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Sex training by older woman

I am a 50 years old chap retired from being a Manager in a Tea Plantation in Assam and Darjeeling. I am from Mumbai. PROLOUGE. The narration begins on the day I got married. It was an arranged marriage though we went out a few times. My wife was from a very well to do old landlord family. My Father was a senior Officer with the railways. I was the only child.

After the customary Exchange of garlands, my wife and I were put on a stage like some specimen for exhibition and the guest one by one came and offered gifts to us and posed for photographs as a mark of attendence. With some of the guest we shook hands and with others we touched their feet asking for their blessings.

While there, a very dignified old lady heavily jeweled was escorted up the stage my my father-in-law. My wife whispered that the old lady was her Nani (Mother's mother). She looked very fimiliar to me but at first I could not place her. As I bent to touch her feet, she caught me by my shoulders and hugged me. As she hugged me she whispered, " Do you remember me?"

FLASHBACK. I was 18 years old, fresh from School going on my first job with a tea plantation in Assam as a assistant manager. My father as a gift to me bought a First AC ticket for me for my travel from Mumbai ( then Bombay ) to Kolkata (Then Calcutta). The train left Mumbai in the evening and reached Calcutta the next evening if it was not late as it invariably was.

My luggage was put into the compartment and informed about it. I did not go into the cabin to check or anything. I stood on the platform chatting with parents and friends who had come to see me off. Soon I heard the whistle blow and after a quick bye to all jumped into the train and looked for my cabin. It was a coupe( two berths only ).

As I reached the door two things struck me - one a beautiful perfume which overpowered all smells one associates with a train journey in India and the other a distinguishing looking lady about 50 plus years elegantly draped in a saree and delicately made up with her more-salt-than-pepper hair with every strand in place. I was dumbfounded for a moment.

Then I wished her and asked, "May I come in?" She smiled a smile that would launch a thousand ships and said, "Sure, this cabin is yours as much as it mine till at least Calcutta. Come in and make yourself comfortable, take a seat." Just before I sat down she offered me her hand and said" I am Premanjali. You can call me Prem like all people I know call me."

I took her hand and with the gentlest squeeze ( as taught in good public schools)started to give my name. "no need for that I know your name it is on the reservation chart" I settled down in one corner quietly. "Have you any idea when the TT wil come so that he can check our ticket and we can relax?"

I had no idea so till the TT came which was in about 45 minutes she found out that I was joining a tea Plantation and would be in cal for a day, she also found out which school I had studied in, etc. Pulling out a packet of Craven 'A' Cigarettes she offered me one but I refused saying I do not smoke on a regular basis, but she then insisted that I enjoy one with her.

I took one and lite it for her and for myself ( In those days there was no smoking restrictions on the train). She asked me if I had a steady girl friend. When I answered in the negative she asked me if I was a homosexual because " a good looking strapping guy like you should heve had a large bevy of girls after you and raping you" I smiled and said, "

I am neither an homosexual nor have I got the luck to have a bevy of girls rape me. In fact I am preety inexperienced" She laughed, " Good boy -what?" Just then the TT came and checked our tickets and said we would not be disturbed till 10 o'clock next day. "Lock the door,we can now change and relax" With that she opened her suite case and took out her Pyjama suit.

I volunteered to step out till she changed her clothes. "No need to that. I may require help anyhow" she said. She peeled of her sari and put it on the berth after folding it neatly. She seemed to have rather big busts and arse. I pretended to read a magzine. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off and folded it slowly. Yes, it confirmed she was very busty no doubt.

Then I got a shock. " Please unclip my Bra. I have a shoulder injury and cannot twist my hand back". I was nervous to say the least. I got up and my hands were trembling as I touched her bra and back " Do not get nervous. What are you afraid off? I will not eat you." With a little of fumbling I managed to unclip her bra. She took it off as I took my seat again.

"Gosh, You look as if you have seen a ghost" she said adding to my misery as she bent down to pick up her Pyjama top. Her pedulous breast hung down and swayed slightly as she wore them -ever so slowly. My cock had begun to rise in salutation. "Why don't you change? she asked me. "I am comfortable like this" "Don't be silly.

Sleeping in your underwears is not only unhygenic but terribly uncomfortable. If you don't have anything wear my pyjama. My top covers me well". While telling me that she removed her petticoat and panty and sat down. After almost ordering me to undress she gave my the pyjama. I started to undress, trying to hide as my cock just would not listen to me to relax.

It was semi standing as I turned to take off my trousers and underwear. "aha ha I did manage to get some life into you" She further embrrassed me. I quietly sat down without commenting or seeing her. She then from her large picnic box pulled out a bottle of beer and a bottle opener. Opening it, she said "I hope you will share it with me" I smiled. she took a swig and handed the bottle to me.

"Relax kid, we are in this together for almost the next 24 hours and you sitting so tensed up will ruin the journey for both of us. Come sit closer to me so the bottle can be easily passed to each other" I relaxed bit as I moved closer to her. Our thighs almost touching each other's. As more beer went down the more relaxed I felt. A second bottle was opened.

I then felt her hand on my thighs moving up and down. I smiled at her. " Give me a kiss " she said as she moved towards me. and encircled my body with her arms and started to kiss me on my lips. She put her tongue into my mouth and the took my tongue into her mouth and sucked it. It was very exciting for me a first timer. My cock was erect as never before.

She put her hand and felt it while kissing me. She all of a sudden climbed astride me. I put my hand om her breast and kneaded them. They were so smooth and surprising quite tight but soft to touch. She was really on heat. She quickly pulled of her top and was now completely nude sitting on me. I could feel my pyjamas were getting wet and I thought that I was leaking -

which I was but it was more of her fluid falling on my pyjamas. She then held up her breast to my mouth and said "Suck them, please" She had about a half inch tit seated on a two inch diameter very black areole. I licked and sucked each one with vengeance. While I was busy with her twin towers she put her hand between her thighs and caught my cock.

"Lovely big lund" she said as I put by hand down and felt for the first time a woman's cunts. The well trimmed hair were just above her pussy lips. It was very wet and slppery. My finger slipped in easily and I felt the soft flesh inside. It felt so heavenly. Premanjali then so very neatly slipped off my thighs and enroute to the floor pulled my pyjama down with her teeth.

I was now stark naked like her. She took me cock into her mouth and after licking the precum of the knob she started to pump it with her mouth. Within a few seconds I felt I was going to climax and told her "I will come and you will get dirty" She let go for just enough time to say "Let fly, kiddo Dirty me" and again started her pumping motion.

I started to shoot my cum but she kept on sucking me. I released all my cum into her mouth and she continued to lick me to clean up my cock. " I am sorry I could not do it, but it was the first time so I got extra excited" "Not to worry, we are not done with for the night" she said. She climbed back and sat next to me and started to play with my cock. I also started to play with her tits.

We had another swig of beer and lite a fag which we shared. " Can I suck you like you did to me" I asked. "Ofcourse you can. Never ask such a stupid question from me. My choot is meant for fucking. It is the same I told the grocery boy who brought grocery to the house" She said. With that she raised her legs and bent her knees and spread them.

She then further split her cunt with her fingers. I went down. It was my first look at a cunt and it was so beautiful and glistening. I started to lick it and after a while she said " Suck this also" pointing to her ( now I know her cilt). It was small and protuding. It was soft and slightly salty but felt nice. I continued to suck her while I used my hand in a fruitful employment by pressing her large melons.

She kept moaning and sighing as I alternately sucked and licked not only her cilt but also the entrance to her honey bank. After a while her hips started to move backward and forward and after a loud "I am cumming you madarchod" she pressed my head into her cunt and and kept saying "Yes, Yes suck me more bite it' Till she finally stopped oscillating and was breathing heavily.

My mouth and face was all wet with her cum juices. As I Got up she started to lick my face clean. " "Now put your lund into my choot and pharo it my lovely maderchod" She got on her back and put a pillow under her bottom and lifted her leg high and wide. My cock had hardened by now, I got between and thrust my javeline into her watering can with full force.

As I had climaxed a short while earlier it took me a while to discharge my cum into her. With all her experience she helped me my matching my thrust with her upward movement of her hip. as soon as I dischrged almost simaltaneously with her we both lay exhausted with me on top of her. When my cock has lost the erection it came out Premanjali took it in her mouth and licked it clean.

I then reciprocated the honour and let a mixture of her cum and my cum fall into my mouth. Premanjali then got up and removed the beer bottles from the table which was also when the covering is open served as a washhand basin, She picked up the cover and then sat astride the basin and pissed into it.

I wanted to piss also so after she finished I stood next to it and pissed and while I was pissing she got my cock and held it so that a bit of the piss came on her hand which she licked off. After draining the washhand basin we finished the beer and she took out food which she had brought from home. The top berth remained empty as we both slept in the raw and having a midnight fuck.

The next day, after B'fast from the train cratering service we started again. This time with her on the top. She taught me the finer points of 69 position - which I fully enjoyed. She asked me to take her arse hole and finally she taught me to swallow piss without dropping a drop. (These training has come handy for me with women on the plantation and then with my wife)

As we came closer to Cal, I asked her for her address & Tele number."No my lover, we had a good time fucking each other; as soon as we get off we forget we ever met, unless we have another chance encounter, then we will catch up on our sex again. However, I would like you to give me your underpants, which we have been wiping ourselves with, as a remembrance of our sex episode.

You are a good learner and you have satisfied my emotions for the 48 hours." " Will you give me yours too?" "Sure" As the train made itsway into the Howrah station we had a last quick suck of each other. We exchanged or underwear -she even gave me her bra besides her pantys and so we both got off without our underwears on.

Fast forward. I never saw her again till the day of my marriage to her granddaughter as mentioned earlier. A Few days after our honeymoon she called us for dinner at her swanky home. Latter we called her to our place and when I went to drop her at her place she wanted to feel my cock and asked if I had her gift which I did have at the plantation.

She pulled out my underwear, still unwashed, from her handbag. She passed away a year after my marriage and she surprised everyone of her family, most of all my wife (who did not even attend the will reading by her lawyer) and her son and daughter. She had left everything to her grand-daughter i.e. my wife. Bless her.

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Fucking strengthens bond between siblings

I was browsing internet, cellphone rang. Call from Rita, my sister, two years younger than me. "Hallo"- I responded. "Come"-she replied and hanged the phone. "Come" is a very expressive word for us. This is not the first time that she uttered just one word and hanged the phone. I have understood the meaning - "Come" means she is alone at home and I can go to fuck her.

It is not only her need to fuck, she always takes care of my need. She knows that my wife is abroad for last 15 days and wants to give some pleasure to my penis. She lives just couple of blocks away from my residence, five minutes walk. Just before the sunset, I pressed the calling bell of her flat. She opened the door, let me in and bolted the door.

Without any word she hold me tightly and took my lips in her mouth, very erotic indeed. From the press of her boobs on my chest I could realize that she wears no bra. She was wearing only a long thin gown. I slipped my both hands from her back to her buttock and feel that she has no panty either. We have exchanged hot erotic kisses still just inside the door.

I removed my lips from her and started kissing on neck, earlobe and around. I murmered near her ear, "where is he (her husband)?". " Official meeting, will not be back by 2-3 hours"- she replied. "And the maid?"-I asked. On two days leave. We continued pressing and kissing untill she almost dragged me towards the bedroom, "lets go to bed."

"Should we fuck"- I asked, although I was sure that we are going to do that. "Off Course"-she continued, "we will be complete nude, you will push your long thick cock inside my pussy and we will fuck in rythm". We always like to talk and hear erotic words. Before getting into bed she slipped her gown and became completely nude.

I have immediately cupped her boobs, pressed gently and and taken the nipple in my mouth. She unbuttoned my shirt, kissed on my chest and pulled down my pant. I have helped in clearing my underwear. We started kissing in front of the big mirror beside the bed, still standing. I remember that she once said that she enjoys seing her fucked by a man in the mirror.

Soon we got ourself on the bed. These days we don't hurry in putting the penis inside the pussy. We lay on the bed in each others arms for sometime and started kissing. Our hands were moving on each other freely. She hold my penis, pressed couple of times and rubbed with care for some time.

Penis is now more harder which she placed between her thighs inside the folds of her vaginal outer lips. My penis clearly felt the wetness of her pussy. With two naked bodies pressed each other, face to face, we strted talking erotic matters with occassional kisses and handling each other's sexual organs. Gradually we were talking less and paying more attention to pussy, boobs, lips and cock.

We were getting aroused by kissing, pressing and licking our sex organs. We are now ready for an exhaustive fucking session. We have parted ourselves and placed her on her back. I started from kissing her forehead, then eyes and nose followed by a very hot deep erotic kiss on her lips. I took her tongue in my mouth.

Then she opened her mouth and took my tongue in her mouth and our tongues met, we sucked each other for sometime. We exchanged saliva like licking ice-cream. Then I took her one nipple in mouth and pressing another with hand. She started moaning and twisting her body. She then gripped my penis and moaned " uss ups uuu big and thick....warm....hard. "Do you like it"-I said.

"I like it more when it is inside my pussy" she replied, "please insert it in my pussy". "Not yet, I want a prolonged fuck"-I said. Without any further word I went down to her pussy, oooooopss wet and full of juices. Her inner pussy lips are relatively thick which I enjoy pressing with my lips. Soon my tongue found her clit. I was licking full length of her pussy.

She put her arms around my head with her fingers in my hair and pulled me into her pussy with full force, and moans coming from her mouth. Her moans became louder and she was thrusting her pussy upward. Suddenly she pushed my head away and said "I will not cum on your mouth, I want to cum on your penis"- "please push your penis in my pussy"- "I want your warm cum in my pussy".

I said "no hurry", "I shall prepare you more so that you enjoy my fucking more and more". She grabbed my penis, rubbed for sometime and then took it in her mouth. Oooohh God, she can suck so nicely! Unbelieveable! I always like her sucking.She gave me quick blowjob in past also.She then started begging me to insert my penis into her pussy and fuck hard.

I also did'nt want to waste my cum in her mouth, I would better release cum in her pussy with jerks and deep penetration. Both of us are now ready for a fuck- "Dog like penetration, Horse like thrust and Frog like duration". I rolled on her, she parted her legs. My penis is now touching her wet labia. I was kissing and pressing boobs prior final penetration.

She was begging- "Give me", "Put your penis inaside pussy"-"Fuck me right now". I did'nt want to tease her any more. I just placed the tip of my penis on her pussy and rubbing through the pussy length. She didn't wait for my push, instead she thrusted her hips up. My penis slipped inside watery pussy about half length and srucked somewhere.

I asked "strucked somewhere?" She raised and adjusted her legs when the full length of penis got inserted. Her labia was touching the base jont of my penis ang giving me enormous pleasure. We remained unmoved for sometime so that penis and pussy feels each other before the storm fuck. I started slow strokes- pulling out slowly and then push with a forceful thrust.

She appeared to be impatient and thrusting upwards vigorously. I was also incrasing the rithm of fucking. Ummm uhhh ummm ahhhh uhhhh her moaning louder and louder. I always like her moaning as it is mixed with erotic words. "Fuck me hard....hard....faster......fuck your sister......I love brother is fucking me......why brother sister fucking is so nice.........

do you love to fuck your brother.... kiss you like sisters pussy.....your penis gives me lots of pleasure.......don't stop fucking pussy is always available for you...I like your penis....your penis fits my pussy well...fuck me....your penis is fat....long....hard...fuck your sister's pussy with your nice penis..-she continued.

I was getting more and more horny listening her words and replying to her moans.......nice pussy....juicy.... fucking my sis.....sister fucking is excellent......I will fuck you again and again...We have agreed that we will fuck again before leaving her flat. So far we were delaying cumming with our experinced methods.

Almost after half an hour intense fucking in the same position she proposed - "lets cum together". "'Oh ya"- I replied. I started deep thrusts with rithm and she was replying with counter thrusts with sweet moans. Excellent rithms! Ohhhh- I was also making sound. "Brother...I am about to cum...I am cumming....shoot your warm cum...

fill in my pussy.....uhhh ahhhh grrrr grrrr ahhh. Both of us almost cum together. I laid down on her for some time and then we parted when she went to bring me a coffee. Next round will start after an hour and she decided to have it on the floor. Dear readers, this is a absolutely true story where I am 50 years old and my sister is 48.

Both of us are married and have two children each. We started our erotic touches when I was 12 and she was 10 only. When I first time fucked her by inserting my penis in her pussy, she was 21 and already married with a army officer for eight months.

That means we had touching, pressing and fondling for many times but she lost her virginity to her husband. All d these years we had many fucking events in different circumstances. I f you are interested to hear please let me know.

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First time sex with Anu

This incident, happened in my life almost 25 years ago… I am Indian, belonging to the state of Tamil Nadu, my city and other locations are changed, so is the lady’s name. Else, it is 100% true episode in my life. Awakening me to the world of sex.

My cousin, my father’s sister’s daughter who was married and had a 8 year old got admitted into the post graduate program of the medical college in my town and her company allowed her leave for two years to finish it. She moved into our house. Unleashing a wave of sexual awakening in me. I was entering higher studies in a prestigious institute, was entering age 21, still a virgin.

I mean real virgin, who hadn’t had even had a wet dream till then. Let us call the cousin Anu. She was in her early thirties, short and was no beauty but had DD breasts and very pronounced curve in behind as well. I didn’t notice her much and nor was I inclined. She used to take me out to shopping constantly calling me out the man of the house etc.

She used to sleep upstairs after studying late in the night and I slept in the bedroom downstairs, with my parents in another bedroom. One day, during the night I developed severe stomach ache. Not knowing what to do, my mom woke Anu up and she immediately came down gave me some tablet and told my mom that she would watch over me.

She laid down her bed next to mine on the floor and was massaging my tummy. Over a period of ten minutes, she was asking me where it was hurting and when I replied lower she kept on lowering her hand brushing against my genitals. I didn’t think much of it. After that she shifted her bed to the same room. It is very common in Indian families to have cousins sleeping in the same room on floor.

Over a period of time, she would drift closer during sleep and occasionally a hand would caress me all over during the sleep ! She also started wearing sleeveless night dresses and somehow, after my parents had gone to bed, a lot of buttons in the top would open up. Again, in hindsight this is glaring to me now, but at that time I really didn’t think much about these….

One day she took me out to a movie, that movie had very violent scenes, She would grab my arm and hold on tight during those scenes. I leaned closer to her to comfort her during these scenes. After the movie’s interval when she came back from the bathroom, when she again grabbed my arm,

I clearly noticed her nipples brushing through the blouse and when I looked I noticed that she had removed her bra and kept it in her handbag ! I was very much intrigued. After this after everyone had gone to sleep, she would go to the bathroom and return bra less in her nightie to sleep next to me. Over a period of time, she started hugging me a lot in her sleep.

I was scared, though it was an indescribable feeling, it was one that made me feel good as well. I joined my institute and used to go home on holidays etc. Each time I was there she would shift her bed next to me. After her first year, she needed to go to a lab in another medical college to get some samples for her research paper which was part of her MD.

She asked my mother, whether she can get me to accompany her as it would be safer rather than travelling alone. My mother agreed, so when I went home for college break, I was asked to accompany her. We had to buy some lab supplies in Chennai, so we went by train to Chennai and checked into her Company’s guest house. The room, had two beds laid out in European style.

When I went to bath and came back she had put together the beds into a single large one. We went out got the samples and came back later in the evening. After dinner, I crashed. Late past mid-night, I felt Anu close to me, hugging me. After a while she adjusted position so that my face was nestled between her breasts. She also kissed my forehead.

Then she put one of her leg over me completely hugging me and rubbing her as well. I pretended to be asleep. After a while she also dozed off. I was scared but wanted to know how to take it forward as well. Next morning, she had laid out her clothes on the clothesline in the bathroom and was preparing to take a bath. I had to use the bathroom urgently.

When I was on the toilet an idea occurred to me. I just grabbed her bra and took it out with me. She then went to take a bath. I just dropped the bra outside the bathroom door. After the bath she came out with a smile picked up the bra. I was on the bed pretending to read a newspaper. She just had a small towel on her bosom and slipped the bra on.

Fumbled with the hooks in the back, then called out “Can you hook it for me”, when I went close knowing well I can see her front in the mirror said “Let me adjust”. She lifted up the cups, exposing her breasts completely and then slipped them back on slowly. I was just dumbfounded and it was my first sight of a woman’s breast !

I just hooked up the back and returned to the bed. We then went out to more medical shops to get further supplies that day. I was thrilled at the night’s arrival and the possibilities that were there…That night, the usual, hugging started later, a little later when she turned away, I waited for half an hour and then moved closer to her hugging her in a spooning position.

She then turned facing me, hugged me. Kissed me on my forehead. I was still scared. Slowly adjusted my position, so that our lips were at level and was making minor moves. She then put her hand on my cheek and kissed me on the lips ! It was my first kiss. I was in heaven. She gave little kisses and then deep ones. Finally, slipped her tongue and sucked out my tongue.

I then moved my hand down and tugged at the chord that was holding her nightie (gown). She helped with it and I saw her in her bra and panty. First time in my life. She just pulled her bra over her breasts and took my face near her breast. I instinctly kissed her nipple and she said “Suck on them”.

I sucked on them and her body twitched, I got scared and stopped momentarily, she then pressed my face again and I continued the sucking for what must have been very long time. I grabbed both her breasts and was squeezing them to my heart’s content. She then grabbed my hand and put it between her tights on her crotch. I was in seventh heaven.

Her nylon panty was all wet ! I rubbed it instinctively and was sucking on her breast without any control. Suddenly, I was shocked as it felt I had to pee and a huge uncontrolled eruption happened out of my penis into my underwear. I was too embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do, I told her “I am scared and I want to stop”.

She got scared that I will reveal this and hugged me and kept on kissing me and saying “Don’t get upset” repeatedly. We went to sleep hugging each other. Next morning, we took the bus to the next town where the college was situated. We checked into a hotel there. She went out to the college and got the process started,

she stayed up late in the college and got to the room very late after a quick meal, she was totally wasted and was knocked out. I just kissed her firmly on the lips and went to sleep as well. Next morning, she got up gave me a kiss and this time walked out bare chested from the bathroom put on all her clothes totally in front of me.

She then left me money for breakfast and lunch and left for the college. I heard the doorbell and opened the door to find her all smiles. She said that the process went off really well and she had all the samples she needed. She said let us celebrate and gave me a kiss. With her on top of me I opened her brown blouse and took it off.

I then with struggle, and with her laughing at that, unhooked her bra. I sucked her breasts to my heart’s content. I asked her “What is her treat ?” She said let me give it. She then removed my underwear and asked me to close my eyes. After a minute I felt something warm and velvety wrapping my hard penis.

When I opened my eyes I saw my penis entirely in her mouth and she was sucking on it vigorously. Within a minute, I felt the need to pee and was tense. She just looked up smiled and said relax. I then felt as if I had peed. She continued her sucking and then opened her mouth and showed something that looked like yoghurt.

With a smile, she swallowed it and then after caressing me for 10 minutes again put her mouth around my penis and sucked it. Again, I felt the same sensation, this time I was not tense at all and let it erupt into her mouth. She came up and kissed me and passed on the yoghurt cream into my mouth from hers - it tasted alkaline and we kept passing it back and forth and finally she swallowed it again.

After this whenever she went to the bathroom she would leave the door totally open. I would hear her peeing into the toilet and the sound was very exciting to me and my penis would get very hard. I also kept my door open and once when I was peeing, she came behind, grabbed it and adjusted the aim. After I was done, she just bent down sucked it and cleaned it for me.

I was in heaven and had no idea, what lied ahead for me in this. That evening we took the bus and then the train immediately and got back home. At home, in the night, my elder brother had also come and he was also in the same room with us. IN the night, when I slipped my hand inside her panty, she said “Not now” very quietly and was just caressing me.

I was totally frustrated. After that next day I went back to my college. I really was caught in the grind of college for the next six months and she also finished her college and returned back to her job. I used to go to sleep constantly replaying our time together and several nights will erupt into my underwear overnight in sleep.

During the start of vacation I planned for a halt at her place and reached her house at 6am. I was warmly received by her, she was glowing when she declared that husband was out of town on business. She grabbed my arm caressed me and whispered “Tonight”. Just that one word sent chills down my spine and I was tingling all over with anticipation.

I got ready and chatted with my aunt and Anu’s daughter. That night, Anu was on the cot with her bed laid out and she laid out a bed for me on the floor. It was monsoon season, and there was plenty of thunder and lightning. At 10pm the house shutdown and all of us were in bed. Her daughter was sleeping with her grand parents, a habit she had formed when Anu was in my house for her studies.

I still thank god for that. After, some time, I slowly pulled my hand up and just rubbed her bed. Slowly, her hand came down and she said wait. I was excited and frustrated as well. Soon heavy rains started, it was very noisy. I guess, she was waiting for that noise caused by the rain. She came down and lied down next to me.

In no time, we got nude and this time she whispered “Relax” into my ears repeatedly. I sucked on her breasts. Put my hand down and felt between my thighs. Her pussy was so smooth, later she mentioned slipping out work in the afternoon to get it waxed for me ! I then asked her “What next, guide me” she grabbed my penis and laid it on the entrance to her pussy, grabbed my but and pulled me in.

It was the most joyous moment in my life, my penis slipping into a woman’s pussy for the first time. Instinctively, I began to hump and in a few mins a violent eruption happened. She wrapped her legs around my but tightly and held me in place. Kissed me violently on the lips and even bit my lip. She whispered, “It was so good”.

While we were doing it, there was lot of lightning and it was as if, flash bulbs were going on around us filming us having sex. We both put on our clothes and went to sleep. After that, next morning I took the train to my home. I also took up a job in Chennai and joined the company soon. Around a month later, after our sexual episode,

One day I got a call from anu that she is admitted to the hospital, when I asked, she said not to worry she was having an abortion. She mentioned that she missed her periods and found her to be pregnant ! She said “Kiddo, you are now fit for marriage”. After this she came to Chennai on business called me to her company guest house, I went there to find her with her husband and daughter.

The guest house bathroom was one which opened out to two adjoining rooms. When I went to wash my face, she smiled and slipped in the key to the other room. I then came out of the bathroom and said to her husband that I have to park my bike in a safe place and that I will be back in a few mins. In then opened the other room went in locked it and waited.

Few moments later, I saw the bathroom door being opened quietly and Anu entered the bedroom totally nude and pussy totally bald. We fucked like rabbits. When I was really drilling her pussy, we heard knocks on the other door of the bathroom with husband wanting to know is she done. She moaned and said that it would take her a few more minutes.

After I erupted into her, she asked me to lick her pussy and clean it up. Which like a good boy I did. When I wanted to pee, she asked me to pee into her mouth slowly and drank the whole thing ! It was shocking and sensual at the same time, to see her gulp it down, with her husband and daughter on the other side of the door…

After that I migrated to US and keep in touch with her through infrequent calls, which stopped after my marriage. Everyone was asking why Anu didn’t show up for my marriage. I can only smile at the reason. I have since fucked my wife, and after moving back to India several of my maids as well. I have even fucked a mother daughter combo of maids (separately of course).

It was a huge to kick to get both of them pregnant at the same time. To this day, I remember my first time and Anu is still the source of my fantasy for masturbation. She came to my house last year. During the night, I got a call that toilet is leaking in her room,

I entered only to see her with a smile and even at almost 60, still gives damn good blow jobs…She is an associate professor in a medical college near Chennai now. I am looking forward to my next visit to her house already. Yes, her pussy is still bald and neatly maintained.

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Karan fucking cousin Rekha

Hi everybody. This is Karan from Mumbai. I have been reading a lot of sexperiences of others and that has inspired me to write my own. It happened two years back in diwali vacations when she, my cousin sister Rekha (name changed), came to stay with us for two weeks. I am writing this with her permission

Those days her husband was not doing well in his business and all that frustration used to come out on her. They used to fight a lot everyday. She got fed up of all this and decided to come to our place. Anyways, that became a reason for her to visit our place, she had never come there before this.

One fine morning I woke up to find her sleeping on the floor in my room. I was shocked and asked my dad what was she doing in my room. I generally dont like to share my room with anyone and that too I was angry on her that she had never visited once since her marriage 10 years back.

My dad told me that she had come to visit us and to make up for those lost times that we could have spent enjoying together. That day evening, my parents went out to buy some vegetables as there was one extra member in the family for a few days now. That time, both of us, she and I, were alone in the house.

She came to me to talk and we chatted like brother and sister talking to each other. I had nothing of wrong sorts in my mind till now.All those thoughts started in the night time when she went to take bath before sleeping. When she came out, she only had a towel wrapped around her naked body to hide her booty.

She was unaware of my presence but before she dropped her towel, I had to be the good guy. I alerted her that she is not alone in the room. She got shocked and waited for me to leave. I went out but that picture of her sexy wet body in a towel wouldnt go out of my mind. I decided that she was here to make up for those lost 10 years na! I will help her in that.

I will get that sexy body on my bed as a punishment for not visiting me in 10 years and also for sleeping in my room without my permission. Anyways convincing her wouldnt be much of a trouble, I thought, as she had been fighting with her hubby for the past year or so, she surely was sex-deprived. So I would very easily get my desire if I tried a little.

Two days passed and I was still looking for an opportunity. But it presented itself in a very unexpected manner. That day morning she came out of the bathroom again in towel but didnt lock the door. Nobody was home except us. I, by chance, entered that room and got to see her completely naked body. She cried out and tried to cover her body with whatever she could lay her hands onto.

I said sorry and ran out of the room. Later that afternoon, she was having some trouble working with the computer so I volunteered. She accepted my help but reluctantly. Mummy was sleeping in her room and dad was in office. So that left us together alone in my room. I apologised and said that it was an accident.

She said its all right, things like this happen and should be forgotten. I have never been angry on you, I knew you didnt mean to see me in that situation. I gathered all my courage and said to her, actually I wanted to but it happened by accident. I have been fantasizing about your boobs since the day I saw you in towel for the first time. She was silent.

I asked for her permission to just touch them. And also added that if you dont want it you can hit me then and there but just dont tell anyone. She said I will tell your parents if you touch them. You will have to suck on them and please me. If I am happy, we are happy. Otherwise there is trouble lurking around the corner for you.

I was really happy and excited as this was the first time I would be sucking on some babe's nipples. I took her into my arms and went behind the cupboard. There she opened her blouse and bra and I took them completely off her hot body. I looked at those heavenly globes and cupped them in my both hands and started massaging them.

It was difficult for me to control and very quickly my mouth replaced my hands. Slowly I started sucking onto her nipples one by one. First the right one and then the left one and again back to the right one. I was doing good and she was enjoying it. She lifted both her hands to grab onto something above for support. I saw her shaven armpits and slowly moved from her boobies to her armpits.

It was my dream to make armpit love to someone and I got it from her. Licking her skin there, I was getting the smell and taste of it. I loved it and she loved it too. She was enjoying it. I tried to lift her saree to get access to her panties, but she said lets go slow. Not everything on day one. So I came back to suck her breasts. Within 5 mins I climaxed.

Though she did not cum but still she was happy with the armpit love making and told me that when we have 'it', I should make armpit love to her. We did it again in the evening on the terrace but this time I got to grab her ass over her saree. It so happened that, I told her I want to make her cum and for that I must get access to her love-hole.

I said I will finger fuck if you want but please I want to taste your juices. She accepted it and that evening when my parents had gone for their regular evening walk, we got the chance. She said she wants some thrill in it. There is no thrill in doing it in a closed room. Lets do it in the open. Lets go to the terrace where my pussy will breathe fresh air.

So we went onto the terrace. I made her sleep on the floor, lifted her saree and petticoat, pulled her panties down, and spread her legs wide. I got to see the heaven. She had shaven her pussy for the occasion. I looked her in the eye and my eyes said thanks. Then I put my middle finger onto her pussy and started playing with her.

I kept rotating my finger around her pussy hole but didnt enter it. She was getting wet slowly slowly. She begged for me to insert my finger into her but I had bigger plans. I wanted my cock to enter her. I wanted to FUCK her, not only finger fuck her. So I kept playing like that. But she got my ideas somehow and threatened that she would leave immediately and never allow anymore of it if I "break the rules".

So I agreed and inserted my middle finger into her wet pussy. She gave out a sigh of relief and then started enjoying herself. Her breathing rate increased and she was breathing heavy now. That made her lift her chest above the ground. Her heaving of her chest, which propped up her boobs, made me go mad and fuck her faster. Her boobs were rising and falling.

She was going to cum. I inserted my index finger too and inserted my little finger in her tight, virgin ass. That was too much for her. She cried out loud and squirted all over my hand. I removed my fingers and put my mouth on her pussy to drink all that I could. She was cumming and I was not wasting a drop.

After her orgasm, I licked all that I had missed, that is, I licked her pussy, her ass and my hand to get all of her fluid. She was happy and that was reflected on her face. She pulled me up and kissed me. I too responded and soon we had our tongues lapping each other. She said she never had such an orgasm by just finger-fuck.

She wanted to see what its like when I fuck her properly. She said ask for whatever you want as a reward for this. I said I want to cum in your pussy right now. She said thats not happening so early but if I want I can cum in her mouth. I was more than excited by this and readily accepted it. She went down and undid my pants.

She removed my undies and took my tool in her hands. She liked the size of it and praised me saying this would hit the spot perfectly. I asked her to let me hit it, but she put it in her mouth to silence me. Her hands started to stroke my tool and her tongue was lapping it.

The hand-mouth sync was so good that I came within 5 minutes of blowjob. Her mouth was full of my cum but she did well not to waste any of it. Then we kissed and tidied ourselves to go down. We fucked that night but that story later.

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Fucking Brother in laws hot daughter

This episode relates to my brother-in-law's daughter, JT, who resides in UK since past many years. Whenever I visit UK I always tell her that if anytime she needs any type of help from me, she is most welcome, as she stays alone there. Like on my previous visits, this year too I told her the same and added further that she would be the 'safest with me.'

One day she called my wife and asked her if she would allow me to visit her place as there was some work she had with which I alone could help her. My wife did not hesitate for a minute and told her as to why would she object. JT further informed my wife that I could come over on the coming Saturday evening by train and that she would come over to the station to take me along with her to her house,

I could stay overnight and do her work on Sunday and return by the evening. My wife did tell her it was OK with her but asked her to speak to me. I too agreed. So, on that Saturday I took the train, called her on the way & told her about by train details. She told me that she would be at the station to receive me.

When the train arrived at the station, she asked me to get down at, I saw her waiting for me. We exchanged the customary hello & hugs and went outside to catch the bus to her home. Not long before we arrived at her home, where she offered me tea. We then sat down to have a chat.

After the customary hows everyone etc., she asked me, 'phufadji, please tell me as to what did you mean by saying that I was safest with you?' 'Look', I told here 'shall I tell you the exact meaning, freely & frankly?' 'Of course, that's how I want it, cos this statement of yours kept banging in my head since then.'

'OK,' I continued, 'see you live all alone here and sometimes things can become quite volatile & dangerous and being a young lady, you may have sexual urges too, which is quite normal at this age, but might get into some wrong company, or may do something in the heat of the moment which cannot be reversed.' 'So, what exactly do you mean? she wanted to know.

I said, 'if you have any sexual urge I could satisfy you without any danger of the consequences.' 'And how was that,' she asked. 'Well, I have my tubes cut. So you can have all the fun without any worry,' I replied. 'Phupadji,' she continued, 'at your age & looking into our relationship, do you think that this is possible?'

'Sorry, as far as my age is concerned, forget it, try me anytime and you will be more than pleased,' I told her. She said, 'but still I think you cannot seduce me.' 'Wanna try baby?' I asked. 'Sure', she said, try it NOW'. 'OK baby, you asked for it, then here goes.' I replied. I unzipped my trouser in slow motion, thrust my hand inside my underwear and pulled my prick out.

She looked at it, but showed least concern. I removed my shirt. She was unmoved. I removed my trouser and underwear and was completely naked in front of her. She showed little concern, but I felt she was getting aroused. I went behind her & she turned around. I told her to turn around again. She did.

I softly touched her from behind, put my arms around her, put my hands on her boobs, pressed them gently, rubbed my hand on her arse & cunt, turned her around and kissed her forehead, her cheeks & then planted a soft & gentle kiss on her lips. She was aroused as she put her arms around me and kissed me hard & long and pushed me aside. 'What happened?'

I enquired. She quipped,'Nothing.' 'Then why did you push me aside?', I asked. She said, 'phufadji, I am getting aroused & don't know whether I should me doing this or not.' I said, 'I told you, you are the safest with me, so come on, have fun, let yourself go.' She came near me, very close up and held my head in her hands, stared me straight in my eyes and kissed me on my lips so hard that she nearly bit them.

'OK', she said, 'I'm not only seduced, but lured too. I want to have all the fun you claim you can give me. Come fuck me, man.' With these words she removed her clothes and pounced on me like a wild cat, hugging & kissing, rubbing her body against mine and took hold of my prick & started shaking it.

She then went on her knees took my prick in her mouth and sucked like there was no tomorrow. I pulled her up and gave her a very passionate kiss and told her, 'see I was about to release, so I pulled you out.' 'Was there any problem with that?', she retorted, 'I would have drunk your spunk. Now let me suck it again'. She sucked my prick again and did indeed drink my spunk.

She then asked me to go ahead and give her all the fun. Then, I went down on my knees and put my tongue to one of her nipple and started licking it. She let out a sound, 'oee'. She then held that boob in her hands and made me suck it hard. This was followed with the other nipple & boob. She said, 'man, you lick like a dog'. I rubbed & pressed both her boobs softly, but she wanted it to be hard.

She then moved my head to her cunt. It was already dripping. I put my tongue to it and licked it clean. She pressed my head on her cunt. What I did then was that I carried her in my arms and lay her on the bed and started to lick her cunt's lips. She was getting excited and let out moans like, 'wow, it feels great man, suck my cunt you old man.'

I started to now suck her cunt and she was ecstatic. She started to raise her head and finally she burst from her cunt. Her bursts were so hugh that not only my face but my entire chest was covered by them. I licked her cunt clean. She got up and kissed me very very hard and said,

'phufadji, you are indeed too good a sucker and now please put your prick inside my fucking cunt and give me a big great fuck, man.' She of her own took my prick in her hands, shook it, made it big & fat and thrust it inside her cunt. I started with slow motions, but she was wriggling her waist and murmured,'come on man, my man fuck me harder with hugh thrusts, kill me,

but fuck me my dear dear wonderful phufadji, you son of a bum, fuck me hard make me rock, man.' With this I made my thrusts so deep & penetrative that she shouted, 'not so hard you bastard.' With fast motions I burst and that made her to say,'yes, that was cool & nice, please keep fucking as I too am nearing my climax.' And she too burst.

We stayed as we were for some time and then sat up, with my prick still inside her cunt. She seemed so satisfied that she exclaimed, 'I'm so sorry phufadji, I used some harsh & bad words, which I'm sure you must not have expected from me. I take back all those & other words and want to thank you for all the pleasure you gave me....'

I interrupted,'JT it was perfectly OK. Don't worry a wee bit about anything. I too enjoyed your tight cunt and the pleasure was mine too.' She continued,'tell me, what if I get pregnant?' I asked in turn,'when are your periods due?' 'In about a weeks time', she replied. 'Don't worry, wait for your periods, whether they come or not, send me a sms, but I'm sure you will not get pregnant from me.

Unless you get fucked from someone who can impregnate you.' 'phufadji, you are now being mean. Do you think I would allow anybody else now to fuck me, when I have you!' It was nearing 9pm and I asked her 'Aren't you feeling hungry? Let's go out to eat.' 'Sure, let me dress up, and so do you need to, and then we go out to eat', she replied.

On the way to the restaurant, while having our dinner and on the way back to her home, JT clung to me like a lover, made nice sweet talk and seemed very delighted & happy. Once we were back at her place, she grabbed me, pulled me to her, pressed her body against mine and smooched me real hard. JT is indeed a very sexy little woman.

Soon it was time to retire for the day and dear JT wanted one more time. So, I suggested that we wash up, remove our clothes and get in the bed naked. JT did not spare a minute to do all that and was once again on me. We did fuck one more time before going to sleep, which was well past 12 midnight. We did sleep finally, naked.

Early morning at about 6am I was up, but JT was still fast asleep. As usual at that early morning time, my prick was a monster. I went behind her, as she was sleeping on a side with her back to me, and put my monster against her arse. She shuffled and murmured, 'let me sleep some more, please. Oh, Oh, what is that hugh thing behind me, a dildo?'

With that she turned around and seeing my hugh monster exclaimed, 'phufadji dear, this is hugh, it was this big yesterday, Oh my God.' She took my moster in her hands, got up and started to suck it. She was enjoying the hugh guy. I asked her,'do you want it in your cunt, baby?' 'Would love to, but it might hurt as it is dangerously hugh', she replied.

'Let's try anyway', she continued. I lay her on her back, raised her legs and slowly started inserting my monster in her cunt. With a lttle care & difficulty, it did go in and JT was surprised as well as happy, as she kissed & hugged me really hard, as if saying thank you. After the fuck, we lay in the bed for about half an hour, when I told her, 'JT darling,

I will get up, freshen up & have my 1st cup of tea and you can snooze for some time more.' 'OK', she said & went back to sleep. I dressed up, made & had my tea and awaited for JT to get up. My dear JT got up at about 8am, still naked and looked around for me, found me, gave me a kiss and went to the toilet to freshen up. In the meantime, I prepared some coffee for her.

When she came out of the toilet, she was dressed up and I gave her her coffee. She looked surprisingly, tasted it and said,'phufadji, thanks for the lovely coffee. You are a real caring guy. I think you know how to please your woman.' 'Thanks baby for the compliments & yes I do care for my woman a lot', I said.

'Tell me darling, I'm going to call you that now, as phufadji brings in the relationship, whereas we have made love & fucked, do you love & care for buaji as much?' 'JT, bear one thing in mind, your bua is my first love and my first priority, nothing & nobody can stop me for loving & caring for her', I told her. 'Indeed very nice to hear that, shows your love & concern for my dear buaji', she continued.

With that she came and sat in my laps, hugged me real tight & kissed me very passionately. 'OK', she said, 'what will you have for breakfast?' 'Anything goes,' I replied, 'do you have bread, butter, jam & a toaster?' 'Of course I have all that', she replied. 'But', I continued 'I have my breakfast only after my bath'. 'Fine with me', she said.

'We will have our bath together,' I told her, 'it will be another first for you, I think, and great fun, I assure you.' 'OK', she replied, 'it shall be that way, my dear dear darling. We shall have our bath together, but after some time, as I just finished my coffee.' 'No, probs dear,' I said. After JT finished her coffee, we both undressed, became completely naked and I carried my dear JT in my arms to the bathroom.

There we have one hell of a time, rubbing & scrubbing each other, playing with each other's bodies, like she holding my prick, shaking & sucking it, kissing, me pressing her boobs & sucking them, me licking her arse & cunt and then fucking. All this was done with the shower running and my JT enjoyed it thoroughly and exclaimed, 'Oh, it was really a wonderful experience and my first.

Thank you very much darling.' 'You're most welcome my lovely JT,' I responded. 'What next, dear?' she asked. 'Well we shall get dressed, go out into the town, I shall buy you a gift, have our lunch out and come back home here,' I replied. 'Why the gift and what gift?' she wanted to know. I replied, 'anything you want dearly as a token of remembering this day, baby.'

'Fine,' she said. We then went out in the town and I enquired as to what she wanted as a gift. She said that I could buy her a Bra, which she would wear only when she felt like having me, but could not physically. So, I bought her a Red coloured size 34 Bra. She wanted to buy a gift for me too and I told her to buy me a sexy underwear.

She bought one with a sexy motif saying 'Have mine'. We then had our lunch out and returned home by about 3pm. After some tea & coffee we then settled down on the bed for a last love making before I could leave for my home. JT undressed me and I undressed her. We two had a wonderful about one & a half hour of love making, kissing & smooching, hugging, licking & sucking and fucking.

One more time I poured my cum in JT's cunt. She thanked me & I thanked her for a wonderful time spent together. I finally told her, 'OK my lovely dear, I think it's time to move & leave.' She retorted, 'my dear phufadji, I must thank you indeed for the great time you gave me and would not like to leave you, but would have to and would have you at least one more time, before you leave for India.'

'Anytime by sweet baby, I too would be looking forward to be with you once again.' ' Hey phufadji, I have a colleague, a white, who is beautiful & very hot & sexy. Could I refer you to her for a meeting, she would be willing to pay me too, as she is loaded?' 'JT, what do you think I am, a gigolo, sex for money, man what is this?' I enquired. 'No, no, phufadji, please do not get me wrong,

since you are such a wonderful lover and she is very eager to get fucked for the first time in her life and told me that she would get fucked for the first time in her life only from a man who could really really satisfy her and who better than you,' she remarked. I thought over the issue for some time and told her, 'JT, see I have never fucked a white and am very eager & am yearning too for one,

but you will have to send me her photo to me and ask her to then have a talk with me on the mobile and no money to be involved, as I would not only be fulfilling my wish but also your & hers.' 'OK, I'll do that at the earliest, she responded. Before, seeing me off at the station she called her bua to say that she was thankful to her for sending me to help her and that I had done quite a few pending works for her.

She then walked me down to the station, all the while clinging to me. At the station, when it was the moment to leave I gave her a full blown kiss & hug. She had tears in her eyes and without saying a word, hugged me tight & long and gave me a final huge kiss.

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Rahul fucking cousin Nisha

I am not new to this site and read every story posted. I am big fan of this site. Today I am going to post my story which happened some 3 yrs back. I am Rahul 27 yrs now from a town who came to Mumbai after my college.came there to search job. Due to my parents I was forced to stay at my aunty home. My aunty had a daughter nisha who is 23 3 yrs back.

Let me expain abount me. I am just 5.4 feet lean with 6 inch tool. She is little bit fair. white and has a good figure of 34 28 36.. during first few months she use to talk just like that and I use to talk about my college life and her college life. later we became good friend.both her parents are working so they ll come to home at 9. she ll come to home at 5 in evening after college.

day by day she became very close to me and she takes care of me very well. This made me so affectionate towards her. We didn’t had any bad thought in us till tat but day by day out thoughts went in wrong way . her affectionate turned as love on her. we use to touch each other even she sometimes hugged, kissed. I request to touch her boobs and she allowed me.

I smooched her boobs, butts. even I seen her naked without her knowledge through bathroom windows. this made my mind to have sex with her. I told her abt my wish but she refused and said you can do me whatever u want but pls dont ask for fucking, this is a great disappoint for me. it was there in my face and she too noticed it but she was stubborn.

Whenever time permits she use to shake my tool. took it in her mouth. Then she allowed me to touch her every part of her body. Most attractive part of her body is her boobs and her butts. mostly I love her boobs so she allows me to do whatever I want with that 2 lovely melons. On weekend her parents have planned to attend an marriage in our native which is almost 800 kms from Mumbai.

She called both of us but due to an interview I said that I cant come and she had an internals on Monday so she could nt attend. Now I was waiting for this lovely moment. I know she has interest in fucking but something is stopping her. They started that Friday night and we both dropped them at station and came back to home.

staruday went as early as I went out for interview and she went t o her college. On Sunday I woke up early morning and went to her room to see what she is doing. My gorgeous girl was sleeping in the bed with shorts and t shirt. I went near to her and saw her boobs getting up and down due to her breath. I touched her thigh to feel her. She woked and asked whether I want anything.

with a naughty smile in my face I said yes I want you. with a smile she hugged me and kissed me in my forehead. In response I gave a deep kiss in her lovely lips and I saw her eyes closed. as she was lying in the bed she took my face against her boobs. I was sleeping on that mountain. then I got up and I kept my one hand on the boobs and the other hand searching for the shorts button to remove.

I made my move very fast on her boobs. I can feel enjoyment since she was making noise ahhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmm. Also I can hear her saying leave me da.. I cant tolerate more than this. then she came back conscious and pushed me side and got up. She said I ll make coffee for u and went back to kitchen.

I was very sad and but my inner mind said that to try little bit since she was in half mood. after we had coffee she said she ll take bath and make arrangement for brkfast. she took her dress and went to bathroom. that time got a call and it was her parents and I spoked with them and called her. while she was speaking I went to the bathroom and took the dress and towel and came out.

without knowing that she went inside the bathroom and started taking bath. after completing she realized all her dress and towel was not there. She called me and asked me to give. door was half opened and she was asking. but from the glass inside I can see her naked back and butts. She noticed me watching that.

Her tone raised and asked for the towel and dress knowing that this was my work. but I know that it was fake. I gave to towel and pushed the door towards in and I entered the bathroom. wow I can see my darling fully naked very close to me. all water drops in her body is like water in lotus leaf. she immediately covered with the towel but fate the towel is very small as it cant cover her fully.

I came close her and touched very softly. she said pls da. we shuld not do this da. I didn’t mind anything as I was deaf I tried to remove the towel but she holded it tightly. I again forced and succeeded in it. I immediately tightly hugged her not even air can come between us. WOWWWWWWW first time I am hugging my darling naked. she is forcing me to leave.

I caught her two hands against the wall with my hand And kissing her all over her face. I bitted her lips and blood started to come. I can see tears from her face. but mind said not to leave her. I kissed her like there is no other chance for me. She again tried to come out of me. with no way I tied her hands with the towel like a villain even though my heart says not to do against my love but my mind is not allowing me.

what courage me is that she is not even shouting. after 20 mins of vigorous kissing now I came to her 2 melons which is crying since I am not touching. I started sucking her right boobs and my hand was busy in her left boobs.. I sucked like a baby sucking the milk from the mother. now my mouth came to left boob and started to suck the milk..

I hand came down to her pussy.. I inserted my finger and my finger started to fuck went for more than 10 mins and she reached her first orgasm. I turned her towards the wall and started to lick her back and kissed her butts. I was very interested in her boobs and butts. I bitted her butts, licked kissed…

Now I made to her lie on the floor and she started crying as her hands was paining as I tied it.i know she Is enjoying my every move.. I removed the towel and went for tying it from front but she said no need … then she said we can go to bed and have to remaining but her face is full of tears.. she got and went to bedroom but after seeing her crying I cant move further.

I was sitting in bathroom for 5 mins thinking wht to proceed or not. but now I was in full control by mind so it said now she is accepting so proceed. Then I enterd the bedroom she was lying naked with closed eyes. I went near her and planted a deep kiss on her vagina. I could hear her moaning sound.

Then I came kissed her lips and now in response she opened the mouth and took my tongue inside her mouth and I drank her saliva.. even though now she is supporting she is not interested in fucking as she said that is for her hubby only.. but I didn’t mind it. Then I started my journey by licking and sucking her boobs. This time very hard as I was hungry for more than 10 days.

Both boobs and nipple grew very red coz of it. my hands went down to her vagina and again fucked with my finger. Now I came down to her vagina and started licking it like anything. now I asked her to take my tool into her mouth but since she was angry she refused.. Now again I came down to her vagina. now I parted her legs nicely but she bought it closely again.

I didn’t leave it and again parted it and I licked her from her feet to thigh. her moaning was keep on increasing. Now I don’t want to waste time so I bought my 6 inch tool near her vagina and my tip touched her tip. I slowly inserted into her and she shouted in pain since we both were virgin. I took it out and slowly inserted again. Did it slowly and rapidly increased my speed.

Though She was not interested she also supported by moving her hip movement. Our session went for 15 mins. Atlast I cummed into her. I was very happy as my wish to fuck her got done. but tear was still in her face rolling down her cheek. I know that I can convince her. She got up and dressed and went to kitchen. she didn’t spoked with me anything.

even in dinning table we both didn’t had eye contact. I was feeling shame on the incident. in evening she was sitting in the sofa I went and lied on her lap and said sorry for whatever happened. I said I ll surely marry u.ur my love. But I didn’t see her face. tear came from her and she lifted my face and planted kiss on my forehead and said I love u too.

Whole evening I was lying in her lap and after dinner I was more surprised to see another incident. yes this time she initiated for it. she also made arrangement for second night in her room. I ll share you in my next story. Please post your comments.

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Mother teaching sex to adoloscent son

This incident relates to the time when I was an adoloscent. We were a family of three brothers, three sisters, mother & father. All the sisters were married and were at their respective homes. The three brothers, mother & father lived in a 5 bedroom 2nd Floor flat in the family building in the suburbs of Mumbai. My mother was a well endowed women, with a good height and was the tower of the family.

During my childhood I had the opportunity to see her fudda (cunt, choot), when she climbed the kitchen platform to arrange or clean the shelves and had one corner of her saree & petticoat raised up and tucked in. It was a hugh fudda, very bushy which always made me feel like eating it. This happened often.

Then there were times when she was bathing in the bathing area in the kitchen itself and which did not have a door but a curtain, when I sometimes saw her bathing naked. What a mighty body my mother possessed.This was in the family's first 3 bedroom, kitchen flat on rent on the northern end of the city.

One day it so happened that my mother and I were alone at home in the suburbs, younger brother having gone to his friends day long, elder brother & father had gone for a day long visit to Lonavala, a nearby Hill station, for some property deal. I was alone in my room and as with all adoloscents I too had erections, night-leaks etc.

That day too I was feeling very horny and began to fiddle with my lulla (prick,cock,dick). I started to get an erection. I was massaging my lulla. My mother was lying down, probably sleeping as it was afternoon time, in her room. I slowly walked into my mother's room with my lulla in my hand, went near her bed,

she was facing the wall with the window whose curtains were slightly drawn and I started to massage my lulla. All of a sudden she turned around and saw me. I pelted to my room and stood in the balcony. My heart was thumping, thinking I would get a dressing down from my mother. After some time she came into my room and stood beside me in the balcony.

After some time she asked me as to what I was doing and why I had come to her room that way. I was dumb-founded. She took my hand, took me inside my room, closed the door of the balcony and sat on my bed, making me sit beside her. She repeated the questions still clutching my hand. I was shivering.

She gauged the situation, took me in her arms, which she rarely did, caressed me and very gently put my head on her laps. That eased me a lot. I had closed my eyes. She then pressed my head to her breast and I could feel the warmth, the softness & the sweet smell of her mammas (boobs).

She then very warmly & gently told me that she knew why I had come there to her room and in that fashion, but she wanted to hear from me. Having been soothed, I took some courage and told her I would tell her the reason if she did not scold me. She took my face in her hands and assured me that she would not scold me.

So, I ventured and said that I was feeling very very horny, started massaging my lulla in my room and went to her room, just to ejaculate in her presence, viewing her massive body. She did indeed not scold me, rather planted a kiss on my forhead and I hugged her as hard as I could. She then asked me whether I would like to see and suckle her mammas.

I was astonished by the question, but nevertheless nodded my head in the affirmative. She opened the 2 lower buttons of her front-buttoned blouse and raised her bra and 'plump' came out a hugh mamma right in front of my face. I was overwhelmed by its sight. If my assessment is correct and if I remember correctly, I think it must have been a size 40D.

My mother was more on the fairer side of a wheatish complexion. And her mamma was fairer, with a darkish brown big areola and a big & thick dark brown nipple. She asked me whether I knew what were a woman's mammas for. I told her very meekly, 'yes, for milk'. 'Yes', she said. And continued that the mammas are to feed a small child, as that was the only nourishment the child could get.

In most women, when a child is born, milk starts to ooze from the mother's nipples and the child is a born sucker. Having so said, she held her open mamma in her hand and put it near my mouth. Instantly I started sucking it, first slowly, enjoying the thick nipple and then started to bite into it. She made a 'ooee' sound and asked me not to bite it so hard.

I reduced the pressure. I kept on sucking & sucking until she asked me whether it was not enough, like in my childhood I always said 'nau kutt hor' (meaning 9 more sips). She moved my mouth away from her mamma, made me change my side in her lap, extracted the other mamma out and put my mouth to that too. I sucked really hard.

I then waved her hand away and held it in both my hands and sucked & sucked. I think I must have sucked both the mammas for a good 20 minutes, when she removed my mouth from them. I then held both the open beautiful mammas in my hands, had a very good feel of them and ventured to plant a kiss on my mother's soft lips.

She responded by holding my head in her hands and put her tongue in my mouth. It was a sensuous feeling. She then asked me to put my tongue in her mouth and sucked hard at it. After this practical training by my mother to her horny adoloscent son, it was time for her next step. She asked me whether I had chodoed (fucked) any girl before. I replied in a firm negative.

She then asked me whether I had ever seen a woman's fudda. Very coyly I told her that I had seen hers at the rented place where we stayed before coming to this house. 'And how was that?' she asked. I narrated to her the time she would climb up on the kitchen platform to clean the shelves above and had a corner of her saree & petticoat tucked up.

She pondered and then recollecting, ventured to ask whether I wanted to see her fudda from close quarters. I nodded in the affirmative. She raised her saree & petticoat and what I saw was mind-blowing. A hugh, bushy fudda. My heart started pounding. Again sensing my situation she took my hand and put it on her fudda. My heart started to beat faster.

I had never touched, leave aside seen from so close, a woman's fudda. She asked me to insert my finger inside her fudda. O, God, it was great to feel the inside of that big fudda. It was so soft & wet. She asked me whether I hand fingered any girl. I replied in the negative. 'Now', she said 'move your finger in & out and in circular motions.' This she said was done to arouse a woman.

She then lay on her back on my bed and asked me to put my mouth to her fudda. O, the smell was exciting. She asked me to start licking her fudda with my tongue from the lower end & slowly move to the top. I could feel the heat of it. When I reached the top most end she asked me to move my tongue in circular motions. I could feel her raising her hips and moving in sync with my circular motions.

After some time she asked me to lick & suck her fudda completely from bottom to top repeatedly and in circular motions too, this she said was done to further arouse a woman. Her hip movements started to pick up speed and ultimately a hot hot fluid burst on my face. She asked me to lick it and drink it. It was really hot & juicy.

After having done so I raised my head and asked her as to what was that flow and what would happen to me as I drank it up. She replied that they were the juices of a woman's orgasm, just like a man has and that they were harmless to drink. She asked me whether I had ever mooth marooed (masturbated). I replied in the affirmative.

She ventured further to ask me that when I peaked did not some thick, white & sticky juice come out of my lulla. I again answered in the affirmative. 'Well', she continued, 'that is a man's juice or maal (cum). So the same way when a woman peaks her juice or maal too comes out from her fudda.' After this was my next lesson.

She asked me whether any girl had held, shaken or sucked my lulla. I replied in the negative. 'So', she said that she will give me the joy of a man having his lulla held, shaken & sucked. She sat on my bed and made me stand in front of her, took hold of my lulla in her hands, shook it, massaged it in the palms of her hands, pressed & released it and became big & thick.

She peeled back the skin of my lulla and put her tongue to the tip of it. I started to get horny. Slowly she inserted my lulla inside her mouth and started to lick it. It was exhilarating. She increased the speed gradually, while licking it with her tongue too. I got so horny that when I was about to ejaculate, I told her so and she signalled with her hand to let go.

There were tremendous jerks from my lulla and all the maal was nicely drunk by my mother. After having licked my lulla clean, she removed her mouth from it and planted a hugh kiss on my lips. I then asked her whether drinking my maal would not make her pregnant and she informed that drinking the maal of a man never made a woman pregnant.

'Now', she said, 'shall we proceed to the next lesson?' 'Sure, dear mommy, I replied 'and what would that be?' 'It will be the ultimate that one wishes for, that is chodna (fucking)', she replied. 'I'm ready for it, ma', I said. She removed her blouse, bra, saree & petticoat and there was that wonderful body completely naked in front of me. She asked me to remove my clothes too.

I too became completely naked in front of my wonderful mother. She lay on my bed on her back, asked me to come over her and sit between her thighs, to slowly rub my lulla on her fudda from bottom to top, which would arouse her. After some time she made me lie on my back on my bed, mounted herself on top of me, taking care not to put all her weight on me, took my lulla in her hands,

made it big & fat and inserted it inside her fudda and started jerking me. It was a wonderful feeling. I asked her whether this was the correct way to fuck. She said that this was one of the ways, but not the ideal one. 'This woman over man was a position just to have more fun', she elaborated. 'Now, she said, ' I will show you another way to have fun.'

She went into a doggy position and asked me to insert my lulla inside her chittar (gaand, arse) and fuck her there. 'You see, you being young, do not have a full grown lulla, as yet, that is why it was easy to insert it in her chittar, which is not very stretchable, unlike a woman's fudda, from where a child is born.

So, when you have a full grown lulla, you should put some spit or better still some oil on it and in the woman's chittar, to ease the entry.' She then lay on her back on my bed and asked me to come over her, sit between her legs, raise her legs a little & hold them in my arms and with her hands she put my lulla inside her fudda. 'This,' she said, 'is the most common & ideal way for a man to fuck a woman.'

She asked me to slowly increase the speed & thrusts of my lulla in her fudda. 'After some time,' she continued, 'just like when you masturbate, you will peak inside my fudda also. So release all your maal inside my fudda.' 'Will that not make you pregnant?' I asked. She said that I need not worry on that count, as she had got operated to have her tubes cut,

so that she would not get pregnant whenever she got fucked and the maal released in her fudda. And then what, I was waiting for such a situation. I gradually increased the speed and the thrusts. My mother started moving her hips too in sync with my thrusts. She further encouraged me with the words, 'come on beta, faster, come chodo your mother, faster,

faster......yea.....I'm enjoying too......lovely....come, come in more.....very good....yes, yes, yes.....release your maal now.....very good.....that was wonderful.....oh,wah, maja aa gaya.' It was such a heavenly experience for me to have fucked the woman of my dreams, that I just sat still with my lulla in her fudda for quite some time, when she asked me to fuck her more so that she too have her peak.

After some more fucking, I felt hot juices of my beloved mother burst on my lulla, which was still inside her fudda. She then asked me to raise her up and take her in my laps, with my lulla still inside her fudda and we kissed & kissed and hugged each other very very passionately. I told her, 'ma you are the best, I have enjoyed so much, thanks to your initiative, that I wish I could carry on like this forever with her.

Thank you very much indeed.' 'It was my pleasure too, beta, I hope you will remember all the things I have taught you and give a wonderful time to your future wife,' she replied. I carried on, 'ma I don't want to marry, I want you only, you are too good.' 'But, beta, you have to get married some day, I promise I will help you whenever you want anything from me, even after you are married,' she exclaimed.

She then asked me to get hold of her blouse and wiped her fudda & my lulla clean. She took me to the bathroom, washed her blouse, herself & me with water and wiped with a towel. We came back to my room naked and she asked me to dress her up. She then dressed me up. This dressing up of each other was also a wonderful experience. I went up to her and touched her feet.

She blessed me, hugged me and kissed me. I asked her if she would tell my father about today. She replied that she would never ever mention about today to anybody and nor should I. With sweet memories in my mind, my wonderful mother went to her room. Well, this one day affair did continue later on too.

One day, when nobody was around, I asked her whether I could once again see her fudda, as I wanted to see whether it really stretched, like she had said. She immediately raised her saree & petticoat to reveal her fudda, but, went on to explain that the fudda does not stretch just like that at any time, either the woman has to aroused very extensively or when she is about to deliver a child.

Nevertheless, I kissed her fudda, inserted one finger, then, two, three and gradually my entire hand inside her fudda and exclaimed that it stretched as it took my entire hand in. She replied that it was so, as she had had seven deliveries (one of my brothers had expired when very young) which was bound to stretch her fudda somewhat.

Then, on another occasion, again when we two were alone I told her I wanted to suck her beautiful mammas and she obliged. On yet another occasion, again when we two were I told her that I wanted to chodo her and yet again she obliged. On some pretext or the other I would kiss her, suck her mammas, lick & suck her fudda, make her suck my lulla and also fuck her.

And she never refused as she had promised me that she would help me whenever I wanted anything from her. Even after I was married off and had seperated to the western side of the suburb where my mother lived, with my wife & three kids, I kept up the affair with my mother. Once she called me on the phone & asked me whether I could come over to her place as she

had something to discuss with me and she would prepare my favourite baingan da partha for lunch. She also mentioned that she was alone that day. I told my wife of it and was at my mother's door my 12 noon. She opened the door, I touched her feet, she blessed me, closed the door, gave me a hugh passionate hug and kissed me for a long time on my lips.

I responded equally. We sat down on her bed in her room and she asked me whether I was enjoying with my wife or not. I told her, 'ma you have given me the best woman, after you, that I could have.' She wanted to know her bahu's physical attributes and I related them to her. 'Ma, you are missing me, na?' I politely asked her.

She called me to her, took me in her laps and said, 'beta, yes I am missing you that is why I called you today as I was alone too.' We then made love, had sex and I fucked my lovely, lovely mother once again. On yet another occasion, my wife had gone to her mother's place with the kids and I called my mother on the phone and told her that I wanted to talk to her and was coming to fetch her.

She said she will come, but that I should not bother to fetch her as she would take a rickshaw & come over to my place, so as to save time. She came and I was waiting for her, paid the rickshaw driver, took her in my house, closed the door and hugged her ever so tightly and kissed her really hard to which she replied equally.

She told me that she knew why I had called her, especially when I was alone at home. So, without wasting any more time, we two made love, had sex and enjoyed each other. Never did my mother or I ever miss any opportunity to be in each other's arms.

It was only her very very sad demise that separated us. But, her lingering memories are as fresh as ever in my mind todate. My mother was indeed an exceptional mother. I will forever remember her and love her. May her soul be at peace.

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Sex with hot cousin Reny

It was around noon, I was waiting for Sabari to pull into the secunderabad railway station. The stench of urine and really loud messages through the PA system was giving me a bad migraine. I pulled out my handkerchief and covered my nose. Ignoring beggars without limbs every few minutes was aggravating me.

Maybe I was not ready to see so much of my Incredible India so soon. I started to think, it was just a few days back that I was sitting at my apartment balcony in Melbourne and looking over at the sun set over the sea of buildings. The air was so fresh, the sky was clear. The beer tasted so good. sigh.

The train arrived a few minutes late. Hordes of mallu women just flooded the platform in a matter of seconds. It seemed as though every other girl who got down from that train was a teenager getting into a nursing college here, which made matters worse because I was there to pickup my cousin who was starting work at a hospital next week.

I don't exactly remember the last time I saw her but I did remember of pictures and some memories when I had visited my hometown in Trivandrum about some 6 years back. She seemed like a little package who would never stop talking, I remember she was really fond of me and would never leave my side for those two weeks.

I still had the kerchief on my face as I walked up and down beside the compartment I was told that she would be in. I tried calling her phone but it was switched off. Just like the wave of humanity flowed on the platform from that train, in just about two minutes - the platform was almost empty.

I saw a few girls still standing and chatting to each other and I went up and asked them if they knew my cousin in my broken Malayalam. While I was still talking to them, a loud shrill squeak just tore the station down "ACHACHA" I turned around and saw this girl run towards me and jump to hug me.

I remember her arms crushing my neck and a few seconds away she pulled away from me and started telling me how much I have changed and stuff. I was still shocked at what I was seeing, she had grown twice in every aspect that I could imagine. She was just a little shorter than me, she had straighted her hair and I could not help but noticing her boobs under her shirt,

they seemed like they were being captured in a inappropriate bra size and were just waiting to burst out of there. I greeted her too and helped her with her luggage to the car. During our walk to the car I noticed how she was walking and shaking her booty like an African woman would. How do I know? I used to date a woman from an African descent for over a year.

She was just the same with her barrage of questions. She asked me about my last 5 years outside the country, and how I was liking being back in India and to how my job was, blah blah.., to all these questions I had pretty straightforward answers but was not quite ready for when she asked - did you not have any girlfriends when you were in Melbourne ? I said - huh ?

She shot back - cause you could not take your eyes off me since I got here, I was just asking and started laughing. I said - I am sorry Reny, its just that, you grew up really fast. I was expecting a tiny Reny and not a hot girl like you. She laughed some more and said - you remember I am still your cousin right ?

I said yeah, yeah with a nervous laugh and shoved her luggage into the car. I sat in front with Raju, our faithful driver/assistant to my dad for many years now while Reny sat in the rear seat of our Innova. It was a short drive back home and after a little drama of my folks meeting Reny and some tea, I said my goodbyes and went upstairs to my room for a nap.

The next day, I had to go to Chennai for some American VISA related work. I was gone for 2 days and since my vacation was for three weeks, I was looking forward to going to Goa with a few old friends, basically have as much fun before I got back to sitting in my 6/6 cubicle for who knows how long. I got back to my house in the morning and walked into the house.

There was breakfast on the table and I remembered that mom and dad were in Warangal for some inspection work in one of our factories there. I gobbled up some of the idlis and poured a juice for myself and headed into my room. I pushed the door open and saw Reny standing there in her panties, topless and staring at the mirror.

Between the moment where my jaw hit the floor and my cousin dashing for a towel I thought to myself if it was really happening, I only thought stuff like this was made up by people in their stories. We did not say a word, I did not ask her what she was doing in my room and most importantly why was she in her panties and topless in my room but

I kind of figured out a few minutes later that my folks were planning on renovating both the guest rooms and might have asked her to stay in my room (which was the only other room with a bathroom) and also that I was leaving the day after to Goa anyways. She stood there in one corner of the room looking sideways and I stood in the other corner staring at her,

she muttered that she wanted the clothes that were lying in the suitcase beside me. I did not move, I could not move! I was transfixed at her body - her skin tone seemed like some kinda bronze - it was glowing and everything seemed to move in slow motion for me - I glanced at her hips - how they curved so naturally onto her round butt,

I caught a drop of water fall off from her hair tied over her head to her waist and run into her panties. She called my name and said she wanted the clothes a little louder - I heard that but I could not get to move a inch. She walked towards me and asked me to look away, I looked at the door about a few degrees away from her because I still wanted her in my view.

She begged me not to look and bent over to pickup the first pair of clothes she found in her suitcase. I turned to look at her, she was at an arms reach from me, my mind was telling me that this was not right but I was resisting reaching out and feeling her boobs that was partially covered by the little towel she had on.

There was so much happening at that time but it was as though I was high on something really potent. She got her clothes and walked into the bathroom but I reached out my hand in front of her to stop her, she whispered "Acha" and I said Reny, you are most beautiful woman I have ever seen - she looked down and up with a shy smile, her lips were wet.

I reached out and held her face in my hands, before I moved my face to kiss her she closed her eyes and parted her lips. I brushed my lips on her and kissed her tenderly a few times and she was responding with the same passion. A few seconds later, something fell on my feet. It was her towel, she wrapped her arms around me tightly and I opened my eyes while kissing her and looked at her,

her eye lashes were the longest, she tasted sweeter than honey. I had been with a good number of women in India and in Australia, nothing felt so good, so mutual, so right yet so wrong. she ran her hands all over my back and pressed herself against me, I could feel her breasts heave against me. I held her waist and pushed her on the study table behind her.

I started to kiss her neck and leave little love bites there. There was a little thud - A book fell off the table, it was The Wolf and The Dove Book by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I thought to myself how ironic it was in this scenario, I was here feasting on such an exotic beauty who happens to be related to me as I moved on to her breasts.

She gasped the second I wrapped my lips around her nipple, her books were huge but firm. They just stood there with those dark areolas, I could not get enough of them. She kept rubbing my head and my shoulders and left little moans every now and then. I had got on my knees and was kissing her belly when she pulled my call of duty shirt off me and ran her fingers through the hair on my chest and shoulders.

She came down to kiss my neck but it was like a surprise, I was not ready for it. We both fell on my back to the floor but she did not let that spoil anything. She still was stuck to my neck and left me scratches and bites. I slipped my hands into her panties to cup her ass - I could feel the cellulite stretch marks but that added to the excitement.

Her crotch was right above mine and we were rubbing each other pretty hard. With my legs I got her legs together and pushed her panties down and she started to yank at my 3/4 shorts and we were both lying naked on the floor of my room just rubbing our bodies together. I did not want to get her pregnant - I pushed one hand between us and started to rub her pussy.

She was soaking wet and did have a good amount of pubic hair - I was loving it. Every woman I had slept with till then had a clean beaver :) She was so reactive - she raised her butt to give me space and a few seconds later she had her arms around my neck squeezing me and her legs came together and almost broke my wrist.

She had just had an orgasm, she did not let go of me, I moved my face to breath properly and continued to rub her. She kept slipping to my side and lifted one leg, a few minutes later she pushed my hand away - I looked at my hand and it was dripping wet. I brought it to my face to smell it and she giggled and asked me what I was doing,

I did not say anything but put the middle finger in my mouth and sucked it. Her face went from a little disgusted to very interested in a few seconds. She wrapped her left hand over my semi hard penis, stared at it for a few seconds and started to stroke it. She was no expert and it was slightly uncomfortable -

she was lying to my side, her head was on my chest and looking down at my dick she asked me if this is how any of my girlfriends had pleasured me and went ahead to kiss the sides of my dick and slowly sucking it. She did that in the most sexiest way possible and every now and then she would look at me with my head in her mouth to see how I was feeling.

I had got as hard as I could and was moaning her name and how good it felt, she did not deep throat me but she had this amazing way of flicking her tongue at my opening of my penis, she was holding my dick so hard it was beginning to hurt a bit but at the same time was keeping me from having an orgasm soon.

She kept sucking on it, took little breaks to catch her breath and kiss the sides of my dick and my balls. Her ass was still in reach from me and I rubbed it and slowly slid a finger inside her pussy, I saw how she closed her eyes every time I pushed my finger deeper inside her. Not long after that, I motioned to her that I was going to cum.

She stopped sucking me and started jerking me off - I usually would have preferred faster strokes but she was going at one slow rhythm - my toes started to curl and I stretched out on the floor and started to spurt cum over her hands. She kept going a little after I was milked clean and slowly got soft. After I came I put my finger back in her and she started to moan like a little kitten.

I pulled her waist closer to me and asked her to sit on my face. She pushed her muff into my mouth and I caught a big chunk of her pussy into my mouth and started to suck on it. She was moving a little with me and very soon came on my face. She got off and came and lay next to me and put one leg and arm over me. I could see that she had a little of my cum still on her hands.

I asked her if she liked everything we did and she nodded. I kissed her on her forehead. Later that evening, I was out in the balcony for a smoke and she came and stood a little far from me, leaning on the grill she said. Acha, I know we are related and what we did was not right. I was slightly freaking out if she was having a guilty trip and was going to tell someone about what happened.

I impatiently said., OK - and ? I like what we did, I have never felt that good before. I know I should be happy and all but I was slightly worried if she was getting emotionally involved with me. I said - I loved every single minute of it too sweety, but you know there is nothing we can get out of this other than some pleasure.

She looked down a little disappointed and I asked her if she had a boyfriend back in Trivandrum, she said yeah and that they were still officially together. I asked her if they were sexually active and she said, yes. I said I wont tell, she smiled and said ever since she was a little kid she had a crush on me and that she used to masturbate thinking of me.

She also told me that she used to have sex with her boyfriend something thinking it was me. I took her inside the house and hugged her but I was a little scared too. Her hugs were so tight and were always a little longer than expected. She asked me to cancel my Goa trip. I said I would think about it and went out that evening.

I could not get her out of my mind, I knew I had to stop this before it got any worse. everything about her was so magical. The way she moved, the way she talked, the way she smelled. I was getting a hard on just thinking about her and what had happened earlier in the day. Don't ask me why but I stopped over and bought a pack of condoms hoping I would never get to use it with Reny.

When I got back home that evening, she was in the front room chatting up with my folks like nothing had happened. Mom asked me if I was fine that Reny was going to use my room. I said that was fine and that I could stay in the guest room for the next few days. I called my friends and cancelled my Goa trip, I did not tell my folks.

We all chatted up that evening and I went to the guest room to sleep. I did not have any sleeping clothes on and realized I was still wearing the clothes from Chennai. I went up to my room and Reny was lying on the bed talking to her boyfriend on the phone. I signalled her to keep quiet and walked to my closet and picked out something to wear for the night.

While I went into the bathroom to pickup my toothbrush and paste I noticed in the corner of my eye that she was getting out of bed. When I turned after picking my towel and toothbrush, I saw her standing at the door still on the phone. She was not talking but just responding with uh huh, uh huh's..., I walked up to her hoping she would give way, but instead she hugged me with one arm around me.

I stayed like that for a few minutes and she started asking her boyfriend what he was doing. I realized they were talking naughty on the phone, she was pretending to be rubbing herself on the phone when she was rubbing herself on me. I was a little confused as to what to make of it - should I be upset that she was cheating on her boyfriend with her cousin or should I whip out my dick and fuck her silly right there.

While whispering naughty things in Malayalam to her boyfriend, she turned and pushed her butt against my crotch and started rubbing me. My dick was hard as a rock and was crying to be let out of my shorts. I threw the things I had in my hands on the floor and with one hand cupped her boobs and with the other reached out under her track pants and started rubbing her pussy.

She was still whispering and moaning on the phone but occasionally would glance back at me to give me a kiss or to show me that she is really liking what I was doing. She then moved away and got on her knees and pulled my dick out, she giggled when it sprung out of my pants and took the head of my dick into her mouth. She was still taking breaks to tell something to her boyfriend.

Since the only Malayalam I knew was something I talk to mom, none of what she was saying was making sense to me and honestly I did not care much as long as she had my dick in her mouth. She was sucking me real hard and I was feeling real good, I reached out to my pocket and pulled out a 10 pack condom box, she gave me a happy nod with my dick in her mouth.

I put on a condom after a little fumbling and she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs parted. I slowly pushed myself into her, I soon realized that I was most certainly bigger than her boyfriend because she stopped talking to him for about a minute and I could hear him go - hello, hello, hello on the phone., he hung up and called back and she just lay there with her waist arched and her eyes tightly shut.

I slowly thrusted in and out her aiming for her upper walls inside her pussy and she was soon bucking into an orgasm, a few minutes later she tried to push me away but I kept going at it. Her firm boobs were bouncing all over the place, she placed her hand over her mouth to muffle her voice.

A little later she used all her strength to push me away and pulled her legs close to her chest and started crying softly. I was still hard and confused. I bent over and pushed her hair off her face and said sorry. She said it was fine and I sat next to her and saw my dick slowly soften. She got up after a few minutes and called her boyfriend and told her that someone had walked into the room and she had to leave.

She gave a look towards my limp dick and said - Acha, please do it slowly. She went back into the same position but I pushed her over and started to rub myself against her butt. Very soon I was going in and out of her slowly and steadily. She still seemed to be a little pain but I was feeling real good. Her pussy walls were so tight. I came on her butt cheeks a few minutes later.

one of my best orgasms ever. In the next two days we finished the condom pack, she certainly seemed to like it more every time, we did it like bunnies everyday till the morning I had to leave.
She came to see me off. Ironic eh ?

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Chennai aunty fucked when home alone

The stories in your blog rocks.This is the story which happened to me 2 yrs ago. I went to chennai for job search to my uncle place as he had contacts there.I used to stay with my uncle who runs a buissness there. He had a wife and a boy. My uncle is every time busy with buisness so my aunt used to be alone at home till11 in night.

There were my uncles employess who stay in the same building. When I first met my aunt in chennai she was wearing a nighty.she is like 5,6 and very well build not overweight. Her nighty was too small for those big breasts it was pushing out from there and she had those big lips and well looking round ass.

The employees who use to come for some thing when uncle sent them used to stare at her. One day I came early from work.I went inside I didny saw her in drawing room then I went inside and suddenly stopped.What I saw I could not even imagine my aunt was lying naked and one of the employees

who used to come daily was pumping her.i had the second pair of key so I could open and enter they were busy so they could not see me. Now she was giving blow jobs.Suddenly she saw me and stopped and I went away also the guy.She told me that they were in love and not tell my uncle or else she will tell that I raped her. I stopped there.

I still had those scene in mind so I thought why should not I do that.Next day I came home early and went to shop to make sure no one needs anything so that they dont come home. Then I went home.She was in kitchen.She was wearing a black nighty with stripes.I had my plans.i was in lungie I removed my undies and without removing lungie.

I held my undieas in my hand and went to kitchen swiftly.I caught hold of her from back she shouted but in a minute I stuffed my undies in her mouth and removed my lungie and tied her hands she was telling umm umm I pushed her to the bed room.Locked it and put on the AC.i teared opened her nightie and pulled of her bra and also her petti and undies.

I shouted u slut u want to complain me now I will show u waht is rape.I pressed and crushed her boobe and started biting her nipples as if I wantd to have piece of it there were tears of pain froom her eyes.I removed the lungie from mouth pressed her throt and put my 7' penis to mouth and stated pumping.

uumm hhaaa ummm hhhaaaaaaaaaa I filled her mouth with my sperm and then I put lungie back. Suddenly she was saying umm umm of ssatisfaction so I knew the whore wants more I removed lungie no she stated speaking and told that she has had sex with many men now I put my penis inside her vagina and started pumping I am a long distance runner 5 km district champ

5'8' so I had the stamina I pumped there for 20 mins so hard while pressing and pulling her breasts that she was full of joy and lust.she had her orgasm and then on the back I did the same then she starting shouting aagh aaaaaaaaaah ammo maaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

and I ejacuated again in her vagina and then we stopped with kissing.We repeated this very often after that I got job and left to delhi....But she conceived and had a child which I am sure its mine. It was great experience fucking my aunty and made her conceive.

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Sex with horny Indu aunty

It is a true story of dream coming true when dreamt day and night for months and years together. I am a Management student staying in Delhi. I belong to Allahabad, the ancient Indian city. I visit my home every semester end.

But this year I stayed in Delhi at the semester end. The reason of this stay was arrival of my Indu aunty, who is the younger sister of my father. She runs an NGO, and she had to come to Delhi for some official work related to govt. grant related works for her NGO.She had come here for 2-3 days but her stay was prolonged for three weeks thanks to government offices' working style.

My father had told me to support Indu aunty in her stay and work. I shifted to the flat of my cousin at Sarojini Nagar who has gone to Australia for a year. I had shifted there, so that aunty could stay with me and I could help her in stay and work, as she had visited Delhi only a few times in past with uncle on one or two day trip.

This time, uncle was busy with some official work at Allahabad, so she had to come alone. My aunty at the age of 38, and mother of one school going child was really a beauty. Apart from immense beauty gifted by God, she has the ability to maintain her figure and carry herself well. She is a fair complexioned, reasonably tall and gifted with heart shaking big breasts and fleshy buttocks.

She wears saree and her long hairs are always maintained stylishly. She is very sweet to talk with and really is a lady for company. I have a special attraction for middle aged ladies and I always try to penetrate imaginatively inside their saree and petticoat about the slope down the stomach with black pubic hairs and vaginal mounds surrounded by white fleshy thighs with small hairs on it.

I imagine how the vaginal part ends downwards and anal passage starts with fleshy white buttocks with small hairs on it and curves formed at the lower part of buttocks where thighs start. Whenever I used to see Indu aunty in Allahabad had to have wild fantasies hovering in my mind as naturally as water flows down towards lower level surfaces.

But, this was a dream not permitted to be shared with anyone due to sociocultural norms. But as they say the universe conspires to help you if you dream for something constantly and strongly. I received my aunty at New Delhi Railway station, and took her to the cousin's flat in taxi. Aunty had brought some home-made sweets and pickles for me.

I told aunty to feel comfortable and freshen herself so that we can have breakfast together afterwards and visit some famous places in Delhi. As it was a Sunday, I was free for the day. Aunty went to the bathroom, and after an hour she came out in saree wrapped around her waist in like towel and long wet hairs falling till her waist.

Aunty with droplets of water on her face and partly wet clothes looked at me saying-"Mujhe der to nahin lagee?"I replied-"Nahin aunty, aap aaraam se taiyaar ho jaiyen, phir nashta karten hain." She said-"Pehle nashta, phir taiyaari, ab bhookh lag gayee."I kept on looking at her sharp facial features and fair complexioned body with open wide eyes and felt arousal inside me.

My hunger for Indu aunt's irresistible body was insatiable. Indu aunty also looked at me and my widely open eyes as if trying to read my intentions. I served the breakfast and we both talked about family members in Allahabad, my studies and her NGO over the breakfast. After the breakfast, Indu aunty groomed herself comfortably for visits to places in Delhi.

During all this time, I was looking at aunty on and off so as to hide my staring eyes from hers and I actually made love with aunty in my fantasies in every conceivable way. We went to various places in south Delhi. I kept on explaining to aunty about the history and characteristics of these places, and movement was easy due to Sunday.

In the taxi, and at various stages when we were walking, I had the opportunities to rub my body parts against the body of my darling aunt's. At one point, my elbow touched one of the breasts of aunty, and its sponginess gave me heavenly feeling. In the evening, aunty proposed to have early dinner to make up for her disturbed sleep in the train and for the next day's scheduled visit to govt. offices in the morning.

We had the dinner early in a restaurant and came back to the flat. During the dinner, aunty asked me about my life in Delhi and my future plans. She also asked about my plans for marriage and whether I have someone in mind for marriage. On the way back from the restaurant on the back seat of taxi, she made an unusual remark that I have grown up and I should marry soon.

I asked her for the reason behind this remark. She patted on my back grinningly said that mature people can easily read minds of youngsters. I was really aroused with aunt's pat on my back and I felt that her palm stayed on my back longer than usually a palm stays during a pat. I just wished that aunty has developed interest in me for carnal pleasure.

But my mind dismissed idea considering it as my own fantasy. We came back to the flat, I began to change my clothes and aunty went to another room to change. She came back to my room in her other simple saree saying that she was actually tired after the train journey and visits to South Delhi locations. I asked whether she wanted some medicines.

She said-"Tumhen bhi Dilli ki aadat pad gayee hai har baat per dawaa lene ki.Wahan toh thodi si tel ki maalish aur saraa thakan door ho jaata hai." I did not know what was inside her mind, but sometimes initiatives must be taken. I asked her-"Aunty, aap kaho to main thodi maalish kar doon, phir aap so jaana."I was not sure what the response will be.

But I waited for her response holding my breath. And then, my fortune smiled on me in the disguise of her words-"Tum karoge, maalish karna aata hai. Kabhie kisee aurat ki maalish ki hai? Nahin chhod do log kya kahenge." My reply was-"Aunty, maalish mein expert to nahin hoon, par aapko takleef nahin hogee, aur thakaan bhagaane ka vadaa rahaa.

Yhaan toh bas main aur aap hain, logon ko kaise pata chalega?" She looked at me appreciatively with smile on lips and -"Tumharee management kee padhai ne tumhein hoshiyar bana diya hai, chalo tel lekar aa jao, main isi bed par letee hoon."I rapidly brought the oil from the kitchen and proceeded for massage.

Aunty had already lied down on the bed on her stomach and she had removed the saree from the upper part of the body. The heavy buttocks of aunty and fair complexioned lower back made me feel like lying down on top of her from the back and fulfill my long awaited desire. I asked aunty with my slightly trembling hand and heavy breathing -"Pehle peeth ka maalish karoon na aunty?"

She said softly-"Yeh light band kar do, zero watt zala do, sharm aa rahi hai, tum ab bade ho gaye ho na."I instantly switched off the main light and switched on the night bulb.I came back to aunty, and after oiling my hands began to massage her lower back sitting at the edge of the bed. Aunty could sense my uncomforting and probably my heavy breathe and excitement as well.

She said --"Aise kitni der baaithoge? Aaram se upar aakar maalish karo, pura badan karma hai, thakaan tab utregee."I deliberately rubbed my hand on her soft fleshy buttocks softly over the saree, while moving towards the middle of the bed. Aunty also moved her body towards the middle, and I could sense the friction of her breasts on the bed and the unexpressed lust of my aunty to taste the forbidden fruit with me.

It reminded me of someone's advice to go slow in preparing a woman for yes. I restarted the massage first gently, then with some pressure in my palms. I brought my hands downward till her saree knot on the waist many times and up to the blouse when moving upward. I felt that it was the right moment for a male's initiative, and said-"Aunty, aapke blouse mein tel lag rahaa hai, koi pareshani to nahi?"

Aunty was silent for some moments, (probably indecisive) then said-"Hook khol kar blouse hataa do, tel ka daag lag jaata hai.Bra bhi khol hi dena, phir aaram se tel lagaao." I unhooked the blouse and bra of aunty with trembling hands and heavy breathe. Then, I said controlling my excitement-"Aunty, thoda upar uthaiye kandhon ko, main blouse aur bra ko nikaal doon."

She lifted the upper part of body saying "Hoon" and breathing heavily. I left no chance of touching her breasts while removing blouse and bra. I started massaging the entire back and purposefully brought my fingers towards her breasts several times. Aunty was definitely knowing it and liking it as well.

Aunty was getting excited, and decided to break the ice by saying-"Chalo aage se bhi chhati ka maalish kar hi do, tumhara maalish bada mazedaar hai." She turned on the bed and now she was on her back on the bed. In the light of night bulb our eyes were comfortable and it was easier to rebel against social values.

Now I separated my legs spreading it in opposite directions and sat on the waist of aunty with both her breasts being fondled, pressed and squeezed by my palms and fingers. My aunt's excitement was gradually intensifying making her breathing audible, she was puffing softly -"Jor jor se dabao".

At this juncture, she put her both hands on the back of my head and lowered my head to make our lips meeting. She started kissing me passionately and now we were French kissing our tongues entwined with each other. I was passionately fondling and massaging aunt's big fleshy breasts.

She was craving for more now and moaned with sexual excitement-"Tumne kaisee aag lagaa dee, ab main sab rishtey naate bhool gayee....oui daiyaa....kyaa kar diyaa...Dilli aayee thee kaam se...ab bhatije se karwane lagee...Chalo meree saree petticoat bhi hatao. "I wasted no time and removed her saree and petticoat, and then asked-"Aunty panty bhi utaar doon?"

Now she was hot, shameless her brazen. She shouted-"Hataoge nahin to kyaa uske upar se karoge...hataa do usko bhi....badan mein aag lag gayee...ab kar de nangi aunty ko.....hey ram... bardast kyon nahin hota...jaldi karo mere raja....ab sabr nahin hotaa." I made my aunty completely naked. In the soft light of night bulb, I could see the dense black curly pubic hairs around aunt's vagina.

I began first fondling and then licking her vagina.I was also rubbing her clitoris. I started licking and sucking her cunt inserting my tongue in her hole. Aunty was uncontrollably moaning sexual sounds of excitement-"Ooooh.......Ooooh......chuso.....aur chuso....Oooh." She started squeezing her breasts herself and shaking her buttocks upward and downward saying-

"Aag lag gayee...oooohhh...ooohh.....ab chodo apni bua ko...aur mat tadpao...ab tum bhi lund jaldi nikalo baahar....aur mat tadpao..."I came towards aunt's face and removed my trousers. Aunty caught my hard penis over my underwear and started removing my underwear fanatically. I removed my underwear and threw it carelessly on the floor.

She started fondling and pumping my hard penis making it harder with one hand, and fondling my buttocks with another hand. She was extremely hot now and had come over all the inhibitions. Aunty looked at me crying with excitement-"Ab apna mota lund meree chooth mein pura ghusaa do...der mat karo.....chooth mein aag lagee hai.....aaja mere raja mere andar aa ja..ghusaa apni lund bua ki chooth mein."

And she softly pushing me towards her legs lifted both her legs keeping them apart to make space for me. I literally jumped on the bed and took the right position directing my penis towards the opening of her vagina. My aunty caught the penis again in her hand and brought it on the opening of her hole. Now, it was my turn, I rammed my entire penis in hot vagina of my aunty smoothly.

Aunty shrieked and hugged me tightly, and moaned with sexual pleasure-"Aaaaah......ab chodo jor jor se.....dhakke lagao.....bua ki chooth phad do....ooooohhh....oooohhh.......chodo mere raja...bua ko aaj biwi bana le....ooohh.....oooohhh.......mere saiyan phad de meree chooth.."I gradually increased the speed of fucking my aunty and now holding her shoulders with my hands.

Aunty was getting hotter and hotter, she was jerking up her buttocks madly and crying-"Chuchiyan dabao mere raja....oooohhh......ooh...chodo...aur chodo...ghusaa do chhhati chooth kee pyaas aurat se jo na karwa de.....chodo...chodo...ooohhh...ooohhh...lund ko relgaadi bana de....phad de meree chooth...ooohhh mere saiyan."

I was reeking in pleasure and making every attempt to satiate my aunty to the hilt. I was sometimes kneading and sucking her nipples and breasts in turn and fucking her intensely. I asked-"Aunty mazaa aa toh aa raha hai na aapko?"

She creamed - "Oooohhh......oooohhh.....Are aisa mazaa toh kabhie nahin aaya...kahan tha tu...tujhse hi chodwati rahti...tere lund mein jadoo hai...aag badhti hi jaye hai...oooohhh.....ooooohhh...chod....chod....mere chodakkar bhatija...chod bua ko...bas choodwati rahoon...tu chodta rahe.....oui maan....ooohhh...oooohhh...aisa mazaaa...oui

daiyaa.....oooohhhh........ooooohhh...chooth mein aag lag gayeee.....chodta rah sari raat...bua ki choooth dhandi kar de..." Now, I was also enjoying her sexy talks in Allahabadi language and felt saying similar words as well. I was fucking my aunty and saying-"Aunty aapko chodne ka sapna saalon se tha, kismet aaj chamki hai...aapko to main to sari zindagi chodta rahoon.

Itni mast chooth, itni sundar choochiyan kahan milti hai aunty...aapke paas to khazana hai." She was enjoying the fuck, the squeezing of her boobs and my confessions of desire to fuck her in my mind for years made her mad with excitement. She was now totally open and shouting-"

Tumhari nazar mujh par thee.....bua ko chodne ka man tha....mujhe kahan pata tha...mujhe to aaj lagne lagaa tha...tumhari harkatein dekhkar...nahin to kab ki chudwa letee tumse.....pehle hi Dilli aa jati...tumhara lund pelwane.....oooohhh.....ooohhh....oooohhh...oui maaan...ab nikal le sari kasar...bana de bhurta meree chooth ka....aaaahhh....ooohhh....ab bua teree biwi hai...

bas isi tarah din raat chodte raho...lund ki sari kasar mere chooth mein nikal de mere pyare bhatije...mere raja.... mere pyare saiyan...chod chod.... bua ko chod....pel aur bheetar lund ko...pel meree chooth mein....... chod mere saiyan........ooohhh....ooohhh...tera sapna hai to chod meree choooth....jor se...chod le bua ko man bhar......oooohhh...oooohhh."

My hot Indu aunty was wriggling her hips and giving me upward thrusts screaming with sexual heat-"Chod......mere raja chod.....aaaahhhh.......aaaaahhh......mazaa aa gayaa.....lund ko aur ghusaa.......ooooohhhh.....oooohhhh...chod apni bua ko.....chod.....chod jor se....din bhar meree chuchee dekh rahaa tha.....ab masal usko.....ooooohhhh......pel jor se......ooohhh....ooooohhh mere saiyan phad de....."

Now I was feeling tiredness in my waist and legs. I said to aunty-"Meree rani, ab main neeche aata hoon...aap upar aa jao...phir aapko neeche se chodte hai, kamar dookh gaya...ab apni chooth ko upar se mazaa lene do meree pyari aunty...meree rani...meree pyari biwi upar aa jao." Aunty was in full excitement and shouted-

"Chal aa ja neeche...ab main tumhen chodungi.....dheere se palto...lund ko rahne de meree chooth mein...baahar mat nikalo...chooth mein ghusa rahne de...meree gaadn pakarke palto aaaaahhhh.....aaaaaahhh...lund andar hi rahne do....oooohhh...ooohhh....kaisi aag lagee aaj meree chooth mein."

We turned upside down, I made a semi circle of legs around the legs of my aunty, and she started pumping...She at this point kissed me passionately and said-"Ab hath meree chootar par hi rakhe raho...main dhakke detee hoon...aaj kitni aag lagi...oui karta hai bas choodwati rahoon." I was a bit comfortable now and enjoying it in relaxed way.

She was gradually increasing her pumping speed with heavy breathing. I was moaning with pleasure-"Aunty aapki sabkuchh itni achchhi kyon hai?" She liked the compliment and asked-"Tumhein mera kya achchha lagata hai mere raja?" I did not want to miss this opportunity of asking for another gift, I said-

"Aapka chehara kitna sundar hai,aapke gore gore gaal, aapki pyari pyari aankhen, aaapki badi badi sudaul soft soft chuchiyan, aapki goree goree garam garam chooth...aur toh aur aapki itni mast gaand....chootar dekh ke koi pagal ho jaaye..." Aunty was relatively slow in pumping now, she tickled my cheeks and grinningly said-

"Toh tujhe meree gaadn badi achchhi lagteei hai......meree gaadn pad bhi teree niyat kharab hai...meree gaadn marega............ooohhh.......aaahhhh.....bade badmash ho mere raja....bua ki chooth bhi chodee...aur ab gaadn bhi marega....oooohhh.....oooohhh...... main bhi thak gayee....taange hila hila ke....chooth jal hi rahi..........................oooooohhh.....

hai....ooohhh....oooohhh........ooohhh....ooohhh...chal gaadn bhi maar lena..... tu itna pyaara hai toh bua bhi raazee hai........ab ban gayee teree biwi....sab kar le........ooohhh...oooohhh....ooohhh...chooth le, gaadn le.... moohn le...pel apni lund....biwi taiyar hai.....ooohhh...ooohh mere saiyan...tere lund mei kitni garmi hai.....chooth ka man hi

nahin bharta pelwane se.......oooohhhh....oooohhh....oui maan......tujhe meree gaand pasand.....toh kal maar lena....pel dena apna mota lund bua ke gaadn lagaa ke.....phad denaa gaadn.....teree rani taiyaar hai...mar lena gaadn......abhi chooth ko chod...... jor se chod.....aaahh...oooohhh....ooohhh....ab tu upar aaja...mujh par chadhkar mujhe

chod.....tu upar se pelte ho toh bada mazaa aata hai.........tum jor jor se pelte ho....bua mein tere jaisi takat nahi hai....mera kaam choodwana hai mere raja...neeche let ke...aur tera lund upar se ghusta hai to undar chooth mein thokar lagtee bada mazaa aata hai.........aaaahh......aaahhh....oui maa kya ho gaya meree chooth

ko...oooohhh.......oooohhh....ooohh....aaja upar......thak gaye ho to baith kar chod...miyan biwi dono baith ke mazaa lenge.....oooohhh...ooohhh...ooohhh mere raja...phad de...bua ka chooth.. ooohhh....oooohhh....oui maan...aaj chooth bhi naye lund khakar pagal ho gayeee......ooohhh....ooohhh....bas choodwane ka man karta

hai....ooohh....oooohhh......ooohhh.....oooohhh" I did not want to disappoint my aunty of dreams by fucking in seating position. I said-"Aunty chalo neeche leto....phir se upar se chodta hoon....aapki chooth kee aag bhujha doon.....aapka saiyan ab aapko upar se chodne ko phir taiyaar hai....chalo ab palto.... saiyan phir taiyaar...aapki chooth pe sab kurbaan...

aaha meree pyari rani.......meree pyari biwi...kya badan paya hai....saiyan ko pagal kar diyaa....kya karoon aapko........chusoo...chatoon...chodu...hai meree aunty rani...kya mast chooth hai...kya mast chuchiyan hai....oh meree rani mere pas rah ja...kya cheez ho aap....chalo palto,neeche aa jao...main chod chod ke aapka chooth phad doon...

kitni garam chooth karta hai pura ghus jaoon." We again turned upside down, aunty lied on her back, back to original posture...aunty below me. She was in real sexy mood now, and naughtily said with her moaning-"Pura kahan ghusega... meree chooth koi kuan hai...ooohhh....ooooohhh......meree chooth itni badi nahi hai....

tera mota lamba garam garam lund hi kaphi hai....bas ise pelta rah mere saiyan.........oooohhh...ooohhhh....bas pelta rah....chooth phad de...mar dhakkka...chod jor se...abhi tu jawan hai.......bua ko laundiya bana de...chooth mein pel...gaadn mei kar...ooohhh...ooohhh....

I was in seventh heaven and wanted to make my aunty feel on the top of the world. I sped up my thrusts making her moaning and screeching loudly-"Oooohhh.....Oooohhh.....Oooohhh...oui maan.....chod....chod.....chod meree chooth...haan mere saiyan phad de...oooohhh...oooohhhh." I kept on fucking aunt's hot cunt and squeezing her boobs madly.

Aunty was screaming-"Ooooohhhh.....ooooohhhh.....Sohan.....tune kisi ko choda hai pehle? I said-"Nahin aunty....kissing toh kee hai...aaj chudai pehli bar kar rahan hoon.....aapko chod rahan hoon....apni bua ko..."She was ecstatic-"Achchha to chod bua ko jab tak hoon yahan...chod jor se ooooohhhh....ooooohhhh......aaaahhhhh."

I was making hard strokes and murmuring-"Meree rani...aap ke aage koi laundi nahin....aisi mazedaar kaun hai...bas ab deti raho...karwati raho..."Aunty hugged me tightly and screamed-"Ab toh ban gayee teree biwi....bas mauka nikal aur chod....main teree....ooohhhh......oooohhh....isi tarah chodte rah mere saiyan apni rani ko...meree

chooth...teree lund...ooohhh oooohhh...chodta rah.abhie to tere lund ko meree gaadn phi phadni hai....chal aur jor lagaa ke pel lund...rajdhani express chala do....chodo jor jor se...sare sapane pure karle....nikal le sari kasar intezaar kaa........bua ki chooth aaj se tere naam...teree malkiyat....yahan chod....Allahabad mein chod...ab ye chooth tumahari

mere.raja...chodo...oooohhhhh.......ooohhhh.......ooooohhh.........oooooohhhh.... mazaa aa gaya...teree biwi banake...chod...chod...chod....ooohhh.......oooohhh........aaaahhh....chooth ko tad tad kar de...chod...bas chod....ooohhh.....saala chod jor se....phad de chooth apni biwi ka." I was hearing first time "saala" from my aunty...but so many things were happening first time.

I asked-"Aunty aap saala bhi kahti ho?"She was in no mood to be shy, she just screamed loudly-"Chooth mein aag lagteei hai to kuchh bhi kahti hoon...chodo jor se....oooohhh....ooohhhh....oooohhh...mere saiyan biwi ko laundiya bana le is Dilli mein....din raat chod....oooohhhh...oooohhh. mere saiyan aisa mast lund kahan paya....ooohhh.....ooohhh......oooohhh..."

I was pumping my hard rod in aunt's hot cunt as fast as I could and felt the urge to ejaculate. I screamed-"Aunty mera honewala hai...gira doon chooth mein?" She was at the hilt of excitement shouting-"Ab main bhi jharoongee......oooohhhh.....oooohhhh......oooohhh......oooohhhh.....oooohhh...aahh...jharne de lund ko meree chooth mein....

oh mere saiyan....ooohhh.....ooohhh....bhar de chooth ko paani se...gira de garam paani lund kaa....bujha de mere chooth kee pyaas....ooohhh....oooohhh...oooooooooohhhhh....oui maan...aaya garam paani....ooohhh.....oooohhh......lund mat nikal.....bas lund andar dale rah...apnaa moohn neeche la...meree choommi le...daant kaat...aur neeche chooth mein phachphachane de...

bhar de chooth ko paani se......ooohhh....ooohhh...lund andar rahne de......sab andar gira.......choooth sokh legee sara....oooooohhh ooooohhh.....ooooooohhhh........ooohhh....oui maan...ab man bhara gaya.....mera bhatije mera saiyan ban gaya....bua ki chooth bhi chod lee...paani bhi giraya...bua ki aag bhi bujha dee.......oooohh.....oooohh.....aaj se tu mera

saiyan....mere chodakkar saiyan girate rah...chooth ko sokh lene de sara pani...tera lund bhi thandhayega..ooohh"And she kept held on fondling my head and back with one hand, holding me tightly with another hand while I was finally ejaculating all my semen deep inside my dream aunt's cunt.

After a few minutes of rest over my aunt's body, I felt that the contraction and expansion of her vaginal wall has squeezed all my semen. Now my penis came back to its original shape. I asked my aunty looking into her eyes-"Ab utroon neeche....sara nikal gaya....aapki chooth ne sab pi liya...."

She said smilingly and relaxing the hold of her vaginal walls and thighs on my penis -"Achchha utar jao....lund dheere se nikalo......bistar bhi geelee ho gayee....tumhara bahut jharta hai mere raja....chootar tak ras chala gaya." I started moving my body upward and removing my penis out of her cunt slowly and said-

"Koi baat nahin aunty, bed sheet badal deten hain.....aur towel se aapki gaadn aur chooth bhi ponch deta hoon. Aunty was happy and naughtier saying-"Aunty ko chod liya...ab to khush ho...tamanna puree ho gayee na?" I kissed her again on her cheeks and lips and said-"Haan meree rani, meree tamanna toh puree ho gayee...aap bahut achchhi ho.

Aapko mazaa aaya?" She said with showing the gesture of satisfaction-"Bahut man laga tumse karwa ke...mujhe aaj railway station par utarnke baad tumhen dekhte hi lagne lagaa tha ki...aaj kuchchh ho jayega...aur din bhar tum mujhe dhakke de rahe the...kabhie chuchee mein...kabhie chootar mein....main samajh gayee thee tera isharaaa....... aur sham ko to

mujhe aag lag gayee thee....phir sochee... tum maalish karoge toh aur garam ho jaoge....tu mere upar baitha to lund meri pet mein sat raha tha....khada lund auraton se nahin chhupta....tujhse mota toh tera lund ho gaya hai.....mast hai tumhara....ab jitney din Dilli mein hoon...kar le mazaa....chod le jee bhar....din raat....main tumhari...sab sapne pure kar lo...

kal kisne dekha hai....Chalo ab main shoo shoo kar loon, phir lipat ke so jaate hain."I said-"Mujhe bhi lagi...chaliye aaj shoo shoo bhi saath kar lete hain." Aunty said-"Tum aaj kya kya karoge.... oui maan....aisa aashique kabhie nahin dekha.......chalo, jab chudwa liya to saath mootane mein kya hai...aaj yeh bhi kar lete hain."

Both of went to the bathroom completely naked. I switched on the bathroom light, both of us looked at each other's naked body under normal light. Aunty lowered her eyes and was visibly blushing. I took her hand and made it hold my penis and said-"Ab kaisa sharmana, abhi to isne aapki aag bhujayee hai....abhi abhi toh ye aapke andar se aaya hai."

She said smilingly-"Badmash...chalo ab jaldi karo, banki baatein bistar par chalkar karna." I asked-"Aunty....bistar par phir yeh khara ho gaya toh....."She slapped on my buttock with smile and said-"Toh phir pel dena.....ab biwi bana liya toh....chodte raho." Remaining part some other time, as story is becoming long. Thanks.

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