wer viewing my dream love hole which I had sucked many time in my dream. I immediately put my lipson her milky thighs the aroma was making me mad I started licking her inner thighs and her moan is becoming louder, she was wet by now,

the moment I flick my tongue over her pussy lips she jump out with pleasure, I parted her pussy lips and started licking her clit, her pussy lips was a little flipy so I started chewing them and sucking her hard. she was in seventh heaven and cant take it more clutching my hairs and pushing me deep in her arching her body and pressing my head between her thighs,

at one point I felt I will die due to pressure but next moment she collapsed. I get up and started sucking her boobs, she regain her self looked at me. her eyes was a mixture of pleasure,joy, emotion,love, care,lust dont know I cnt explain.She get of the sofa neel down between my legs pulled out my boxer and took my tool straight in her mouth and the way she started sucking it deep and striking it,

I felt one thing ( experience matters) she suck my ball till my arce hole. I felt like I was in the flight of fire wer I feel, I melt, I die. I t was like my whole blood will come out through my cock. my legs r becomeing weak and I was about to cum, I told her and tried to pull out my cock, she resist and just put a finger on my liips and pushed me back on the sofa, and burst out in her mouth,

she was unable to take it all my semens was flowing from her mouth and she was still sucking it. And for the first time I felt how it feel when u come and some one suck u dry. we got up hug each other went to the bath room and took shower while I suck her bobs armpits and pussy under the shower drink her juice with water that was flowing till her mound.

But there was a untold fact between two of us tht none of us want to fuck each other, may be the moral o being human.That afternoon we played 69 and again cum in each others mouth by this time my lower abdomen was paining coz I had never cum so much in a day. we never done any thing in their bedroom. when mama reached home my heart was pounding like any thing.

mami read that on my face and called me on the roof to pick up the dried clothes, and told me ru feeling guilty. she told me to be normal. but mama didnt noticed coz wat ur mind dont know ur eyes cant see. The next morning was different. she came give me a morning kiss and wake me up.

after the bai left we gave each other a whole body massage I suck her anus finger fuck her and make her cum twice while sucking her pussy. she told me they had sex last night and it was awesome when we wer taking bath I told her about a fantasy of mine watching a lady pissing. 1stly she denied bur latter on my pleading she gave me a mind blowing show of a mature lady pissing,

she put her one leg on the tap widen her pussy lips and strated pissing while I sit in front of her and massage her clit. to my surprise she cum at that moment.she gave me that show once more in the afternoonbut this time sitting, that afternoon v masturbate in front of each other. she was lying on the bed playing with her pussy and finger fucking her I jerk off watching her now

I was on the bed and she came right on me and sit on my face grinding and rubbing her on my face and playing with my limp cock. I n the evening I was about to move, we hugged each other,grab her acre, and while leaving I asked something for memory, she asked me what? I hike her nighty pull down her panty kissed on her mound she pressed my head against her,

I got up smell her panty plent a kiss on the crotch and licked it. she was astonished and looking at my act, and said u dirty boy. I smiled and told her about the bathroom fact that happen last time. she was surprised to know that I love her from the age of 12.

I smile put the panty in my pocket she kissed me on my chicks and told this is for the boy who loved me and squeeze my cock and this is for last time wat u didnt get.. and I went off. thanks for reading me if u liked my story pls say I will right my another experience in mumbai.

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Horny South Indian Sibling Couple Fucking

It was a cold winter evening in tirupati a piligrimage in south India where we used to visit in our town, I was in eighteen years old and my sister is sixteen years old, we were sleeping on either side of our parents in the guest room at around night, we slept closer to each other on the double bed since its becoming spine chillingly cold,

in the middle of the night there was slight movement on the side where my dad is sleeping, I slowly opened my eyes in disbelief only to find my father is laying his leg crossed over my mother as they are covered by thick blanket, after few moments adjusting themselves my father mounted over my mother and started moving rhythmically,

I observed them all the night but couldn’t get a glimpse of their naked act as it was dark inside the room. Even after getting back to our home in Bangalore that incident used to give me jitters down my spine as I used to get horny and used to ease it up by jerking my cock, this had been my fantasy all through those months as I used to wait for my sister

who is to sleep in the same room to doze off so that I can lower my shots to masturbate thinking about that incident in tirupati, this continued for almost six months until one day when my parents had to leave for their hometown for a marriage leaving me and my sister for a week as we had exams at that time,

the night my parents left I was reading till late night since I have exam the next morning, after revising the whole syllabus I was retiring to sleep then I saw towards my sister whose night dress gone up, I can clearly see her panty, my mind had so many Ideas to sleep along with her on the same bed I poured the whole bottle of water on my bed and settled next to my sister after switching off all the lights.

My sister was fast asleep I started feeling her body over her clothes with lot of fear in my mind if she gets up, she will definitely complain about my indecent behavior to my parents, but the lust kept creeping up in my mind and I started feeling her breasts which were growing at that moment as she had attained puberty a month before we went to tirupati,

when we had a huge ceremony to celebrate that event. While moving my hand over her whole body, I suddenly felt her hand gripping my wrist when they were holding her breast, I was taken aback and now I need to beg her to ask her not to complain to my parents, she turned back towards me and hugged me without opening her eyes this act of her gave lots of courage to me and I hugged her tightly.

I slowly raised her night dress with my feet, started feeling her silky thighs, my hands started moving all over her body again, I lifted her night dress closer to her breast and started feeling her silky body which made her more horny as she kept hugging me harder, I shook her hard enough when she opened her eyes I lowered myself to her height planted a kiss on her forehead,

later my lips moved towards her lips and we kissed passionately for more minutes. I removed the night dress, she had only panty on her, made myself naked and we didn’t know what else to do I started sucking her nipples which were becoming tighter with every moment as I kept sucking them,

my heart was not content so I went down lowered her panty and started licking all over her pubic region and she started thrusting that on to my face as I finally got hold of two soft edges of lips sort of thing and sucked them for more than five minutes when a liquid came out her hole, I drank all that had came out of her love hole.

I took her hand, placed it over my cock which she gripped around and started stroking it on my guidance and after jerking me off for few moments I too released a huge amount of my semen on to her hands which rubbed it on her tummy which became bit swollen and we slept in that position for rest of the night.

We continued doing this every night even after my parents came back from our hometown, so my eagerness to go ahead with this act has become more stronger I kept watching for porn video on net, understood everything about sex read so many articles which were posted on all these websites about first time sex,

the trickiest thing of all this story is we never talked with each other while in bed sleeping naked next to each other every night. Few months later my parents had to leave for our hometown as one of my relative expired, now we don’t have exams but they left us home since we may miss our classes,

the night when my parents left we switched off all the lights kept a zero candle light on in our bedroom, I slept next to her without any clothes as she turned away from me facing the wall, my cock started piercing through her ass cracks, I kept stroking in that position, she finally turned back with all her clothes intact.

I went closer to face planted a kiss on her lips, started sucking each other’s tongue for more than a minute, my hand moved all over her body caressing her curves as she is putting on that essential weight at every vital juncture which is making her look sexy, I removed all her clothes one after the other, made her naked.

We were sleeping naked next to each other, I lowered myself to suck her boobs one after the other, I sucked them so hard and bitten them once or twice that the nipples were sore for next few days as we continued with sexual experience, I tried to mount over her which she tried to protest but I kept sucking her tongue and finally got over her.

I parted her legs apart, placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy, slowly started to enter her pussy which is all wet by now, that day we didn’t had much of foreplay but she was wet enough for me to enter her, my dick head started entering the pussy which made me so excited, my six inches dick which is very thick is finding it to tough the virgin pussy of my sister,

she felt lot of pain as she pushed me away from the top of her. The next morning as we were getting ready for our school, I was in my twelfth, my sister was in her eight standard, I was so frustrated for not completing the act with her, kept waiting for a chance to have a fuck with her before leaving for school,

she took all the clothes inside the bathroom and went out into kitchen to get the paste consisting of sandal wood powder, pulses powder mixed with oil and water which would make one’s skin glow. I slowly entered the bathroom hide myself behind the door before she returned, started waiting for my sister to return into the bathroom,

she came into bathroom unaware of me hiding over there behind the door, took her clothes off and stood in front of me naked, I got a glimpse of her naked body in daylight for the first time, I hugged her from behind which startled her but I was in no mood to leave her. I hugged her so hard from behind, I opened the shower, the water started gushing through hitting our skin,

I turned her towards me and planted a kiss on her lips and started sucking her lips continuously, she finally gave up as we bathed together under the shower, after which we entered our bedroom, I came out of bathroom without any clothes but she wrapped the towel around her breasts and cover her body till her knees.

I pushed her onto my bed, removed the towel, started fucking every part of her body as she kept responding to my moves positively, I finally got a hard dick, I kept my hand over her pussy felt the juices overflowing, placed my dick over her wet pussy and pushed it as hard as I could inside the pussy of my sister,

she cried out in loud pain but I was in no mood to listen the sounds ended in that room itself since all my neighbors were far off since we were living in an independent house. I kept pumping her as she forgot pain, started enjoying my rhythmic moments when she had two orgasms in a matter of few minutes, I too had an orgasm finally as I let my cum inside her,

as she hold me tight with her legs wrapped around my buttocks and hands around my neck. That day we bunked our school, continued our sexual encounter till night in between we had talked about various things lying naked in our bedroom, she told me about my parents sexual encounter in tirupati which she too noticed in the middle of the night.

I am 22 now and my sister is 20 we still continue to have sex every day like a young couple taking enough precautions to avoid pregnancy, few days back she wanted to become pregnant but I thwarted the idea since it would make our relationship more complicated, I don’t know why it’s so wrong in our society to have sex with our own siblings until the two people are enjoying it.

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Musafir fucking Maami

Previously: Musafir getting handjob from Mami

Hi readers, this is Musafir again. In my last story I told you about how my maami came to visit and she ended up giving me a lovely handjob and I got to see her tits and panty covered crotch. She promised that we would fuck sometime before she left again, however I knew at the back of my head that she was just teasing.

Anyway after a few days of her avoiding all sorts of opportunities to be alone with me or even any slight sexual play something drastic happened that changed my fate of luck. I got a call from my mama and he told me that the whole reason of my maamie's unexpected visit alone was that they were having problems in their marriage and she was actually cheating on him

with someone who lived in my district and that was the whole idea she came to visit. He told me not to tell her that he knew but he was busy filing for divorce and was gathering evidence. This was music to my ears, I decided to play private investigator for a few days and followed her around and snapped a few pictures of her meeting and lunching with her boyfriend,

I even took her out one night to a local disco knowing that she will arrange to meet her boyfriend there and yes they did meet. It was nothing too intimate but a few kisses here and there and some hugging etc., so I knew she never had the chance to fuck him yet, but by the look in her eyes she was really longing for that fuck.

I decided to put a spanner in the works. I confronted her the next day and told her that I know all about her escapades and not to worry but I wont tell her husband. I confronted the guy she was seeing and told him that if he does not back away I will expose him and send his photographs to the news.

He was quite a well known guy in the community and he did not want to risk his name so he did just as I asked. Now came the lovely part, I got back home to my maamie and hugged her telling her that her secret is safe with me and while hugging her I felt her up, I rubbed her sexy petite ass thru her jeans and nuzzled on her neck.

She moaned with pleasure and complained that her fucker lover had now left her without satisfying her and I told her that in order to keep her secret I can also satisfy her urges. I mean to travel close to 700kms and go back unfucked was just not worth it, I told her. I slowly led her to my bedroom where we kissed passionately on the bed while I romeved her top,

her marvelous breasts were encased in a sexy sexy bra which I told her not to take off as it complimented her sexy tits too. I then took off her jeans and she looked stunning in just her bra and thong panties and high heels, I kissed her pantied cunt and she moaned and thrashed from side to side. clearly she had not had her cunt eaten before and soon she was gushing like a burst waterpipe.

I took off her thongs and undressed myself and she complimented me on my clean shaven dick, she told me that she has never and does not like giving blowjobs but since I ate her out so expertly she would like to try. She engulfed my cock in her mouth and just sucked on it like a lollipop and I noticed she was not doing it out of fun so I stopped her.

I lay her down like she was my new bride and slowly climbed onto her in a missionary position, she held my cock and guided into her love hole and closed her eyes and moaned as I entered her. we fucked like rabbits and changed a few positions until it came to doggystyle and here she jumped forward scared that this meant I was going to do her anally.

Seems like mama was just a plain missionary type of sex guy and I now didn't blame my maami for looking for excitement elsewhere. I assured her that doggystle did not mean anal only but I put my cock up to her pussy nad told her to just feel how great it felt when I rubbed her g spot. she greatly enjoyed it,

She must have cum atleast about 4 times and I felt I was about to cum too and she told me to cum in her as she is sterilised. I came in her and we both collapsed in a heap. In my next story I will tell you how I got to fuck her virgin ass.

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Guy fucking hot cousin sister

Hello dear readers, I am Yash, 23years, well built. I work as Manager in Private Firm. I am going to relate a story that I have experienced with my sister cousin, Sudha. (Dad’s Brother’s Daughter). She is same age as me; in fact she is some days elder than me. She is slim, dusky complexion, black hair, around 1m68, great figure with sexy round boobs and ass.

Before starting, please note that this is my first story here. Sudha and I were very close from childhood as were staying in same yard but different houses, then later when we had around 20 years I and my family shifted to a new house. I admit it that since when I know masturbate I have been fantasize her. But I think she was totally unaware of my way of looking at her.

I used to get hold of her bra and undergarments and masturbate sniffing them. However, after shifting, I had forgotten the idea of getting them as I had to give exams and search for job. Now, the emotions restarted spicing up last year. I was at her place and was standing and reading newspaper on the table and she was sitting just besides me.

She had just got up from bed and she wore a loose sleeveless night dress, with no bra in. The dress being sleeveless had a quite loose hole for hands. Oh yes! The view as her under-arm and the side of the boobs, I didn’t notice that till she started talking to me and I started to look at her. While talking to her I was admiring the fabulous view.

My cock which is around 8 inches started swelling. After the discussion I just got into the bathroom and relieved my swelled cock, I then saw again her used bra. I had a flash back of those time and took one and masturbate kissing it and finally unloaded the cum in her bra. When I got out of the bathroom, she was looking at me and I smiled to her and went home.

While leaving I just saw that she got into the bathroom. After around 3 days she texted me and asked me if I could just pass by her home today. I just said ok. I went home after office, freshened up and wore a T-Shirt and Jogging trousers and drove to her place after and to my surprise she was alone. She was in a tight top and tight jeans.

She just asked me to come to her room she needs to talk to me. I ran the stairs to her room. Just as I entered the room, she shut the door behind me. I looked at the bed, it was covered with her bras and underwear, I look at her, she told me:- Come on pick up one you like! - What?

- Don’t be innocent! - About what? - You cum in my bra the other day! - What? ME? No! - You did. - Ok, I did, sorry! Such was our conversation. I looked down but she was looking to my face and just broke the silence and said: Or you prefer the one I am wearing now? I looked at her and wanting to say yes. But could not.

My cock started swelling and my mistake of wearing a Jogging was showing results. Seeing this, she came near me and took my hand placed it on her boobs, I started pressing it. And started removing her top. After some seconds she started kissing me and we did this for around 10 mins and she asked me to remove her bra.

Which I did and I saw the most fabulous view I ever saw in my life. Round fair breasts with small black nipples, I started kissing and licking them and she started moaning. She threw me on the bed and she sat on me, her pussy was just on my hard cock. She was slowly moving her hips on my cock which was driving me crazy. I continued sucking her lips and her boobs.

Then she jumped from me and put her hand in my trousers and touched my cock. I shivered with that beautiful girl touch on my tool. She took my hard 8’’ cock out and she just yelled: What the fuck? So Big? I just told her it’s not that big. And within no time she started sucking my cock. I stopped her and removed her Jeans and underwear and made her complete nude.

We lied in a 69 position and sucked each other. She cum on my face and I licked the juice with pleasure. While sucking trying to finger her I noted that she was a virgin. We then sat on the bed and started kissing each other again. She told me please Yash, Fuck me, fuck me hard, do whatever you want to me, I’m yours.

I placed my cock tip to the entrance of her pussy and pushed a bit, her eyes widened and yelled: Stop! I paused there. Then I asked her if she was ok she responded affirmative, I pushed a little harder. I entered her completely and she started bleeding. I started fucking her and she forgot the pain and enjoyed the pleasure I was giving her.

Suddenly she told me: I want your cock in my ass. Please me, yash.. I took some Vaseline and passed it on her ass hole and my cock. I placed it there and I pushed my cock in her ass. She screamed loud first and also cried, but asked me to continue, to which I obeyed. Soon she came another time and I felt that my sperm was coming I told her.

She asked me to stop and she turned around. Took my cock and pumped in empty in her mouth. She drank it all. I kissed her and told her that I have always waited for that moment and she admitted that she has still not washed my sperm on her bra. We fucked for another time then I left.

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Sex training by older woman

I am a 50 years old chap retired from being a Manager in a Tea Plantation in Assam and Darjeeling. I am from Mumbai. PROLOUGE. The narration begins on the day I got married. It was an arranged marriage though we went out a few times. My wife was from a very well to do old landlord family. My Father was a senior Officer with the railways. I was the only child.

After the customary Exchange of garlands, my wife and I were put on a stage like some specimen for exhibition and the guest one by one came and offered gifts to us and posed for photographs as a mark of attendence. With some of the guest we shook hands and with others we touched their feet asking for their blessings.

While there, a very dignified old lady heavily jeweled was escorted up the stage my my father-in-law. My wife whispered that the old lady was her Nani (Mother's mother). She looked very fimiliar to me but at first I could not place her. As I bent to touch her feet, she caught me by my shoulders and hugged me. As she hugged me she whispered, " Do you remember me?"

FLASHBACK. I was 18 years old, fresh from School going on my first job with a tea plantation in Assam as a assistant manager. My father as a gift to me bought a First AC ticket for me for my travel from Mumbai ( then Bombay ) to Kolkata (Then Calcutta). The train left Mumbai in the evening and reached Calcutta the next evening if it was not late as it invariably was.

My luggage was put into the compartment and informed about it. I did not go into the cabin to check or anything. I stood on the platform chatting with parents and friends who had come to see me off. Soon I heard the whistle blow and after a quick bye to all jumped into the train and looked for my cabin. It was a coupe( two berths only ).

As I reached the door two things struck me - one a beautiful perfume which overpowered all smells one associates with a train journey in India and the other a distinguishing looking lady about 50 plus years elegantly draped in a saree and delicately made up with her more-salt-than-pepper hair with every strand in place. I was dumbfounded for a moment.

Then I wished her and asked, "May I come in?" She smiled a smile that would launch a thousand ships and said, "Sure, this cabin is yours as much as it mine till at least Calcutta. Come in and make yourself comfortable, take a seat." Just before I sat down she offered me her hand and said" I am Premanjali. You can call me Prem like all people I know call me."

I took her hand and with the gentlest squeeze ( as taught in good public schools)started to give my name. "no need for that I know your name it is on the reservation chart" I settled down in one corner quietly. "Have you any idea when the TT wil come so that he can check our ticket and we can relax?"

I had no idea so till the TT came which was in about 45 minutes she found out that I was joining a tea Plantation and would be in cal for a day, she also found out which school I had studied in, etc. Pulling out a packet of Craven 'A' Cigarettes she offered me one but I refused saying I do not smoke on a regular basis, but she then insisted that I enjoy one with her.

I took one and lite it for her and for myself ( In those days there was no smoking restrictions on the train). She asked me if I had a steady girl friend. When I answered in the negative she asked me if I was a homosexual because " a good looking strapping guy like you should heve had a large bevy of girls after you and raping you" I smiled and said, "

I am neither an homosexual nor have I got the luck to have a bevy of girls rape me. In fact I am preety inexperienced" She laughed, " Good boy -what?" Just then the TT came and checked our tickets and said we would not be disturbed till 10 o'clock next day. "Lock the door,we can now change and relax" With that she opened her suite case and took out her Pyjama suit.

I volunteered to step out till she changed her clothes. "No need to that. I may require help anyhow" she said. She peeled of her sari and put it on the berth after folding it neatly. She seemed to have rather big busts and arse. I pretended to read a magzine. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off and folded it slowly. Yes, it confirmed she was very busty no doubt.

Then I got a shock. " Please unclip my Bra. I have a shoulder injury and cannot twist my hand back". I was nervous to say the least. I got up and my hands were trembling as I touched her bra and back " Do not get nervous. What are you afraid off? I will not eat you." With a little of fumbling I managed to unclip her bra. She took it off as I took my seat again.

"Gosh, You look as if you have seen a ghost" she said adding to my misery as she bent down to pick up her Pyjama top. Her pedulous breast hung down and swayed slightly as she wore them -ever so slowly. My cock had begun to rise in salutation. "Why don't you change? she asked me. "I am comfortable like this" "Don't be silly.

Sleeping in your underwears is not only unhygenic but terribly uncomfortable. If you don't have anything wear my pyjama. My top covers me well". While telling me that she removed her petticoat and panty and sat down. After almost ordering me to undress she gave my the pyjama. I started to undress, trying to hide as my cock just would not listen to me to relax.

It was semi standing as I turned to take off my trousers and underwear. "aha ha I did manage to get some life into you" She further embrrassed me. I quietly sat down without commenting or seeing her. She then from her large picnic box pulled out a bottle of beer and a bottle opener. Opening it, she said "I hope you will share it with me" I smiled. she took a swig and handed the bottle to me.

"Relax kid, we are in this together for almost the next 24 hours and you sitting so tensed up will ruin the journey for both of us. Come sit closer to me so the bottle can be easily passed to each other" I relaxed bit as I moved closer to her. Our thighs almost touching each other's. As more beer went down the more relaxed I felt. A second bottle was opened.

I then felt her hand on my thighs moving up and down. I smiled at her. " Give me a kiss " she said as she moved towards me. and encircled my body with her arms and started to kiss me on my lips. She put her tongue into my mouth and the took my tongue into her mouth and sucked it. It was very exciting for me a first timer. My cock was erect as never before.

She put her hand and felt it while kissing me. She all of a sudden climbed astride me. I put my hand om her breast and kneaded them. They were so smooth and surprising quite tight but soft to touch. She was really on heat. She quickly pulled of her top and was now completely nude sitting on me. I could feel my pyjamas were getting wet and I thought that I was leaking -

which I was but it was more of her fluid falling on my pyjamas. She then held up her breast to my mouth and said "Suck them, please" She had about a half inch tit seated on a two inch diameter very black areole. I licked and sucked each one with vengeance. While I was busy with her twin towers she put her hand between her thighs and caught my cock.

"Lovely big lund" she said as I put by hand down and felt for the first time a woman's cunts. The well trimmed hair were just above her pussy lips. It was very wet and slppery. My finger slipped in easily and I felt the soft flesh inside. It felt so heavenly. Premanjali then so very neatly slipped off my thighs and enroute to the floor pulled my pyjama down with her teeth.

I was now stark naked like her. She took me cock into her mouth and after licking the precum of the knob she started to pump it with her mouth. Within a few seconds I felt I was going to climax and told her "I will come and you will get dirty" She let go for just enough time to say "Let fly, kiddo Dirty me" and again started her pumping motion.

I started to shoot my cum but she kept on sucking me. I released all my cum into her mouth and she continued to lick me to clean up my cock. " I am sorry I could not do it, but it was the first time so I got extra excited" "Not to worry, we are not done with for the night" she said. She climbed back and sat next to me and started to play with my cock. I also started to play with her tits.

We had another swig of beer and lite a fag which we shared. " Can I suck you like you did to me" I asked. "Ofcourse you can. Never ask such a stupid question from me. My choot is meant for fucking. It is the same I told the grocery boy who brought grocery to the house" She said. With that she raised her legs and bent her knees and spread them.

She then further split her cunt with her fingers. I went down. It was my first look at a cunt and it was so beautiful and glistening. I started to lick it and after a while she said " Suck this also" pointing to her ( now I know her cilt). It was small and protuding. It was soft and slightly salty but felt nice. I continued to suck her while I used my hand in a fruitful employment by pressing her large melons.

She kept moaning and sighing as I alternately sucked and licked not only her cilt but also the entrance to her honey bank. After a while her hips started to move backward and forward and after a loud "I am cumming you madarchod" she pressed my head into her cunt and and kept saying "Yes, Yes suck me more bite it' Till she finally stopped oscillating and was breathing heavily.

My mouth and face was all wet with her cum juices. As I Got up she started to lick my face clean. " "Now put your lund into my choot and pharo it my lovely maderchod" She got on her back and put a pillow under her bottom and lifted her leg high and wide. My cock had hardened by now, I got between and thrust my javeline into her watering can with full force.

As I had climaxed a short while earlier it took me a while to discharge my cum into her. With all her experience she helped me my matching my thrust with her upward movement of her hip. as soon as I dischrged almost simaltaneously with her we both lay exhausted with me on top of her. When my cock has lost the erection it came out Premanjali took it in her mouth and licked it clean.

I then reciprocated the honour and let a mixture of her cum and my cum fall into my mouth. Premanjali then got up and removed the beer bottles from the table which was also when the covering is open served as a washhand basin, She picked up the cover and then sat astride the basin and pissed into it.

I wanted to piss also so after she finished I stood next to it and pissed and while I was pissing she got my cock and held it so that a bit of the piss came on her hand which she licked off. After draining the washhand basin we finished the beer and she took out food which she had brought from home. The top berth remained empty as we both slept in the raw and having a midnight fuck.

The next day, after B'fast from the train cratering service we started again. This time with her on the top. She taught me the finer points of 69 position - which I fully enjoyed. She asked me to take her arse hole and finally she taught me to swallow piss without dropping a drop. (These training has come handy for me with women on the plantation and then with my wife)

As we came closer to Cal, I asked her for her address & Tele number."No my lover, we had a good time fucking each other; as soon as we get off we forget we ever met, unless we have another chance encounter, then we will catch up on our sex again. However, I would like you to give me your underpants, which we have been wiping ourselves with, as a remembrance of our sex episode.

You are a good learner and you have satisfied my emotions for the 48 hours." " Will you give me yours too?" "Sure" As the train made itsway into the Howrah station we had a last quick suck of each other. We exchanged or underwear -she even gave me her bra besides her pantys and so we both got off without our underwears on.

Fast forward. I never saw her again till the day of my marriage to her granddaughter as mentioned earlier. A Few days after our honeymoon she called us for dinner at her swanky home. Latter we called her to our place and when I went to drop her at her place she wanted to feel my cock and asked if I had her gift which I did have at the plantation.

She pulled out my underwear, still unwashed, from her handbag. She passed away a year after my marriage and she surprised everyone of her family, most of all my wife (who did not even attend the will reading by her lawyer) and her son and daughter. She had left everything to her grand-daughter i.e. my wife. Bless her.

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Fucking strengthens bond between siblings

I was browsing internet, cellphone rang. Call from Rita, my sister, two years younger than me. "Hallo"- I responded. "Come"-she replied and hanged the phone. "Come" is a very expressive word for us. This is not the first time that she uttered just one word and hanged the phone. I have understood the meaning - "Come" means she is alone at home and I can go to fuck her.

It is not only her need to fuck, she always takes care of my need. She knows that my wife is abroad for last 15 days and wants to give some pleasure to my penis. She lives just couple of blocks away from my residence, five minutes walk. Just before the sunset, I pressed the calling bell of her flat. She opened the door, let me in and bolted the door.

Without any word she hold me tightly and took my lips in her mouth, very erotic indeed. From the press of her boobs on my chest I could realize that she wears no bra. She was wearing only a long thin gown. I slipped my both hands from her back to her buttock and feel that she has no panty either. We have exchanged hot erotic kisses still just inside the door.

I removed my lips from her and started kissing on neck, earlobe and around. I murmered near her ear, "where is he (her husband)?". " Official meeting, will not be back by 2-3 hours"- she replied. "And the maid?"-I asked. On two days leave. We continued pressing and kissing untill she almost dragged me towards the bedroom, "lets go to bed."

"Should we fuck"- I asked, although I was sure that we are going to do that. "Off Course"-she continued, "we will be complete nude, you will push your long thick cock inside my pussy and we will fuck in rythm". We always like to talk and hear erotic words. Before getting into bed she slipped her gown and became completely nude.

I have immediately cupped her boobs, pressed gently and and taken the nipple in my mouth. She unbuttoned my shirt, kissed on my chest and pulled down my pant. I have helped in clearing my underwear. We started kissing in front of the big mirror beside the bed, still standing. I remember that she once said that she enjoys seing her fucked by a man in the mirror.

Soon we got ourself on the bed. These days we don't hurry in putting the penis inside the pussy. We lay on the bed in each others arms for sometime and started kissing. Our hands were moving on each other freely. She hold my penis, pressed couple of times and rubbed with care for some time.

Penis is now more harder which she placed between her thighs inside the folds of her vaginal outer lips. My penis clearly felt the wetness of her pussy. With two naked bodies pressed each other, face to face, we strted talking erotic matters with occassional kisses and handling each other's sexual organs. Gradually we were talking less and paying more attention to pussy, boobs, lips and cock.

We were getting aroused by kissing, pressing and licking our sex organs. We are now ready for an exhaustive fucking session. We have parted ourselves and placed her on her back. I started from kissing her forehead, then eyes and nose followed by a very hot deep erotic kiss on her lips. I took her tongue in my mouth.

Then she opened her mouth and took my tongue in her mouth and our tongues met, we sucked each other for sometime. We exchanged saliva like licking ice-cream. Then I took her one nipple in mouth and pressing another with hand. She started moaning and twisting her body. She then gripped my penis and moaned " uss ups uuu big and thick....warm....hard. "Do you like it"-I said.

"I like it more when it is inside my pussy" she replied, "please insert it in my pussy". "Not yet, I want a prolonged fuck"-I said. Without any further word I went down to her pussy, oooooopss wet and full of juices. Her inner pussy lips are relatively thick which I enjoy pressing with my lips. Soon my tongue found her clit. I was licking full length of her pussy.

She put her arms around my head with her fingers in my hair and pulled me into her pussy with full force, and moans coming from her mouth. Her moans became louder and she was thrusting her pussy upward. Suddenly she pushed my head away and said "I will not cum on your mouth, I want to cum on your penis"- "please push your penis in my pussy"- "I want your warm cum in my pussy".

I said "no hurry", "I shall prepare you more so that you enjoy my fucking more and more". She grabbed my penis, rubbed for sometime and then took it in her mouth. Oooohh God, she can suck so nicely! Unbelieveable! I always like her sucking.She gave me quick blowjob in past also.She then started begging me to insert my penis into her pussy and fuck hard.

I also did'nt want to waste my cum in her mouth, I would better release cum in her pussy with jerks and deep penetration. Both of us are now ready for a fuck- "Dog like penetration, Horse like thrust and Frog like duration". I rolled on her, she parted her legs. My penis is now touching her wet labia. I was kissing and pressing boobs prior final penetration.

She was begging- "Give me", "Put your penis inaside pussy"-"Fuck me right now". I did'nt want to tease her any more. I just placed the tip of my penis on her pussy and rubbing through the pussy length. She didn't wait for my push, instead she thrusted her hips up. My penis slipped inside watery pussy about half length and srucked somewhere.

I asked "strucked somewhere?" She raised and adjusted her legs when the full length of penis got inserted. Her labia was touching the base jont of my penis ang giving me enormous pleasure. We remained unmoved for sometime so that penis and pussy feels each other before the storm fuck. I started slow strokes- pulling out slowly and then push with a forceful thrust.

She appeared to be impatient and thrusting upwards vigorously. I was also incrasing the rithm of fucking. Ummm uhhh ummm ahhhh uhhhh her moaning louder and louder. I always like her moaning as it is mixed with erotic words. "Fuck me hard....hard....faster......fuck your sister......I love brother is fucking me......why brother sister fucking is so nice.........

do you love to fuck your brother.... kiss you like sisters pussy.....your penis gives me lots of pleasure.......don't stop fucking pussy is always available for you...I like your penis....your penis fits my pussy well...fuck me....your penis is fat....long....hard...fuck your sister's pussy with your nice penis..-she continued.

I was getting more and more horny listening her words and replying to her moans.......nice pussy....juicy.... fucking my sis.....sister fucking is excellent......I will fuck you again and again...We have agreed that we will fuck again before leaving her flat. So far we were delaying cumming with our experinced methods.

Almost after half an hour intense fucking in the same position she proposed - "lets cum together". "'Oh ya"- I replied. I started deep thrusts with rithm and she was replying with counter thrusts with sweet moans. Excellent rithms! Ohhhh- I was also making sound. "Brother...I am about to cum...I am cumming....shoot your warm cum...

fill in my pussy.....uhhh ahhhh grrrr grrrr ahhh. Both of us almost cum together. I laid down on her for some time and then we parted when she went to bring me a coffee. Next round will start after an hour and she decided to have it on the floor. Dear readers, this is a absolutely true story where I am 50 years old and my sister is 48.

Both of us are married and have two children each. We started our erotic touches when I was 12 and she was 10 only. When I first time fucked her by inserting my penis in her pussy, she was 21 and already married with a army officer for eight months.

That means we had touching, pressing and fondling for many times but she lost her virginity to her husband. All d these years we had many fucking events in different circumstances. I f you are interested to hear please let me know.

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First time sex with Anu

This incident, happened in my life almost 25 years ago… I am Indian, belonging to the state of Tamil Nadu, my city and other locations are changed, so is the lady’s name. Else, it is 100% true episode in my life. Awakening me to the world of sex.

My cousin, my father’s sister’s daughter who was married and had a 8 year old got admitted into the post graduate program of the medical college in my town and her company allowed her leave for two years to finish it. She moved into our house. Unleashing a wave of sexual awakening in me. I was entering higher studies in a prestigious institute, was entering age 21, still a virgin.

I mean real virgin, who hadn’t had even had a wet dream till then. Let us call the cousin Anu. She was in her early thirties, short and was no beauty but had DD breasts and very pronounced curve in behind as well. I didn’t notice her much and nor was I inclined. She used to take me out to shopping constantly calling me out the man of the house etc.

She used to sleep upstairs after studying late in the night and I slept in the bedroom downstairs, with my parents in another bedroom. One day, during the night I developed severe stomach ache. Not knowing what to do, my mom woke Anu up and she immediately came down gave me some tablet and told my mom that she would watch over me.

She laid down her bed next to mine on the floor and was massaging my tummy. Over a period of ten minutes, she was asking me where it was hurting and when I replied lower she kept on lowering her hand brushing against my genitals. I didn’t think much of it. After that she shifted her bed to the same room. It is very common in Indian families to have cousins sleeping in the same room on floor.

Over a period of time, she would drift closer during sleep and occasionally a hand would caress me all over during the sleep ! She also started wearing sleeveless night dresses and somehow, after my parents had gone to bed, a lot of buttons in the top would open up. Again, in hindsight this is glaring to me now, but at that time I really didn’t think much about these….

One day she took me out to a movie, that movie had very violent scenes, She would grab my arm and hold on tight during those scenes. I leaned closer to her to comfort her during these scenes. After the movie’s interval when she came back from the bathroom, when she again grabbed my arm,

I clearly noticed her nipples brushing through the blouse and when I looked I noticed that she had removed her bra and kept it in her handbag ! I was very much intrigued. After this after everyone had gone to sleep, she would go to the bathroom and return bra less in her nightie to sleep next to me. Over a period of time, she started hugging me a lot in her sleep.

I was scared, though it was an indescribable feeling, it was one that made me feel good as well. I joined my institute and used to go home on holidays etc. Each time I was there she would shift her bed next to me. After her first year, she needed to go to a lab in another medical college to get some samples for her research paper which was part of her MD.

She asked my mother, whether she can get me to accompany her as it would be safer rather than travelling alone. My mother agreed, so when I went home for college break, I was asked to accompany her. We had to buy some lab supplies in Chennai, so we went by train to Chennai and checked into her Company’s guest house. The room, had two beds laid out in European style.

When I went to bath and came back she had put together the beds into a single large one. We went out got the samples and came back later in the evening. After dinner, I crashed. Late past mid-night, I felt Anu close to me, hugging me. After a while she adjusted position so that my face was nestled between her breasts. She also kissed my forehead.

Then she put one of her leg over me completely hugging me and rubbing her as well. I pretended to be asleep. After a while she also dozed off. I was scared but wanted to know how to take it forward as well. Next morning, she had laid out her clothes on the clothesline in the bathroom and was preparing to take a bath. I had to use the bathroom urgently.

When I was on the toilet an idea occurred to me. I just grabbed her bra and took it out with me. She then went to take a bath. I just dropped the bra outside the bathroom door. After the bath she came out with a smile picked up the bra. I was on the bed pretending to read a newspaper. She just had a small towel on her bosom and slipped the bra on.

Fumbled with the hooks in the back, then called out “Can you hook it for me”, when I went close knowing well I can see her front in the mirror said “Let me adjust”. She lifted up the cups, exposing her breasts completely and then slipped them back on slowly. I was just dumbfounded and it was my first sight of a woman’s breast !

I just hooked up the back and returned to the bed. We then went out to more medical shops to get further supplies that day. I was thrilled at the night’s arrival and the possibilities that were there…That night, the usual, hugging started later, a little later when she turned away, I waited for half an hour and then moved closer to her hugging her in a spooning position.

She then turned facing me, hugged me. Kissed me on my forehead. I was still scared. Slowly adjusted my position, so that our lips were at level and was making minor moves. She then put her hand on my cheek and kissed me on the lips ! It was my first kiss. I was in heaven. She gave little kisses and then deep ones. Finally, slipped her tongue and sucked out my tongue.

I then moved my hand down and tugged at the chord that was holding her nightie (gown). She helped with it and I saw her in her bra and panty. First time in my life. She just pulled her bra over her breasts and took my face near her breast. I instinctly kissed her nipple and she said “Suck on them”.

I sucked on them and her body twitched, I got scared and stopped momentarily, she then pressed my face again and I continued the sucking for what must have been very long time. I grabbed both her breasts and was squeezing them to my heart’s content. She then grabbed my hand and put it between her tights on her crotch. I was in seventh heaven.

Her nylon panty was all wet ! I rubbed it instinctively and was sucking on her breast without any control. Suddenly, I was shocked as it felt I had to pee and a huge uncontrolled eruption happened out of my penis into my underwear. I was too embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do, I told her “I am scared and I want to stop”.

She got scared that I will reveal this and hugged me and kept on kissing me and saying “Don’t get upset” repeatedly. We went to sleep hugging each other. Next morning, we took the bus to the next town where the college was situated. We checked into a hotel there. She went out to the college and got the process started,

she stayed up late in the college and got to the room very late after a quick meal, she was totally wasted and was knocked out. I just kissed her firmly on the lips and went to sleep as well. Next morning, she got up gave me a kiss and this time walked out bare chested from the bathroom put on all her clothes totally in front of me.

She then left me money for breakfast and lunch and left for the college. I heard the doorbell and opened the door to find her all smiles. She said that the process went off really well and she had all the samples she needed. She said let us celebrate and gave me a kiss. With her on top of me I opened her brown blouse and took it off.

I then with struggle, and with her laughing at that, unhooked her bra. I sucked her breasts to my heart’s content. I asked her “What is her treat ?” She said let me give it. She then removed my underwear and asked me to close my eyes. After a minute I felt something warm and velvety wrapping my hard penis.

When I opened my eyes I saw my penis entirely in her mouth and she was sucking on it vigorously. Within a minute, I felt the need to pee and was tense. She just looked up smiled and said relax. I then felt as if I had peed. She continued her sucking and then opened her mouth and showed something that looked like yoghurt.

With a smile, she swallowed it and then after caressing me for 10 minutes again put her mouth around my penis and sucked it. Again, I felt the same sensation, this time I was not tense at all and let it erupt into her mouth. She came up and kissed me and passed on the yoghurt cream into my mouth from hers - it tasted alkaline and we kept passing it back and forth and finally she swallowed it again.

After this whenever she went to the bathroom she would leave the door totally open. I would hear her peeing into the toilet and the sound was very exciting to me and my penis would get very hard. I also kept my door open and once when I was peeing, she came behind, grabbed it and adjusted the aim. After I was done, she just bent down sucked it and cleaned it for me.

I was in heaven and had no idea, what lied ahead for me in this. That evening we took the bus and then the train immediately and got back home. At home, in the night, my elder brother had also come and he was also in the same room with us. IN the night, when I slipped my hand inside her panty, she said “Not now” very quietly and was just caressing me.

I was totally frustrated. After that next day I went back to my college. I really was caught in the grind of college for the next six months and she also finished her college and returned back to her job. I used to go to sleep constantly replaying our time together and several nights will erupt into my underwear overnight in sleep.

During the start of vacation I planned for a halt at her place and reached her house at 6am. I was warmly received by her, she was glowing when she declared that husband was out of town on business. She grabbed my arm caressed me and whispered “Tonight”. Just that one word sent chills down my spine and I was tingling all over with anticipation.

I got ready and chatted with my aunt and Anu’s daughter. That night, Anu was on the cot with her bed laid out and she laid out a bed for me on the floor. It was monsoon season, and there was plenty of thunder and lightning. At 10pm the house shutdown and all of us were in bed. Her daughter was sleeping with her grand parents, a habit she had formed when Anu was in my house for her studies.

I still thank god for that. After, some time, I slowly pulled my hand up and just rubbed her bed. Slowly, her hand came down and she said wait. I was excited and frustrated as well. Soon heavy rains started, it was very noisy. I guess, she was waiting for that noise caused by the rain. She came down and lied down next to me.

In no time, we got nude and this time she whispered “Relax” into my ears repeatedly. I sucked on her breasts. Put my hand down and felt between my thighs. Her pussy was so smooth, later she mentioned slipping out work in the afternoon to get it waxed for me ! I then asked her “What next, guide me” she grabbed my penis and laid it on the entrance to her pussy, grabbed my but and pulled me in.

It was the most joyous moment in my life, my penis slipping into a woman’s pussy for the first time. Instinctively, I began to hump and in a few mins a violent eruption happened. She wrapped her legs around my but tightly and held me in place. Kissed me violently on the lips and even bit my lip. She whispered, “It was so good”.

While we were doing it, there was lot of lightning and it was as if, flash bulbs were going on around us filming us having sex. We both put on our clothes and went to sleep. After that, next morning I took the train to my home. I also took up a job in Chennai and joined the company soon. Around a month later, after our sexual episode,

One day I got a call from anu that she is admitted to the hospital, when I asked, she said not to worry she was having an abortion. She mentioned that she missed her periods and found her to be pregnant ! She said “Kiddo, you are now fit for marriage”. After this she came to Chennai on business called me to her company guest house, I went there to find her with her husband and daughter.

The guest house bathroom was one which opened out to two adjoining rooms. When I went to wash my face, she smiled and slipped in the key to the other room. I then came out of the bathroom and said to her husband that I have to park my bike in a safe place and that I will be back in a few mins. In then opened the other room went in locked it and waited.

Few moments later, I saw the bathroom door being opened quietly and Anu entered the bedroom totally nude and pussy totally bald. We fucked like rabbits. When I was really drilling her pussy, we heard knocks on the other door of the bathroom with husband wanting to know is she done. She moaned and said that it would take her a few more minutes.

After I erupted into her, she asked me to lick her pussy and clean it up. Which like a good boy I did. When I wanted to pee, she asked me to pee into her mouth slowly and drank the whole thing ! It was shocking and sensual at the same time, to see her gulp it down, with her husband and daughter on the other side of the door…

After that I migrated to US and keep in touch with her through infrequent calls, which stopped after my marriage. Everyone was asking why Anu didn’t show up for my marriage. I can only smile at the reason. I have since fucked my wife, and after moving back to India several of my maids as well. I have even fucked a mother daughter combo of maids (separately of course).

It was a huge to kick to get both of them pregnant at the same time. To this day, I remember my first time and Anu is still the source of my fantasy for masturbation. She came to my house last year. During the night, I got a call that toilet is leaking in her room,

I entered only to see her with a smile and even at almost 60, still gives damn good blow jobs…She is an associate professor in a medical college near Chennai now. I am looking forward to my next visit to her house already. Yes, her pussy is still bald and neatly maintained.

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Karan fucking cousin Rekha

Hi everybody. This is Karan from Mumbai. I have been reading a lot of sexperiences of others and that has inspired me to write my own. It happened two years back in diwali vacations when she, my cousin sister Rekha (name changed), came to stay with us for two weeks. I am writing this with her permission

Those days her husband was not doing well in his business and all that frustration used to come out on her. They used to fight a lot everyday. She got fed up of all this and decided to come to our place. Anyways, that became a reason for her to visit our place, she had never come there before this.

One fine morning I woke up to find her sleeping on the floor in my room. I was shocked and asked my dad what was she doing in my room. I generally dont like to share my room with anyone and that too I was angry on her that she had never visited once since her marriage 10 years back.

My dad told me that she had come to visit us and to make up for those lost times that we could have spent enjoying together. That day evening, my parents went out to buy some vegetables as there was one extra member in the family for a few days now. That time, both of us, she and I, were alone in the house.

She came to me to talk and we chatted like brother and sister talking to each other. I had nothing of wrong sorts in my mind till now.All those thoughts started in the night time when she went to take bath before sleeping. When she came out, she only had a towel wrapped around her naked body to hide her booty.

She was unaware of my presence but before she dropped her towel, I had to be the good guy. I alerted her that she is not alone in the room. She got shocked and waited for me to leave. I went out but that picture of her sexy wet body in a towel wouldnt go out of my mind. I decided that she was here to make up for those lost 10 years na! I will help her in that.

I will get that sexy body on my bed as a punishment for not visiting me in 10 years and also for sleeping in my room without my permission. Anyways convincing her wouldnt be much of a trouble, I thought, as she had been fighting with her hubby for the past year or so, she surely was sex-deprived. So I would very easily get my desire if I tried a little.

Two days passed and I was still looking for an opportunity. But it presented itself in a very unexpected manner. That day morning she came out of the bathroom again in towel but didnt lock the door. Nobody was home except us. I, by chance, entered that room and got to see her completely naked body. She cried out and tried to cover her body with whatever she could lay her hands onto.

I said sorry and ran out of the room. Later that afternoon, she was having some trouble working with the computer so I volunteered. She accepted my help but reluctantly. Mummy was sleeping in her room and dad was in office. So that left us together alone in my room. I apologised and said that it was an accident.

She said its all right, things like this happen and should be forgotten. I have never been angry on you, I knew you didnt mean to see me in that situation. I gathered all my courage and said to her, actually I wanted to but it happened by accident. I have been fantasizing about your boobs since the day I saw you in towel for the first time. She was silent.

I asked for her permission to just touch them. And also added that if you dont want it you can hit me then and there but just dont tell anyone. She said I will tell your parents if you touch them. You will have to suck on them and please me. If I am happy, we are happy. Otherwise there is trouble lurking around the corner for you.

I was really happy and excited as this was the first time I would be sucking on some babe's nipples. I took her into my arms and went behind the cupboard. There she opened her blouse and bra and I took them completely off her hot body. I looked at those heavenly globes and cupped them in my both hands and started massaging them.

It was difficult for me to control and very quickly my mouth replaced my hands. Slowly I started sucking onto her nipples one by one. First the right one and then the left one and again back to the right one. I was doing good and she was enjoying it. She lifted both her hands to grab onto something above for support. I saw her shaven armpits and slowly moved from her boobies to her armpits.

It was my dream to make armpit love to someone and I got it from her. Licking her skin there, I was getting the smell and taste of it. I loved it and she loved it too. She was enjoying it. I tried to lift her saree to get access to her panties, but she said lets go slow. Not everything on day one. So I came back to suck her breasts. Within 5 mins I climaxed.

Though she did not cum but still she was happy with the armpit love making and told me that when we have 'it', I should make armpit love to her. We did it again in the evening on the terrace but this time I got to grab her ass over her saree. It so happened that, I told her I want to make her cum and for that I must get access to her love-hole.

I said I will finger fuck if you want but please I want to taste your juices. She accepted it and that evening when my parents had gone for their regular evening walk, we got the chance. She said she wants some thrill in it. There is no thrill in doing it in a closed room. Lets do it in the open. Lets go to the terrace where my pussy will breathe fresh air.

So we went onto the terrace. I made her sleep on the floor, lifted her saree and petticoat, pulled her panties down, and spread her legs wide. I got to see the heaven. She had shaven her pussy for the occasion. I looked her in the eye and my eyes said thanks. Then I put my middle finger onto her pussy and started playing with her.

I kept rotating my finger around her pussy hole but didnt enter it. She was getting wet slowly slowly. She begged for me to insert my finger into her but I had bigger plans. I wanted my cock to enter her. I wanted to FUCK her, not only finger fuck her. So I kept playing like that. But she got my ideas somehow and threatened that she would leave immediately and never allow anymore of it if I "break the rules".

So I agreed and inserted my middle finger into her wet pussy. She gave out a sigh of relief and then started enjoying herself. Her breathing rate increased and she was breathing heavy now. That made her lift her chest above the ground. Her heaving of her chest, which propped up her boobs, made me go mad and fuck her faster. Her boobs were rising and falling.

She was going to cum. I inserted my index finger too and inserted my little finger in her tight, virgin ass. That was too much for her. She cried out loud and squirted all over my hand. I removed my fingers and put my mouth on her pussy to drink all that I could. She was cumming and I was not wasting a drop.

After her orgasm, I licked all that I had missed, that is, I licked her pussy, her ass and my hand to get all of her fluid. She was happy and that was reflected on her face. She pulled me up and kissed me. I too responded and soon we had our tongues lapping each other. She said she never had such an orgasm by just finger-fuck.

She wanted to see what its like when I fuck her properly. She said ask for whatever you want as a reward for this. I said I want to cum in your pussy right now. She said thats not happening so early but if I want I can cum in her mouth. I was more than excited by this and readily accepted it. She went down and undid my pants.

She removed my undies and took my tool in her hands. She liked the size of it and praised me saying this would hit the spot perfectly. I asked her to let me hit it, but she put it in her mouth to silence me. Her hands started to stroke my tool and her tongue was lapping it.

The hand-mouth sync was so good that I came within 5 minutes of blowjob. Her mouth was full of my cum but she did well not to waste any of it. Then we kissed and tidied ourselves to go down. We fucked that night but that story later.

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Fucking Brother in laws hot daughter

This episode relates to my brother-in-law's daughter, JT, who resides in UK since past many years. Whenever I visit UK I always tell her that if anytime she needs any type of help from me, she is most welcome, as she stays alone there. Like on my previous visits, this year too I told her the same and added further that she would be the 'safest with me.'

One day she called my wife and asked her if she would allow me to visit her place as there was some work she had with which I alone could help her. My wife did not hesitate for a minute and told her as to why would she object. JT further informed my wife that I could come over on the coming Saturday evening by train and that she would come over to the station to take me along with her to her house,

I could stay overnight and do her work on Sunday and return by the evening. My wife did tell her it was OK with her but asked her to speak to me. I too agreed. So, on that Saturday I took the train, called her on the way & told her about by train details. She told me that she would be at the station to receive me.

When the train arrived at the station, she asked me to get down at, I saw her waiting for me. We exchanged the customary hello & hugs and went outside to catch the bus to her home. Not long before we arrived at her home, where she offered me tea. We then sat down to have a chat.

After the customary hows everyone etc., she asked me, 'phufadji, please tell me as to what did you mean by saying that I was safest with you?' 'Look', I told here 'shall I tell you the exact meaning, freely & frankly?' 'Of course, that's how I want it, cos this statement of yours kept banging in my head since then.'

'OK,' I continued, 'see you live all alone here and sometimes things can become quite volatile & dangerous and being a young lady, you may have sexual urges too, which is quite normal at this age, but might get into some wrong company, or may do something in the heat of the moment which cannot be reversed.' 'So, what exactly do you mean? she wanted to know.

I said, 'if you have any sexual urge I could satisfy you without any danger of the consequences.' 'And how was that,' she asked. 'Well, I have my tubes cut. So you can have all the fun without any worry,' I replied. 'Phupadji,' she continued, 'at your age & looking into our relationship, do you think that this is possible?'

'Sorry, as far as my age is concerned, forget it, try me anytime and you will be more than pleased,' I told her. She said, 'but still I think you cannot seduce me.' 'Wanna try baby?' I asked. 'Sure', she said, try it NOW'. 'OK baby, you asked for it, then here goes.' I replied. I unzipped my trouser in slow motion, thrust my hand inside my underwear and pulled my prick out.

She looked at it, but showed least concern. I removed my shirt. She was unmoved. I removed my trouser and underwear and was completely naked in front of her. She showed little concern, but I felt she was getting aroused. I went behind her & she turned around. I told her to turn around again. She did.

I softly touched her from behind, put my arms around her, put my hands on her boobs, pressed them gently, rubbed my hand on her arse & cunt, turned her around and kissed her forehead, her cheeks & then planted a soft & gentle kiss on her lips. She was aroused as she put her arms around me and kissed me hard & long and pushed me aside. 'What happened?'

I enquired. She quipped,'Nothing.' 'Then why did you push me aside?', I asked. She said, 'phufadji, I am getting aroused & don't know whether I should me doing this or not.' I said, 'I told you, you are the safest with me, so come on, have fun, let yourself go.' She came near me, very close up and held my head in her hands, stared me straight in my eyes and kissed me on my lips so hard that she nearly bit them.

'OK', she said, 'I'm not only seduced, but lured too. I want to have all the fun you claim you can give me. Come fuck me, man.' With these words she removed her clothes and pounced on me like a wild cat, hugging & kissing, rubbing her body against mine and took hold of my prick & started shaking it.

She then went on her knees took my prick in her mouth and sucked like there was no tomorrow. I pulled her up and gave her a very passionate kiss and told her, 'see I was about to release, so I pulled you out.' 'Was there any problem with that?', she retorted, 'I would have drunk your spunk. Now let me suck it again'. She sucked my prick again and did indeed drink my spunk.

She then asked me to go ahead and give her all the fun. Then, I went down on my knees and put my tongue to one of her nipple and started licking it. She let out a sound, 'oee'. She then held that boob in her hands and made me suck it hard. This was followed with the other nipple & boob. She said, 'man, you lick like a dog'. I rubbed & pressed both her boobs softly, but she wanted it to be hard.

She then moved my head to her cunt. It was already dripping. I put my tongue to it and licked it clean. She pressed my head on her cunt. What I did then was that I carried her in my arms and lay her on the bed and started to lick her cunt's lips. She was getting excited and let out moans like, 'wow, it feels great man, suck my cunt you old man.'

I started to now suck her cunt and she was ecstatic. She started to raise her head and finally she burst from her cunt. Her bursts were so hugh that not only my face but my entire chest was covered by them. I licked her cunt clean. She got up and kissed me very very hard and said,

'phufadji, you are indeed too good a sucker and now please put your prick inside my fucking cunt and give me a big great fuck, man.' She of her own took my prick in her hands, shook it, made it big & fat and thrust it inside her cunt. I started with slow motions, but she was wriggling her waist and murmured,'come on man, my man fuck me harder with hugh thrusts, kill me,

but fuck me my dear dear wonderful phufadji, you son of a bum, fuck me hard make me rock, man.' With this I made my thrusts so deep & penetrative that she shouted, 'not so hard you bastard.' With fast motions I burst and that made her to say,'yes, that was cool & nice, please keep fucking as I too am nearing my climax.' And she too burst.

We stayed as we were for some time and then sat up, with my prick still inside her cunt. She seemed so satisfied that she exclaimed, 'I'm so sorry phufadji, I used some harsh & bad words, which I'm sure you must not have expected from me. I take back all those & other words and want to thank you for all the pleasure you gave me....'

I interrupted,'JT it was perfectly OK. Don't worry a wee bit about anything. I too enjoyed your tight cunt and the pleasure was mine too.' She continued,'tell me, what if I get pregnant?' I asked in turn,'when are your periods due?' 'In about a weeks time', she replied. 'Don't worry, wait for your periods, whether they come or not, send me a sms, but I'm sure you will not get pregnant from me.

Unless you get fucked from someone who can impregnate you.' 'phufadji, you are now being mean. Do you think I would allow anybody else now to fuck me, when I have you!' It was nearing 9pm and I asked her 'Aren't you feeling hungry? Let's go out to eat.' 'Sure, let me dress up, and so do you need to, and then we go out to eat', she replied.

On the way to the restaurant, while having our dinner and on the way back to her home, JT clung to me like a lover, made nice sweet talk and seemed very delighted & happy. Once we were back at her place, she grabbed me, pulled me to her, pressed her body against mine and smooched me real hard. JT is indeed a very sexy little woman.

Soon it was time to retire for the day and dear JT wanted one more time. So, I suggested that we wash up, remove our clothes and get in the bed naked. JT did not spare a minute to do all that and was once again on me. We did fuck one more time before going to sleep, which was well past 12 midnight. We did sleep finally, naked.

Early morning at about 6am I was up, but JT was still fast asleep. As usual at that early morning time, my prick was a monster. I went behind her, as she was sleeping on a side with her back to me, and put my monster against her arse. She shuffled and murmured, 'let me sleep some more, please. Oh, Oh, what is that hugh thing behind me, a dildo?'

With that she turned around and seeing my hugh monster exclaimed, 'phufadji dear, this is hugh, it was this big yesterday, Oh my God.' She took my moster in her hands, got up and started to suck it. She was enjoying the hugh guy. I asked her,'do you want it in your cunt, baby?' 'Would love to, but it might hurt as it is dangerously hugh', she replied.

'Let's try anyway', she continued. I lay her on her back, raised her legs and slowly started inserting my monster in her cunt. With a lttle care & difficulty, it did go in and JT was surprised as well as happy, as she kissed & hugged me really hard, as if saying thank you. After the fuck, we lay in the bed for about half an hour, when I told her, 'JT darling,

I will get up, freshen up & have my 1st cup of tea and you can snooze for some time more.' 'OK', she said & went back to sleep. I dressed up, made & had my tea and awaited for JT to get up. My dear JT got up at about 8am, still naked and looked around for me, found me, gave me a kiss and went to the toilet to freshen up. In the meantime, I prepared some coffee for her.

When she came out of the toilet, she was dressed up and I gave her her coffee. She looked surprisingly, tasted it and said,'phufadji, thanks for the lovely coffee. You are a real caring guy. I think you know how to please your woman.' 'Thanks baby for the compliments & yes I do care for my woman a lot', I said.

'Tell me darling, I'm going to call you that now, as phufadji brings in the relationship, whereas we have made love & fucked, do you love & care for buaji as much?' 'JT, bear one thing in mind, your bua is my first love and my first priority, nothing & nobody can stop me for loving & caring for her', I told her. 'Indeed very nice to hear that, shows your love & concern for my dear buaji', she continued.

With that she came and sat in my laps, hugged me real tight & kissed me very passionately. 'OK', she said, 'what will you have for breakfast?' 'Anything goes,' I replied, 'do you have bread, butter, jam & a toaster?' 'Of course I have all that', she replied. 'But', I continued 'I have my breakfast only after my bath'. 'Fine with me', she said.

'We will have our bath together,' I told her, 'it will be another first for you, I think, and great fun, I assure you.' 'OK', she replied, 'it shall be that way, my dear dear darling. We shall have our bath together, but after some time, as I just finished my coffee.' 'No, probs dear,' I said. After JT finished her coffee, we both undressed, became completely naked and I carried my dear JT in my arms to the bathroom.

There we have one hell of a time, rubbing & scrubbing each other, playing with each other's bodies, like she holding my prick, shaking & sucking it, kissing, me pressing her boobs & sucking them, me licking her arse & cunt and then fucking. All this was done with the shower running and my JT enjoyed it thoroughly and exclaimed, 'Oh, it was really a wonderful experience and my first.

Thank you very much darling.' 'You're most welcome my lovely JT,' I responded. 'What next, dear?' she asked. 'Well we shall get dressed, go out into the town, I shall buy you a gift, have our lunch out and come back home here,' I replied. 'Why the gift and what gift?' she wanted to know. I replied, 'anything you want dearly as a token of remembering this day, baby.'

'Fine,' she said. We then went out in the town and I enquired as to what she wanted as a gift. She said that I could buy her a Bra, which she would wear only when she felt like having me, but could not physically. So, I bought her a Red coloured size 34 Bra. She wanted to buy a gift for me too and I told her to buy me a sexy underwear.

She bought one with a sexy motif saying 'Have mine'. We then had our lunch out and returned home by about 3pm. After some tea & coffee we then settled down on the bed for a last love making before I could leave for my home. JT undressed me and I undressed her. We two had a wonderful about one & a half hour of love making, kissing & smooching, hugging, licking & sucking and fucking.

One more time I poured my cum in JT's cunt. She thanked me & I thanked her for a wonderful time spent together. I finally told her, 'OK my lovely dear, I think it's time to move & leave.' She retorted, 'my dear phufadji, I must thank you indeed for the great time you gave me and would not like to leave you, but would have to and would have you at least one more time, before you leave for India.'

'Anytime by sweet baby, I too would be looking forward to be with you once again.' ' Hey phufadji, I have a colleague, a white, who is beautiful & very hot & sexy. Could I refer you to her for a meeting, she would be willing to pay me too, as she is loaded?' 'JT, what do you think I am, a gigolo, sex for money, man what is this?' I enquired. 'No, no, phufadji, please do not get me wrong,

since you are such a wonderful lover and she is very eager to get fucked for the first time in her life and told me that she would get fucked for the first time in her life only from a man who could really really satisfy her and who better than you,' she remarked. I thought over the issue for some time and told her, 'JT, see I have never fucked a white and am very eager & am yearning too for one,

but you will have to send me her photo to me and ask her to then have a talk with me on the mobile and no money to be involved, as I would not only be fulfilling my wish but also your & hers.' 'OK, I'll do that at the earliest, she responded. Before, seeing me off at the station she called her bua to say that she was thankful to her for sending me to help her and that I had done quite a few pending works for her.

She then walked me down to the station, all the while clinging to me. At the station, when it was the moment to leave I gave her a full blown kiss & hug. She had tears in her eyes and without saying a word, hugged me tight & long and gave me a final huge kiss.

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